Among Us ft. the world's GREATEST detective
Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us ft. the world's GREATEST detective

  • Nate Popoff
    Nate Popoff

    The outro music is so soothing

  • Abigail Sundet
    Abigail Sundet

    I love how the group can talk about the most random things and then Mr. Fruit comments on what the group was saying and ends up getting completely sidetracked and start figuring out how to pronounce words

  • Dreamywriter

    Mr Fruit, doubt it is this but on the off-chance it is, I wanted to let you know that your jaw issue could possibly be either TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction), or the meniscus which is a piece of cartilage that sits between the lower and upper jaw bone. The meniscus acts as a cushion any time the jaw opens and closes (such as when eating, talking, etc) and when displaced, it can cause some of the issues you were describing in this video. Obviously, I'm no doctor but it took me three years to discover that this is what happened to me (a dentist displaced the meniscus after wisdom tooth surgery) and since I was unable to catch the problem sooner, it had irreparable damage. Again, I don't know or even believe this is what your issue is--or if you'll even see this comment--but I thought I'd drop a note on the off chance that it helps you in the future. Awesome video as always and I wish you the best

  • Claire Woznicki
    Claire Woznicki

    Ohm: *did she make you garlic bread too?* *has a conversation about dinner* Fruit a minute later: *guys, Rhabby is dead*

  • arshiya

    Rhabby: Bless, why were you on the fan cams? Did you like the RM fan cam or the Jungkook fan cam? Bless: Jungkook

  • DeMiAlca - Random Gaming
    DeMiAlca - Random Gaming

    Bryce's lesson in this one is When in doubt, vote Dork out

  • The Purell Guy
    The Purell Guy

    Bryce: "Why is everyone so aggressive?" Ohm: "Because we're all hungry." Fruit: "I'm not hungry, I'm full." Can relate man. Just ate four tacos for dinner.

  • Mergi Xedef
    Mergi Xedef

    Your wifey is awesome Mongolian meatballs AND sugar cookies......jelly

  • Seth Tabor
    Seth Tabor

    I literally only watch for Dorkshadow

  • Kimberly McLane
    Kimberly McLane

    hearing you enjoy the meal made lovingly for you by your wife makes me feel like a shitty wife.

  • Lemonkatze

    bryces voice kinda nice tho

  • woeitsgen

    6:45 Rhabby “Bless, while you were checking the fancams, did you like the RM fancam more or the Jungkook fancam?” Bless: Jungkook Didn’t even realize what he said until the second time I watched 😂

  • nice

    why does blu sound like rick sanchez 2:39

  • Hannah Avila
    Hannah Avila

    Fruit’s wife is actually amazing, *change my mind.* (Literally Mark and Amy without the unnus annus-ness that defines their relationship)

  • Justanerd 97
    Justanerd 97

    Rhabby: "Speaking of fancams, did you like the RM fancam or the Jungkook famcam?" Bless: "Jungkook" *Confused ARMY noises...?* (edit: added names for context)

  • War God
    War God

    im mongolian;-;

  • Not The Death Charles Calvin
    Not The Death Charles Calvin

    Mr fruit : *Eats meatball* Everyone : its sus bro

  • Kaity11

    The bts joke lol 😂 funny video as always

  • Sophia Elizarraras
    Sophia Elizarraras

    Imagine a round with aerios and dork as imposter 😂I wouldn't stop laughing

  • Serious Cabbage
    Serious Cabbage

    Dude I remember when I subbed to you back in Destiny 1 days and you were below 1 million subs but now you're creeping to 3 mill. Craaazy.

  • Braden Cox
    Braden Cox

    it makes me so happy that my favorite youtubers are also BTS stans like me

  • Braden Cox
    Braden Cox


  • AlreaddyDead

    You should make Detective Fruit Merch!!!!

  • Anish Kumar
    Anish Kumar

    0:04 dork sound😂😂

  • Charlitta Kesaulya
    Charlitta Kesaulya

    them: only have limited time to discuss who is the impostor rhabby: hold up. I NEED to know did bless like RM fancam or Jungkook fancam more?

