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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
Part 1 uzload.info/fun/eWl_qHiusI2qyHU/video
Part 2 uzload.info/fun/gIamnauYwXuZrWA/video
Part 3 uzload.info/fun/f3aunpmopomovoU/video
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  • Danny Francis
    Danny Francis

    20,000 for a lawyer on a murder charge ? 😂 That is considered a public defender

  • Ricardo Solis
    Ricardo Solis

    Back in my days only three things I trust. Me myself and I. Who the hell need friends like that

  • Paul Cacioppo
    Paul Cacioppo

    Gotta love how he reports people nobody has ever heard off but anything for a buck he reported on a 19 year old rapper in California a teeny bopper who wasn't even a rapper he was a child hot boy Ju yeah ok he was famous no he wasn't

    • Leon Henry
      Leon Henry

      JusBlow is big in Chicago. The hell you talking bout?

  • Mister No Nonsense
    Mister No Nonsense

    “I ain’t gettin in that load if that bitch drivin. She gone tell how tf y’all got bitches slidin”

  • Drè Daÿ
    Drè Daÿ

    Public defender ? 😯 am I missing sumn?

  • Shine Box6
    Shine Box6

    WHERE TF IS BLM?????

  • Rickey wright
    Rickey wright

    Most young female in Chicago gonna wanna be like ki but ki was really like that. That what these lil girls gotta understand.

  • TaKticZ_57

    Lil Reese looken ass 😂

  • Artiseph Inkman
    Artiseph Inkman

    The hit was for $4000. It was not about the money. It was a hit for other reasons. Don't forget these are gang members with beefs and jealousy

    • Leon Henry
      Leon Henry

      exactly, we will never know the true reason the hit went down. The girl was just the icing on the cake

  • Ms Goldie
    Ms Goldie

    I just don't care or trust Lil Durk every since Von's death.

    • Leon Henry
      Leon Henry

      @Ms Goldie What does a picture have to do with a question? you're nuts little GIRL.

    • Ms Goldie
      Ms Goldie

      @Leon Henry Don't ask me nothing until u get a picture SON.

    • Leon Henry
      Leon Henry

      what this got to do with Durk?

  • Sp ThaGreat
    Sp ThaGreat

    If u see a female that act like she a gangsta u better get away from her fast she is going to snitch

  • Xv On33Thr33
    Xv On33Thr33

    Durk Ain't Start Shxt Durk Wasn't Even With Them When They Made OTF 💯

  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247

    They cappin foh💯

  • Always Apply Pressure247
    Always Apply Pressure247


  • Paul Nelson
    Paul Nelson

    Self defense

  • J-man 1017
    J-man 1017

    Love.how Jake.keeps it a thou wow all the time

  • StraingerThingz


  • Reena B{NA
    Reena B{NA

    Its koo cuz she will never be respect again

  • That’s a cool username Bih
    That’s a cool username Bih

    I think they made OTF/Oblock when their Affiliate Odee perry got killed in 2011 🤦🏾‍♂️ pretty sure he was killed by FBG gang or somthing from that Diss track L’s anthem

  • jojo torres
    jojo torres

    OTF actually stands for Only Trey Family, but for the public and media its Only The Family

    • Disjawn Cooley
      Disjawn Cooley

      It stands for Only Trey Folks by tradition

  • Matt Kosiarski
    Matt Kosiarski

    Jusblow is lil durks best friend

  • Timmy Allen
    Timmy Allen

    HaHaaa, bro durk wouldn't even bond Von out if he needed to be

  • Biscotti Blunts
    Biscotti Blunts

    I ain’t gon lie I watched all ya videos bro 💀🤟🏾🔥

  • Ray Idk
    Ray Idk

    Rico reckless 😂😂

  • Souleye Rasheed
    Souleye Rasheed

    He want 4thou I got so nigga gimmie dat

  • Come and take it 570
    Come and take it 570

    Snitching huh? Ya don’t say. Pick a random rap video, and stop the video at any point at all and all of who you see pictured....will snitch. They all rats. 25-life breathing down any “gangstas” neck will turn them from the realest to the rat. That’s fact.

  • Melo Smith
    Melo Smith

    On durk label..a signed artist and 10 millionaire friends but got a public defender 🤔🤔 kids stay out the streets 💯

  • SteadyMobbing408

    How he only got a public defendant, Durk can’t get him a lawyer smh

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith

    Von was killed on my bday rest up goat 🐐

  • don narzinski
    don narzinski

    You live the life or fake the life this is what happens. Sad RIP

  • gogetit083

    You facing a murder charge and you're been represented by a public defender? Bruh, you going to jail

  • Lost with a smile
    Lost with a smile

    "This is a caper!" Did he really say that?? That would be some funny shit.

