Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High
Downfalls High, a film by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, blackbear performing Downfalls High. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Luisa Alvarez
    Luisa Alvarez

    MGK didn’t only find his sound but wow I am shocked on how he shared this storyline with music, people don’t appreciate him as much as they should, i’ve always been a fan but this just like changed my way I ever saw him like wow. Just wow. Thank you for this amazing master piece. ❤️🥺

  • joseph Manu
    joseph Manu

    I am super late but this was a banger

  • Salvatore I.
    Salvatore I.

    Never gets old. MGK really stepped up his game. In my opinion this is his Mona Lisa. Love this so much!!! Thanks MGK!!! Also Travis Baker!!! guy is a legend period!!!

  • Imran hoosein
    Imran hoosein

    Mgk im so jealous you killed this ,the way you transformed your sound is mad you slayyy king ,braazzy

  • Kulbhushan Kapoor
    Kulbhushan Kapoor

    Fricking 50 minutes

  • Bushranger

    41:28 if you want to cry

  • i am the wolf
    i am the wolf

    i can see kelly doing metal he has that metal vibe

  • Thuanmei kamei
    Thuanmei kamei

    Above all ,all that inspired me is not his song but how he preciously treat to queen of the planet earth,hit me Colson.

  • Corey Arden
    Corey Arden

    I watched this on repeat for the last week of my Dad's life. I know y'all feel real with this album, but MGK legitimately made this album for me. It was the only thing that kept me going. Now you bring me beautiful memories of my Dad asking me if I ever listen to "REAL" music 😂💖 Every single time I watch this video, it immediately takes me out of whatever funk I'm in and gets me going. Thank you brother 🙏🏻


    thank you

  • Mona

    im crying.............. that was so amazing. everything about it. that was crazy.

  • Jewel Elassal
    Jewel Elassal

    not gonna lie the laugh at 39:31 started the crap out of me

  • Santiii

    Ended with the best song on the album Body bag Good job

  • Juan Reyes
    Juan Reyes

    Fuck the haters this was fucking good 🔥

  • Bella C
    Bella C

    16:35, I just realized that was Omer saying jeeeeeez!

  • Kylee Wendelken
    Kylee Wendelken

    love it sm

  • Abbagail Gray-Zahacy
    Abbagail Gray-Zahacy

    bruh i loved this next level. major respect. wheres the grammy award

  • Huylo

    If Weeknd cash-grabbin' on the whole "80's thing" nowadays, can anybody really have a problem with this?

    • Pyro Adapt
      Pyro Adapt

      Unpopular opinion but the 80s thing he's doing is trash and it's overrated.

  • Ashley Bentley
    Ashley Bentley

    The tears I shed during this musical.... so good!

  • Lion Cieri
    Lion Cieri

    The pleasant behavior advantageously alert because kale cytologically play apropos a funny sofa. wakeful, alert air

  • Lucifer Studios
    Lucifer Studios

    I love the emo hair of mgk

  • Tyler Okef
    Tyler Okef

    This is the best shit out there

  • Idk whyisthisachaneldoe
    Idk whyisthisachaneldoe


  • Henrique Ramos
    Henrique Ramos

    and that was how YOUNGBLUD was born

  • Maxine Uises
    Maxine Uises


  • tasha bickett
    tasha bickett

    I love how Landon plays the drummer with lil huddy. This shit is so freaking dope.

  • Nafis Ansary
    Nafis Ansary

    God this was so good 🥺💛🖤🙏🏽

  • Simon Eriksson
    Simon Eriksson

    Dunno how many times i watched this entire video. But it gets better for every single time. MGK ❣️


    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever seen I hop mgk and Travis barker does something like this again

  • Voriq

    ian dior was amazing in 'nothing inside' holy shit

  • Dana Turner
    Dana Turner

    If play this when I'm gone is really for Casie, he should've put a picture or them at the end 🖤