  • Shaggy RGN
    Shaggy RGN

    tell dirk to make a channel NOW

  • Alexandra Injeski
    Alexandra Injeski

    Wow where can I find a Mrs. Fruit bc that dinner sounds delicious!

  • UnDeniable

    The ‘Stepbro NO!’ Had me on the ground DYING😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Anya Prananto
    Anya Prananto

    Rhabby: Bless, did u like the rm fancam or the jungkook fancam? Bless: Jungkook

  • Ashmundai

    Shoutouts to Claire for making some handmade delicious cuisine for our boy, Mr. Fruit. Let’s go, Mrs. Fruit!!

  • KarenStarbux

    3:38 ma brother

  • Spoopy Ben
    Spoopy Ben

    I have a new motto for your Among Us Series: When in doubt, *vote Fruit out.*

  • Jack The Lucario
    Jack The Lucario

    Honestly, I’d love some of Mrs. Fruit’s cooking. She sounds like a really good chef, both handmade meatballs and sugar cookies!

  • sugarnspice

    “did you like the RM fan cam or the jungkook cancan?” “JUNGKOOK”

  • ShadowlIlIlIl


  • Vague

    I love the outro it's just so wholesome

  • Metal

    "you were on upper engine" He was on wires... right next to you

  • something yes
    something yes

    "oh step bro nooooooooo" famous last words he will be missed

  • RMSuga BTS_05
    RMSuga BTS_05

    Love the BTS reference

  • lizzy marlow
    lizzy marlow

    🤣🤣 Your wife sounds cool.

  • alixra

    Dork is literally the best😂

  • 101Esteban

    Hearing Claire talk about the dinner she made for Fruit made my heart melt. Don't discredit her Mongolian meatballs.

  • Hivkon Tiqry
    Hivkon Tiqry

    I was not expecting the jk and rm comment

  • YaBoyBeanut

    Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!

  • Damian da Shinobi
    Damian da Shinobi

    2:17 nobody: Dork: nO StEp BrO NoOo

  • Littlered

    Fruit just gonna say u help me through tough times thanks


    Fruit pls heart Edit: pls ily

  • Lecrono

    The snitches did do be winning tho

  • catbert7's Gaming Highlights
    catbert7's Gaming Highlights

    19:54: That would be from the meatballs, Fruit.

  • LukaRama Videos
    LukaRama Videos

    Your 'Among us but I'm imposter 3 times in a row' is pathetic, my friend got imposter 8 TIMES IN A BLOODY ROW and it is the most irritating thing.

  • ttv-MaxxTrax

    When bless said he was walking with blue and blue walked past the body, blue was already dead

  • Ben Chrisoit
    Ben Chrisoit

    The most cringy thing these people can do is talk while eating, its pure shit-tier content

  • The Big Cuh
    The Big Cuh

    Today is a good day for fruit he’s hearting a lot of comments

  • Vmlgling Sr
    Vmlgling Sr

    Did mr fruit just started singing alabtroz theme at 18:14 lol 😂

  • Cyan

    Aaerios: speech 💯

  • ViceVercetti


  • Outshining Radiance Chief McSkittles
    Outshining Radiance Chief McSkittles

    You and Claire are adorable. 🧡 love your videos Fruit. You're amazing. You always put a smile on my face with each video.😁

  • Lectus Lettuce
    Lectus Lettuce

    Tbh Bryce sound like the imposter lol

  • carolina ferreira
    carolina ferreira

    Rhabby always talking about jungkook fancams makes my day

  • Nicolas Lessard
    Nicolas Lessard

    Hey, Mr Fruit. Do you use a discord bot to auto mute the players? Which one do you use?

