Minecraft Live: Vote for the Moobloom!
Which mob do you want to see in Minecraft? Vote for the Moobloom if you feel like flowers and cows living as separate entities has gone on long enough! It’s time to combine them and luckily for us it turned out adorable. Please don’t ask about the Meowtree, sometimes the question isn’t ”can we” but ”should we, because the branches have claws, oh no the branches ARE claws”. In any case, if you are on Team Moobloom head over to Minecraft Live on October 3rd to cast your vote! Read more about the mob vote here: minecraft.net/article/minecraft-live-vote-for-next-mob

  • Apex

    Notch is lonely. everyone who is watching this: POOR NOTCH I WILL BE UR FRIEND, Agnus: MOoOOOOoooooooOOOOoOoOblOOOmS

  • Tapasya Sharma
    Tapasya Sharma

    They are so cute

  • Benjamin Little
    Benjamin Little

    thanks, DREAM!

  • Lazy and sleepy Anna
    Lazy and sleepy Anna

    Are you serious they picked glow squid and not Moobloom.

  • Normal Human Normal Human
    Normal Human Normal Human

    Im so happy glow squid won the vote! How about you? Tell which mob you wanted to win in the comments!

  • Novilia Novilia
    Novilia Novilia

    Rest in peperonni jens

  • عبداللة محمد سعدي العرب
    عبداللة محمد سعدي العرب

    10% moobloom 30% iceloger 80% glow squid 100% agnes dont answer jens

  • Trip Hoffman
    Trip Hoffman

    Wait, why couldn’t they just add all of the mobs?

  • Jadon Butcher
    Jadon Butcher

    Vote moobloom

  • Peppa Pig xD
    Peppa Pig xD

    Moobloom needed to win

  • i’m being held againts my will
    i’m being held againts my will

    Jeb is a simp, my life is a lie

  • saintsrowfan 305
    saintsrowfan 305

    When you realize this lost to a retexured squid.

  • Spoopy Mantis
    Spoopy Mantis

    Kinda wish Moobloom won. But hey we get what we get. Maybe next update.

  • I Play WildCraft
    I Play WildCraft

    I actually want this thing in the game, only because of dream, everybody votes the glow squid. Like c’mon

  • Agustín Sepúlveda
    Agustín Sepúlveda

    Me en canta moobloon




    Sorry bees, no friend for you :c

  • Yasmin Khile
    Yasmin Khile


  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    I want moobloom to win.

    • Charles Calvin
      Charles Calvin

      @tony Fun..... 👎

    • tony Fun
      tony Fun

      An imposter "emergency meeting"

  • Sousoumaxgamer

    Will these mobs face the same fate, like the other mobs (with the Phantom) who didn't get voted, and then gone forever ?

  • F. B. I
    F. B. I

    What new players see: aw it’s so nice i can live there The Minecraft players: yeah but what about night time what about getting food ores how can you make it in 1 night without destroying trees and mountains.

  • Whaty or sumthin
    Whaty or sumthin

    i feel bad for the bees. they deserve friends... but squids are cool

  • Angry Pepe
    Angry Pepe

    F in the chat for the pisscow boiz. dreams fanbase ruined it

  • MineDogo

    y e s *votes yes* *Y E S*

  • Lizzie Howard
    Lizzie Howard

    aaaa aaaawwwwwww

  • Рандомный челик
    Рандомный челик

    Scp-1.17 jp-5 Object class-safe

  • Undyne TR
    Undyne TR

    I want it cute moobloom uwu

  • Super Shopkins
    Super Shopkins

    I actually thought moobloom would win but it didn’t even make the final 2 for the vote

  • Elrond 076
    Elrond 076

    What a pity that this mob will not win in min

  • Alan Braga
    Alan Braga

    I really wanted this mob ._.

  • Fagner Lourenco
    Fagner Lourenco


  • Helene Sofie Torgersen
    Helene Sofie Torgersen

    Whyyyyyyy did we not get this?? Glowing squid?? It's not even glowing 😭😭😭😭😭

  • It z Gacha Galaxy _Official
    It z Gacha Galaxy _Official

    I was always wanted moobloom

  • Toad's Candy
    Toad's Candy

    I love that these fans got 3rd place and arent complaining nearly as much as iceologer fans

  • Redstone circuit of fun MC
    Redstone circuit of fun MC

    I am sad because he did not get voted.....

  • MinecraftMan123

    Agnes: *violently ignores Ygens*(sry if i spelled it wrong)

  • molly howell
    molly howell

    :( it’s so sad to hear them saying aww because he wasn’t picked as soon as I saw him It was love at first sight dream

  • Brad Schaefer
    Brad Schaefer

    I wish this cute cow won

  • Sfs rocket lab
    Sfs rocket lab

    This this is what i want for farms

  • Devendra Kumar
    Devendra Kumar

    Agnes ignores Jeb in Moobloom video and later Jeb ignores him during Iceologer video which is next.

  • Pikmin adventures and Journeys
    Pikmin adventures and Journeys

    At least there Finaly adding cave update

  • lil b
    lil b

    I love the moobloom

  • Sir Luke
    Sir Luke

    i'm in spain but without the s 😔

  • CoolSkeleton95

    Poor mobloom didnt got chance to win

  • cool guy machine
    cool guy machine

    jeb more like simp

  • Amine rami
    Amine rami

    Yay its dead

  • Manuel Pereira
    Manuel Pereira


    • Amine rami
      Amine rami

      Glad it didnt win

  • FBI

    I think they're eventually gonna add all of the mobs from the votes from the past few years into one big update THE MOOBLOOM WILL BE ADDED IF IT DOESNT I DONT KNOW WHAT IM GONNA DO WITH MY LIFE!

