i surprised brent with his ex girlfriends and read hate comments with lexi... this week was pretty awkward..
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Eva Gutowski: @MyLifeAsEva
Lexi Hensler: @Lexi Hensler
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has anyone told that you’re KILLIN the GAME today?? I love u!

  • Lianne Malka Rosenberg
    Lianne Malka Rosenberg

    Oh gosh why are you two so pretty?! 🤨🤯😡

  • JoeMay Debbie
    JoeMay Debbie

    Stop pierson and lexi hate guy's

  • YaDucky The Duck
    YaDucky The Duck

    I LOVE your videos! They're my favorite. 💞

  • Sylwia Korzeniewska
    Sylwia Korzeniewska

    I hate AVA she is so ugly and also so rude

  • Erinn Sequeira
    Erinn Sequeira

    You are really amazing Pierson. 🤗❤

  • 《•Pixi Fox•》
    《•Pixi Fox•》

    Where on earth did lexi go tho?!?! When she quit.

  • Dahlia Farah
    Dahlia Farah

    luv u gys sooo muchhhhhhh

  • Sing dance and play with Izzy
    Sing dance and play with Izzy

    I love you guys plz why would ppl hate you!?! Y’all are so funny!!

    • Saaiq Shariar
      Saaiq Shariar


  • Anna Lundberg
    Anna Lundberg

    I love you guys

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson

    Pierson gets up and is crippled

  • Cylan Wright
    Cylan Wright

    Stop cussing be a christian y'all need to know who god is because he is coming you gotta be ready

    • Saaiq Shariar
      Saaiq Shariar

      Shut up

  • Cylan Wright
    Cylan Wright

    Got. Emmmm

  • Molly Schomaker
    Molly Schomaker

    Hi Lexi and Pierson the hate comments are stupid people don’t know what their talking about.. also! You guys are the only teens that aren’t talking about gross stuff! So i think you guys are the best you tubers ever!

  • Woof Meow :3
    Woof Meow :3

    Commitment issues?

  • Sophie rosbo xx
    Sophie rosbo xx

    oh wait their diffrent

  • Sophie rosbo xx
    Sophie rosbo xx

    u cant fool me i saw brents vid lol hehe

  • Sierra gaming
    Sierra gaming

    How could some one ever hate on these amazing people beautiful people!! 💕

  • Zelda Vans sitters
    Zelda Vans sitters

    I am dan

  • Skyler Valentine
    Skyler Valentine

    u r so awesome ❤

  • Noon Gacha
    Noon Gacha

    Briersonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn please

  • Shylee Elal
    Shylee Elal

    I love your Personality thank you for being so nice and funny to your fans😊

  • Thea Turchetti
    Thea Turchetti

    Thx for your amazing videos

  • Thea Turchetti
    Thea Turchetti

    I think you two r the best friends I have ever seen on the internet.

  • Thea Turchetti
    Thea Turchetti

    I can’t believe people wrote those comments

  • Mazz Marzook
    Mazz Marzook


  • Ahlam Jafjaf
    Ahlam Jafjaf

    Did Lexi broke up with Christian and whyy

  • Elizabeth Gida
    Elizabeth Gida

    i love you. Jk

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J

    " My face is my job you think they followed me from my personality" - lol

  • Robert Lozano
    Robert Lozano

    Instead of a blindfold she uses a mask lol

  • Jeon Jeongguk00va
    Jeon Jeongguk00va



    After watching end my brain screw it see Brent video 😂😂😂😂 and my heart wants to see Brent hit Ben 😂😂and stokes twins kick tanner oita car 😂😂😂


    Actually at 5:18 if I was not knowing how Pierson and lexi are I would have been like aah god why these craps are still here 😂😂 but I know how they are so I see them differently 😅😅

  • Sophia Motley
    Sophia Motley


  • Avanilove bleesed
    Avanilove bleesed

    If anyone in the comments have something rude or mean to say then don't say it also if you think they should quit utube then don't watch there videos

  • Siria Guzman
    Siria Guzman

    I died of lafter i love you gises videos

  • dominic mengel
    dominic mengel

    I absolutely love your blue Merle Australian shepherd 😍😍😍

  • Eisha Saleem
    Eisha Saleem

    I hate u i am just kidding i just want my comment in ur videos: )

  • Nada Hani
    Nada Hani

    How old r thy?


    The fact that nobody noticed that brent is wearing a mask as a blindfold 😂😂

    • Diabetic Grandma
      Diabetic Grandma

      I mean why not?

  • ashi khan
    ashi khan

    Who is even hating there vedios girlssss u doing a gr8 job

  • Ishita k
    Ishita k

    I am a girl

  • Ishita k
    Ishita k

    I am an indan

  • Ishita k
    Ishita k

    i love u pierson

  • Gibbo

    You guys are so pretty never let anyone tell u different!

  • Minnie Blackpink
    Minnie Blackpink

    Aww baby gurlss u guys are perfect.

  • Upendra Narayan Singh
    Upendra Narayan Singh

    I like lexi hensler but not u pierson

  • Charlee Stewart
    Charlee Stewart

    You see nice in person

  • Winston Joel
    Winston Joel

    I really love you guys If i wanna talk to a girl that would be you two ❤️🔥 keep up the good work Good luck ❤️🔥

  • Spitting alpaca
    Spitting alpaca


  • Etienne Lemay
    Etienne Lemay

    1:33 The reaction after😂😂

  • Kelly Laforest
    Kelly Laforest

    Make video with kat

  • Tugaroo 1
    Tugaroo 1

    What the fuck

  • eliana teferi
    eliana teferi

    you have the best videos i subscribed to you ben and the to lexi.

