🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 and map update trailer! In this video we look at the WALKING BOSS WOLVERINE *HIDDEN VAULT* DISCOVERED AT WEEPING WOODS Season 4 in Chapter 2. These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* WALKING BOSS WOLVERINE *HIDDEN VAULT* DISCOVERED AT WEEPING WOODS! (Battle Royale) and see if we can uncover the Season 4 Following Wolverine location Update Easter eggs and map update changes for season 4 gameplay, easter eggs, trailer for season 4 Chapter 2 in Fortnite!
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  • Angie Flenke
    Angie Flenke

    This is fake 😂 wolverine does not have a keycard

  • Iain Sykes
    Iain Sykes

    We actually found his base its in a similar log cabin roughly in same place under floorboards wolverines lair

  • Joshua Penkethman
    Joshua Penkethman

    Ali A’s brother

  • Xaviyon Copes
    Xaviyon Copes

    I have he's worvetn skin

  • Kysia Katindig
    Kysia Katindig

    Why did he joke us?

  • cheryl dethrow
    cheryl dethrow



    Let me tell you something he had a keycard and he was by the cabin the keycard line was going straight not under ground and the vault

  • jimboslice

    Is this shufflegamer brother

  • Henry Byrd
    Henry Byrd

    Yea it’s in the game now

  • Jericho Galuzo
    Jericho Galuzo

    hella clickbait lmao just trying to get wolverine.

  • Christian Tebalan
    Christian Tebalan

    This is joogie man

  • Angelo Chavez
    Angelo Chavez


  • Peter Solis
    Peter Solis

    Dude it’s fake stop lying but I still like your videos

  • Joona Itkonen
    Joona Itkonen

    You clickbaitter LOL GAY

  • Jasmine Star
    Jasmine Star

    Guys don’t believe him hi is lying this is allllll fake !!!!!!! And it’s edited so don’t believe it try it your self

    • Jasmine Star
      Jasmine Star

      And it’s all edited don’t belive it it’s fake

  • Th3Blur

    Your click bait sucks

  • Brody D'Souza
    Brody D'Souza

    Bruh I came here to see the vault not get clickbaited

  • Najm Jwad
    Najm Jwad

    Good click bait

  • fred ward
    fred ward


  • Midas

    The vault isn't actually there. Nice clickbait.

  • Jose Terrazas
    Jose Terrazas

    If you emote he will not kill you

  • scott1walters

    I wish there was a volt there🙍‍♂️

  • Debby De Jager
    Debby De Jager

    Stop joking

  • devbowl1

    its soooooooooo fake give your life up!

  • Irmantas Danisevicius
    Irmantas Danisevicius

    epic games added a mythic in creative that was only foundable in polar peaks in season 7 in chapter 1

    • Irmantas Danisevicius
      Irmantas Danisevicius

      but found inside random loot chests

    • Irmantas Danisevicius
      Irmantas Danisevicius

      but not findable in weapons cagetory in creative inventory

    • Irmantas Danisevicius
      Irmantas Danisevicius

      in chap 1

    • Irmantas Danisevicius
      Irmantas Danisevicius

      and more mythics that were only availible in the star wars season

  • kimberly monk
    kimberly monk


  • Ida Mae Seaberry
    Ida Mae Seaberry

    You suck

  • Mcferrin Boys
    Mcferrin Boys

    3 min in yo this is where he sleeps

  • Pop Hhhh
    Pop Hhhh

    Clickbaiter he don’t even got a keycard

  • Isabella Ison
    Isabella Ison

    Why did you not tell the truth I dug up the floors like a mad person.

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams

    Soon fake

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson

    The click bait

  • Anna Meacham
    Anna Meacham

    Why did you fool us like a Logan has a volt

  • Amelie Leon Hernandez
    Amelie Leon Hernandez

    That vault is not there I went there and it was not there faker

  • Thomas Gonzales (Student)
    Thomas Gonzales (Student)


  • Vishnu Prajaan
    Vishnu Prajaan

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  • Vilma Alves
    Vilma Alves


  • Vandler


  • Mehkigames

    Hmhm the vault is coming soon...

