All Overwatch Animated Shorts in Chronological Order | Full Movie 2020 | Cinematic Trailers
Timestamps for each of the animated shorts can be found here:
0:00 - Beginning
0:17 - Overwatch Animated Short | “The Last Bastion”
7:10 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Hero"
13:23 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Are You With Us?"
14:57 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Recall"
22:35 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Alive"
28:37 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Rise and Shine"
38:21 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Overwatch Cinematic Trailer"
44:04 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Dragons"
51:45 - Overwatch Animated Short | “Honor and Glory”
58:56 -Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”
1:06:49 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Roadtrip"
1:07:29 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Shooting Star"
1:15:03 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Infiltration"
1:20:58 - Overwatch Animated Short | "Zero Hour"
1:28:44 - Overwatch Animated Short | "We Are Overwatch"
1:29:39 - Credits
Bonus Cinematics (Not canon)
1:30:19 - Animated Short | Hanamura Showdown
1:32:19 - Animated Short | Dragons of the Nexus
All of these videos belong to Blizzard Entertainment's PlayOverwatch Channel, Copyright of the videos belong to them and Blizzard Entertainment.
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  • Mile

    it doesnt feel like this is in the right order

  • RiyanSaputra19


  • UN8

    Ngl the Last Bastard’s animation is so good and it looks so realistic

  • Penguin channel
    Penguin channel

    1:29:30 " *We. Are monke.* "

  • SS LK
    SS LK

    Henzo: yougawagadikuokulo! Subtitle: you’ll go walk I thank you

  • Nathan Xyrus
    Nathan Xyrus

    This is why we love monke

  • Wooperman 27
    Wooperman 27

    I love characters with good backstories and a lot of personality. Even the character that only speaks in beeps and whirrs has a lot of backstory. Can we just stop and respect blizzard for making such characters full of personality. And don’t even get me started on these animations.

  • The One Being
    The One Being

    Since Blizzard has proven themselves devoid of inspiration in making games, they should heavily consider transitioning to animation production.

  • uyrih redirts
    uyrih redirts

    38:37 that’s roadhog and junkrat right?


    Pls someone make sex bot for these ppl so they can live a real life.

  • TheMemeLord

    Did anybody else get goosebumps when Genji and Hanzo used their dragons. Holy crap that was such a smoothly animated fight. Ok being honest any time i hear Genji or Hanzo using their ults i get goosebumps.

  • Lux Luther
    Lux Luther

    “WHERE IS REINHARDT???” Literally every game

  • Wyattron

    How do they get there hair to look so good

  • DrawsWithoutAgoodReason

    I feel like the 2 last ones are rly out of character for overwatch but okay 👌:D

  • JMP Korky
    JMP Korky

    They need to make a full blown movie

  • anna w
    anna w


  • CherAmi

    1:06:28 "Say hi to the monkey for me." 1:26:10 "Hello Winston!"

  • Jacob Konecky
    Jacob Konecky

    For a second I thought when he said I am not a monkey, I thought he was going to say I am a gorilla.

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams

    i love tiktok and fortnite

    • Rodney Williams
      Rodney Williams

      yep sure thing mate.

    • Rodney Williams
      Rodney Williams

      ok i will get on in 10 lololololololololol, catha fool

    • Rodney Williams
      Rodney Williams

      OMG i wish i could have sum nuggies right now

    • Rodney Williams
      Rodney Williams

      chicken nuggies lol, trust me im not 12 hahaha LUL, i just dont like anything else at mcdonalds LMFAO

    • Rodney Williams
      Rodney Williams

      oh damn nice what you having man

  • james bankhead
    james bankhead


  • Wyattron

    Genji: ight ima 1v1 a giant mech with no problem

  • Peter Paul Molina
    Peter Paul Molina


  • mexican taco
    mexican taco

    My teacher : its just a video it cant hurt u Me at most of the cinematics : tears

  • Seer

    Did he kill the bird?

  • Jeff The bird
    Jeff The bird

    put on the subtitles at 1:10:09 LOL

  • Junkmatt

    Whenever they play the fucking Dudududu music I get so hyped

  • Hushroom

    48:21 Literally Orgasmic

  • DaSleepyBee

    i remeber my childhood favorite charcterwas diva

  • DaSleepyBee

    if it werent for my brother i wouldnt be here..

