I now have surround sound 24/7 everywhere I go. Who's laughing now?
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  • PlainrockVlogs

    R.I.P. Airpods Flexing

    • RTGR8 Yt
      RTGR8 Yt

      I have air pods

    • Ahmad zahrani
      Ahmad zahrani

      Glasses look not bad.

    • thesecretgammer

      Before 500

    • Tanner Mattey
      Tanner Mattey


    • Tanner Mattey
      Tanner Mattey


  • Kentsu YT
    Kentsu YT

    Plainrock: This is exciting, entertaining and action packed vlog! Me: More like this is clickbait, cancerous and idiotic vlog! 🖕😠

  • alpha rose pinon
    alpha rose pinon

    1:58 i found a easter egg

  • Astrotoydle

    Honestly he kind of looks like me with those glasses

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    It's Ugly

  • Qunes

    Imagine being blind lmao

  • Indian guy with a haircut
    Indian guy with a haircut

    mmmmmm dankpods go sub to him good channel

  • Crazy94dk

    I never knew he changed

  • the swatteam
    the swatteam

    I love how he saids the unsubscribe buttons down below LOOL

    • the swatteam
      the swatteam

      I love watching u

  • Michael Random
    Michael Random

    Best channel ever along with plainrock124

  • Faye West
    Faye West

    I think you look amazing PlainRinkVlogs. One time I made a Minecraft world on your haunted hotel video. I could have made you famous if I put it on the marketplace

  • Tvr10 3.0
    Tvr10 3.0

    You are not ugly with the new glasses

  • King Drowned
    King Drowned

    Dude roasted his self

  • King Drowned
    King Drowned


  • Atsku Kartio
    Atsku Kartio

    You would not look like King if you didn't wear glasses

  • Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming
    Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, your glasses are very very cool especially with the tech it has

  • Andrew Bortnik
    Andrew Bortnik


  • Gurnoor SINGH
    Gurnoor SINGH

    hey bros, ive recently got glasses too. this video really helped me out! wanna play some fire boy water girl later???? - super savage gabriel

  • Cutie Parrots
    Cutie Parrots

    what do you mean that those glasses are ugly beacause those glasses are much cooler than your last one

  • Chika The nesoberi
    Chika The nesoberi


  • Japaleeno

    well atleast its not samsung

  • EggNinja

    Your glasses aren't ugly??

  • Caki Nagi
    Caki Nagi

    Sympathetic guy

  • glowing 410
    glowing 410

    You look like a student

  • rodri 2010
    rodri 2010

    3:55 - 3:59 😂

  • Samantha Griffin v2.0
    Samantha Griffin v2.0

    I’m you’re not so post to so you’re bad card on cam cuz it’s a gov document and it has your personal info on it

  • Mei Liang
    Mei Liang


  • Andy Wang
    Andy Wang

    HE IS SO F.CKING FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nexon

    All he does:Taking glasses off over and over

  • YaBoiDustin

    Dankpods summed these things up perfectly

  • Santy vlogs and gaming
    Santy vlogs and gaming

    Make more videos pleaaaaase

  • Santy vlogs and gaming
    Santy vlogs and gaming

    He is the best

  • Denis's studios
    Denis's studios


  • Mya Aultman
    Mya Aultman

    6:17 ok ok

  • Gavin Ranger
    Gavin Ranger

    I think they look ugly just because we aren’t used to it

  • Woranupong Pengnoo
    Woranupong Pengnoo

    Why are you wearing glasses before

  • Dead Horse
    Dead Horse

    Still miss the old glasses

  • AM - 03JP 870004 Lorenville PS
    AM - 03JP 870004 Lorenville PS

    Wait where is unsub

  • Alex Araujo
    Alex Araujo


  • Alex Araujo
    Alex Araujo


  • Rheza Cuasay
    Rheza Cuasay

    The new glasses look better

  • Yasray production
    Yasray production

    Ok I unsubscribed

  • Porter Baria
    Porter Baria

    i like the new glasses :D

  • Chickenites

    i have to get used these big eye things

  • NoobPyxl

    You look like a teacher ngl

  • reditcated

    0:26 cursed

  • Gizelle Jade Maggay
    Gizelle Jade Maggay

    Oh my gosh i like your new glasses

  • mooble

    ngl i like these glasses more than the old ones

  • Monke #69
    Monke #69

    Yeah f airpods glasses is next gen

  • Sam Duvert
    Sam Duvert

    That’s ugly

  • INOT-RK- 999
    INOT-RK- 999


  • umutplayz


  • selva ganesh
    selva ganesh

    Do you have apple glasses

  • Mickey Mouse 124
    Mickey Mouse 124

    plainrock124 vs AirPods

  • Sailor Royale
    Sailor Royale


  • Stormwipe

    Notice how all the vids in the background are new almost every time?

