Bun B Goes "Sicko Mode" on Travis Scott + Pimp C, Kevin Gates, Slim Thug, Boonk Gang | Rate The Bars
Bun B sits down to rate the bars of Travis Scott, YBN Cordae, Kevin Gates, Master P, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Pimp C, Slim Thug, & Boonk Gang. He then reveals he regrets calling himself the "Black Trump" in his 92 hit "Pocket Full of Stones."
How Do You Rate The Bars?
Kevin Gates - Sit Down
YBN Cordae - Kung Fu
Boonk Gang - Boonk Gang
Travis Scott - Sicko Mode
Chamillionaire - Welcome 2 Houston
Paul Wall - Drive Slow
Master P - Pass Me Da G
Slim Thug - Still Tippin
Pimp C - Tell Me Something Good
Bun B - Pocket Full Of Stones

Rate The Bars in the show where your favorite rappers unknowingly judge your favorite rapper's lyrics. Ratings go from 1 Bar to 5 Bars. How do you Rate the Bars?
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  • O

    Cordae and boonk are not equals

  • Christopher Watson
    Christopher Watson

    Lol... its soooo funny that once he came out as a republican, he's a racist. Cmon ppl!!! Use your brain and stop believing what talking heads tell you. STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID AND THINK INDEPENDENTLY!!!

  • sam2stu

    MAGA 45 for life

  • Prime Radke
    Prime Radke

    Man I’m a white man I leave in France but as a hip-hop head I cant help but coming back to this. Bun is already legendary by his music but each word comin out of his mouth is wisdom.

  • Chris Lemon
    Chris Lemon

    Best rate the bars I've seen

  • Michael Olujide Owolabi
    Michael Olujide Owolabi

    You happened to be on the same track with Chamillionaire.

  • Renee Renee
    Renee Renee

    2020 still

  • Abdulkader Jamal
    Abdulkader Jamal

    Gotta give the homie some respect this is truly unbiased criticism of himself and his peers.

  • Nahom Seyfu
    Nahom Seyfu

    Humble asl

  • Jeffery Powell
    Jeffery Powell

    Big Bun. Coldest m.c since Rakim...

  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller

    I would love to see them react to a MF DOOM lyric .....

  • Jimmy Frost
    Jimmy Frost

    All these young rappers covering their faces with the worst tattoos. Shame.

  • Frank Reynolds
    Frank Reynolds

    Bumpin my Screw, UGK, and the rest of the dirty souf to the death of me! Bun B a certified legend

  • rnaguilar75


  • dexter111344

    Damn, he gave himself the lowest rating. Don't blame him for his reasoning, though. I can't even listen to Method Man's Tical 2000 without skipping a track.

  • Tyrone Green
    Tyrone Green

    Bun B the TRUTH!!!!💯


    Travis Scott is a biter and a tweaker is a tweaker if they do speed regardless where they do it...lmao

  • Steven Nwogu
    Steven Nwogu

    the first vid ever that I've seen when not one 5 was given to any MC... 🤯

  • karim biggs
    karim biggs

    "It's not terrible" 😂😂😂😂

  • chrisweaver29

    Bun you lame.

  • s gupta
    s gupta

    Ahh man!! RIP PIMP C!!!

  • Jono Barnett
    Jono Barnett

    anyone have an id on his hat?

  • Red Rum
    Red Rum

    Rap will never be the same without Pimp C. RIP. UGK 4 LIFE.

  • MrMessyb

    Love the honesty and genuine approach. Much respect!!

  • Ahsan Waseem
    Ahsan Waseem

    They should have one top tier rapper critique another top tier verses and have a whole conversation behind the thoughts of those bars

  • Christopher Paul
    Christopher Paul

    That’s gangsta, giving himself a 1 because of that last bar.

  • Pedro Pedro
    Pedro Pedro

    The hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K1Lock

    Bun B one of only rappers who can read other rapper lyrics fluently 😂😂.

  • i'am immordecai
    i'am immordecai

    That brotha Pimp Chad is a mess haha.. RIP Legend

  • JaSean ultrapart
    JaSean ultrapart


  • Jakellyn Reyes
    Jakellyn Reyes

    Profesor Bun B

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything

    He just rated that welcome 2 Houston bars a 2 that's horrifying

  • ted stone
    ted stone

    That Thug was a 5 out of 5

  • Spencer Wyant
    Spencer Wyant

    Mid west say tweakers

  • castricv

    I eat so many shrimp, i got iodine poisoning

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan

    Damn that chamillionaire hate haha 😂

  • Dwayne Vega
    Dwayne Vega

    How didn't he know the master p bar?? C Mon maybe

  • Paco Bordok
    Paco Bordok

    Lol love UGK! I NEVER LIKE DONALD TRUMP! he like him till 2016

  • HalfOgre

    i dont rap for fun i rap for funds - me

  • TheBestMovieAlive

    Tweakers and dope fiends are two completely different kind of addict. Tweakers are meth heads and dope fiends are heroin addicts.

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller

    I love these rate the bars would be badass if I had the chance to do it

  • Christophe Breland
    Christophe Breland

    1:48 Bun you on this song

  • Veronica

    Bun B the real King of the south

  • ondago2

    Props to Bun B for not just giving himself 5 Bar and then chastising himself for having even written the verse back then. Every one of the other 20 dudes I saw gave themselves 5 Bars or more without a thought. Humility and growth. Thats real RIP Pimp C and BIG up to UGK !! (From up North)

  • Nell Nell
    Nell Nell

    Bun way too liberal with them lyrics

  • Simpleton

    Damn bruh got that feeling Bun b sold his soul been a long time fan but the og seems to have sold out.

