DNR Officer Harasses Subaru Driver on Ice
Building a drift track on the frozen lake with and taking our cars on it!
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice
Subaru WRX on Thin Ice
DNR Officer Harasses Subaru Driver on Ice
In todays video, we plow a track on the frozen lake and then stud the tires of Micah's Subaru WRX to test out on the frozen thin ice! We take Kens Focus RS and our Maverick X3 out too!! Later a DNR officer comes and tells us to stop. We also give you guys a tour of our shop as it is being remodeled!

  • CboysTV

    Drop a like for Micah's insurance going up 😂

    • TweakyBirdFPV

      Fuck da dnr

    • Simon Holm
      Simon Holm

      Mr swedberg what a guy 😂

    • Zander Lenz
      Zander Lenz

      They should do the same thing with the maverick but on the shifter cart.

    • Alex K
      Alex K

      You need to fight it not lay over and take it in the ass from the government

    • mrsmel269


  • Nutmeg Donkey
    Nutmeg Donkey

    I really hope they got an attorney. you don't want a reckless and you literally weren't on a road . so there's that. Cop is a douche. if he was a "nice guy " he would've asked you to leave without any tickets.

  • Voluntarymentalist

    Stop making excuses. "Just my job" doesn't justify a damn thing. Not only was that ticket more than likely not valid, he had discretion ....more over he could have ignored the post...but he follows you guys for this reason. Cops are the gun for politicks.

  • Ashton Thomas
    Ashton Thomas

    yes there is an insurance claim for falling through the ice. Our RZR fell through the river and got $14,000 from insurance.

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant

    Legally this was a closed course the only thing you guys could’ve done differently to possibly prevent the ticket would’ve been to close any access to where you guys were, people can set up boat race courses on public lakes and that’s considered a closed course so I don’t see why he didn’t consider it a closed course

  • Emilijus Raminas
    Emilijus Raminas


  • Janizki

    here in finland we litterally create tracks around our lakes that ppl go on to have fun in the winter and to travel around certain points faster. Cops litterally sometimes join us to have fun if they are bored LOL I live around the biggest lake in finland so the ice tracks are long and insane.

  • Logan Stern
    Logan Stern

    MNDNR at its finest, ive dealt with them several times. Some are nice, but most are out just to give you some sort of ticket.

  • Brogers_

    Thats just rediculous...

  • Simon Sørensen
    Simon Sørensen

    Does traffic rules apply on water, officer? -Call the coast guard or fuck off mate!

  • Jonah Fastré
    Jonah Fastré

    Look imma be totally honest, that was a pretty controlled environment, no one else was there to get hurt, you guys pretty skilled and know what you’re doing, that officer is almost harassing you guys by targeting you via social media

  • Griffinshite

    9:40 DNR appears

  • Valdemar Perez III
    Valdemar Perez III

    I thought California cops were shitty.

  • Mac Thompson
    Mac Thompson

    the lakes get crowded in the winter when people are ice fishing. So i sorta see why they would enforce road safety rules on the lake. But that doesnt apply to this. This isn't about safety or anything its about collecting money and its gross. Police state BS.

  • Freind Youtuber
    Freind Youtuber


  • Freind Youtuber
    Freind Youtuber

    Nice 👍

  • Prometheus

    Is there no baby bird in distress that this guy should be dealing with

  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha

    K nice vedeo

  • Anuradha Kumari
    Anuradha Kumari


  • kuldeep singh
    kuldeep singh

    Fight it, you have him on tape saying he had a feeling that you were out there, that is profiling.

  • sukhvinder s
    sukhvinder s


  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha

    Kk nice

  • havok9001

    that cop like i feel those dude doing something funny better go check it out oh look they on ice

  • Daddy FIX IT
    Daddy FIX IT

    You younger people put everything on Instagram just be patient wait till you done it and out the way. Don’t piss this cop off ever cos all the evidence is right here. Awesome spin by the way 👍👍👍👍👍

  • fat lenny
    fat lenny

    If some one was doing this on a snowmobile or a side by side they would not have done shit. Get an orv sticker and they cant do shit!


