Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)
Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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Johnny Harris is a filmmaker and journalist. He currently is based in Washington, DC, reporting on interesting trends and stories domestically and around the globe. Johnny's visual style blends motion graphics with cinematic videography to create content that explains complex issues in relatable ways. He holds a BA in international relations from Brigham Young University and an MA in international peace and conflict resolution from American University.
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  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris

    so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come! -Johnny

    • saumya Gairola
      saumya Gairola

      Shampoo was invented in India. It was called champoo. It was a mixture of herbs like Amla, mulethi, shikakai, reetha, aloe vera. We still use them in our homemade hair masks. Home made masks give more shine and smoothness than any other conditioner. Also, we oil our hair with Amla, coconut, almond oil before shampoo. I have long, thick, silky, smooth dark brown hair.

    • The Priest Pucci
      The Priest Pucci

      Im seriously gonna try this now.

    • Nauman Munaf
      Nauman Munaf

      Pls make a video on the conflict between Israel and Palestine

    • Prince Patootie
      Prince Patootie

      SAME!!! I rinse really good with just water and use 25% diluted Apple Cidar Vinegar in a spray bottle. I use it to condition and my hair and maintain the PH balance and it has been amazing for years and years. Always had skin and scalp conditions before that.

    • capricornium

      @Andrea Fabuloso just water. For the past days

  • Notbeen Sleeping
    Notbeen Sleeping

    What about balls?..asking for a friend

  • Lynx cuz why not
    Lynx cuz why not

    Damn you make it seem like i have so much oil in my hair that America is gonna invade my head

  • Aslan Delion
    Aslan Delion

    no-poo? i'd call it shamless

  • steven uk1
    steven uk1

    absolutely right !!

  • Albert Ochoa
    Albert Ochoa

    Bar soap with natural oils is the way to go. Even indigenous tribes use plant based oils to clean themselves. I can't rely on just water to get rid of the ichiness. Hot water itself gets rid of your hair's natural oils.

  • slamm0161

    The reason it didn't work for your friends is because when you use shampoo and conditioner for years a routine has been made and your scalp doesn't act rite, it take a month or 2 atleast for your scalp to get back to normal and it doesn't create as much oil so then you dont have to deal with oily greasy hair! Problem solved. Dont use these products they just want your money dont be stupid and wake up

  • Nonno

    No thanks, I want my hair to smell like artificial parfumes.

  • Cosmin Rotaru
    Cosmin Rotaru

    I watched this all and still don't know if you wash with plain water or don't wash at all 🤔

  • Luke Hero
    Luke Hero

    For those who do it: Is it just warm water in the shower on your hair and job done?

  • Milan Granát
    Milan Granát

    You look a lot like Valtteri Bottas. A lot.

  • Yasmine F
    Yasmine F

    can you make a video about what's happening in palestine now to raise awareness

  • Jeremy A.
    Jeremy A.

    I wash my hair once in 4 days when it becomes a little itchy. I'm scared of people who wash their hair every day even if they just stay at home.

  • saurav basu
    saurav basu

    Heard that scientist Richard Feynman did not brush his teeth. Have you seen any animal other than human beings brush their teeth ? ( I brush my teeth though 2/3 times a day )

  • Winkinger

    One HUMONGOUS proof of this entire "corporations trick you into buying their stuff that isnt actually needed" is with womens beauty products. More and more young girls have issues with their skins and use masks and peelings to tackle that and then they coat it with makeup. What they dont realise is that this overuse of cosmetic products and makeup is the cause for their skin turning bad! Every person should only use what they tried and tested. Not just buy and believe. Buy a product. Write down the date when you used it and after one or two months, check what happened.

  • Dustin Gregory
    Dustin Gregory

    i havent used shampoo since my summer freshman year of highschool, i'm now 32 years old. i hate having "clean" hair, it tangles and falls, and wholly looks and feels like $hit. @johnny harris

  • Austin Cagan
    Austin Cagan

    Also Factor in the length of your hair.And the Common sense of Finding a balance duh not too Oily not to Dry...Seems like Common Sense to me...And I’m just some Dued lol

  • Crazy Average Asian Bitch
    Crazy Average Asian Bitch

    i knew Johnny is brewing on another big deep topic again when he didn’t post for another week

  • Akash Sardar
    Akash Sardar

    I the middle you were like Mr Robot

  • Graham napack
    Graham napack

    Why didnt no poo go by scampoo instead

  • Sandip Shrestha
    Sandip Shrestha

    Israel Palestine video

  • saumya Gairola
    saumya Gairola

    Shampoo was invented in India. It was called champoo. It was made of herbs and was ayurvedic.

