Year 6 Round Up, Roadmap & Reworks - 6News - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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  • 6News

    There is also a Kali Elite, full reveal video can be seen here:

    • Airsoft Wars
      Airsoft Wars

      Can they please just say mutes jammer has an emp because theirs no way radio frequencies can cancel out a light activated device like the claymore

    • Link-tono

      I have seen the Kali elite about one and a half moths ago in Casual when a Hacker in my Team equipped it XD

    • Angus Waterhouse
      Angus Waterhouse

      so they basically fucking destroyed dokkaebi

    • Microsoft Paint
      Microsoft Paint

      Still waiting on the Castle and Montagne elites. The two PATHFINDER ops without one.

  • Tocoolforschool

    Why did they remove dokkaebi flash bangs

  • SageIVXX

    Ik I knew this voice

  • Effect Jade
    Effect Jade

    I’m just happy we’re getting another Canadian op! And the Irish op as well. I’m part Irish

  • Joe Breakwell
    Joe Breakwell

    Siege desperately needs more maps to keep it fresh imo

  • Tom Danks
    Tom Danks

    Cant wait for Sean, the new irish defender operator who makes the cars outside the maps volatile and explode within attacker proximity B)

  • Jake Lynch
    Jake Lynch

    When will there be a alibi buff ever since Iana came alibi seems kinda weak. Her clone should match her skin

  • Diviy Idnani
    Diviy Idnani

    Is this all gonna happen in Y6S1 or throughout Y6?

  • Nauseous

    echo mains be like: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sezame

    Flores is laxing ngl

  • Liquid Tony
    Liquid Tony

    At this point they should just take melusi guns and knife and replace them with a water gun and a stick

  • Drake Shelburne
    Drake Shelburne

    I REALLY hope Mozzie elite skin is like Crocodile Dundee 🐊... with croc camo pests and him wrestling a croc or doing tricks on his dirt bike as animation!!!

  • Drake Shelburne
    Drake Shelburne

    I REALLY hope Mozzie elite skin is like Crocodile Dundee 🐊... with croc camo pests and him wrestling a croc or doing tricks on his dirt bike as animation!!!

  • Drake Shelburne
    Drake Shelburne

    I REALLY hope Mozzie elite skin is like Crocodile Dundee 🐊... with croc camo pests and him wrestling a croc or doing tricks on his dirt bike as animation!!!

  • 部首

    this game is getting too complitated R6 < CoD

  • Jacob Hobson
    Jacob Hobson

    Ops in battle pass in Bullshit, some of us don’t want to buy a battle pass every season and have out inventory full of skins we’ll never use, we just want the Op!!!

  • Kamil Matysik
    Kamil Matysik

    Will the battle pass last all of year 6 or is it 1 operator per battle pass


    Hey, could we get some more info on the Middle Eastern servers? Whats the situation looking like?

  • Nathan G
    Nathan G

    Imagine losing a game bcuz you tried to plant with 5 seconds left but you can’t bcuz a dead echo stoped you, Ubisoft just made Echo unplayable in ranked🤦🏽🤡

  • Ante Šošić
    Ante Šošić

    So assentialy ubi is adding a social creddit score like China irl

  • luciano trivelli
    luciano trivelli

    11:51 Me, a fuze main: *NOOOOOO*

  • Black_mamba

    I bet croatian operator whill have vhs2 and g36 as mane guns and as secondery hs2000 (springfield xd)

  • Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger
    Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger

    Still mad that I can’t have a monty elite skin because I’m like 1 of 3 monty mains in the world...

  • Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger
    Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger

    Can’t wait to get killed by a car bomb in season 4

  • Caddy Joey
    Caddy Joey

    reputation system is going to be toxic people will extremely vote to hurt players especially those Randoms who do bad or are just solo queuing in general

  • The Classy Pineapple
    The Classy Pineapple

    16:05 Kaplan?

  • Begy


  • BOSSxCreator

    So cool

  • john Lerma
    john Lerma

    How about you all get rid if mouse and keyboard features on console. Siege has so many cheaters. Alot of disadvantages for regular controller and regular players. We have to deal with crouch spamming, headshot aimbots. And the frame skipping. So many more.

  • jackabob 365
    jackabob 365

    Stop touch dokkeibi secondary gadgets

  • Sk3llyshr3dd3r

    Could you by operators with credits if your wanted ?

  • Jaeey_

    We need an Austrian operator!

  • Shaun Barber
    Shaun Barber

    I strongly dislike the attacker re-pick. Completely invalidates off-meta objective picks.

  • Gino L
    Gino L

    Maybe I'm paranoid but hackers couldn't use streamer mode to avoid getting reported?

  • S W
    S W

    The thing that sucks about taking nades away from Finka and Dokkaebi in place of the gonne-6 is that if you choose to keep your normal pistol like a big brain, you lose your nades for no reason. Huge nerf.

