Met a Fellow Giraffe at the County Fair!
Haven't seen my cousin in a hot minute so stopped by the fair to toss him some carrots!

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H

    Cleetus meeting giraffe = wholesome entertainment

  • HULKGQ Nissan Patrol
    HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    Surprisingly gentle!

  • Cameron

    My friend has a whole herd of highlanders

  • Make Money Now
    Make Money Now

    Awesome! This video is very helpful! You can visit my channel to see awesome stuff, too!

  • Guitarzan

    Better not slaughter Leroy the bull. That would be bad luck. Breed him instead. That way you'll have steaks in the freezer for years to come -- plus you won't be eating the most expensive beef in the history of beef. Also, you can litter boxcar train him and have a really cool house pet.

  • Dalton Singleton
    Dalton Singleton

    hey cleetus how tall are you (I think that I might be taller and im only 14)

  • Matt Shafer
    Matt Shafer

    You’re going to eat Leroy?

  • Cliff P73
    Cliff P73

    YOUR NOT GOING TO KILL IT!!!!!!! PETA!!!! He’s not giving me any of that beef!!!!

  • Cliff P73
    Cliff P73

    It’s like durn twins! You couldn’t tell clet from the short animal!

  • atombomb232610

    The largest animal at the fair! and the giraffe was cool too!

  • Rick Snell
    Rick Snell

    you are almost as tall as the giraffe

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell

    One time in Thailand a buddy of mine let a giraffe eat a carrot out of his mouth. Granted we may have dared him to do it...

  • Buddy

    Love this wholesome content

  • Infamous Fasanelli
    Infamous Fasanelli

    Im genuinely sad about that cow 😔 he was a serious unit. Rip.

  • Raymond Briscoe
    Raymond Briscoe

    Is it me or nobody on UZload wears masks.

  • TuffV8s

    WOW A CAGED GIRAFFE...Lost ALOT of respect for you guys. NOT COOL. A Caged Giraffe ate a carrot from my shoulder....F@#$'n REALLY!!!! NOT COOL GUYS!!!

  • KEI Fabrication
    KEI Fabrication

    Good to see people out enjoying a good ole' county fair! (and you folks enjoying your selves also) EVERYTHING like that has been canceled up here in New England do to Covid. Better watch out Cleeter! Maddie looked pretty awesome holding a small child!

  • Riding With The Reid's
    Riding With The Reid's

    Funny, I drove my family 500 miles across Alaska to the only zoo in state this weekend and would ya just look at it?? Look at the giraffe that wasn't there!! Still was a good time. Glad we made the trip down to Anchorage anyways. Get back in the "city life" ways.

  • Ray Chambo
    Ray Chambo

    Now listen up Cleetus, if you dont marry Maddie soon, i damn well will ,OK ????

  • Brandon'svlog

    You should buy a giraffe 🦒

  • Budget Tech
    Budget Tech

    Giraffes dont belong at a crappy county fair


    Garrett only eats carrots 🥕

  • Ricky Lazare
    Ricky Lazare

    Loved all the mask wearing! So inspiring! Bye!

    • PhantomGunshipOfficial

      Dude are you for real?

  • Ilona Janser
    Ilona Janser

    My husband watches your channels, he is a real petrol head. He shows me the funny moments from your videos and now he sent me this and I'm melting away, this was so adorable. I laughed my ass off when you called the giraffe your cousin 😂

  • General Disorder
    General Disorder

    C ya cuz 😂

  • Erik Renner
    Erik Renner

    You have fairs in January?

  • Jason Popovich
    Jason Popovich

    Absolutely amazing a wild giraffe and a tuning giraffe family reunion 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Carl B
    Carl B

    Hopefully the animals don't catch COVID dude to the lack of mask use.

    • PhantomGunshipOfficial

      Are you getting bothered over masks?

  • Dalton Jones
    Dalton Jones

    If you haven't heard Joe Rogan's old bit about Giraffes you should check it out.

  • AbnormallyNormal //
    AbnormallyNormal //

    The fuck. Am I the only one still living in a pandemic? 400,000 American citizens are dead, and here these fuck heads are in an enclosed space without a single mask in the group.

    • PhantomGunshipOfficial

      Its called freedom buddy. We choose what to do. I bet you'd be one of those people back in world war 2 that'd rat to the nazis where the Jewish people were hiding.

