Lil Tjay Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Lil Tjay goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City and talks about growing up and wearing Foamposites, his love for designer sneakers, and how he loses rare sneakers.
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  • Complex

    What’s the most you ever spent on sneakers?

    • Noah Vargas
      Noah Vargas


    • Mya Jackson
      Mya Jackson

      $200 for my vapormax plus!

    • Ethan HArris
      Ethan HArris


    • Myst Lyfe
      Myst Lyfe

      350 for bred 1's

    • Tobi Obileye
      Tobi Obileye


  • Kichez Woogy
    Kichez Woogy

    Why a i have to repeatedly watch 50 Cent cashing out at Complex 😂😂😂

  • Artist3 Artist
    Artist3 Artist

    Dads game

  • Artist3 Artist
    Artist3 Artist

    You dumb I'm just toying with you

  • SkippySway._.

    He look like he was forced to do that shit😭

  • Àlíçíà Ah
    Àlíçíà Ah

    Lil tjay is cute.😱😱😱😱

  • drones r us
    drones r us

    From the ghetto got them shoes for Easter I lived in a middle class house got a basket with chocolate

  • Kriss Mikitans
    Kriss Mikitans

    360 on 11s

  • Yavuz Selim
    Yavuz Selim

    tam zamanında kralın albüm de alev alıyoken oh no whatever i told time to drip of shop

  • Mark Toth
    Mark Toth

    homie got scammed lmao

  • Laura Santana
    Laura Santana

    How he lose his shoes Sm sum1 finessn them btches from him 🤣😭

  • arely Lopez
    arely Lopez

    he’s so humble I love that !

  • Gary Obeso
    Gary Obeso

    I need to get on complex buy my older brothers a pair because they started me out with Jordan’s &sb dunks

  • Oscar Egan
    Oscar Egan


  • Oscar Egan
    Oscar Egan


  • Juan Nicolas
    Juan Nicolas


    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      My nigga brought dice I’m dead

  • joe joe
    joe joe

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    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Call machine gun kelly on your next episode of sneakers shopping

  • Naughty Man
    Naughty Man


  • Ay Be
    Ay Be

    Bruh he 19 👀 he look old

  • Beshoy Daoud
    Beshoy Daoud

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    Beshoy Daoud

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  • Amari Lawrence
    Amari Lawrence

    We love you lil tjay



  • Mr Mano
    Mr Mano

    Bruh there are so many insane sneakers in that store I wish there was a store like that near mr 😭

  • mark corrigan
    mark corrigan

    Man look pissed off at the Total😂😂

  • Sophia VanLowe
    Sophia VanLowe

    this is why I love this man


    I like the fact that he acts humble but he has 100k + worth of jewelry 😞

  • o-o zak
    o-o zak

    R.I.P Lil Tjay T_T

  • DyDy official
    DyDy official


  • Hrishikesh Thakuria
    Hrishikesh Thakuria

    Call machine gun kelly on your next episode of sneakers shopping

  • animerocket

    My nigga brought dice I’m dead

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    and not show off/flaunt for the cameras. He's a real one for sure! 💯

  • Koen

    he is such a good rapper i just hope we don't lose him aswell man

  • Baby Dior
    Baby Dior


    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

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  • 123abc

    google searched the first item found it for $1545, count have saved $700 bucks

  • Lolostockbrada

    Honestly seems like the most real person to come on this show lol. Like not trynna put up a different persona or anything, seems cool

  • Cyskz

    Mans already spending his calling my phone check😤😰

  • Trippie 69
    Trippie 69

    I love when he said “ appreciate ya man to the women 😂😂😂😂

  • Leonardo Andrade
    Leonardo Andrade

    negro compra mas ps


    Favourite episode and he a real street dude buying balaclavas lol 💪🏾

  • Native Smoke
    Native Smoke

    I could be this duudes sneaker mane!!

  • XxYungAbzZxX ツ
    XxYungAbzZxX ツ

    Ngl Complex Employees are awkward asf. Cool Kicks are better 🙄

  • maryam mohsin
    maryam mohsin

    hes so cute helppp

  • Ash2xFn

    Yes sir

  • Juggle The meat
    Juggle The meat

    My guy bought a shoe

  • Darian Sk8
    Darian Sk8

    “I know people struggling to pay rent” how much did that chain cost tho tjay????

