We were told this homeless dog had 4 puppies - we found more!!! :-)
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Haleakala (the mom) and her puppies: Leilani, Molokai, Kalani, Koa, Luana, and Kaiko are all looking for their forever homes!
I am so happy #HopeForPaws got this call from Tracey Smith or else this family could have been in serious trouble. You can see the cutest pictures of this family on our website: www.HopeForPaws.org/Dog_Adoptions
If you would like to adopt one of these family members, please contact our friends at The Little Red Dog Rescue: TheLittleRedDog.org
To learn how you can support us every time you shop on Amazon, please click here: www.HopeForPaws.org/amazon_smile_hope_for_paws
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    I have scientifically determined that the cutest thing in the universe is chubby, sleepy little puppies getting baths in a sink. It's science.

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      Wilma Smith

      I want to Adopt one of the boys ‼️👍🏻💖💜😎 (Please)

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      Dogs are humans best friend so we naturally love them.

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    Deborah Ross

    Use tomato juice to get rid of skunk smell. God bless.

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    As I see it! Patti Dail

    "Pele" would have been a great name for one of the girls! Madame Pele' the fire Goddess!

  • As I see it! Patti Dail
    As I see it! Patti Dail

    I'd bet they would love a bacon cheeseburger!

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    Krista Doyon

    Beautiful cute pretty save happy baby dog and puppies world today

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    Such chonky cute little puppies! I wanna hug them all.

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    Real humans🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

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    Next time bath with tomato juice. Jody S

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    Valentina Quercia

    Los deben haber adoptados a todos rapidamente, ¡son muy bellos!, ¡Felicitaciones a todos y especialmente a la mamá perra!

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    Salam Allah sizdən razı olsun

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    Thank you good and heartfull guys for rescuing innocent angels💟💟💟🌷🌷🌷😙😙😙

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    OMG they are soooo cute

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    I love you all people to help the dogs. I hope some day i can visit them .

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    I like kalani that relaxed 😎 it makes me feel cuteness 😍

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    She's very happy, good present.

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    Those Puppies are So Cute.. 🥰🥰🥰I want one!!!🤗Leilane it's Fine..for me👍😁

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    Summer Lightfeather

    Tomato juice .....and fresh squeezed lemon juice Or Odormute or odorban These three methods will cut skunk odor G

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    Coach T. Phill

    😇😇😇😇💕💕🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘I love you

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    The best video

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    Thank for saving and helping animals guys! I really appreciate it! You are heroes that we need. God bless you! I love everyone who loves animals like me!😍🤗😘

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    Deodath Ramroop

    Those puppies are huge

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    So cute puppys

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    Made me Cry

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    _3MSC_ MSC*_

    Ja sam iz Bosne ( Bih) Sve bih na svijetu dala da mogu raditi sa vama taj posao da pomazem životinjama , životni san mi je da imam azil za pse 🙏🙏🤲🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤❤❤


    Hello! Very happy for Doug Good girl! 😁😁😁👍👍👍

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    Wow, now that kind of commercial I don't mind watching! Nice!

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    Mohammed Saemi

    خدایا شکر که انسانهای خوب و با وفا مثل این عزیزان هستند که به حیات وحش کمک میکنند من ازگروه شما تشکر میکنم واز خدا سلامتی برای خود وعزیزانتان را خواستارم.ای کاش من هم سرمایه ای داشتم که این گروه راتشکیل میدادم.خدا خیرتان بدهد

  • Дональд Трамп
    Дональд Трамп

    These dogs weren't homeless, they lived at this shop. They all looked well fed and taken care of. The pups were sleeping on a special bedding. Some Latino guy approached them, but these brave rescuers said "...It's OK". Do they have a right to take dogs from anybody?

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    I want to be an animal rescue

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    Супер женщина ухаживает за собакой и кормить щенки

  • Надя Бухарева
    Надя Бухарева

    Супер женщина ухаживает за собакой и щенки

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    Veronica Vatavu

    Cum arată o cățelușa cu puișorii în jurul ei?

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      Ceva mai frumos l?

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    Every time I have a bad day , I come to this channel , and I have a smile on my face in no time !

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    I like dog

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    Kathy Lopez

    Heard that tomato juice would do it.

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    Can't you see she was trying to protect her babies.

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    You guys are awesome!

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    I heard ketchup helps a lot in getting rid of skunk stench if you get sprayed.

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    1.7 B nesini beğenmediniz...hayvanları sevmeyen insanlarıda sevmez...

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    My goodness I could watch them all together all day🥰 the mummy and the puppies are absolutely gorgeous 😍

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    I love all the Hawaiian names you gave them. Wash time was the sweetest! Thank you again for all the wonderful work you and your team do. Sending much love and appreciation from London.

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    Your stories are so uplifting and hopeful ❤️❤️❤️ Love love love your videos. Thank you for all that you do 💖💖💖

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    I want a dog baby black colour

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    Awwww They're soooo fat and chubby!!!

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    Debbie Stephens

    Imagine her fear 😨. She knows her baby's are out there.

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      The puppies are huge !!!

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    Những cún con xinh xinh , love all

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    Tree Booker

    What a joy to witness this rescue. Lots of love to all. The mom and the kids. Happy happy. ❤❤❤😷❤what a great mom she is. So concerned for her babies. They are all beautiful.

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    Gail Remp

    Keep tomato juice on hand. That gets rid of skunk smell really and truly

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    they are beautiful

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    Nataly Mariscal

    Whaaat? Why so many dislikes? They are the best rescue that can ever exist ❤ and help many hopeless dogs lives into a better life for them.

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      Some are just bots and some are too heartbroken for what happened to the dogs.

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    Skunk spray? Easy to remove... Hydrogen Peroxide and dish soap. Skunk Spray is an OIL. So washing the dog in Tomato Juice or soap and water does not have much affect. I learned this the hard way. 5 bathes in 2 days did nothing. So I went to the internet and found out that all you have to do is mix 500ml of Hydrogen Peroxide with a table spoon of dish-soap, and bathe the dog using that only. Then rinse with warm water. Wow... I was so amazed and so thankful. It worked. As easy as that.

  • Rochelle Fox
    Rochelle Fox

    Kaiko has the most beautiful eyes! Koloni is too cute! They all have spots on the nose except the darker ones i seems! They are so sweet! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

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    I used Dawn on my skunks dog and it seemed to dilute the smell to almost nothing. It wore off after 3-4 days.

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    Thanks God bless you for your work 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    you guys are so positive. havent seen happy and energetic people like you guys. when u are helping you doing it so happly thats making me feel so good. the way you guys talk thats so postive. here in my country and also family everyone is so hard people i wish i was having people around me like you guys. watching from turkey so proud

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    y’all are the sweetest thanks for what you are doing

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    Gia Lovely Gossip & Tea Channel

    A question why can’t a mother and her puppies ever seem to be able to stay together as a family?

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    Gia Lovely Gossip & Tea Channel

    Such a good mommy :)

  • Gia Lovely Gossip & Tea Channel
    Gia Lovely Gossip & Tea Channel

    Tomato Juice is the one solution I heard that works for skunk smell?

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    I love you

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    This is stressing me out because it feels like the mom is separated from her pups for too long. I can't imagine her playing nice until she feels safe with them.

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    You guys have inspired me to be a animal rescuer

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    18:42 there so freakin cute 🥺💖