How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021
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Alphabetical, and with timestamps, all fifty-eight characters in Rainbow Six Siege with a minute's worth of information apiece. Start here.
Big thanks to Pro for helping me get some clips I needed.
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How to Play Every Operator in Rainbow Six Siege 2021
0:00 Intro
1:06 Ace
2:09 Alibi
3:11 Amaru
3:28 Aruni
4:30 Ash
5:27 Bandit
6:28 Blackbeard
7:35 Blitz
8:14 Buck
9:15 Capitao
10:30 Castle
11:43 Caveira
12:55 Clash
13:17 Doc
14:16 Dokkaebi
15:17 Echo
16:30 Ela
17:37 Finka
17:40 Frost
18:42 Fuze
19:49 Glaz
20:40 Goyo
21:35 Gridlock
22:54 Hibana
24:03 Iana
25:09 IQ
26:19 Jackal
27:39 Jager
28:48 Kaid
29:39 Kali
30:41 Kapkan
31:55 Lesion
33:27 Lion
34:44 Maestro
35:57 Maverick
37:11 Melusi
38:14 Mira
39:41 Montagne
40:50 Mozzie
41:50 Mute
43:00 Nokk
44:05 Nomad
45:30 Oryx
46:36 Pulse
47:51 Rook
49:01 Sledge
50:16 Smoke
51:19 Tachanka
52:21 Thatcher
53:36 Thermite
54:34 Twitch
55:38 Valkyrie
56:30 Vigil
57:41 Wamai
58:48 Warden
59:39 Ying
1:00:41 Zero
1:01:56 Zofia
1:02:58 Jett
1:03:47 Shout-outs and frequently asked questions!

  • Wetsock 72
    Wetsock 72

    Sledge can fight from below if he runs the shotgun not many people know that

  • Samuel kliki
    Samuel kliki

    Where finka :c

  • XplosionsLite

    32:42 holy shit that accent is actually good, I'm impressed

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    when custard gets a shoutout on wardens part of the video, you know they are meant for each other

  • Justice Murray-Young
    Justice Murray-Young

    I am so dumb, when I first started the game and used jackal I thought the different colored feet meant specific people's prints not who's recently been their🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Bruno Candido
    Bruno Candido

    Huh, a pro actually saying that glaz is good... That's not something you see every day.

  • That Meme
    That Meme

    This is cool and all, but can we maybe swap out Alibi, Aruni, Echo, Fuze, Clash, Montagne, Glaz, Oryx, Frost, Caveira, and every other operator with Recruit?

  • A-A_RØNツ

    Alibi is probably the most underrated op

  • BappoSappo YT
    BappoSappo YT

    Anyone get the Horizon joke form Apex

  • sliightDriizzle

    The vape sound effect on Smoked intro made me panic cuz I thought my mod was firing

  • Andrew F.
    Andrew F.

    Glaz rushing in copper lobbies is the most fun thing

  • Controlla Kirby
    Controlla Kirby

    The Jett shot got me good 🤣

  • pepsi can
    pepsi can

    tips for warden: don’t play warden

  • YJ Scorpio
    YJ Scorpio

    I literally cried, when he says that Dokkaebi has got some frag grenades.

  • Niklas Dietrich
    Niklas Dietrich

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  • Arath Estrada
    Arath Estrada

    Whats with valorants Jett

  • Alice Åhrström
    Alice Åhrström

    Ace's smoke granade is replaced by claymore... ;((

  • AltairGalaxy

    I thought i’ve always played clash the obvious way newbies would, and there must’ve been some higher knowledge i didnt know, but after watching this im confident

  • Xdew Gaming&More
    Xdew Gaming&More

    Whats that iana song called?

  • Chooks103

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    Talking Mango

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  • Tenno

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  • sand the creator
    sand the creator

    I roam with warden damn a warden anchor never heard of It I just spawn pec

  • peace is zen
    peace is zen

    Wait, I don’t even play seige... why am I even watching this? I have an essay due tomorrow

  • Jani Horvat
    Jani Horvat

    What's the music that plays at the Capitao section?

  • curt raick
    curt raick

    For fuze’s intro it should’ve been a hostage who said it not chanka

  • Squiddy

    Ok but is Ace, Ace?

  • nloki

    lol the mp5sd iron sights OP

  • Glory Universityy
    Glory Universityy

    12:50 - valkyrie really took that kill smh 🤦‍♂️

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    Lilminion 25

    Just play the game and use your credits or whatever to buy em

  • zamien 222
    zamien 222

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    Danny Eddins

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    RONIN 713

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  • Hamun002

    Rifle Grenades have been fired using manually loaded blanks since before your grandfather got mad at someone who said "akshually"

  • Schrogs

    How come no info on Monty just gameplay

    • RaisedOnConsole _
      RaisedOnConsole _

      No need to explain really but long story short, you are a bulletproof drone / castle barricade. Greg has a video on how to entry frag - replace yourself with the drone in that video and boom, you are now monty god.