  • Jayden Fish
    Jayden Fish

    Buying a battle pass 4 time costs more than season pass and you don't get discounts

  • Tw1sted

    damn what a scam now you have to buy the battle pass evry season wic means youl need to spend 40 in stead of 25 a year like bruh i dont care about the skins lmao Edit: just realised that if you grind its only 10 euros

  • Skooks

    so when can we customize Elites? as a Cosmetic Junkie I wanna KNOW

  • The Slayer
    The Slayer

    If you were playing twitch, and changed in the prep phase what would happen????

  • Benjamin Beltrame
    Benjamin Beltrame

    I love that they are eliminating the year pass. Pro gamer move Ubi.

  • Gaby Robert
    Gaby Robert

    No Romania 🇷🇴 Operators?

  • aberdeendh

    Why not just let both defenders and attackers know what site is coming up? Rather than go through a repick.

  • Eduardo Matheus
    Eduardo Matheus

    I don't get the point in reworking a map just to put it the Casual playlist. Who gives a fuck about Casual, we want maps reworked in the Ranked playlist, period.

  • _ _Lønely_ _
    _ _Lønely_ _

    Hopefully Goyo can still place his gadget on shields as an add-on

  • Japanknees

    They dont want to give the advantage to attackers they want to balance it so its not one sided

  • Alex Bachynsky
    Alex Bachynsky

    Attack gonna be op bruh

  • Zachery Lewis
    Zachery Lewis

    I'm so happy that we're getting a First Nations operator

  • Jamie White
    Jamie White

    If they ever make a Swedish operator they just have to give them a bosg

  • F4tal SitDown
    F4tal SitDown

    Pickle Rick rat skin

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla

    Theres way too many changes just keep the game the same fix headshot reg and thats pretty much it, also stop reworking maps that are decent and making them bad.

  • No Simp
    No Simp

    Definitely gonna stop playing if most of this is true like drones after death they fucked the game sense op health etc major downfall 🤦‍♂️ make me want to throw away the whole Xbox

  • No Simp
    No Simp

    Game just pisses me off

  • Zaid Tayeh
    Zaid Tayeh

    they should add a commend system like in dota and dota has like sbmm but for reports and commends if you are not toxic you play with non toxic if you are toxic you play with toxic only bad thing about this in dota is that when you play bad you are reported and then play with toxic players cause the game thinks you were being toxic but in reality youre just terrible at the game like me

  • notBnS—

    no romanian op :(

  • 1ight

    What did they do to my boy goyo, I hope that bullshit doesn’t get added Ubisoft is just watering down every operator

  • Mountain_Man1

    they are adding rick and Morty items into the battle pass.

  • Digimonchamp1

    do you still get the bonuses that you would get from the season passes if you buy the battle pass? like extra bp points and extra renown

  • Sentinal Primal
    Sentinal Primal

    I really hope some of these changes dont happen. I dont like the new observation because what is the point of killing a twitch or echo if they can still use there tools and please no attacker repick it takes the away the preplaning and Meisul rework is just lazy, the Mira and Miastro "Rework" is even more lazy why would an op be able to crack bulletproof glass why not look at some fan reworks and use them i seen a Mira Concept rework and it was cool it was basically just a normal mira but the window is a TV screen.

  • Allylove133

    i'm not sure how i feel about them taking the year pass away, because if you have to buy a season pass to get the op unless its like 5 bucks its not worth the money: they could have reduced the cost this year by 1/2 or make it so they give enough credits that you can get all the season passes. as it is now its $25 US so i feel ike if they droped the price to 12ish if only for ops and keep it at 25 and you got two season pass worth of credits it would be fair. i mean the point of the year pass was so they you knew you would get the operators and not have to worry about it only buying it once a year.

  • Christopher Crimson
    Christopher Crimson

    I feel like they are giving way to much power to attackers. They need to find a way to balance attack and defense. I know defense usually had the upper hand but to just give the attackers that upper hand makes no sense

  • Sircade

    Me in a year at y7 reveal: *day 1095 of hoping for a new map*

  • BulletsFTW

    Better to fix the problematic maps than adding new ones

  • Zak Attree
    Zak Attree

    Hahaha bet the file game size is gunna need a big update

  • the xXhunteruXx
    the xXhunteruXx

    Were the kiwis ops at ?

  • Braincube 013
    Braincube 013

    If they don’t fix Crouchspam, Smurfing, and Cheating in general, the game WILL die. They’re already changing everything too much and nerfing all these operators and such that don’t need it all because pro league cried about it.... people are fed up, they BETTER do us right, especially now that they’re focusing on whether an operator likes dudes or not 😑


    Imma go to the negative rep

  • Owen McChord
    Owen McChord

    Oh no. That new matchmaking sounds like sbmm in casual

  • Twisted Turnip
    Twisted Turnip

    another crossover elite to another operator that already had one great, tomb raider would have been better on nomad and the resident evil elite would be more fitting on finka but no, ash and zofia, sure, it might be petty but that irritates me more than anything, also intrested to see how a fuse rework will go and if it will tie I'm to his comic based nighthaven adventures

    • TemHunter

      Totally agree, ash has 3(technically 1 is just a reskin of the other) zofia has 2 yet my boys castle and Montague still have none

  • Lykos

    I'm really glad for the reputation system. so many randoms throwing ranked matches.