    Challenge ?

  • Parag S
    Parag S


  • سالم السالم
    سالم السالم

    IDK why but c boys are erasing my memory of the virus

  • Yadagiri Narasimha
    Yadagiri Narasimha

    Nice kk

  • 유AƿєXツGaming๛YT


  • Chance McClendon
    Chance McClendon

    judge- "this ticket says you were drifting your car on public waters... um.. what"

  • Freind Youtuber
    Freind Youtuber


  • Kusum Lata
    Kusum Lata

    Good work

  • sukhvinder s
    sukhvinder s

    great machine



  • OPWarrior XP
    OPWarrior XP

    Well not harassment but still he's doing his job

  • Кристиян Илиев
    Кристиян Илиев

    "Its public water", am I not allow to drive my car on the water?! What's up with this dude, I'm pretty sure your law is just like ours and it is regarding "public roads" which that surely isn't.. Impressive how you can be so chill with guy like this..

  • Pete Harriss
    Pete Harriss

    Officer could have given them a warning and a "move on". Not convinced that ticket would hold up in court, they took pretty extensive measures to create a safe track out of the way, hardly what you could call "careless". In Australia that's what we'd call a 'cuntish' act.

  • Tyler Schulte
    Tyler Schulte

    You guys took that ticket a lot more respectfully than a lot of people would have, I’m just glad you guys have so little crime going on around there that the biggest problem your dnr has to deal with is some kids minding their own doing donuts on a lake, literally not bothering ANYONE 🤦🏻

  • thom

    It’s sure a good thing that officer was able to be there in such good time to stop all that unsafe behavior You may as well have just drifted through the city with how many people your putting in danger

  • rockymntdan1

    Fight the ticket for sure. But the real reason he should be sincerely concerned is you guys are creating pressure waves under the ice when running fast like that. Ever watch "Ice Road Truckers" ? you guys could potentially go through the ice doing stuff like that.

  • Arild Myhren
    Arild Myhren

    Why not get real winter tires that are ready for spikes. 10x more grip

  • kchortu

    jesus just delay your instagram by like one day maybe 2?

  • Taylor Finch
    Taylor Finch

    Posted it on IG the same day. you gotta wait and post after

  • Targeted 1
    Targeted 1

    If his car accidentally fell out of a transport plane the cop would write him a ticket for going too fast through the air & for littering @ the impact location.

  • Josh Jenkins
    Josh Jenkins

    It’s not nice to Instagram stock someone and fine them

  • Kamalameleon

    This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course! unless that was staged that cop says otherwise....

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt

    Public waters! Bullshit all I see is ice

  • N Moran
    N Moran

    So you guys can’t tell me that you brought 7500 pounds of F1 50 on the lake and didn’t check how thick the ice was OK so that’s stupid but if you did check and I’m sorry for calling you stupid It’s not worth it don’t mess around with the ice you got 12 inches of ice no problem That shop is cool though

    • Mac Thompson
      Mac Thompson

      Minnesota in January its not a problem. The town i live in the lake is literally a parking lot in the winter.

  • TheRealRicer

    The cop was being "nice" but he was being an asshole. He literally saw them doing this online, and went OUT OF HIS WAY to shut it down. He literally could have kept scrolling but NOOOO.

  • Itz_Just_ Grayyy
    Itz_Just_ Grayyy

    Oh those offices going to be cozy asf

  • TheStp77

    Man im i glad i grew up when we were aloud to be kids. Now even if you are alone a tax collector will have some interpretation of some random law to issue a ticket.