  • danielle saffold
    danielle saffold

    Pierson yelling to death 45

  • Raegan Grace
    Raegan Grace

    You guys are awesome and I don’t know why people are mean to you

  • Dahoma Reid
    Dahoma Reid

    I love you guys

  • Lyla Toennessen
    Lyla Toennessen

    If you haven’t seen Brent new video, he has a video with ember, and Pierson acts like she hasn’t met her before... (At least I think it is ember)

  • Emmy and Evie!! BFFs
    Emmy and Evie!! BFFs

    I love all the squads vids

  • Its Anelia
    Its Anelia

    And person and lexi i love u guys and dont listen to those ass wholes cuz the need to go get a job

  • Its Anelia
    Its Anelia

    Noo guys thats mean u are hating on youtubers cuz u have no life and they do well dont watch them then if u dont like them and get a life🖕🖕

  • Abdul games2
    Abdul games2

    Now i knop wy brent is single

  • FlingNooze

    Eva was the only quiet one when pierson first showed them (love you)

  • EmilyLove

    i have but one thing to say Chicken Llama Duck. Thank you.

  • Fiona Kwok
    Fiona Kwok

    Pierson more people need to sub to u like u are sooo funny!

  • Denis Makovey
    Denis Makovey

    Brooooo those hate comment segments at the end literaly made my day 🤣🤣

  • Mirana Engineering
    Mirana Engineering

    Piarson i am your big fan can you said someting me

    • Mirana Engineering
      Mirana Engineering

      In you cannel

  • Noob_pro1234n00 Roblox islands player
    Noob_pro1234n00 Roblox islands player

    ╭╮╱╱╭━━━┳━╮╭━┳━━╮ ┃┃╱╱┃╭━━┻╮╰╯╭┻┫┣╯ ┃┃╱╱┃╰━━╮╰╮╭╯╱┃┃ ┃┃╱╭┫╭━━╯╭╯╰╮╱┃┃ ┃╰━╯┃╰━━┳╯╭╮╰┳┫┣╮ ╰━━━┻━━━┻━╯╰━┻━━╯

  • Jayden Prado
    Jayden Prado

    How can anybody hate them 🙄 I literally wish I was their friend, they seem like they have fun everyday. You can’t hate someone when all they are trying to do is spread positivity.

  • Maria micaela Azarse
    Maria micaela Azarse

    Love youuuu guysssss soooo muchhhhh

  • pari prasanna
    pari prasanna

    BRIERSON forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pari prasanna
    pari prasanna

    brent s getting roasted!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maleya Light
    Maleya Light

    Love you Pearson

  • Brian Portillo Gomez
    Brian Portillo Gomez


  • Malia Thomas
    Malia Thomas

    Who ever said them freaking hate comments, forget them!!!

  • Sophling

    I swear Pierson was holding an iron at the end 😆

  • staffany janet
    staffany janet

    I love you and your videos pierson they are so funny

  • Basheer Uh
    Basheer Uh

    Stop talking moreeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosie Carlyle
    Rosie Carlyle

    Your so kind and sweet

  • Anna Norris
    Anna Norris

    I am from the uk, and I love ur vids!!!!!!!

  • Seanra Villas
    Seanra Villas


  • Ella Mahler
    Ella Mahler


  • #My6days crew Tyler is cracked
    #My6days crew Tyler is cracked

    *eats poptarts enjoying this video*

  • Rama Salameh
    Rama Salameh


  • lily bennett
    lily bennett

    i love your videos pierson and lexi thank for the video

  • Obi Neze
    Obi Neze

    I love you both so much

  • Sheetal Maida
    Sheetal Maida

    When Lexi pretended to leave🤣🤣

  • Daniial Radzhabov
    Daniial Radzhabov

    guys who ships bierson

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza

    No matter what bad comments anybody say lexi and pierson should always should keep smiling and know that there are plenty who love you no matter what. I love you guys😁🤗😊

  • Itz Mint
    Itz Mint

    Emma And Eva POV: Lets Get Brent Jealous

  • fruitytruity mooty
    fruitytruity mooty

    Have some respect for lexis glow down, any person would be sad

  • Anthony John
    Anthony John

    Brent likes boys, don’t let him fool you

  • Normali Naella
    Normali Naella

    Donee i feel sooo bad that you guys had to read thosee If i were you i would have criedd 😭😭😭

  • Glória Gonçalves
    Glória Gonçalves

    I love your videos i dont know why peolpe post hate comments

  • pharvensky pamphil
    pharvensky pamphil

    And what break up!? I'm so sorry if you broke up that's your concious telling you there's a better guy

  • pharvensky pamphil
    pharvensky pamphil

    Lexi said a bad word 😳

  • Mysha Begum
    Mysha Begum

    LEXI (rivera)should get a broom

  • Terrod Davis
    Terrod Davis

    Why comment if you're just going to make mean comments or why watch the youtube video if you're just going to make me comments

  • Terrod Davis
    Terrod Davis

    Why comment if you're going to make mean comments

  • Rajesh Chaturvedi
    Rajesh Chaturvedi

    4:50 You and Lexi are the best

  • Sindy Dubray
    Sindy Dubray

    They should start watching your videos instead

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