  • Better Than You In Every Way
    Better Than You In Every Way

    "I'm taking a big swig of water because i'm thirsty" Yeah, i'd be thirsty too if my girl handled meaty balls just for me

  • Ore Famzy
    Ore Famzy

    I Knew it was bless cause he lied about seeing the killing at security and Mr Fruit and white were at security. I mean, come on

  • Berleezy's Performance Ratings
    Berleezy's Performance Ratings

    mr. fruit comment section is so diverse and actually contains multiple combinations of formats, memes, and slang. S Tier comment Section

  • Iwane TheOne
    Iwane TheOne

    If Fruit hearts this comment, the video ends

  • Kaiulani Thomas
    Kaiulani Thomas

    Me, watching without watching to put myself to sleep and not be alone. Then I just hear Mr. Fruit, after he's eated. "Why do I have gas?" And so on.. needless to say, I might have woken up my neighbors. In apartments 😅

  • Alyssa Martinez
    Alyssa Martinez

    Just liked to say you might have TMJ! My jaw locks sometimes mostly when eating and it will get sore.

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae

    when they were talking about the fan cams i lost it i got so shooketh.

  • BivenG

    Among Us but dinner was ready 10 minutes ago

  • Lovely Luna
    Lovely Luna

    I love how Rhabby and Bless just casually bring up BTS fancams

  • u m
    u m

    i hate how one of the tasks are on the vent bc one time i was doing it and I SAID WHERE AND WHAT TASK I WAS DOING but they voted me out bc it looked like i came out a vent

  • FuriousPillow

    Ya know, after watching that last round, I never realized how much of a hard mode Fruit always has to play on. The minute Dork and Aaerios actually give info, it's an open and shut case.

  • Daniel Briant
    Daniel Briant

    What's the recipe for the meatballs :P

  • Thomas Hand
    Thomas Hand

    Eating and talking.. sort your etiquette out man

  • X3VDU

    Dork could be afk and nobody would know

  • Dayton Michaels
    Dayton Michaels

    Is no one gonna talk about he did the card swipe first try 😦

  • Sadie B
    Sadie B

    Lmao “jungkook or rm fan cam”

  • Peach R
    Peach R

    I honestly would love to see Mr. Fruit do a round with one of the other UZload crews that’d be so cool

  • spook,scare,and creepy games
    spook,scare,and creepy games

    Is The SUS in VerSUS's name because of this?

  • Annabella

    Mr Fruit!!! Play more hide and seek haha

  • Sterlingbird Niner
    Sterlingbird Niner

    Ah yes O1 Aka Atomic oxygen (O1), a free radical.

  • Hot Potat
    Hot Potat

    Dork is too funny with his "death sound"

  • Hasan Erdogan
    Hasan Erdogan !!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeosang's lines
    yeosang's lines

    what about the hongjoong fancam tho

  • connor Munson
    connor Munson

    wait no 8:11 hold up

  • connor Munson
    connor Munson

    9:12 HOLD up

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs

    "Bless, while you were checking the fancams, did you like the RM fancam more, or the Jungkook fancam?" "Jungkook."

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs

    Okay but like what would happen if Aaerios and Dork were the imposters?

  • A is for Annihilation
    A is for Annihilation

    Bryce sounds like he's doing radio ads all the time


    If you are reading this comment: 💕BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000💕❤️🕹🕹🕹🕹💫💫💫💞💞✨✨✨💞💫💫

  • Plat former
    Plat former

    I thought i paused when sharkk was called out by bless on medbay scan

  • Vaisha Sureshkumar
    Vaisha Sureshkumar

    no one: not a single soul: everyone playing: FrUiT wAs DoInG hiS TaSKs! THATS SUS

  • Siddharth K.Sekher
    Siddharth K.Sekher

    Bryce: THats Sus sauce !! i died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Boop Noop
    Boop Noop

    after watching the hide and seek video i thought their speed was 0.25

  • Ian Pal
    Ian Pal

    What's the song in the end?

  • RedTigers 626
    RedTigers 626

    Mr. Fruit: *eats meatballs* "I think he self reported"

  • Matej Efremovski
    Matej Efremovski

    MrFruit can you play with xQc

  • Londyn Hager
    Londyn Hager

    How does Bryce manage to act so sus while being crewmate

  • UnSolved Mystery
    UnSolved Mystery

    I thought this was gonna be a disguised toast and mr fruit collab :(

  • juicy ballsack
    juicy ballsack

    Wait why is dream not here. He is the best detective

  • Bioxox /
    Bioxox /

    Guys, is eating food sus??