  • bumboybandit

    Defund the dnr! Lol

  • Scott Nemeth
    Scott Nemeth

    Ticketer: Lets watch these guys dangerously plow snow on a lake until 4hrs later when the cars come on

  • Scott Nemeth
    Scott Nemeth

    You really endangered a lot of pedestrians and destroyed a ton of public snow

  • Scott Nemeth
    Scott Nemeth

    Wow, what a dick, that’s not a road.. i guess you will just have to drift on the road in a city area instead of a completely controlled area free of any pedestrians or public objects that could be damaged. It’s not like speed runs are legally done on the lake in Wisconsin... oh wait, they do drag race across that ice at 150mph. So why don’t people get tickets racing on the salt flats? With all the crap down over the year... couple of guys try to safely let of steam without having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a race track 4hrs away. Might as well give local pilots speeding tickets for flying to fast across that lake as well

  • Ian Kahley
    Ian Kahley

    He sounds like a ela teachers

    • Ian Kahley
      Ian Kahley

      The dnr

  • john Noneyr
    john Noneyr

    Live and let live

  • Cowboy

    what a dick DNR. he should have let ya'll with a warning because there was actually no other people in the area.

  • Leif Grasjo
    Leif Grasjo

    you werent harassed he just told you not to do it because you were being stupid

  • Justin Schiffner
    Justin Schiffner

    pov your 10 and this is what you imagine your dream house with the boy would look like

  • Jlatt031

    he could have let yall slide u even gave him some damn camera time for fuck sake lol, but yea its def at their discretion for sure!!

  • Eric Meakins
    Eric Meakins

    "See you in court" is the only appropriate response

  • Yue Rong
    Yue Rong

    The odd virgo normally mourn because sampan unusually excuse since a forgetful men. vengeful, ambitious great-grandmother

  • Zane Petty
    Zane Petty

    This cop is an absolute idiot. He literally watches their Instagram to see when he can catch them. He should be fired or at least moved to a different beat. He’s obviously preying on them. I’m sure he could find something else to do in the city or on a roadway. He’s a total beta male idiot who needs to figure out better things to do with his time on the clock. I’m really ashamed right now as prior sheriffs deputy and police officer. It’s a shame how he’s laughing and smiling too. He’s trying to impress his friends on social media. He’s an embarrassment to law enforcement.

  • just me
    just me

    Is it actualy illeagal to do this ? I mean it isn't a public road so traffic laws dont apply. I guess he could since its public property but idk

  • Roberts Ramanis
    Roberts Ramanis

    I like this is legal in sweden :))

  • Thicok45

    Get this man some wheel spacers

  • Burdett MacDonald 902
    Burdett MacDonald 902

    Nothing personal to the dnr guy but man that profession is useless in that sense. It's winter time and we play on the ice it's always been the way. Unreal

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt

    In WI they have ice races. You can drive snowmobiles, dirt bikes on the ice and vehicles. I have never heard of a fine for anything like this. As long as vehicle doesnt fall in you should be fine.

  • Mountain Sledder
    Mountain Sledder

    In Fort st john, B.C its completely legal to do this. AND EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO DOES IT!

  • Big Daddy Wheels
    Big Daddy Wheels

    Mr authority holding his collar kickin the ground like nervous little kid. Stalking your IG. What a hero.

  • Outdoor Daily
    Outdoor Daily

    You know what you do that space in the biggest office is you put a sweet racebike in there, right in front of the desk. Sittin on a display stand all nice and shiny and shit

  • Jason Park
    Jason Park

    Looks like he let you get away with it almost all day before coming to bust you.

  • Matt Mauney
    Matt Mauney

    That Cop thought he was the cool guy when he's just the town Douche

  • Darthrocker06

    that cop needs to back off, they arent hurting anyone out there. I DONT SEE ANY BOATS OR SWIMMERS IN THE AREA DO YOU?

  • Spence G
    Spence G

    if he can write you a road ticket for being on the ice.. that means car insurance should cover you when your car goes through the ice..?

  • tho mas
    tho mas

    Wow, what a douche bag, that’s our tax dollars at work again.

