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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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  • deez

    Gbo gaston was a minecraft youtuber named zuiy

  • Dr Foo
    Dr Foo

    Oh. Brotha I delivered pizzas to an adress many times and being so zoned into work and zpeed mode that I didn't notice I just got buzzed into a Project complex that is 2 streets wide and long . I knew something was up when I past the 4th laundry room .. Mann lemme tell ya I been chased for my tip money .. But i give em the shiimmy shoes and ran .

  • Humble Djjerry
    Humble Djjerry

    He run in and run out. SMH 🏃🏿‍♂️

  • Crystal Thomas
    Crystal Thomas

    He said I'm the king of Cali what that da fuk y'all talking bout while wearing a purse 😂

  • YFS

    "got stabbed in my eye" by a toothpick?

  • Dj

    But Chicago but dissing tookah for years. EVERYBODY messed up

  • Creature 333
    Creature 333

    That why he pack ønk Høøverk

  • Starr Levy
    Starr Levy

    They not gon Pop smoke you ? They pop smoked you!!!

  • Starr Levy
    Starr Levy

    Takers? They took your life !

  • Mensean Lavell
    Mensean Lavell

    He ended up gettin pop smoked 🤣🤣🤣🤣👎🏾

  • JackOffington6969MAGA

    Whiteboys carry guns for this fuckin reason....this is so damn sad 😞

  • Matthew Deibel
    Matthew Deibel

    Barley kicking that stop sign. Lol

  • Mitchell Nova
    Mitchell Nova

    Funny how this dudes legacy is “disrespect” like you said but someone like king von is a legend when he literally did the exact same thing. Dissing dead opps is the same no matter how you do it

  • Ninth Circle TV
    Ninth Circle TV

    Nobody should disrespect the dead regardless. With maybe the exceptions of Hitler and Bin Laden.... other than that people should just keep it moving and be happy everyday they wake up bc that shit in its own sense is a blessing. If you have your life and your freedom your already way ahead of the game compared to doing that Bid.

  • Devaughn Douglas
    Devaughn Douglas

    Drake eo 😂😂😂 jake it’s draco

  • Astronaut_ Beavis
    Astronaut_ Beavis

    Keep preachin that wisdom dawg

  • The Plug Son
    The Plug Son

    I like his vibe

  • Arturo J Fernandez
    Arturo J Fernandez

    If there's anything I've learned being in these streets for 40 years, is that the ones that bark the most, bite the least. All talk means nothing here in H-Town LOL. Get dropped for just saying thw wrong shit sometimes. Not me cause I dont play like that. No affiliation to anyone. Just me myself and my familia.. good video Jake keep up the good work brother

  • KTG

    Asking to die.

  • Latty

    I started watching u yesterday. Ion just subscribe for no reason. Ur content elite 💯💯

  • gay toni
    gay toni

    Drakeo actually gay tho lmao

  • Reece Bush
    Reece Bush

    2:19 WTF are those wheels on that Yukon💀

  • Wayne Burke
    Wayne Burke


  • J F
    J F

    Guy listened to too much 69

  • Herb Gotti
    Herb Gotti

    Not to disrespect da dead because I don’t condone that but he definitely was a 🤡 god bless these young men soul.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    Damn dude I hope they get you for your pants being around your knees.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    Saying gangs are part of their history and culture is like saying the shit I flushed down the toilet is part of my history and culture.

    • Emerald Baby
      Emerald Baby

      That is such a bad analogy lmao

  • Haka Basksa
    Haka Basksa

    And then when you value life and take it serious you a square or a bitch, soft, not cool etc ion get it

  • Haka Basksa
    Haka Basksa

    Why do they show guns but when they actually need it it’s no where in sight

  • Phixiq

    Would have been knocked in 901 💀. Keep the trolling online

  • M L
    M L

    So they said he had to go get some dick so is he gay?

  • Damien Jones
    Damien Jones

    Where his gang at? He doing this by himself?

