Tragic Details About Blink-182
The boys of Blink-182 have endured more than their fair share of brutal trials and tribulations. From lawsuits to firings and crashed planes, this is the tragic real-life story of one of modern rock's most influential bands.
Blink-182 didn't intend to kick off that weird turn-of-the-century trend that attached meaningless words to equally meaningless numbers. After briefly trying on and discarding other names like Duck Tape and Figure 8, they were simply called "Blink." That moniker stuck for a while through early club appearances throughout Southern California and some mini tours in the San Diego area. In fact, 1994's Buddha, the band's first notable release, bore the name Blink on it.
It wasn't until 1995's Cheshire Cat that the group had to make a name change. As it turned out, an Irish band also called Blink had caught wind of the San Diego punk outfit and threatened to sue. Unwilling to go to legal war over something so silly, Blink's label, Cargo Music, demanded that the band change their name, or they'd change it for them. So someone then slapped a meaningless "182" to the end of the name, and the rest is history.
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Behind the name | 0:00
Firing the drummer | 1:03
Hurt feelings | 2:13
Indefinite hiatus | 3:22
Reunited by tragedy | 4:23
Lingering tension | 5:31
Failing to meet expectations | 6:41
Waning interest | 7:30
DeLonge leaves the band | 8:31
Soldiering on | 9:47
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  • Grunge

    Do you think Blink-182 can ever be the same without Tom?

    • Chad Charlton
      Chad Charlton

      @Nils Hedstrom You sir, are a moron.

    • Chad Charlton
      Chad Charlton

      @my back HURTS *Proving.

    • Casey Fessler
      Casey Fessler

      @my back HURTS now that its proven aliens exist whaats he gonna do??

    • Hannah Cornett
      Hannah Cornett

      Nope. Never.

    • UltraElite579


  • I am the owl
    I am the owl

    People get older and change. Some want to keep making music, and others want to crowd fund a starship....How the hell are people just breezing past that? Tom wants to build a Starship to chase imaginary aliens. LOL

  • Nathan Bestwick
    Nathan Bestwick

    Mark and Travis were in the band +44

  • CaptinBringdown

    Meaningless number!?! Only real fans know the true meaning behind that number

  • StrightJacket paranormal HTD4LIFE
    StrightJacket paranormal HTD4LIFE

    Well I guess this is growing up

  • Corey

    It was always pretty clear to me most of the friction & problems stemmed from Tom. Clearly, he had other interests, and that's fine, but when people get mad at Mark or Travis, it seems they're being willfully naive.

  • Scott Duke
    Scott Duke

    For anyone that says 1. 8. 2. It's 1Eightytwo. Get your head out of your a$$.

  • Mldeltoro12

    whats the song at 4:22?

  • Rdub Recordings
    Rdub Recordings

    So many holes in this story.

  • Yesmam Nosir
    Yesmam Nosir

    Alkaline Trio was the better band.

  • Taylor Mullis
    Taylor Mullis

    I saw Travis Barker’s plane crash on the way to high school

  • DraKon31e Ee
    DraKon31e Ee

    Take off your pants and jacket is #1

  • Sophie A
    Sophie A

    The "182" is not meaningless. It's the number of time Al Pacino says F**K in "Scarface"

  • Robin Kuiperij
    Robin Kuiperij

    Neighborhoods was a good album. But it wasn't a good Blink album. It was a combination of +44 and AVA. I think Blink is more like a brand now then a band. They should just put Blink, Boxcar, +44, AVA and even Alkaline in 1 group and just do projects together. There are songs on AVA records that I'm like 'this could really use some Mark' and I'm not somebody who likes to admid that Matt Skiba is good for Blink, but he did a good job filling Tom's shoes. Still would like to hear some of the new songs with Tom's voice though. So why not collaborate? You only are needed for a few song and not for a whole album, you can focus on other stuff and have your pick who to work with. I think it'll give us all hits except for arguments who is the better person for the band.

  • Rapp Scallion
    Rapp Scallion

    You keep using the word ROCK, I don't think it means what you think it means.

  • jake harding
    jake harding

    You literally have the name of the band so wrong do your research dude

  • Miss Misfits
    Miss Misfits

    So basically Tom just went batshit crazy after putting his bs above everyone else's even though they *all* had children and families at that point then became an Alex Jones clone. Cool. Good to know. It's a shame honestly. I'm kind of sick if that mindset and I know its especially bad with women but men are no exception. They have kids and all of a sudden they're the ONLY person who's ever had to juggle work and family before. Insist they just stay home and not work. That's not how the world works. Pull your weight. I actually enjoyed Boxcar Racer but its sad they didn't even discuss it with Mark beforehand. Their self entitled album was alright but why did they have to do the whole thing moody for toms benefit when he already had other bands for that? Just gross behavior overall and its a shame Delonge had to turn out to be such an asshole.

  • Keith Melb
    Keith Melb

    THe most tragic was when Travis is hooking up with a Kardashian

  • Justin Yates
    Justin Yates

    Blink without Tom is like Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. Like Toms voice is the perfect Ying to Marks Yang......