  • MuffinTopNoMo 87
    MuffinTopNoMo 87

    That's crazy if u was one animal that'd b the one. that's your spirit animal. Yee yee

  • Laberge

    0 masks... oof

    • PhantomGunshipOfficial

      Why do you care?

  • Brady Anderson
    Brady Anderson

    What that tongue do tho😂

  • winston cryer
    winston cryer

    Now all you need is a long neck beer and your hand as well

  • Flying High
    Flying High

    A county fair during a pandemic lol Love it pure lunacy!

  • Aadam Israr
    Aadam Israr

    Cleetus is a giraffe himself 😂😂🦒

  • kevin lee
    kevin lee

    They wanna mess with cleetus and cars about not socially distancing and wearing a mask!? We should give the county fair crap too! Not a single mask to be seen!!

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold

      Thank Death Santis for that. He's actually banned counties, cities and events from requiring masks 'because that would be Communist' or some such bullshit. Imagine not caring about 414,000 dead Americans.

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop

    1:42 poor little chap could only just reach to feed his uncle Cleeter 😂

  • James w
    James w

    Need a "CARROTS ONLY" sign when entering the FF 🥕😂

  • Sam Law
    Sam Law

    bro no disrespect but Maddi is beautiful and she has a great personality which really compliments you. Really happy for you dude.

  • Nathan Bingham
    Nathan Bingham

    The guy cleetus's girl tells him not to worry about

  • ck fpv
    ck fpv

    OMG are you kidding me yall bought a cow so yall can kill it and stock up yawls deep freezers ? Well hell ya brother

  • Bike Maker
    Bike Maker

    James’s little girl looks a lot like him. Especially around the eyes.

  • Patrick McClure
    Patrick McClure

    The mud truck needs to be called Brother Geoffrey, you’ll have to get some stuffed Giraffes to sell at the Freedom Factory.

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    If you only had a tongue like his. lmao! That Giraffe has to be the gentlest Giraffe I've ever seen.


    Dang! I always wondered why chicks like giraffes and I think i figured it out! 👅🤣

  • darryl haynes
    darryl haynes

    You should get 23andme dna test to see if she's your long Lost sister. But then again that's how my half sister found us. I would say DON'T DO IT. Better off not knowing?

  • R R
    R R

    So wholesome!

  • David Rucinski
    David Rucinski

    Solid crew

  • HyprJay

    I wonder how lonely that Giraffe is? imagine putting ur tongue out for food lol

  • M M
    M M

    do you now have Tongue Envy?

  • Damien Fuller
    Damien Fuller

    Long African yellow belly feather flopper. (Only real og's remeber this)

  • shawnn Dixon
    shawnn Dixon

    Flair has a mini highlander

  • Justin Hobart
    Justin Hobart

    Petting zoo at Clinton, Ia Riverboat days back in the day when there still was Clinton Riverboat days first time I seen a Northern Highlands cow I was like the same way, and it ate all my corn nuts... I had a baby giraffe reach over a fence like that to me at the Brookfield Zoo as well in Chicago, I turn around and I'm like oh hello, LOL got a great picture of it somewhere.

  • Larz

    It’s a covid spreading zoo!

    • PhantomGunshipOfficial

      You got brainworms

  • Talon Lowe
    Talon Lowe

    “Innn this video, cleetus meets his long loss brother”

  • spinthefastest

    I had a Scottish Highlander named Benny. We ate him 🤷

  • Matthew Mahan
    Matthew Mahan

    I see jeffrey the giraffe livin the good life after they shut down toys r us

  • Chris McGraw
    Chris McGraw

    I laughed way too hard watching this! 😂

  • Curtis H
    Curtis H

    Just got my shirts in they are awesome so stocked to wear them thanks Cleetus

  • gl baker
    gl baker

    If Cletus had a tongue like his cousin giraffe he would have life made 🤔

  • 413xxx86

    What did Jimmy smash his finger on?!! Edit: Old Cleet shoulda licked the giraffe...

  • Kila Bee82
    Kila Bee82

    Sounds like 1 hell of a Day

  • SGT Compton
    SGT Compton

    Aka free Garza

  • SGT Compton
    SGT Compton

    This is a humble moment like your whole channel! God we need to be friends 🙏

  • The Hungry Slug
    The Hungry Slug

    All i saw were 2 Giraffes and one of those Giraffes was feeding carrots to another Giraffe.

