iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins
"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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  • frank ranny
    frank ranny

    This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

  • Vankim Quoc
    Vankim Quoc

    I love this movie.

  • Daniel Gano
    Daniel Gano

    @36:09 google maps was not expecting that one

  • Dashcam Tier
    Dashcam Tier

    27:04 Jobs: Shows that you can connect 2 calls together Me: why didn´t i know it earlier O.o

  • Константин Богданов
    Константин Богданов

    Did anyone else notice President Donald Trump on the abc Intro Logo? @ 19:23

  • Almawash2q8

    He changed the whole game

  • Speckled Jim
    Speckled Jim

    This internet thing...... it'll never take off.

  • Mushab Ahmed
    Mushab Ahmed

    Who is watching this in Nov 2020 just to refresh the old memories.

  • Arunoday Dey
    Arunoday Dey

    and the rest is history

  • Dan yu
    Dan yu

    35:50 WAP Browser, watch out cardi b

  • youtuber youtuber
    youtuber youtuber

    People probably didnt even use the phone much aside from texting and calling, and minimalistic internet browsing. They probably used the camera the most though. It wasn't until smartphone's batteries were better, screens a little bigger, faster processors and apps then people had their face buried in their smartphone a lot.

  • يحيى الحربي
    يحيى الحربي

    استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه

  • Matthias B.
    Matthias B.

    Still wondering if he#s been killed though?.

  • rmccaw7

    Who the fuck are these sycophants clapping and cheering everything?

  • July J
    July J

    4:39 And yet we laugh at vague graphs on M1 chip keynote in 2020 LMAO.

  • Patrik_ Gluchowski
    Patrik_ Gluchowski

    Here I’m.. watching this with my iPhone 12

  • Mark M.
    Mark M.

    When Apple was actually good.

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg Lialios

    This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

  • bart river
    bart river

    this was the day the blackberry died

  • ThomasTune82

    Watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Patrick Crighton
    Patrick Crighton

    its the iPhone 2G not the iPhone 1

  • Val Putnal
    Val Putnal

    I’m still impressed, what a presentation!

  • Rizgar Mohsin
    Rizgar Mohsin

    The day that changed the world 💯

  • Женя Пеня
    Женя Пеня

    This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

  • margaretsville

    Speaking of SGT Pepper album, did anyone ever notice that the long piano chord at the end of "A Day in the Life" sounds almost exactly like the sound when you start up a Macbook?

  • Val Putnal
    Val Putnal

    Steve jobs was the kind of man who could sell a diesel truck to Greta Thunberg.

  • Tyler Troberg
    Tyler Troberg

    Imagine being that Starbucks employee telling your kid 20 years later that Steve Jobs called you while he was launching the iPhone.

  • Rem Zuy
    Rem Zuy

    Iya ya Allah.

  • Paul Logan
    Paul Logan

    I remember before this you either were still map questing or using a Tom Tom . A whole industry fell

  • The King
    The King

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  • TheRBLXHacker

    CEO: *Showcases the first iphone* Literally Nobody: That one guy (2:47): *Ignores and plays his laptop like nothing is happening at all*

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Me who switched to an iPhone a few weeks ago recognizes alot in the UI from the first iPhone. This is pretty impressive!

  • robert mosquera
    robert mosquera

    06:41 a giant screen , a giant screen. how perception shifts quickly.

  • unknown error
    unknown error

    1:02:50 airpods?

  • Greta Staehr
    Greta Staehr

    My iPhone still runs iOS 10

  • Boony Tooty
    Boony Tooty

    It really was a revolution, taken for granted now!

  • Glare Saleh
    Glare Saleh

    9:11 the same X in the background 10 years before IPhone X came out

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    Steve jobs was the worlds greatest computer salesman

  • Dubhe Nepomuceno
    Dubhe Nepomuceno

    People were really amazed on the lock screen. He literally revolutionized the mobile phone game

  • boy of India shailendra
    boy of India shailendra

    He was a inspiration for youngsters

  • --

    This is about when Nokia lost their market position (due to ignorant management who didn't believe touchpad phones was the way forward).

  • Alexs Soaa
    Alexs Soaa

    We will always remember you like you truly were, a football GOD. Rest in peace, Diego Armando Maradona!

  • esteban collazo
    esteban collazo

    This iPhone presentation is the most important thing on smart phone history I'm hoping this video will never be deleted

  • evosonic

    Lets be real, apple lost the true spirit of innovation. But sheeps are sheeps, they follow... they just eat up what they get.

  • Jaxel Flores
    Jaxel Flores

    It’s crazy how the iPhone hasn’t changed fundamentally to this day. Steve and his team created something that still lasts and continues to be arguably the best device to have. Astonishing, truly

  • Krazy Bruh
    Krazy Bruh

    That's the Apple people fell in love with, not today's Apple.

  • Krazy Bruh
    Krazy Bruh

    The first 5 minutes gave me absolute chills. Man Steve Jobs was such a great presenter. Very clever the way he wrote and structured his speeches.

  • erik nansen
    erik nansen

    This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

  • Miller Wong
    Miller Wong

    Steve jobs convinced me that i need to buy a 13 year old phone in 2019

  • MyBrotherJudy Beats
    MyBrotherJudy Beats

    Stop with all these false positive “Steve was a great salesman” comments.. Yeah, he was a good salesman, but more importantly his products & technology were amazing and years ahead of their time.

  • Val Putnal
    Val Putnal

    I’m still impressed, what a presentation!