  • Suhm Gi
    Suhm Gi

    No fkn way😬😬.... last time I seen bruh- I was wondering...... I am no longer. Yikes

  • 4Pills

    These were just kids having fun🤦🏽‍♂️in the wrong way.

  • Da king
    Da king

    Never heard of these weirdos

  • Zeus Mendoza
    Zeus Mendoza

    Treat others like you wana be treated... Ther for REST IN PISS

  • Ian John Gonzales
    Ian John Gonzales


  • Robert Freeeman
    Robert Freeeman

    3:40 dudes was mad tweakin 💀😭

  • turnup water
    turnup water

    Hat 69 statement hit

  • MachomusPrime50

    You can't really feel bad for someone this stupid. He was practically begging for it.

  • Prinze

    ITS 10🤝🤜🏾🤛🏾90 JAKE

  • Over Stand
    Over Stand

    Yall gay bending over wit girl jean's.

  • one mixed family365
    one mixed family365

    You play stupid games stupid games get u killed

  • Mister No Nonsense
    Mister No Nonsense

    He must’ve thought it was a game. Like his opps wouldn’t eventually get tired of it and go test his theory. No one is immortal. Sorry to say but he was a crash dummy and he crashed himself out

  • Grandma The comedian
    Grandma The comedian

    This channel probably saved my life

  • jeff dinkleburg
    jeff dinkleburg

    Im glad theres less people like this in the world.

  • Slate Gunter
    Slate Gunter

    how to summon the Grim Reaper 101

  • Jordan Elhatton
    Jordan Elhatton

    I never knew these kind of social media wannabe gangsters even existed until I found your channel. The level of stupidity is really top notch.

  • Devin Hightower
    Devin Hightower

    Man, I swear.. people that say the n word three or four times in the same sentence sounds soooo foolish

  • Calvin Payne
    Calvin Payne

    On the subject of 6x9 watch I bet you something crazy going to happen to him with his life as the main topic...

  • Calvin Payne
    Calvin Payne

    Where were your big homies at damn...🤔Is he bought to get killed on camera...🤔

  • Poppa Ganja
    Poppa Ganja

    I dont gang bang for cout I just collect that shit like sonic coins

  • Josh Cramer
    Josh Cramer

    His mom be like he was a good boy never hurt anybody 😒!

  • 973 Newarkavelli
    973 Newarkavelli

    Ashamed to c dis cuz LA has dat rep now these young niggas makin LA look soft

  • Colin Maddox
    Colin Maddox

    This is disgusting.. and sad.. got them real Gs out there that move in silence.. the man with the Ferrari doesn’t have to say he has one because the whip speaks for itself.

  • Renee Sotelo
    Renee Sotelo

    U keep knockin at the devils door,,one day he's gonna fk around and open it for u.. its simple.

  • jay4gmtk

    Lol if y’all from anywhere in socal y’all heard of heem and know that people still be making fake accounts of him talm bout “I’m still alive bitch” 😂😂😂

  • L Bo
    L Bo

    Tekashi 69 knock off. play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • adam miller
    adam miller

    🙌👊. Holy 💩!!! Was that a working pay phone🤯, damn it's been years. I miss them lol. These guys are 🥜. Thanks again for the awesome video 🤘🍄🍄🍄

  • Purple Pimp
    Purple Pimp

    Homeboy was not from LA. That fool was from out Arizona or something. Ain't heard anyone from Mob claim dude yet 🤣

  • Corey Branch
    Corey Branch

    IT'S THE FUC*ING TAKERS!!! Then gets his life taken... the irony


    Bro can’t tag for shit ... handstyle whack

  • SouthernOregonOrgani

    These dudes are just lost souls and this is really really sad. No idea what there doing, the videos they posted look like bad skits from mad tv

  • DaReal TeeCee
    DaReal TeeCee

    I'm from LA and ain't eva heard ah theses niggas hkood tho🤔🤔

  • J Stackz
    J Stackz

    To make da shit worse he got mo clout den he eva had nie dat he dead

  • J Stackz
    J Stackz

    Sum people deserve to die shit jss da truth

  • Curtis Conn
    Curtis Conn

    Back in the old days real gangsters didn't want their face to be seen s*** was covered up they didn't want to be known these days everybody's trying to be a diva

  • tropicalpalmtree

    Gangbanging is lame as hell, why do people aspire to be these deadbeats.