  • Tawnia Knittle-White
    Tawnia Knittle-White

    Chapter 2

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez

    How can you find Roman reigns secret cabin

  • Poisonous Parana
    Poisonous Parana


  • khayroo Gaming
    khayroo Gaming

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  • Mr cat
    Mr cat


  • Richard Bimmel
    Richard Bimmel

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  • Walter Butler
    Walter Butler

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  • destden flynn
    destden flynn

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  • Will Mayden
    Will Mayden

    I luv yo vids

  • Joshua Trevino
    Joshua Trevino

    You are so fake

  • Todd Beamon
    Todd Beamon


  • Ayden Torres-Lopez
    Ayden Torres-Lopez


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    Marek Švanda


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    Pls Man

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  • Shaggy Epic
    Shaggy Epic

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  • Mafisto Maier
    Mafisto Maier


  • Amontae Brown
    Amontae Brown

    There is a third vote it's on the Helicarrier and you need Iron Man or Wolverines or anybody else's to make it open

  • levi dean
    levi dean

    Stop clip bating

  • James Dreyer
    James Dreyer

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  • Antonio Loudanalysts
    Antonio Loudanalysts


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    motivation Something Different

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  • Tai'lan Dixon
    Tai'lan Dixon

    if you kill wolverine do yo get his skin

  • Patrick Cullen
    Patrick Cullen

    When did u start playing fortnite

  • Shreesha Hegde
    Shreesha Hegde


  • Md: hamidul islam sabbir
    Md: hamidul islam sabbir

    Forthax0r is amazing! You can find it on Google!

  • Victoria Sofia Gozalo
    Victoria Sofia Gozalo

    I know where is the vault

  • aso mcpack of montage
    aso mcpack of montage


  • Rodney Mora
    Rodney Mora

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  • Sean C.
    Sean C.

    Guys if you don’t believe it is clickbait go to that house and see for yourself

  • ForzaGoat1443

    You used to make good content man now it's just clickbait 😞

  • Jashika McNeil
    Jashika McNeil

    That’s his house

  • Jashika McNeil
    Jashika McNeil

    I smell 🧢

  • Cecilia Sofi
    Cecilia Sofi


  • WolfGamez

    It’s not wolverine the claw marks were thick.... like when Venom scratches it’s like a thick scratch....! If u ain’t a Venom/Spider-Man fan then u won’t know

  • Sabah Diksin
    Sabah Diksin

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait what but I found something on any of the Mad

  • grecoitalian gamer
    grecoitalian gamer

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  • Kids

    Try to find the secret door its in one of the cabins its in a book shelf

  • Micah John Faustino
    Micah John Faustino

    Yo you have a good meme in wolverines cabin hahaha

  • DT TRU
    DT TRU


  • Zohaib Iqbal
    Zohaib Iqbal


  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    this is cool

  • Merissa T-Toe
    Merissa T-Toe


  • Marcus Perry Jr
    Marcus Perry Jr

    Get mystique and kill wolverine.

  • Alexa Hoover
    Alexa Hoover

    Come on respond I love you make a new video right now if you don’t respond

  • Alexa Hoover
    Alexa Hoover

    Love you I love you I love you you’re the best you tuber

  • ابراهيم السامرائي
    ابراهيم السامرائي


  • Frick man
    Frick man

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  • Amedia Huiateroa
    Amedia Huiateroa

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  • Mr. pikachu
    Mr. pikachu

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  • kristyholliday

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  • Scarna Gianluca
    Scarna Gianluca

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  • Patience Gue
    Patience Gue

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  • Nabil Asyraf
    Nabil Asyraf


  • Sanjina Ilkhomova
    Sanjina Ilkhomova

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  • Sanjina Ilkhomova
    Sanjina Ilkhomova

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    Zach Chennault

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    Raid Gamer

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    Tyler Moody

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    Michelle Hughes


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