  • Bradley Atkin
    Bradley Atkin

    My poor poor babies...

  • Ryan

    Vaca amarilla

  • soup

    we failed you moobloom 😔

    • Moobloom

      soup I forgive you, I’m sorry, I have also failed you

  • chaise OMG dragon
    chaise OMG dragon

    I love the moobloom

  • Katelynn Huynh
    Katelynn Huynh

    they all wanted to be like dream and picked the squid 😢😭🥺

  • ember boehne
    ember boehne

    *_right, agnes?_*

  • Angel Santizo
    Angel Santizo


  • Williams World
    Williams World

    Why did the moon loom not win the vote

  • Kian Langa
    Kian Langa

    I vote for this mob plz be added to the game

  • SoundFire OFFICIAL
    SoundFire OFFICIAL

    I like this

  • Caçador de mendigos e DOS seus defensores
    Caçador de mendigos e DOS seus defensores

    I don't like dream anymore...

  • Alanna Hamilton
    Alanna Hamilton

    moon bloom should have been in the game f**k glow squid

  • Caleigh A
    Caleigh A

    I just watched all the new mob videos, and it seems like this is the one Minecraft favored lol

  • Bil Geç
    Bil Geç


  • DoodleDoodlesDoodles

    I'm not crying......

    • Amine rami
      Amine rami

      Cry more

  • mrg rapp
    mrg rapp

    b i s s c o w

  • Poopy rat lol
    Poopy rat lol

    If it won and we shear them will they give us the flowers

  • Dr. MarioYT
    Dr. MarioYT

    We need to get my guy jeb some friends one like on this comment equals you're a friend of jeb.

  • godzilla 360
    godzilla 360

    Would rather have this than a glowing squid.

  • Jesica Crabb
    Jesica Crabb

    Another question can you ride on it

  • BlackStar

    Hopefully they retry to add this

  • Minecraft Bee
    Minecraft Bee

    We where destin to loose Dream knew what he was doing 😞

  • eye

    Poor bee he got no Friends

  • Briscelyn Cotter
    Briscelyn Cotter


  • Kevin C.l
    Kevin C.l

    We are friends like Agnes? *this is so sad*

  • • softsukii
    • softsukii

    I wanted Moobloom... What do people find attractive in a glowing squid? They don't even glow. :'(

    • Karina Boombina
      Karina Boombina

      • softsukii ikr

    • æ

      @• softsukii u can search it in youtube. Sadly he deleted the post to

    • • softsukii
      • softsukii

      @æ Really? I liked him... What a shame.

    • æ

      @• softsukii yes he rigged the vote

    • • softsukii
      • softsukii

      @æ Dream? The Minecraft UZloadr?

  • Ms. Cringe
    Ms. Cringe

    if Moobloom existed I want to keep one so I can name it Sunny

  • Jayber Campos
    Jayber Campos

    I know glow squid won but I really want the moobloom. I want it in the game :(

  • Jayber Campos
    Jayber Campos

    "All I wanted was you"

  • We That
    We That

    I’m so so sorry I wish I could take back my decision.

  • that dude gamer
    that dude gamer

    This shouldve won but dream ruined the vote

    • that dude gamer
      that dude gamer

      @æ yes

    • æ

      Unsubscribe bomb to dream

  • Rxsy_duckz

    If she said something about a flower biome does that mean...

  • Rittf GoinmBa
    Rittf GoinmBa


  • Sansy


  • hana Berisa
    hana Berisa

    We need moobloom

  • Kai Trinh
    Kai Trinh

    I want moobloom

  • helo Kittyyy
    helo Kittyyy

    Agnes is so cute

  • Sarú

    Minecraft é mt foda kk

  • nao tenho nome :v
    nao tenho nome :v

    They are cute

  • theelecticzoo

    an adorable little yellow cow with flowers, and yall chose a squid

  • bils fruitbat
    bils fruitbat

    poor jeb. he got shut down three times 😭

  • bils fruitbat
    bils fruitbat

    i love your accents! they are so cool! ❤️❤️❤️

  • A

    This and iceolger would be awesome but squid that glows really?

    • Unknown King
      Unknown King

      Anyways lets hope that they add something to glow squid in future when the update is released otherwise it will be just a variant of an already useless mob that seriously does nothing.

    • Unknown King
      Unknown King

      The glow of glow squid is like Enderman eyes so not sure it will even do its function,glowing or not.

  • Small Rxse
    Small Rxse


  • Odin Dellerson
    Odin Dellerson

    Moo blooms please

  • KingDisconator

    I just got the noti is already been voted out

  • Trent Tiegs
    Trent Tiegs

    I feel like I'm the only one who voted for the Moobloom :(

  • Oh No
    Oh No

    Why did I just get a notification for this

  • Lola

    I wanted the flower cow 🥺

  • AydronotlDraws

    The minecraft dev team are some of the most talented people on earth

  • Radosław Dumkiewicz
    Radosław Dumkiewicz

    F for moobloom

  • Paul Urkawich
    Paul Urkawich

    The moobloom was the best mob and the only one that would actually be useful. why did everyone have to vote for a useless squid that just floats around on the bottom of the ocean? :'( :'( :'( i am very sad now.

    • Paul Urkawich
      Paul Urkawich

      i gues iceologers were pretty cool too, at least cooler than a squid.

    • Paul Urkawich
      Paul Urkawich

      well just think of the improved farms we could have made with mooblooms and bees.

    • t

      iceologers were the actual useful ones but mooblooms were cute, too bad the squid that doesnt even glow won 😔