  • michael davis
    michael davis

    The scariest word in the streets is co defendant

  • NMA Global Media LLC
    NMA Global Media LLC

    I seen somewhere JustBlow was valedictorian in high school



  • Johnny Cobalt
    Johnny Cobalt

    BLM. But, maybe not these ones.

  • Raw Struggle Gaming
    Raw Struggle Gaming

    Aye dat chick could get da slab doe no kizzy... come shoot me baby I like guns too😂😍

  • Raw Struggle Gaming
    Raw Struggle Gaming

    “Female shooter” in da thumbnail look like gee money a lil bit.. like if y’all see da resemblance comment he’ll naw if I’m smokin flocka 🤔👍🏾

  • Mr. Mosley
    Mr. Mosley

    Dirty ass... I always say, don't fuck with woman in crimes... They will always fold 8.5 outta 10 times.

  • DreSean Simmons Boyd
    DreSean Simmons Boyd

    They got bruh a public defender smh

  • DreSean Simmons Boyd
    DreSean Simmons Boyd

    They don't even be saying free bruh or nothing

  • LastNameCook

    They gone kill her bro but he should be good

  • Saucygoattits

    Post prison ricorecklezz is a whole cRaCkHeAd 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    most his videos are about rappers i got into new rap a few years ago never new they die like people making tacos ..didnt know half the stuff they were saying ......but this last 3 months and finding out how crazy they live and die so fast finding this channel just makes me sad this is the gen and how life is nothing no matter the fame or $........ they still just dont care about life ...God help us all...but this channel is great and J is like a rap version of the twilight zone and the ending of a 80s show where the end with a postive type of advice and a way to make u think about shite...but this is the world we live in now where life and death is just a few words said about some who will have some one else killed and im just in shock every day...

  • C B
    C B

    People, people, people, you can't blame nobody but your self for putting yourself in these situations🤷🤷 if you weren't there you wouldn't have a case to be snitched on for

  • Korey Wade
    Korey Wade

    Durk his mans.. Why he robbin a mf for 4 racks.? 🤔

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    His talent was "limitless". Hahaha the dudes songs all sound exactly the same. You can play and king von beat with any song and it will flow 💀. That nigga had a ABC flow 😭😭

  • Edgar ĘBĶ
    Edgar ĘBĶ

    You a clown

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo

    This why even if I got mad money I still act like I'm broke 😂😂 shit sad what people will do for a couple thousand man fr

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo

    That clap at the beginning was fxcking loud lol

  • Tina Childs
    Tina Childs

    Rip king. Von lildurk

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper

    Durk looked at bae von and called him his “tween” lmfao

  • Ricco Austin
    Ricco Austin

    Start a war then leave Chicago lol

  • Ken Folk
    Ken Folk

    Damn durk aint get blow a lawyer? 🌚

  • kj collins
    kj collins

    Dam so he was signed to otf in durk soul him to 100kmgt like fbg duck said lil durk sold von to the Illuminati

  • yeahiwantac1

    600 jusblow on the downlow, 👀😵

  • Alex ARDvark
    Alex ARDvark

    Damn durk let his mans wit a public defender that’s grimey

  • Sundance Rydr
    Sundance Rydr

    AMEN, #1090JAKE... AMEN!!! Truer words were never spoken... But you know something--- Sometimes COMMON SENSE is NOT so COMMON... 💯💯💕🌷💕☮️

  • Sean Gibson
    Sean Gibson

    Durkio hasn’t gotten him a lawyer 🤦‍♂️

  • 19edmurillo

    You shouldn’t of said yo give someone 4K instead of 20k for bail all ur old boys are gonna call u now lol great show I fuck with u 1090

  • Linda Patrice Smith
    Linda Patrice Smith

    Instead of you young minded boys go join your country military to help fight this war and ask God Angels to protect Yall through this spiritual warfare YALL HONESTLY THOUGHT YOU CAN HIDE BEHIND A GUN AND A GANG? ❤🙏🕊 LET FREEDOM RING THATS THE PURPOSE OF OUR ANCESTORS FIGHTING FOR US. SUPPORT IT OR EXPORT IT!

  • Nick Arsenault
    Nick Arsenault

    Rondo was durks best friend coming up durk never bailed him out & 9 got that 39 piece

  • Mike Martino
    Mike Martino

    I'm constantly amazed at how these rappers, who's profession revolves around words - can't fuckin speak except in a few repetitive phrases.

  • B Smoke
    B Smoke

    They fool y’all think they bread up and he got a public defender hope somebody learn from this

  • Tyshawn Smith
    Tyshawn Smith

    So he signed to OTF & he got a public defender & not a lawyer ?? Wow

  • Peg Legged Brown
    Peg Legged Brown

    Dirty ass snitching!! You defy the code you fall and perish by the code. It's just best to live by DTA, Don't Trust Anybody!!!