  • Blakey

    colson man this is grate :>

  • Catspiracy Theorist
    Catspiracy Theorist

    Lil Huddy kisses MGK

  • JAX

    sydney sweedy needs tp be in more music videos with you man acting was grea=t

  • Emmi Carr
    Emmi Carr

    love the hair kells

  • Vipers Gameplay
    Vipers Gameplay

    The discord noise at 2:06 gets me everytime

  • Erik Christiansen
    Erik Christiansen

    holy fuck art

  • zahra rnj
    zahra rnj

    Ugh this was amazing♡

  • Almost Famous
    Almost Famous

    26:37 is MGK Twin brotha? or there he is. HAHAHHAHAA

  • Satyam Rastogi
    Satyam Rastogi

    He is looking Megan fox

  • Cassandra Benoit
    Cassandra Benoit

    Love this

  • Tico Tran
    Tico Tran

    Does a 1v5 school fight really involve the cops?

    • Tico Tran
      Tico Tran

      It doesn’t look like it got that bad

  • Jorge Andres Alfonso Pinto Galeano
    Jorge Andres Alfonso Pinto Galeano

    Song 32:30 ?

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith


  • Kylie Snyder
    Kylie Snyder

    Jadens part was the best

  • Jackie Peel
    Jackie Peel

    I am addicted to this whole thing. I can't stop replaying it.

  • Scout Callan
    Scout Callan

    Did not expect this to be so good, granted I have only listened to one other MGK song but the whole experience of this was amazing

  • Floerwd

    i thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you mgk.

  • bellas edits
    bellas edits

    “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” “dead” “then you won’t be able to be with me” “true” 💀 what-

    • Ayaan Kheiri
      Ayaan Kheiri

      its about highschoolers, theyre awkward asf so the scene mad sense ig

  • Kyle1400

  • jrftworth

    Get a haircut

    • Skully

      get a life

  • シ R o m a n シ
    シ R o m a n シ

    this was a roller coaster and i enjoyed every second of it

  • David That Christian Rapper You Never Heard Of
    David That Christian Rapper You Never Heard Of

    There's a thin line between love and obsession

  • jack woods
    jack woods

    Hard for me to imagine people listening to this song and liking it and rocking it in their car...This is TRASH...So is the rest of the Album...Someone tell this dude to go back to rapping like he did many years ago...His Music over recent years is HORRIBLE

    • Pyro Adapt
      Pyro Adapt

      I do everyday FULL BLAST. The rap genre is worn out asf at least with this he's bringing back a style of music we haven't seen done in this particular way in many years it's impressive and innovative which is more than I can say about most rappers

  • Wicked Jenn
    Wicked Jenn


  • Elise

    Does anyone have the time stamp for “when the high runs out, your downfall is inevitable, hope you find a soft place to land” i can’t find it lmao

    • 잔나비 세실
      잔나비 세실


  • Benj Liam
    Benj Liam


  • Ryan Daniel Pakpahan
    Ryan Daniel Pakpahan

    no need grammy.

  • Anushka Tripathi
    Anushka Tripathi

    Doesnt MGK kinda look like curt cobain in the third song

  • Erick Navarro
    Erick Navarro

    This sounds like the shit i did this morning

  • Thomas Huerta
    Thomas Huerta

    anybody crying to

  • Jackie Peel
    Jackie Peel

    Ive been repeating this whole thing all day. The story is so wild and the music in it is so fucking fantastic I CANT EVEN.

  • Luísa Santos
    Luísa Santos

    Baixo assinado para ter esse filme em portuguêsssssss 😵✊🏻

  • Darien McDade
    Darien McDade

    im crazy im off the meds im better off dead they said :)))

  • justadude

    Every time I watch this, I'm wondering if Scarlet died on purpose bc of her pregnancy or it happened accidentally

  • Arianna Yakubova
    Arianna Yakubova

    This is fucking amazing 😩

  • Isabella Swan
    Isabella Swan

    I don't know why but I love this

  • Recxnz

    thank you for this bundle of fulfillness

  • Lindsey6882

    I think he’s music is great

  • hannah hackett
    hannah hackett

    How is the female singing


    MGK, you're the best! Thanks for helping to add diversity in the music industry! True MVP!