  • swin 34
    swin 34

    Honesty the best policy. I love it.

  • Thomas Calabio
    Thomas Calabio

    Lol what a dummy.

  • Bradley Albritton
    Bradley Albritton

    I just noticed When they read the bars out, the beat matches sometimes

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson

    Lmao love bun b

  • Fahad Almathkour
    Fahad Almathkour


  • Cortewita40 Cortewita40
    Cortewita40 Cortewita40

    Lol 😂 he knew that was master p Foh

  • speed freaks racing
    speed freaks racing

    Hell ya ugk 4 life

  • Edward Bodden
    Edward Bodden

    Southern legend

  • 92euce

    I thoroughly appreciated this. The legend himself, Bun B.

  • Xolani Nkosi
    Xolani Nkosi

    Respect to Bun B! gave himself 1??? Principled OG from South Africa

  • Vegas Girl
    Vegas Girl

    Bun B would b a Great Teacher. Everybody would pass witta C, cuz at least they trying

  • EazyMotherphucken -E
    EazyMotherphucken -E

    Koop probably gonna be mad at Bun B for saying Pallwall the homie knowing that Koop and pallwall used to have beef back in the day

  • 2Wheels 2Real
    2Wheels 2Real

    The OG! Salute ✊🏾

  • Matthew 123456
    Matthew 123456

    You were correct about trump character . You been fooled by media now though

    • Sierra Reed
      Sierra Reed

      LOL, u ppl love yall some Trump, no matter how bad he makes u look or how dumb u sound!

  • Buster 210
    Buster 210

    Rap a lot i feel owes bun b alot of money,maybe bun didnt spend wisely idk,but he should be worth more than 3 mil,he a dope ass rapper OG yet worth way less than other wack rappers

  • True Supreme
    True Supreme

    Bun can read and you can hear the intelligent's in his voice... So many of these legends can't read well 🤷‍♂️

  • The Blackfoot Sicilian
    The Blackfoot Sicilian

    these are so good whoever came up with this...i give them a 4.5. it would be 5 but they be makin people rate their own bars

  • mo city
    mo city

    bun all that shit trash

  • Nicholas Muniz
    Nicholas Muniz

    2:37 I didn’t know it was Paul wall but I figured it was him from talking about his grill, then bun started talking about it too😂😂😂

  • Spencer Dansby
    Spencer Dansby

    Bun B gets a 5 for rating his self a 1!👍

  • Eazy klappz
    Eazy klappz

    Cyhi wrote travis Scott verse in sicko mode

  • 5.9 Million
    5.9 Million

    I cant believe he aint know them Master P bars.. them bars are classic. But i digress...

  • Mike Dizzle
    Mike Dizzle

    Bun b how tf you don't know master p

  • Squangel Nutz
    Squangel Nutz

    Boonk a rapper....... lol man kids r stupid

  • Squangel Nutz
    Squangel Nutz

    Lmao Kevin gates sounds like a chick. Sounds about right

  • Jac Ball
    Jac Ball

    Bun has done the best at reading other people's bars that I've seen so far.

  • BayanTheOne

    he triangulated Master P when he mentioned Bay Area

  • Michael Reay
    Michael Reay

    Respect for this dude. He's honest

  • Howard Minkler
    Howard Minkler

    How did bun not recognize P?

  • Geneva Sams.
    Geneva Sams.

    Slim thug verse is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Miss Juiceboxx
    Miss Juiceboxx

    Pimp C getting a 4/5 means no one was getting a 5 lol.

  • Austin Veekee
    Austin Veekee


  • Drew Cowlthorp
    Drew Cowlthorp

    I wanna see a havoc from mobb deep episode

  • Anthony Mcmillan
    Anthony Mcmillan

    Tha "Trill" OG Bun B!! He was being humble and not BIASED like the other rappers on this show!

  • dejuanJOHN

    Um Master P is Bay Area

  • J L
    J L

    Bun got one of the best voices in rap

  • Sebastian North Side
    Sebastian North Side


  • Seleme Tshepo
    Seleme Tshepo

    I bet Bun b was born at 4am Coz he's been rating 4 after 4

  • Oallright

    I fw that hat

  • Robert Paraday
    Robert Paraday

    He proved trump wasn't considered a racist until he ran 4 president. Wake up people

  • Raymond James
    Raymond James

    Trill double OG Triple OG knowing it's his niggahs and still didn't give a five to trill.

  • Undawirrld Television
    Undawirrld Television

    the way bun judged himself shows how real he is i definitely respect that 💯 #salutes #bunb #rippimpc

  • Divyendu Raina
    Divyendu Raina

    He has really low standards 😂😂😂

  • Slickz Amsterdam
    Slickz Amsterdam

    Bun too generous

  • Simeon Givens
    Simeon Givens

    Bun B is one of the most humble man in the rap industry! 💯💯

  • D. Jermin
    D. Jermin

    Bun just like Ghostface seems líe a cool dude in real life no persona.

  • Murle Richotte Sr
    Murle Richotte Sr

    Please react to Devour (about me ♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️ ♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️

  • Jeremy Peterson
    Jeremy Peterson

    This man is a musical genius

  • TheCrazy Clock
    TheCrazy Clock

    what does travis mean by x's in a group

  • bEwater LEE
    bEwater LEE

    OG right here

  • Dorian Mack
    Dorian Mack

    Lol. He said Kevin has Nicki bars

  • Nduduzo Dlamini
    Nduduzo Dlamini

    😂😂😂 gave himself a 1 bcoz of a Trump bar 🔥🔥🔥 now that's a 5/5 rating

  • E Walled
    E Walled

    Why you no like Trump?

  • 98all legend
    98all legend

    I'd give myself a zero on this show just to scare u losers lol