  • Meijin Utopia
    Meijin Utopia

    Why are they all black?

  • Sean Haeussler
    Sean Haeussler

    Damn your flicks are like watching a movie with British actors can't stand your steelo but I can't stop watching your shit.

  • bOuLeVaRd oF bRoKeN dReAmS
    bOuLeVaRd oF bRoKeN dReAmS

    6ix nine on steroids

  • Rubee Red
    Rubee Red

    Rip to him but he is very corny

  • Lorenzo H
    Lorenzo H

    he was talkin all that shit in a toyota camry

  • Anonymity

    Dumb kid, I was busy “serving” my country at 19

  • Haulistic

    "I got stabbed in the eye". That was obviously from a punch. He probably got laid out too lmao

  • Ukiyuh Ahsuh
    Ukiyuh Ahsuh

    Did they catch the killers?

  • Free living
    Free living

    Gamgbangin isn’t past from grandfather to son, it came to the point it’s at because there aren’t any fathers to teach those boys how to be men. Regardless, purses are now gangster I guess

  • Andy MMA
    Andy MMA

    Thanks to whoever killed him his existence was annoying

  • Brian Doczkat
    Brian Doczkat

    Who gonna get me? Who gonna touch me? 😂😂

  • Dr. Ketones the Trucker
    Dr. Ketones the Trucker

    That duds like a black boy little Tay.

  • Negro Mando
    Negro Mando

    🙄 His ass wasn’t expecting to deal with something serious. You got a good channel, though.👌🏾

  • Recon from the shadows
    Recon from the shadows

    He got his life taken 😂😂😂

  • M S
    M S

    He asked. He Got.

  • boyb72

    These are the new youtube wanna be gangster dumbasses!! Thats what they get from disrespecting like that! Real gangsters dont post vids like that!

  • DT Ryan
    DT Ryan

    I really feel like smokin on a opp pack came from Chicago/drill rap and anyone who ain’t from there to me just look and sound lame af for doin that. Get ya own swagg ya own style stop bein a swagga jacka

  • Suburban Conan
    Suburban Conan

    The biggest victim in this video is the English in line would be fashion(see what they were wearing?!?!)and lastly would be the word "nigga"..... All 3 deserve multiple lawsuits in their names......

  • Mike

    Six9 is a b**** I I can't wait until he gets capped

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 HCSB

  • Koda Husky
    Koda Husky

    pull up them pants ya fool. :)

  • Andrew Bochicchio
    Andrew Bochicchio

    He literally sounds like hey I'm Tyrone and I'm here to take your girl

  • Andrew Bochicchio
    Andrew Bochicchio

    Shelf life 18 to 25

  • Andrew Bochicchio
    Andrew Bochicchio

    Wow the guy that got killed sure has a very serious vocabulary. Makes me think of that guy that always goes up to people and slaps the cigarette out of their mouth that guy's actually cool though and he still alive

  • G0dz1lla510

    Its the takers. They took that fools soul

  • Hector De La Cruz
    Hector De La Cruz

    The loudest ones are the weakest one. . Respect is not a imagery word in L.A . Whats up from South Central L.A

  • King Arrogance
    King Arrogance

    When flexin & clout chasing goes wrong 😂

  • Groypalot

    Imagine thinking gang banging is "culture" lol


    You be preaching some real shit at the end of the vids bruh I fwu💯

  • Dom

    Who be this idiot??!!😂😂 Lately it seems like there's a party in jail or the other side for young black rappers. Am I missing something??

  • Sosa Brito
    Sosa Brito


  • Rob K
    Rob K

    Cant go around testing everyone man. Just like 69 punk ass will get caught lackin sometime soon. Dude was actually pretty funny n shit with his trolling. But damn R.i.p young people!