  • Conor S
    Conor S

    They were not almost 30 by the end of the take off your pants and jacket Tour

  • Sassy

    I think the most tragic detail about Blink 182 is how much they really suck as a band now.

  • mr unsane
    mr unsane

    Neighborhoods is their best album period dot

  • mr unsane
    mr unsane

    Raynor had a drinking problem and ended up breaking both of his legs while on tour. Blink had to get the Vandals drummer to play the drums on the rest of the tour . He was then fired and replaced by Barker. Thats the story I remember anyway

  • Henry Drummond
    Henry Drummond

    I'd like a Blink-182 movie in the style of The Dirt. That could be fun.

  • Claes Lautrup
    Claes Lautrup

    Whats the background music??

  • Marc De Silva
    Marc De Silva

    AvA rocks!!!

  • Rebecca Way
    Rebecca Way

    None of this is tragic...they all seem like they have they're all happily following their own (and very rewarding)paths.

  • Stefan James
    Stefan James

    T O M !!! Please. Come. Back. And make a major comeback.

  • Stefan James
    Stefan James

    I’m sorry but Tom we fans as regulars totally miss you big bruh in the bank Blink-182

  • Stefan James
    Stefan James

    We must have billboard hot 100’s again

  • Gretchen Wieners
    Gretchen Wieners

    The 182 stands for how many times Al Pacino says f**k in scarface, once they did a recount and seen it wasn’t 182x the name had just stuck.

  • wecouldberare!!

    can anyone tell me the band and the song playing throughout the entire video?? it's amazing

  • The Great Chimera
    The Great Chimera

    Weezer and Fall Out Boy opening for Blink-182? Crazy to see

  • Vernal Grenier
    Vernal Grenier

    The aback mayonnaise literally shade because taxi universally curve modulo a pleasant court. sassy, succinct cup

  • Vernal Grenier
    Vernal Grenier

    The gabby conifer plausibly expand because unit randomly label plus a quizzical children. entertaining, scared detective

  • Dizzy Bray
    Dizzy Bray

    As someone that got to see them at Reading Festival - i'm so glad, It may be selfish - but it made my life,

  • LandOfSand

    Wait so tom made boxcar racer while he still was with blink?? And blink 182 California wasn’t even a good album. It wasn’t blink. Idk about the 2019 I haven’t heard it. Neighborhood is a decent album as well

  • Andrew Borowski
    Andrew Borowski

    Tom is a charlatan simp

  • Qriminal 1:64
    Qriminal 1:64

    The real tragedy is that they actually have a fan base. Blink is the most annoyingly overrated band.

  • Gavan Holden
    Gavan Holden

    Blink hasn't been shit since 97. As soon as your drummer becomes the only real talent, your band sucks. Alkaline forever tho.

  • kristen

    the nostalgia whiplash I got from this video was truly violent.

  • zezuntxiduntxi

    how can an adult tell another person to tell someone they are out. ahahah ridiculous

  • Nerd Life Gaming
    Nerd Life Gaming

    such a tragic story they got known and made millions....such a tragedy.....made millions doing what they love,had kids,got married lived in mansions....such a tragic story......

  • K Sama
    K Sama

    That moment when you realize Blink 182 is millennial music.. and a lot Gen Z dont even know this band.

    • panther uploads
      panther uploads

      I thought it was Gen X

  • skywaller666


  • Evil Enchilada
    Evil Enchilada

    Tragic details: they had the same name as an Irish band so they added a 182 to the end

  • Charles Victoria
    Charles Victoria

    Jerry Finn was a major influence in Blink 182’s commercial success. RIP

  • Michael H. Read
    Michael H. Read

    What a bland overview

  • flying balloons
    flying balloons

    If matt skiba has more say the music would be better Matt skiba wrote darkside so if the he has more say there would be better tunes

  • Moon Doggie
    Moon Doggie

    To bad they all sold their souls.

    • Pant 'n' Jacket
      Pant 'n' Jacket

      To who

  • Kenny Begeske
    Kenny Begeske

    Make men Famous Stars and Straps tees with vintage Famous stars and straps tees

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    You've got a lot of facts wrong bud! Bad bad you news.

  • Owen Hunter
    Owen Hunter

    Skiba sucks btw

  • Owen Hunter
    Owen Hunter

    This video makes Tom out to be the bad guy. These guys were all shitty to each other

  • Foresthunter76

    the # 182 isn't meaningless it's computer code for "I Hate You"

  • Adamus 84
    Adamus 84

    My first ever email address back in 1999 ended with 182 and i still use to this day

  • Alicia Walker
    Alicia Walker

    No Mention of 44+ band Mark and Travis supergroup 🤔

  • InterstellarStallion

    The called Tesla crazy when he theorised wireless information transmission, will the same happen for UFO's...

  • InterstellarStallion

    Boxcar Racer was a sik band

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker

    Tragic Details About Blink-182: They’re an actual band.