  • Mitch L.
    Mitch L.

    Harold Winston's quote got me in my bones man

  • cringe culture is finished
    cringe culture is finished

    5:30 why are they running towatds the more durable metal enemies with their flesh bodies in an open field with no cover? Fall back towards your defensive positions, and bunker down for a siege, when the enemy starts slowing down and dwindling is when you counter attack.

  • Chance Richards
    Chance Richards

    Favorite short list: Bastion short Honor and glory Infiltration Paris short And ima go dva short for the last.

  • Deepanshu Yadav
    Deepanshu Yadav

    Thanks for uploading UwU


    Why didn't they just make a movie

  • Fares Ammar
    Fares Ammar

    When overwatch 2 release date

  • Vekhozo Kotso
    Vekhozo Kotso

    Genji is soo cool

  • Jacob Selensky
    Jacob Selensky

    43:25 That kid would later grow up to become the fourth doomfist

  • Uli Ses
    Uli Ses

    Ok zero hour was fucking dope, every time I see genji or hanzo I get chills lol

  • Uli Ses
    Uli Ses

    Dragons is my fav, idk why I like it so much, maybe it reminded me of mortal kombat

  • Édgar Soriano
    Édgar Soriano

    No mames te la creiste

  • Onur Itak
    Onur Itak

    1:28:00 DAMMMNNNN

  • Gabriel Isakov
    Gabriel Isakov

    40:55 pfft tracer should have just one clipped her while she was scoping

  • Emelie Anouk
    Emelie Anouk

    I really need to know if the song in the diner is a real song.

  • Jared Kelly
    Jared Kelly

    shut up im not crying your crying

  • Ava Lucero
    Ava Lucero

    the fact that this made me feel like I was watching a full fledged movie must be recognized cause this shit was IMPECCABLE

  • ItsSquiddy9

    I said this on another vid, but Genji in Overwatch 2 trailer looks like he’s wearing his own merch

    • Ray Pierce
      Ray Pierce


  • Seth W
    Seth W

    Whyd they turn Brigette into a 🐷

  • Ari Koumentakos
    Ari Koumentakos

    I wish I just new who made the scores/soundtracks for these shorts. They are amazing!

  • Dr Skelly Bones
    Dr Skelly Bones

    genji and hanzo are just overwatch yone and yasuo

  • Dr Skelly Bones
    Dr Skelly Bones

    10:28 idk that doesn’t seem like a medium distance to me

  • Lanz Cordero
    Lanz Cordero

    I never once played this game but man, these cinematics are on another level.

  • Nick Daves
    Nick Daves

    11:53 Master Oogway: Monke

  • Argy Pradana
    Argy Pradana

    1:10:18 turn on your subtitles

  • Acean HUN
    Acean HUN

    Quite possibly the last good thing ever to come out of Blizzard

  • ap3x lambo
    ap3x lambo

    I watched the entire thing, but my favorite part is 48:57

  • DistractedDingo

    I'm not a big Overwatch player and may have missed some context, so can anyone explain to me why the last short looks like something straight out of WoW?

  • DaWarSoldier

    Girls crush: K-Pops,Hot boys and some rich guys Boy's crush:Tracer

  • Phobeaus

    Everyone: we are overwatch Groot: I am Groot

  • Phobeaus

    Imagine when Genji cuts the robotic hand it instanly breaks

  • Choose Freedom Is Back
    Choose Freedom Is Back

    Overwatch: we are justice, we are courage... Tf2: Mann CO. we sell products and get into fights tf2 wins again

  • AwfulKnight

    If the next game doesn’t have a big story mode and that being one of the main features Imma be mad

  • The only Channel
    The only Channel

    They really decided to give tracer some cake huh

    • Ray Pierce
      Ray Pierce

      Cheeks look nice as hell in this vid


    You saved me why Hmmm monkey

  • Stefan Nechita
    Stefan Nechita

    In the beninging

  • nian

    when I tell you I cried on every single clip-

  • flux

    Zero hour was the best one imo

  • Amara Udeh
    Amara Udeh

    Bastion is so cute but like, he’s kinda the most stupidly easy and op character in the game