  • bluetoes591

    That giraffe barely had to bend over to eat off Cleet's shoulder. 😅

  • InsideOfMyOwnMind

    0:21 me in high school.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    This is the content we need on the second channel brother

  • Timo Y
    Timo Y

    Agreed.. something needs a giraffe paine job! 😁😁👍✌

  • Justin Hawes
    Justin Hawes

    Ha you got jokes

  • Bill Boyd
    Bill Boyd

    Looking like somebody has baby fever!!

  • Randall Mason
    Randall Mason

    Ancestry .com finds Cleaters long lost Brother!

  • in the abyss
    in the abyss

    Damn James' finger!

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz

    Buy the giraffe for $100 per pound. Call it Ruby and Four hoof Leroy would have a buddy.✌

  • Brian Beilmann
    Brian Beilmann

    100 likes for the kids and giraffe😎

  • M Whitelaw
    M Whitelaw

    Ever seen those things fight!?!? It's insane how hard they slam their heads into each other!!!

  • Yeah Nahyeah
    Yeah Nahyeah

    🥺 that giraffe was so gentle... just curious, how much you think one costs these days?🤔😂

  • Rich LMN
    Rich LMN

    well I think the Freedom Factory needs to sell giant foam carrots (fingers)

  • Brad Peterson
    Brad Peterson

    Lot of cool stuff on Cleetus2 lately! I like it.

  • MrCrazyking81

    It is great to see Cleetus and girlfriend hanging out at the County Fair! Also James wife and child absolutely amazing! One thing to note, I really miss Cooper on your Channel! I am sub To him but cleetus and Cooper go together!

  • Eric Lock
    Eric Lock

    Heelan coo Highland cow Same/same

  • Jasta315

    Florida looks like an alternate reality... what pandemic? Very jealous

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold

      @Robert Polecat the free, the crippled and the dead, you mean.

    • Jasta315

      @Robert Polecat From where im sitting it sure looks that way. I'm in NY and haven't seen even a face in almost a year...

    • Robert Polecat
      Robert Polecat

      Florida is still The land of the Free, Home of the Brave 👍

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    I got a feeling that cleetus is gonna get a giraffe for the freedom factory no he won't but it would be cool cause he is a giraffe 🦒🦒🦒🦒 lol

  • brian meattey
    brian meattey

    Bro you are very good around kids bud I think you would make a great father and you have the perfect woman ..polite energetic and stands whith you during your races excetra ..hint comes the ..well you get it but her a nice beer tab ring or a candy 💎💍 ring brother just not 🍭🍬.candy lol I seen ya whith luke that was preciouse .godbless and stay safe

  • Josh Rosen
    Josh Rosen

    How careful that Giraffe was picking that carrot off Cleeter's shoulder... what a beautiful, peaceful creature. absolute unit.

  • Riley_14

    U should start up freedom farm at the freedom factory and invite ur cousins to stay along with Leroy

  • steve_kemp70

    My wifes loves the Scottish highland cows, awesome video 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  • brandon fox
    brandon fox

    Oakie made that whole video her's. She was all about that giraffe.

  • Veronica V
    Veronica V

    🤣😂🤣 Cleet, Maddie is stirring up MY baby rabies!!! I wish I could help her but I'm probably moving to the SE Florida area (Equestian Country). I've already decided that my unborn babies will grow up loving equestrian and motor sports. Now I just need to find a husband that knows how to take care of animals, likes motor sports and can operate heavy vehicles in order to drive said animals around to events🤔 Man Maddie's baby rabies is STRONG. I hope you are ready for babies Cleet. I'd guess 3 year TOPS for you two. 🤭

  • FillHerGuts

    I don't know if I am going crazy or not but I think there are two giraffes there

  • Florencio Candelaria
    Florencio Candelaria

    this cant be good for your vegan subscriptions.

  • SirVic42

    Did James ask that giraffe for the hot tune?

  • 2J Fairlady Z
    2J Fairlady Z

    Garza is quickly becoming a fan favorite lol

  • ICEMAN_SAVAGE27 Gaming
    ICEMAN_SAVAGE27 Gaming

    is james finger ever gonna heal, actaully concerned

  • alex modic
    alex modic

    Your two are goin to make such good parents....

  • Sebas Dgaf
    Sebas Dgaf

    “Here u go cuzz” 💀😂

  • Jeff Kirby
    Jeff Kirby

    mcfarland farms shirts coming soon!

  • Ericcamaro 24
    Ericcamaro 24

    Giraffes don’t smell farts and that upsets me 😭

  • StonedCollieGaming