  • Sean Hart
    Sean Hart

    Matt skiba sucks

  • Daveyhavok832

    They don’t address the fact that the music industry was in its death throws by the time the self titled came out. They quote sales numbers after 2000 like they’re comparable to pre2000 and everyone knows that’s not true. After Napster and Kazaa and those types of p2p sites, nobody was selling records like they used to. Everyone was just stealing music.

  • peanutbutterisfu

    Scott Raynor is more famous then any of us and he was fired over 20 years ago lol

  • Xo_amber 133
    Xo_amber 133

    Blink 182: Like Green Day: Comment

  • asmartist enthusiast
    asmartist enthusiast

    Call yourself a fan. Mark said 182 was his weight at the time.....

  • Howard Weingard
    Howard Weingard

    This Grunge channel needs to know the definition of “tragic”

  • Canwea Green
    Canwea Green

    Everyone has enema of the state

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    Blink 182 had better albums with Scott, change my mind

  • Nyx Ulric
    Nyx Ulric

    The “Tom is out” message is from the 2005 hiatus

  • The Pat
    The Pat

    All I gathered from this is Tom is kind of an ass

  • ACOG Batteries
    ACOG Batteries

    How can you not mention +44? It was better than Blink

    • Nyx Ulric
      Nyx Ulric

      LOL +44 was good, but blink has a lot of albums with good songs you cannot say that it is better than blink

  • Cashman Drummer
    Cashman Drummer

    Jesus loves you!!!

  • baseballuniverse

    Dude at 7:05 is a dumb shit for comparing 2011sales to 2001 sales. Nobody buys albums anymore!

  • TheAceOfSpades

    Create user name: *Blink* that user name is already taken Try *Blink_1988* *Blink-182* *Blink196782*

  • DLM

    Cheshire Cat the best, dude ranch 2nd, Enema of the state too poppy, downhill from there, great songs, great band.

  • Michael cadreau
    Michael cadreau

    But Tom did release videos that the government confirmed as UFO not soo conspiracy theory anymore

  • jimmydriveway

    Basically unenjoyable because of the ads. Leaving.

  • jack lang
    jack lang

    It’s 1992s Buddha idk why but that pissed me off😂😂😂

  • Xo_amber 133
    Xo_amber 133

    Blink 182 or Green Day? Blink 182: Like Green Day: Comment 💚 I love Green Day not a huge Blink 182 fan

  • A B Dominique
    A B Dominique

    The writing in the tiny orange rectangle is hard to read.

  • A B Dominique
    A B Dominique

    I remember loving Box Car Racer. ☆☆☆ Blink 182 is hannah from heaven! ( yes, I over use the ! )

  • iDonut Boy
    iDonut Boy

    Nine sucked.

  • You can Smile
    You can Smile

    i always thought the bands name was Blink-182 ( 182 = which is half of a year ) so like blink! half a year has gone by, Interesting

  • OriginalDarkMew

    7:22 Freemasonic symbol on his guitar... Hmmmm...

    • GodsDeceased

      Yeah, and?

  • Jordan Mc
    Jordan Mc

    Hard not to feel slighted when 2 of your 3 go off and start a new project without you.

  • The Tokin Toker
    The Tokin Toker

    Jesus have enough commercials?!?!

  • Kelly Mason
    Kelly Mason

    182 is 365/2(ish). Halfway through the year. It's the perfect weather day in San Diego I believe?

  • padraig sisk
    padraig sisk

    Blink were a good band.

  • Hot Cheetos
    Hot Cheetos

    They should've signed a contract with epitaph records instead, ijs...

  • krynosis Dreamer
    krynosis Dreamer

    Wow, and to think they could've been signed with epitaph. Talk about titans.

  • Youtube Cartier
    Youtube Cartier

    what about +44??? amazing album!!! how not mentionned

  • Mannylocs Project
    Mannylocs Project

    Yeah blink 182 said googbye to me a long time of go love yours R I P blink

  • Eric T
    Eric T

    I heard Scott wanted to go to college

  • Nono Ami
    Nono Ami

    The tragic news is Mark and Travis feat Donald Trump as a guitarist & vocalist. There's no Blink 182 without Tom

  • Toadalinakong

    Surprised they didn't mention +44. Pretty significant Barker and Hoppus collaboration during the hiatus

  • Exploited87

    You’re info is so jacked bro, Toms always been obsessed with UFO and other myths, he repeatedly took off to go search for Bigfoot or watch Area 51 trying to include band members and others from the start champ, it’s not new. He read a book about UFOs in elementary school and had more hooked ever since.

  • Modern Cloth
    Modern Cloth

    I've said it before and I will say it again, Travis Barker made Blink-182.

  • Kenny Wilson
    Kenny Wilson

    Angels and Airwaves isn't a "side project"

  • Zachari van Vlijmen
    Zachari van Vlijmen

    They need a good slap.

  • Paco Gerte
    Paco Gerte

    Really nice guys, but just an awful band.