  • phillip vang
    phillip vang

    This boi so rich he be forgetting them 😭😂😂

  • Lazy Luke
    Lazy Luke

    6:57 u can literally hear the pain in this mans voice 😭😭💀 tjay disrespecting the union Js

  • MCG Manual Cook God
    MCG Manual Cook God

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    How ferociously he took his card out tho

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray

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  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    Man I’m finna start stalking celebs they be losing shoes and jewelry and don’t even be giving af 😂😂 i can make a living on how much stuff they be leaving behind in hotels

    • Harlee Escobar
      Harlee Escobar

      U straight copied somebody comment 😂😕

  • Sickbros

    he could've got all of that for $1,370 just from StockX or resellers lmao. Complex is a complete joke

  • Retro Keys
    Retro Keys

    yeoo why tjay snatch tha card out tha machine hella hard like dat lmaooo

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

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  • Quavo ATL21
    Quavo ATL21

    bitches goin crazy I already know

  • rousfox

    honestly, Lil Tjay bought what I would buy if I was lil richer

  • SlimeBall Ty
    SlimeBall Ty

    That taxed the fuck outta bro on da 4s they only like 1000😂😂

  • RyenAuto

    how many times has this guy called him tjay, holy shit

  • rousfox

    LIL TJAY: ''i would never spend 16k on shoes, I know some people who is struggling to pay the rent "

  • rousfox


  • ItzVanzy

    steady calling my phone i done told you before it over leave me alone

  • 각티슈


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    Andrew Fernando

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  • Ceïf Is Coding
    Ceïf Is Coding

    The Way he fumbled with the card 7:48

  • Diego Li Puma
    Diego Li Puma

    „i know people struggling to pay rent“ and buys dices for 85$

  • Temptt

    "Send me sum for free"😂

  • Temptt

    5:39 the way he's just looking around confused like that😂😂

  • bnet

    2000? For them Ow's?what a rip off 😅

  • Kevin Do
    Kevin Do

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  • Ola Solvoll
    Ola Solvoll

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  • Anthony mendoza
    Anthony mendoza

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  • ArQunine

    Is No one gonna talk about how aggresivly he took out the card at 7:48

    • Kwa Capalot
      Kwa Capalot

      Probably cause it was stuck...?

  • Holling

    when Joe asks him how he loses sneakers.... and he rambles on without saying anything for 30 seconds lmao

  • lani ibikunle
    lani ibikunle

    he only 19

  • Caddy

    Smoke weed and buy shoes

  • Yurux

    The most I’ve ever spent on sneaker is 400 I had racks back then but now my faimly broke as a joke

  • Riley Bello
    Riley Bello

    I like there mask where did they get it

  • Parris

    SMH y’all spend a lot of money on shoes that’s gonna come up in a few years again I would Never lol that’s why I’m happy I buy my shoes when they first come out

  • ryan v
    ryan v

    Nah ur homies steal them kicks bro


    I didn’t know pusha T had a son 😂😂🤟🏾

  • Nikhil Arora
    Nikhil Arora

    Why he pull the credit card out like that damn

  • V2 Trilly
    V2 Trilly

    “16 rackz fuck outa here, I know niggas strugglin to pay they rent” big up Lil Tjay👌🏼👊🏼

  • Julian Zuleta Vasco
    Julian Zuleta Vasco

    i like the part"some people struggle to pay rent"

  • Ferre Paar
    Ferre Paar

    My man bought some shoes, fking ski masks and DICES

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    This bouta have a million views quick

  • Jacky Yeh
    Jacky Yeh

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  • Jayden

    This vid finna get 20m views in this year watch this comment then

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      Why did he pull his card like that though 🤣🤣

  • Ezra Noveraldo
    Ezra Noveraldo


  • kdn

    "People struggle to pay rent" he's so considerate

  • kdn

    Tjays the most chill genuine looking guy, I love his vibe

  • Terrell walton
    Terrell walton


  • Michael Kass
    Michael Kass

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  • 각티슈

    Im korean artist!!

  • DanielC

    The sound it makes on the lapel microphone every time its touching the chains :D Like cooking pots touching each other.

  • hoqly

    tjay is talking like he tired of getting interviewed he wanna straight get to spending bands🤣😂

  • Abel Mendoza
    Abel Mendoza

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  • ily_ gabe
    ily_ gabe

    this store b takin at cool kicks only 8k for Dior's ik that's a lot, but 16k yall goofy for that


    7:49 he pulled dat card of fast like bitch Hollon give me my money bacc💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Hamdy Mali
    Hamdy Mali

    they ripped him off on the 4s

  • Games Games
    Games Games

    Only one pair of shoes damn he humble