  • The King_of_Corn
    The King_of_Corn

    Blizzard no reason to make tracer that dummy thiccc

  • Jack Bartram-Carter
    Jack Bartram-Carter

    During zero hour when Gengi came back I think it would’ve been even more sick if hanzo came with him,

  • Christian Cole
    Christian Cole

    Snowball coming in cluch with the self-sacrifice

  • Ella Martinez
    Ella Martinez

    Tracer is my favorite bc she’s nice and sweet

  • Explosive Potatoes
    Explosive Potatoes


  • Molly Willette
    Molly Willette

    Bro zero hour gets me so emotional every time

  • oculus

    Well, I dunno about you all, but I personally think Reinhardt probably had the saddest one.

  • Iced ShiKari
    Iced ShiKari

    Genji carries this fucking team on his back

  • Gundham Tanaka
    Gundham Tanaka

    I think I figured out how tracer could have saved mondata. She would have to teleport away, let widowmaker shoot, teleport back in a position with her back facing widowmaker, let the bullet hit her, and then rewind herself to reverse the injury the bullet would have caused. That would have most likely thrown widowmaker off, and mondata could get into the car.

  • milxywayz

    1:27:10 saving this for later

  • larender

    what? where's the porn? This is thr worst compilation i nevah see.

  • Sachu

    Monkeee lets goooo monke monke monkeeeee

  • myinspiration mops
    myinspiration mops

    i like kenji, he's very good

  • IMagameFREAK247

    honor and glory makes me tear up every time, your best friend saves your life in exchange for their own 🥺

  • The communist Owl
    The communist Owl

    22:48 tf is a black widow doing in london??!!! Those don't live in the uk

  • Orion

    I love the story that occurs after Bastions Short Basically Torbjorn was sent out to Destroy Bastion but he saw that they were different from the Bastions from the 1st Omnic Crisis and no longer had a Destructive Nature so he ended up protecting him

  • Nyall Morrow
    Nyall Morrow

    Blizzard's animation team are some of the greatest talents of our lifetime

  • jonah scheepers
    jonah scheepers

    Is anybody else watching this because Papa Jeff left and sadness is sinking in dude

  • Sof Loaf
    Sof Loaf

    11:50 *"monke"*

  • sun set
    sun set

    That ending tho, thank you so much. 😁

  • Godzilla 1954
    Godzilla 1954

    1:14 ok that shot actually looks like real life holy fuck.

  • WiFiDown

    Even though "Dragons" is my top favorite cinematic animation, "Rise and Shine" is another favorite of mine because of how well it portrays Mei's tragic backstory and dire situation. I spent 5 minutes rambling to myself about how 9 years is a really long time to be in cryosleep and how it is incredibly tragic and traumatic that every single one of her friends had the misfortune of their pods malfunctioning and causing them to die, leaving her completely alone and stranded in the frozen tundra

  • RebeccaGoneRogue

    When I first heard the kid in the blue sweatshirt say: “They’re all mercenaries now.” I thought he said “They’re all Mercy mains now.”

  • Fynn Petersen
    Fynn Petersen

    Genji in cinematics: Overpowered as f*ck Genji in the game: gets nerved with every patch and I am wasting my lifetime while trying to be good with genji...

  • Carlo Jr Suarez
    Carlo Jr Suarez

    1:25:29 uno reverse card

    • حج شو بدك من اسمي
      حج شو بدك من اسمي


  • Akeem Aracena
    Akeem Aracena

    Woodpecker: yeah just doing My job :D The robot: **Vietnam memories**

  • Isac Tell
    Isac Tell

    Why is everyone playing heartstone

  • ColourDeo

    Mei's hit hardest



  • jjfraz

    Bastion being a nice robot in the clip Bastion in game: 30 player kill streak

  • Isac Tell
    Isac Tell

    16:16 winstons playing heartstone

  • Aliem_ gaming76
    Aliem_ gaming76

    I am not an emotional person but when mei left the cups of coffee for her dead teammates I cried

    • the prewitts
      the prewitts

      "Rise and shine" maid me cry 3 times. That's saying something

  • guitar george
    guitar george

    11:55 you saved me why? Mmmm monke