  • Freedman’s Channel
    Freedman’s Channel

    Dirk ain’t say any words woth meaning on why he signed Von.

  • Kyron A
    Kyron A

    Who is this clown boy dry snitchin , cause Shits Got Deep??

  • Cierra

    People tell on themselves all day everyday.

  • Cierra

    No idea how to wear a vest.

  • Kartelo Radio
    Kartelo Radio

    The feds tryna set jusblow600 up

  • illusive1

    Just remember, this case is THE NORMAL OUTCOME. Ratting is the norm. 3 ppl can keep a secret, if 2 are dead.

  • Kill Streak
    Kill Streak

    Durk set him up

  • Huf P.
    Huf P.

    Lil durk the biggest snake from Chicago , he literally painted one of his own members a rat over a BITCH

  • Cambo Rambo
    Cambo Rambo

    It wasn’t about the $4K it was about “ Street Credit, A Gangsta’s Reputation is more Important than Life itself. Shit, A Gangsta would rather die than ruin their Street Rep “

  • I am Your Nytemare
    I am Your Nytemare

    Durk: "you got talent bro. Come sign with me and let's get this paper." Rapper: "nah, I'm cool. I just signed with McDonald's block. They're safer."

  • michael sibley
    michael sibley

    Great channel been watching you since lockdown 23 &1 💪🏾💪🏾

  • Snow Blow
    Snow Blow

    They go still give ha ass a dub 😆

  • B Marckei
    B Marckei

    I guess durk not paying em if they lined some shit up just for a few bands they all finna split

  • Dustin Miller
    Dustin Miller

    This a caper lol smh straight idiots

  • CAVEMANsean

    They not mistakes and fuck ups. He's not just dirks artist hes gang. They a close gang so that money they making getting broke down (like von did with the 1st 100,000 check) yea he a signed artist but you still want to further the gangs standings. Plus dirk and von was into it with keef for a minute because keef wouldn't pay someone's bond and had his chain robbed to sell it for the bond money. It wouldn't be a good look if dirk let blow sit. Dirk in ATL not Chicago no more so he has to keep that loyalty and you can't do that by leaving the gang out to dry

  • Micro Beatz
    Micro Beatz

    Everybody tweakin out here. Everybody shooting shit.

  • Tru Believer
    Tru Believer

    ANOTHER Episode of DUMB WAYS 2 DIE 🤣

  • reviews with pappy
    reviews with pappy

    Has new name not so lucky

  • Shannon Hill
    Shannon Hill

    Brother I luv your channel you the truth you keep it real and really educated I rock with ya brother

  • Morally Awkward
    Morally Awkward

    When are they going to realize they need to leave the ladies at home. They might shoot someone for you, but they’re not doing time for you.

    • That guy Jy
      That guy Jy

      @David Raymer the shits not right is it gonna stop probably not are police gonna stop killing unarmed black men probably not are they both promblems yes is the first one a bigger promblem yes

    • David Raymer
      David Raymer

      @That guy Jy you better get it

    • That guy Jy
      That guy Jy

      @David Raymer ok we know we get it

    • David Raymer
      David Raymer

      I don't even know why y'all worry about the police killing y'all!! Y'all kill each other

  • Outtapocke Tv
    Outtapocke Tv

    The Rat ah baddie tho 😩🔥🤣😂

  • Allen Lofton
    Allen Lofton

    She turned quick lol

  • Bmore Gaming
    Bmore Gaming

    Why the fuck he got a public defender though

  • thisis Theway
    thisis Theway

    We rocking wichu!

  • Lucas500k

    OTF really stands for "Only Trey Folks", Only The Family is the mainstream version they gave it

  • Comptonkid

    Hammond is fucking crazy

  • Dylan Meade
    Dylan Meade


  • king jaybruh
    king jaybruh

    I hope they clap her the way they would do if it were a man snitched

  • Eric Hainey
    Eric Hainey

    got to get a good ent. lawyer

  • The vlog of a Weird0
    The vlog of a Weird0


  • Mike Best
    Mike Best

    When Von got killed they snitched on Lil Tum with that video, fuck it let her snitch

  • Nicholas Baldrick
    Nicholas Baldrick

    Wooskis brother lil mike which was the witness for vons case backed out after 3 years that's why von was released

  • Howard Davis
    Howard Davis

    That boy got a public defender and he signed to otf🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jeff Dollaz
    Jeff Dollaz

    Only reason von beat that snot was cuz dude recanted his statement lol heard his co Dee was wooski brother