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk

    that thing is garbage. check the iPhone 12 pro. now that's a phone

  • Arnav Sahu
    Arnav Sahu

    Apple in 2007 - We will start from 1% market share and then conquer the whole market Apple in 2020 - Still has only 1% market share in India We want Steve Jobs back Whatever it takes

  • Nathan Salomon
    Nathan Salomon

    I remember thinking when the iPhone was announced, how cool it was going to be. I also remember thinking that my job at Verizon was going to be lost since it was exclusive to AT&T at the time.

  • Jumbomuffin 13
    Jumbomuffin 13

    1:02:39 looks like the first AirPods

  • Sole Ice
    Sole Ice

    06:41 a giant screen , a giant screen. how perception shifts quickly.

  • Jdog

    It’s crazy to see how many improvements and advancements happened from that time to current November 2020. Watching the first iPhone presentation on a IPhone 12 Pro max.

  • Tensioniks

    ITS BAD HOW THIS GUY DIDNT SAW IPHONE 11 MAN / He died but left a Bigg Company

  • dorian shaw
    dorian shaw

    I can't believe after a decade we take these things for granted.

  • KrownSkull

    i'm going to patent "and boy have we patented it"

  • Echoe Pappa
    Echoe Pappa

    Bro, why am I watching this?

  • Filtiarn

    He looks so proud, its kind of cute.

  • Сергей Волков
    Сергей Волков

    5:12 - В итоге имеем те же самые маленькие клавиатуры (только сенсорные) по которым хер попадёшь.

  • Filtiarn

    I would not call them desktop class apps but I get what he was trying to say. Were just now getting Desktop class apps on mobile devices. I mean full desktop apps such as Photoshop and such.

  • Heavy G312
    Heavy G312

    I love how the Crowd goes crazy.....excuse me arent they you're minions....

  • Heavy G312
    Heavy G312

    Hey look its the guy who told 100 scientists to make a phone with music and internet ....jeez.

  • Ayah Dinn
    Ayah Dinn

    watching this on my iphone 3gs

  • AndersonJackies RandallFernando
    AndersonJackies RandallFernando

    This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

  • Raju Orten
    Raju Orten

    Apple: No one wants a stylus Samsung: hay you got a problem with that

  • Go Usman Nasir
    Go Usman Nasir

    3:02 world 🌍 has been changed.

  • RapNeverDies

    17:58 The Curtain Call. Good choices by Steve.

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  • Cody Lynch
    Cody Lynch

    1:02:30 - precursor to AirPods lol

  • Trananh Khang
    Trananh Khang

    Beautiful love u.

  • Danny Dev
    Danny Dev

    “It’s got a 3.5 inch screen on it, really big” Phones today: am I a joke to you?

  • Dott Winial
    Dott Winial

    41:45 oh, so NY Times was also full of ads on there site. When that changed? Does anyone know?

  • UFC 238
    UFC 238


  • omo Isaac
    omo Isaac

    Watching this on my iPhone 12 😊

  • surya yadav
    surya yadav

    donald trump at 19:23

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick

    blackberry thought they had nothing to worry about

  • D S
    D S

    Steve Jobs(2007): Who wants a stylus theyre tacky and get lost so we removed em Apple(2015):Makes iPad pro with stylus

  • Frank

    Imagine inventing the iphone and still typing with one index finger like a freaking boomer

  • al cam
    al cam

    this company invented every phone on the market they all just copied him by bringing diff phones out wat do the same thing this man invented the touch pad wich is why all the phones are like they are today so apple invented everyrhing touch screen

  • al cam
    al cam

    music device ....a phone ...and . mobile internet decice....audience...clapping and chearing for half an hour now phones do about 300 things back then it was just 3 things crazy

  • leader beard
    leader beard

    06:41 a giant screen , a giant screen. how perception shifts quickly.

  • Danny Dev
    Danny Dev

    This iPhone presentation is the most important thing on smart phone history I'm hoping this video will never be deleted


    M1 anyone? :D

  • Aya Faried
    Aya Faried

    إنسان عظيم💖

  • Muhammad Fathurridlo
    Muhammad Fathurridlo

    10:10 now Apple made it possible!

  • o

    I miss him, he invented ipod iphone, ipad ... and after he dead nothing similar coming from apple, and even from other companies, so we still have the product categories what he invented.

  • Aniket Kumar
    Aniket Kumar


  • Sandiegoo01

    Still, this is the best presentation of apple ever

  • Tia Golson
    Tia Golson

    Wow, this is great information! Thank you, I saw products like these on @t with crazy low prices!

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar

    When Steve says "3.5 mm screen it's realy big" I died laughing in 2020

  • Grammar Corrector
    Grammar Corrector

    This Steve Jobs guy has a pretty good presentation, he should make a company.

    • Vineet

      You write good comments you should become content writers

    • James Lee
      James Lee

      He’s last phone is the iPhone 5 or 4

    • James Lee
      James Lee

      He’s dead

    • kevinszhere1

      Na seems like a jerk and a hard ads. Wouldn’t be successful

    • Ahmad Azri
      Ahmad Azri

      @JAI VIGNESH 2001 r/whooosh

  • cigaretteparty plz
    cigaretteparty plz

    2 megapixel

  • Excellp Paul
    Excellp Paul

    Wow i was so surprised that *statical_hack* on Instagram could help me

  • Gentle Art
    Gentle Art

    Well... When You are Right. You are Right. Steve was a Genius at Marketing and persuasion.

  • Loving Caring Kindness Forever
    Loving Caring Kindness Forever

    Hoping for the best for the world future.

  • Kent Low
    Kent Low

    Google new name is (I Phone Google)