  • sam tomkins
    sam tomkins

    I love playing as maverick and putting small holes in reinforced walls and getting kills but I always die cuz my team doesn't cover my sides when I'm doing this

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd

    Can't hard defen

  • It's Sean
    It's Sean

    FireDanSnyder. Love it

  • Samuel Chen
    Samuel Chen

    46:36 yeah but pulse has hibana

  • KAY0DE


  • Obama Prism
    Obama Prism

    Finka ain’t that bad

  • BloodWinter Entertainment
    BloodWinter Entertainment

    From maining blitz and Cav and having 200 hours on each. I’ll give you some tips. Blitz: play like a more aggressive Monty stay with your team and use your shield to block damage. Once your team breaches obj than you can be more aggressive and push out and set up shop And for Cav: if your trying to play her as a solo queue don’t she is more suited at buying time pick someone off and don’t go for the intero unless it’s safe for you. Use her to stall the enemy let them spot you with drones and let them hunt you they’ll send two or three people to get you and if your hood enough you can take on it two and force them to either run off or if they aren’t coordinated they may forget you then you flank

  • Lucas sterling
    Lucas sterling

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    Toprak Cem SAVAS

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    Ethan Landry

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    xRzP RedDocx

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    Se Flannagan

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    Alistair Wheatland

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  • I'm Lying
    I'm Lying

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    k x

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    Ender Knight

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    • Lord Inquisitor
      Lord Inquisitor

      Yokai is echos drone

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Finka is my main I like her weapon plus it’s ability could be a game changer using it to revive or rush in

  • m gutierrez
    m gutierrez

    I don’t know what you talking about a roaming rook catches everyone by surprise because they are expecting to fight maybe a 2 armor at the chunkiest. The only way to get better than a roaming rook is a roaming dock with a rook plate

  • Taoufik Ghourbani
    Taoufik Ghourbani

    " how to play every operator " Answer : train your aim

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    Dan Frick

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    Fjord Dkcckkc

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    Juviel Martinez Torres

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    Badonglius *

    The sheer amount of tf2 memes in this video is both impressive and concerning

  • Elijah Perez
    Elijah Perez

    I use Castle because almost everyone will use a explosive of some sort on the reinforced barrier witch tells me exactly where people will push in maps where they will only push from 3-2 spots

  • ItzSeenik



    no recruit. 4.6/10

  • Fail Rider
    Fail Rider

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  • ᑭᗩᑎᑕᗩKᗴՏ ՏIᑎᗪ ᒪᗴᑕKᗴᖇ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ᑭᗩᑎᑕᗩKᗴՏ ՏIᑎᗪ ᒪᗴᑕKᗴᖇ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    27:42 2 Speed...

  • ItsPandaOldSport

    How dare you treat finka like that

  • Matticus

    I want to add a bit to what Greg said with Rook. The SG CQB is absolutely devastating in the right spot. My best example is anchoring behind the bomb watching green stairs top floor on kanal. If anyone peeks green stairs it's the easiest one shot down in the game on them ( as long as it's not a 3 armor). People also rage a fair bit setting they were killed by a shotgun rook so keep that in mind if the enemy team is acting like 10 year olds in all chat. I honestly think the French shotgun is easily the best in the entire game, solely based on its one shot consistency, it's pretty lame that every op that has access to it has an ar or smg that outclasses it based on video games shotgun balance rules of making them useless past 10 metres. Ubi really needs to add the ability to change the reticle on scopes so I can actually use the MP5 again... Please.

  • Botond Soltész
    Botond Soltész


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    Valen Liu

    Its alpha if you know what hes saying at 32:40

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    Henry Sutherland

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    Lounge God

    Honestly this video turned me into an Ace main, ty Gregor for getting me and consequently the boys back into R6.

  • Mighty Macaque
    Mighty Macaque

    I love kapkan, him and mute are my comfort picks

  • Treadmill King
    Treadmill King

    Me a Blitz main* "Look at how they massacred my boy."

  • Rodrigo Ruiz
    Rodrigo Ruiz

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  • trolltime 32
    trolltime 32

    i stood at one entrance as montagne so intimidatingly that 3 different ops were ignoring my team breach and clearing from the far side to win a game. i also bait them into thinking im a wallflower for free kills, though that only works in casual/unranked i imagine

  • Goku Babe
    Goku Babe

    Thanks for the finka info the character I came for

    • Goku Babe
      Goku Babe

      @Hoplite 898 I don't play ranked lmao but thanks for the info if I play rank I'll keep that in mind

    • Hoplite 898
      Hoplite 898

      Finka is really good, especially below gold

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    Zachary Froiland

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    Josiah Fernandez

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    Your Boi Jaka

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