  • Neo


  • Tewks

    They need to stop reworking maps and make new maps.

  • Marcus Clements
    Marcus Clements

    S2 operator tribe name is pronounced “nuh-kō-dah”

  • Jacob Switkowski
    Jacob Switkowski

    I dont like needing to pay $40 to get the new operators 2 weeks early. I dont care about the cosmetics, I just want ops.

  • CrazyTruckGamer

    The new menu looks like a rip off game

  • Reaper425

    when are we gonna get the new elite customization?

  • ShadowTheSanta

    Sees Croatian operator: National pride +10

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom

    fuze is likely getting a grenade launcher that can penetrate soft walls with it's projectiles

  • Dom Dom
    Dom Dom

    WHY would I Ever shoot the gas can instead of the enemy in it's proximity?? grrrrrr

  • HotWarioGaming

    Ah yesh me gadget is a potato gun ma’laddi

  • ToJo 0411
    ToJo 0411

    Anyone notice twitch had 3 secondaries so why couldn’t they give dokkaebi 3 secondary’s coz I prefer the c75

  • Inertia Streams
    Inertia Streams

    I think an interesting way the gadget could work is if it could have a proximity setting or manual detonate for goyos canister

  • jayy cw
    jayy cw

    cool powerpoint

  • VolticNL

    No new maps? Another casual rework? Multiple small walls added in maps and call it a day. Rainbow is a good game, but the development team gave up like 1,5 years ago

  • Ryan Bolson
    Ryan Bolson

    The Melusi thing I don’t mind, but I hope they can make it open slowly over time after being activated. So that the defense gets more information from it before it’s destroyed

  • Ryan Bolson
    Ryan Bolson

    I hate the after death cam thing, especially for the gadgets that are cameras. There’s no way that a dead echo or maestro should be able to control their gadgets. The whole balance behind them was they have to be vulnerable while using the gadget.

  • Kristóf Perity
    Kristóf Perity

    Dude why is it so hard to make a new fucking map instead of unnecessarily reworking maps like House or Chalet


    You can crucify me but the new logo is fucking stupid looks more like a mobile game than csgo competitor

  • Samuel Morris
    Samuel Morris

    The operator “tweaks” are just ruining some of the operators

  • Lachlan Bastin
    Lachlan Bastin

    it’s gonna be really scary when the Maestros, Echos and Twitches start fragging out without fear of losing their utility after death, it’ll mean killing them won’t be a substitute for actually destroying their gadgets

  • Lil Chanka
    Lil Chanka

    The armor thing is a pretty big nerf to doc

  • Cemetery Driver
    Cemetery Driver

    16:35 in the bottom right of the skin select it says view all, will they be adding a menu where you could view all the skins for every gun you own?

  • Connor Heet
    Connor Heet

    Not at all a fan of the after death change. Imagine being on attack in a 1v1, hard enough already, but then you're being shot at by an Evil Eye, a Yokai, and a Twitch drone Mozzie captured, all on top of the player actively trying to kill you. This change will be absolute hell for new players, as if the game wasn't already hard enough to learn. They will also need to draw a line as to what gadgets can be activated after death beyond drones/cameras. Logic Bombs? Lion Scans? Finka Bots? Those would be terrible for defenders to deal with in a similar 1v1 situation. My main gripe with the change is that it nullifies the death penalty. People already play stupid and die within 30 seconds, and with this change the amount of people doing that will go up significantly. Sure, they won't be able to control their op, but say they spawnpeek and get counter peeked in the first 10 seconds. Normally they wouldn't try that again after round 1, but since death isn't near as debilitating anymore, you can expect them to peek the same window every round, dying instantly, and relegating them to their gadgets.

  • Tyler Geuens
    Tyler Geuens

    Reeeee not my fuze

  • Brandon Hardin
    Brandon Hardin

    Finka will be op... she can boost with wall destruction and shield destruction with flash bangs

  • Tad Bailey
    Tad Bailey

    (drone mains be like) yay lets piss them off when we are dead

  • Qusxk

    Finally get to repick

  • Cole McFarland
    Cole McFarland

    i dont like that echo can use it after hes dead man seems kind of overpowered

  • zWxLIDD-

    Rip 2017-18 siege

  • Рмαη_Я

    Easy Way To Fix The Game Is Not Play Because These Changes Are Kind Of Stupid N It Been Like That Since y2 Season 4 Played Like 2 Hrs Every Other Day

  • ZarKus

    i wish for a op from the Czech Republic