  • saumya Gairola
    saumya Gairola

    If you want silky hair, try aloe vera mask before washing.

  • saumya Gairola
    saumya Gairola

    Shampoo was invented in India. It was called champoo. It was a mixture of herbs like Amla, mulethi, shikakai, reetha. We still use them in our home made hair masks. Home made masks give more shine and smoothness than any other conditioner. Also, we oil our hair with Amla, coconut, almond oil before shampoo. I have long, thick, silky, smooth dark brown hair.

  • KingJersh

    The world would appreciate a Johnny Harris take on Palestine-Israel!!! Especially right now it’s important to get the message out!

  • Hriday AwesomeHeart
    Hriday AwesomeHeart

    "Did you say oil?"

  • Vasco Cavalheiro
    Vasco Cavalheiro

    Hey Johnny, do a video about Palestine

  • Evan Martin
    Evan Martin

    Dude. THANK YOU. Fuck sakes my hair is so much nicer now.

  • Thanasis Benga
    Thanasis Benga

    Guys with dreads can relate

  • PandaMcTanda

    its worth mentioning that a lot of dry scalp issues is because something like 60% of Americans are dehydrated at all times. like right now you reading this are probably dehydrated and should have some water

  • *JÃÂZ* Jazir
    *JÃÂZ* Jazir

    Make video about palestine and Isreal

  • Chaim Brandt
    Chaim Brandt

    Well done video -- oh how the ad industry laments videos such as these.

  • Troy Hillmeyer
    Troy Hillmeyer

    Same here.

    • Troy Hillmeyer
      Troy Hillmeyer

      I actually lost almost all of the flaky dandruff after stopping shampoo. Just my personal experience.

  • Konig

    Missed opportunity to call it "Shampoo is a Sham"

  • Utsav Mukhopadhyay XI A
    Utsav Mukhopadhyay XI A

    Why does he looks like a conspiracy theorist but way too logical..... I am very confused

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan

    You mainly need to brush your teeth for the fluoride. If you've ever switched to no fluoride toothpaste, and you're prone to cavities because your enamel is worn out from clenching your jaw, you'll get more cavities and tooth sensitivity.

  • E R Gui
    E R Gui

    The zonked broccoli outstandingly attach because thursday ignificantly bathe against a quixotic craftsman. left, pumped profit

  • Hoser7

    What about odor? Any hair smell or anything you do to address that should it exist?

  • Mukhar Roy
    Mukhar Roy

    Meanwhile in Spain 🇪🇸 = o_O , T_T

  • Scottiemon

    What if I washed my hair with a McDonald's ice cream... it would make my hair moist and smell good.... sorry I found your channel watching the McDonald's ice cream scandal... think I will not wash my hair for the next few months and see what happens....

  • Thanos was Right
    Thanos was Right

    Not everyone has your perfect hair, dude...

  • Casey Pineda
    Casey Pineda

    If individuals aren’t smart enough to tell if their hair needs shampoo and conditioner, just conditioner , nothing , etc. then they are just lazy and deserve whatever self inflicted ailments they give to themselves. I work in advertising and yes, ad spots are made intentionally for the weak minded but can’t feel bad for them. If members of society weren’t so lazy and just listened to whatever is sold to them by a pretty face or scare tactics then these companies wouldn’t be in business but that will never happen so not sure what your aim was with this video, other than sounding like a preachy tool. SNS Dude And then ending with a sponsee that had noooooo connection with what you were trying to feed simpletons. *face palm* Happy to give you the one view for UZload payment but this is a big thumbs down. Stick to your regularly scheduled programming

  • Tony Whitewater
    Tony Whitewater

    I use conditioner but not shampoo

  • Hellish Hybrid
    Hellish Hybrid

    Say no to shampoo, demand realpoo.

  • Phone Daft
    Phone Daft

    I can’t stop shampoo. Unwashed hair STINKS!

  • TUNA

    Not washing hair with shampoo in time increase hairloss cus oil on your scalp block pores and don't let ur scalp breath and ur hair roots die in time it's basically like farm field

  • Dazz

    Do you just use water then or...?

  • Alberto Gonz
    Alberto Gonz

    so... in Spain we shampoo our hair 2,5 times out of 5? thats not true mate...

  • MrRanosama

    I stopped using shampoo, body wash and deodorant in 2015. For no particular reason, I just wanted to try it. I'm fine. I don't know if I'm any better or smell better but at least not worse. I actually don't even have that much hair anymore but that's pretty normal at my age... But... I have saved a lot of money.