  • Cash Plu
    Cash Plu

    They looked like a pit crew running up after Ben got done with the cyclone

  • Mr Reviews it all
    Mr Reviews it all

    old dutch tater chips. the only good thing about sota

  • TheEliteShatter

    What the fuck? Water is public water?? No one owns it so no one controls it?

  • MyUndefeated

    I'm glad the dnr in wisconsin let's us do this.

  • Kimax

    you should do a simular stunt, but hold back on the insta. Post on insta the next day and just wait for the cop to show up. :D

  • Sparky Mac
    Sparky Mac

    Meanwhile in the city some one actually drifting in traffic while drunk

  • Travis Fishwick
    Travis Fishwick

    Are they ballsy up there or can ya outrun them in a 500 dollar wreck for fun lol been there fuck dnr outrun wm

  • UnethicalGamer

    im 100% sure a layer would look at that ticket and look at the footage and get that shit thrown out in court.

  • T Estes
    T Estes

    I would fight a ticket that questionable. You had no criminal intent and were not harming anything or anyone. Quite a lot of grey area there for that one especially with that beimg the only ticket he could come up with to write you. But I'm sure you're used to being targeted. Anyway thanks for the killer content. Keep doin what you do.

  • Ryan Estrada
    Ryan Estrada


  • Ammon Christensen
    Ammon Christensen

    I would have taken that one to court when he pulled the 'public lands' card and responded with 'sure, and we're happy to accommodate any other soul that wanders out here on this public land.' Careless driving makes 100% more sense when other vehicles could be endangered.

  • HondaFit4Adventure

    Rookies, WhistlinDiesel would have had a boat number on the car. You can't cite me a road violation if I'm on a water way in a marine vehicle. What were you doing that was wreckless? Unlawful Operation (625 ILCS) Illinois law states that these operating practices are illegal.■Careless Operation (625 ILCS 45/5-1) of a vessel is operating in a careless manner that causes danger to any person or property, or operating at speeds greater than that which allows the operator to bring the vessel to a stop within an assured clear distance ahead.■Reckless Operation(625 ILCS 45/5-2) of a vessel or the reckless manipulation of water skis, a surfboard, or similar device is operating in a manner that causes danger to the life, limb, or property of any person. Examples are:•Weaving your vessel through congested waterway traffic•Jumping a wake of another vessel unreasonably close or when visibility around the other vessel is obstructed•Waiting until the last moment to swerve and avoid collision•Operating a vessel in a manner that creates hazardous wave or wake conditions while approaching or passing another boat■Ov

  • william holmes
    william holmes

    That's not a cool cop, a warning would have solved the problem without wrecking the drivers insurance and rating. You were as far away from hurting or bothering anyone as possible. This is just wrong . . .

  • Finanin

    The back of your shop with the shipping containers was giving me tokyo drift vibes, Han's garage mostly

  • Joe Patenaude
    Joe Patenaude

    There is no law on the lake you can get in a accident with another car and there is nothing the cops can do or any law enforcement at least in Maine

  • Dylan West
    Dylan West

    yall wont be able to build anything close to as dope as fantasy factory not to mention Rob spent over a mil on the fantasy factory

  • Fireshots !!!
    Fireshots !!!

    put a trampoline by the edge so you can jump off the edge and onto the trampoline.

  • Connor Gleason
    Connor Gleason

    What kind of car is that

  • Wonder1263

    Who else dosent even car what the video is about we just know it’s going to be awesome

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson

    Why does everybody in murica rivet those dog shit arches on subarus? They all look like shit...

  • Jesse Paden
    Jesse Paden

    Fender flares and wheel spacers is not widebody nothing. As a fellow bug-eye owner, it's almost offensive to hear you call it a widebody🤦🤣

  • Tyler Mcgovern
    Tyler Mcgovern

    MN DNR Dicks.. Too many with not enough to do.. Liers and thieves.. Stay strong Minnesota