  • Nilesh Desai
    Nilesh Desai

    This video is therapy for me☄️

  • Phoenixangel 1111
    Phoenixangel 1111

    Yeaaaaahhhhhhh 🙏💪💪🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎶🎶🎼🎼🎵🤘👏👏👏I love you!! #EST4LIFE ❤️♥️🌹🥀🥀🥀🥀👟👟👆👆❌❌

  • Gabriel Beegle
    Gabriel Beegle

    anybody know what tf the song that they use before forget me too is?

  • Maria Cecilia Rodriguez
    Maria Cecilia Rodriguez

    ugh, i've seen this so many times already. constantly playing in the background. this MASTERPIECE

  • Darrel Mendoza
    Darrel Mendoza

    "That is the dumbest idea I've ever heard" *proceeds to do it anyway

  • Samuel Stephens
    Samuel Stephens

    Anyone else feel old as fuck watching this?

  • donzet


  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah

    Lilhuddy dose not exists in these comments idk y

  • danii's

    Is it his story?

  • Sal Salinas
    Sal Salinas

    This is whiner music

  • Sal Salinas
    Sal Salinas

    This weak shit blows

  • Kyle Monk
    Kyle Monk

    Sick.....ssick......sssick.......frikn SICK

  • K.

    I still listen to this multiple times a day ever since it came out ! Thank you MGK for art

  • Rosario Aldea
    Rosario Aldea


  • Heather Montrose
    Heather Montrose

    i love you you saved my life


    Why is it that this movie is so comparable to my life

  • Laila Moore
    Laila Moore

    we just gonna ignore the fact that MGK put so much work in this ? nahhh i respect him for this .

  • EXtraX

    Grammy must be yours, MGK!

  • Saul Reyna
    Saul Reyna

    RIP Charli Damelio

  • Saul Reyna
    Saul Reyna

    Crazy this all happened in 8 months

  • karl

    i hope charli is ok it's 2019 for me

  • charli_wiffe

    I don't know how to convey these feelings, I'm so sad

  • Trey Duncan
    Trey Duncan

    00:38 - title track 3:14 - kiss kiss 6:20 - drunk face 9:25 - bloody valentine 13:24 - forget me too 17:57 - all i know 21:59 - lonely 24:53 - WWIII 26:45 - concert for aliens 29:57 - my ex's best friend 32:54 - jawbreaker 35:34 - nothing inside 38:49 - banyan tree 41:28 - play this when i'm gone 45:00 - body bag

    • Saul Reyna
      Saul Reyna

      Not all heroes wear capes

  • Dana Turner
    Dana Turner

    The song lonely makes me break down every fuckin time. Like fuckkkkkkk, I've lost too many people too soon 🖤

  • Ava Ramirez
    Ava Ramirez

    I loved this

  • Drizzy Drake
    Drizzy Drake

    damn eminem really got to him lol

  • Grayson IsHere
    Grayson IsHere

    0:38 title track 3:14 kiss kiss 6:35 drunk face 9:25 bloody valentine 13:01 body bag 13:24 forget me too 17:58 all i know 21:59 lonely 24:52 WWIII 26:45 concert for aliens 29:57 my ex's best friend 32:55 jawbreaker 35:35 nothing inside 39:23 banyan tree 41:28 play this when i'm gone

    • Johann.jc14

      bro der sinn ist, das man es als film guckt und nicht die einzelnen lieder hört

    • Ana Patricia Ynoa Sánchez
      Ana Patricia Ynoa Sánchez


    • Ginevra Santoro
      Ginevra Santoro


    • Isabella Swan
      Isabella Swan

      Thank you

    • NorthStar Anvil
      NorthStar Anvil


  • Willow Sowers
    Willow Sowers

    The part with Travis sitting in a toilet playing the drums had me dead