  • TUNA

    you have to use shampoo if you have seboreic dermatitis

  • rgndsnali

    what about "who are the kurds?"

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S

    Dogs don’t wipe their arse why should I? Next up: why toilet roll companies are lying to you

  • James Paul Clifford Williams
    James Paul Clifford Williams

    Washing clothes is a scam. Haven't washed them in over 20 years

  • budgiebirdy

    I think the same thing applies to makeup. I see all these makeup UZloadrs who have terrible skin, and then they have all these expensive products to treat the breakouts and cover them up. Well, maybe if they didn't put all that shit on their face in the first place (seriously like 10+ different products), they wouldn't need all those products in the first place.

  • Marv

    Have you just used no shampoo or have you not washed your hair


    pls make a video about the conflict in the gaza area between palestines and israel. i hear a lot about it and see sad videos about war on the internet but i actually have no clue why this war is happening... i really dont get most wars but i feel like you could explain it and i would be very interested :) anyways keep it up :))

  • Not Carl-bot
    Not Carl-bot

    Could you maybe do a video on the Palestine-Israel conflict?

  • ReGristy

    can you make a video of Israel-Palestine Conflict?

  • SuBha Motion Pictures
    SuBha Motion Pictures

    Hmmm 🤔 my genuine question if I completely believe you is how do you clean your hair. You did not mention that.

  • Doctor Willow
    Doctor Willow

    I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, I'm definitely gonna try not using shampoo at all. I'd say the only people who should use it are people who actually get dirty from work. One thing I wish he mentioned is how he keeps up his hair, like just scrubbing it well with warm water or I know some people use fats (like oil)

  • CH Brian
    CH Brian

    only valid if you have really short hair (like you), otherwise it looks pretty gross - unless you dreadlock it. Your hair is pretty much ideal for no shampoo

  • John John
    John John

    Johnny Harris' videos are so good to the point that I watch his endorsements at the end of his every video hahahaha

  • ullas babu
    ullas babu

    Lifelong daily shampooer goes 5 days without it and ends up getting sebaceous cysts on scalp. (Broken by itching) The cause : body is in oil mining overdrive mode daily. Surgeons recommendation : Your scalps oily. Use shampoo.

  • Fu**ingIslam

    Johnny make the video recent Israel and west bank conflict from history to till now

  • Cuddleheart

    To be fair, I have had seborrheic dermatitis on my face and scalp for decades and generic Head and Shoulders works every bit as well as prescription stuff. As long as I wash my head and face with it every day it stays clear and never dry. I'm sure companies want to see us stuff, but the truth really is somewhere in the middle.

  • 360-VV

    Hello if I don't use shampoo won't my hair smell bad? What can I use to make it smell nice?

  • Washy Boi.
    Washy Boi.

    Tysm for making amazing content and not click baiting you are amazing.

  • Drizzt Do'urden
    Drizzt Do'urden

    Right I haven't used shampoo for over 15 yrs not even soap. All I did was rinse out with water.

  • Citizen of Utopia - music&travel
    Citizen of Utopia - music&travel

    Wow, whata a timing. Exactly 2 months ago I analized some data regarding shampoos, cuz I have came across a short documentary about a guy who havent washed his hair for over a decade a was doing perfectly fine. I decided to go the 'dirty path' myself. So for over a 6 weeks I havent touched my hair with water and chemicals - I just brush it intensively for like 2-3 minutes every day. And guess what? No bad smell, no dandruff, no grease, my hair looks healthy and they are easy to model. Wtf! Basically I can vouch for everything that's been said in this video: both, from the research and my own experience. Fvck the corporations. I hope one day thats gonna be a common knowledge to NOT TO wash your hair

  • The Priest Pucci
    The Priest Pucci

    Working is a scam! i'll Show you how to make money in 3 easy steps! Step one: get gun Step two: robb da Bank Step three: Stonks!

  • AlexGastro

    okay, but for those who stoped using shampoo and worked, i want to try it, but what are the options?, im mostly concerned about the smell.

  • craigdanielmaceacher

    Better Help is in the scare business too, make no mistake about that. They want you to feel not 100% yourself and make your molehills into mountains so you'll use their business. It's their goal to make sure as many people are in therapy as they can get, regardless of the fact that probably 90% of them, just like shampoo, don't need it.

  • craigdanielmaceacher

    That man is using an EXCESSIVE amount of shampoo.

  • John Counts
    John Counts

    can second this. I realized while underway on a submarine (we can't shower every day) that my hair didn't really need all that much washing. since getting out, I've grown my hair back to about 1 foot or more, and I only shampoo/condition about once every 1 to 2 weeks, and just rinse it each day.