  • ELECTORNIC official
    ELECTORNIC official

    -6:10 Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc.

  • ttimothy

    ok look im all for this but like... IMAGINE NEEDING TO CHARGE YOUR GLASSES LMAO IM SO SORRY I CANT

  • Ian Sully
    Ian Sully

    Honestly, I think they look nice on you.

  • webbigamer

    Actually it's better than your old one

  • Travel and More
    Travel and More

    1:59 guys did you see he has a Motorola razer

  • pencilaus

    Thumbnail: ugly Me: you look completely normal

  • Dev

    no they aren't

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124

    I should buy them.

  • Deyrhen Quijada
    Deyrhen Quijada

    You could use one of your old glasses, bored smashing - glasses

  • William Wang
    William Wang

    i just have a non sunburnt area on my wrist form my apple watch

  • PooP Gaming
    PooP Gaming

    im blind just kidding but dont say your ugly

  • RGC Tech
    RGC Tech

    You look like a woman

  • RHuaweiExtra

    3:58 What

  • Doozy xd
    Doozy xd

    Plainrock is literally legendary, he can talk about the most boring stuff and make it so interesting and funny.

    • SSDSharpshooters

      It’s the way he speaks😂it just adds some effect

    • Jj Universe
      Jj Universe

      Of course the king of breaking items

    • Nyanflipper


  • Bryce Plays
    Bryce Plays

    1:45 You can't tell me you have never lost your glasses. I've fallen asleep with my glasses on and they've fallen behind my bed more times than I can count.

    • Golden gamer yt
      Golden gamer yt

      Heh same

  • Michael Carson
    Michael Carson

    Get contax and use airpods

  • Endrman

    stop vidio in 0:39

    • Snowy


  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola

    Man if I wore glasses I'd want these

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie

    dank pods is our lord and savior

  • Mason Guthrie
    Mason Guthrie

    its really not worth it

  • Timmy Sapp04
    Timmy Sapp04

    New year new earbuds

  • Lego builder 2
    Lego builder 2


  • Supreme

    Yes he mention DankPods

  • Triggered4Dayz SDBD
    Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    or a bts concert 🤣

  • Y0B3

    he vectored himself

  • 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀Twins from Farzad
    👨‍🚀👨‍🚀Twins from Farzad

    Are you Bored Smashing King Liang

  • 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀Twins from Farzad
    👨‍🚀👨‍🚀Twins from Farzad

    I Love you King Liang

  • Jansenxado

    Plainrock will reply

  • Salma Aguado
    Salma Aguado

    Bts concert :’(

  • Dtmm122 TETR
    Dtmm122 TETR

    I srl love ur vids

  • the dodoo show
    the dodoo show

    I think is looks fine

  • AC Broken gaming
    AC Broken gaming

    Wait didn’t he used to have 1 million subs he’s at 800 thousand now what happened?

  • its Jayden
    its Jayden

    no way

  • Lovenoor Kaur
    Lovenoor Kaur


  • Nasser Alsaleh
    Nasser Alsaleh

    plainrock be looking like Eren in season 3

  • Gjose Barrera
    Gjose Barrera

    Did you Deleted you new video

    • Gjose Barrera
      Gjose Barrera


  • Kent Mikko Mendoza
    Kent Mikko Mendoza

    Do how not unbox monster hunter rise

  • Røgel Pericø 2
    Røgel Pericø 2

    Bored smashing airpods

  • Tia Weng
    Tia Weng

    Can you do Nintendo videos


    after like a few years of wearing this he will not be an Apple Extremist anymore.... but still a Crazy Nintendo Fanboy

  • HoloKola

    Watching this on an iMac, from 2012..

  • U.D Comics
    U.D Comics

    3:55 I laughed way too much

  • Galaxy guy
    Galaxy guy

    omg you have more subs than mr beast

  • Thomas Marriott
    Thomas Marriott

    Ghost stupid

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