  • Rubab Fatima
    Rubab Fatima

    This does not work for me. My skin is too much sensitive and oily. I stop using shampoo for a week.. And My skin start breaking out. I have so many acne on my face 😔

  • Jason Kadayat
    Jason Kadayat

    I'm eagerly waiting for Hamas-Gaza conflict 🔥🔥💪💪💪💯 please do fast

  • Kawsik Roy
    Kawsik Roy

    Johnny Harris, I agree with you. 5 months, no shampoo, same experience.

  • Basement

    It's all fun and games but he didn't tell what does he do with his hair instead of shampooing. He washes it just with water? He uses some homemade products? What does he do? We'll never know...

  • Kyle Barnard
    Kyle Barnard

    10:01 hey that's Jeff Daniels!

  • dimas anggoro
    dimas anggoro

    I have a problem with dandruff. often change shampoo but never succeed in getting rid of dandruff. always pops and falls when combed. and i tried nopoo or no shampoo. The first month, my head was itchy and dandruff everywhere, but I still insisted didn't use shampoo. after that the dandruff begins to slowly disappear and my hair becomes smoother as if it was added with oil but not excess. and finally 2 years without shampoo. dandruff disappeared completely. im like, what the f ..

  • Mr Spy Mr Spy
    Mr Spy Mr Spy

    Not washing your hair for 5 years is just disgusting.

  • rai pramana
    rai pramana

    Watch rrrrrrrrr

  • Steve 88
    Steve 88

    Head and shoulders is the worst

  • Muhammad shaw
    Muhammad shaw

    johnny why don’t you make a video on israeli occupation of palestinian land ?

  • Muhammad shaw
    Muhammad shaw

    free pelestine 🇵🇸

  • Bint Saeed
    Bint Saeed

    The no 1 reason for hair damage by shampoos is the sulphate content in it.. Sulphates make the soapy foam coming from the shampoos, the same sulphate is used in detergents and in some amounts in toothpastes.. Believe me once i stopped using regular shampoos, my hair falls less, its even less greasy than how it used to be after every 2 days of shampooing. I use dove soap instead.. Or a sulphate free shampoo if i have to go to a party or a major event... We can also use soapnuts as well and all this natural organic stuff.. Works wonders..

  • Drew Lehman
    Drew Lehman

    My girlfriend used to wash her face all the time (same concepts as shampoo / conditioner) and she had really bad acne. She kept trying products but nothing ever really worked until she decided to stop washing her face all the time or using all those products. Only time she washes her face is when she takes a shower. Her acnes is pretty much gone. I had this happen with me in high school too but I eventually just stopped and only lightly washed my face when I took showers and my acne went away in the same way. As for hair I shower every other day unless I'm really dirty or if I need one (my hair is usually good for 2 to 2.5 or 3 days before it feels oily and I wash it

  • Greg Bellach
    Greg Bellach

    i agree , shampoo is a scam to me . deodorant is similar . sweat does not stink . the microbes that grow in it does . a little cleaning with rubbing alcohol every morning keeps the stink away . and my body is free to sweat where nature intended and is healthy for it .

  • Wayne Ellis
    Wayne Ellis

    I always wondered why we should take dental advice from Dentists when they literally make the most money from teeth in bad condition. Please tell me I am not the only one who noticed this!?

  • Brekken Schultz
    Brekken Schultz

    This guy puts out quality content! Real shit.

  • january total
    january total

    Next facial wash for men please

  • Treven Flynn
    Treven Flynn

    @Johnny Harris can you make a video about the israel-palestine war and the history of the land and its peoples going as far back as possible and covering the immigration and wars of the area throughout history

  • Treven Flynn
    Treven Flynn

    @Johnny Harris can you make a video about the israel-palestine war and the history of the land and its peoples going as far back as possible and covering the immigration and wars of the area throughout history

  • cinzinc

    so what do you use to style your hair now?

  • David K.
    David K.

    I will try it out. If I got any issues with my hair or headskin I'm gonna send you my flakes on your cost.

  • Hakim Hadyy
    Hakim Hadyy

    The intro music, from my viewpoint is quite moving! 😋

  • Rene husu
    Rene husu

    I had so much dandurf, easyest way was to become skinnhead :D

  • hello

    Johnny Harris: *brags about not washing his hair for 2 years … gets millions of views, 100k likes, and $$$* Me: *brags about not washing his hair for 2 years…gets served a harassment lawsuit and put on disciplinary probation*

  • Siddartha Vedagiri
    Siddartha Vedagiri

    A video about how u make your videos pls johnny