Tenderizing Steak Experiment - The Results are Shocking
Lets take a look at a few methods to tenderize your steaks. I'm going to do a comparison cook and see which method is best. Some of them may take you by surprise. The results are very distinct and interesting.
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    I love this steak experiment I am going to try it thanks for the great content I am new here and will be back again like39k very much

  • The Rising Phoenix Vapery
    The Rising Phoenix Vapery

    a Kiwi works best!

  • KodiLoaded

    General rule of thumb is you do not molest a tenderloin, Salt Pepper + Fire is all you need

  • King David
    King David

    I thought for sure he was going to beat hell out of the steak with the whole pineapple.

  • Debi Stanley
    Debi Stanley

    Question: If you buy meat to freeze for later, have you tried tray freezing beef in the pineapple, vacuum seal to see if it works during a thaw?

  • Debi Stanley
    Debi Stanley

    Love this video. Definitely giving them a try. The vinegar in Worcestershire works. I like the flavor. We have a food saver. I wouldn't use it for this. The bags are too expensive. My alternative, use a zip bag. Put meat, juice/marinade in zip seal bag with a air escape. I use a chop stick at one corner while sealing. Lay on counter and with side of hand or long wooden spoon dow, push as much air out as you can. Snap air hole. Place in a small tray (like a toaster oven pan). When you put it in the tray, abut the side of meat facing zip seal against side of pan, lay bag flap on meat and place something to keep it down. If you're having trouble with the bag sliding, a can of food, cup, anything with a little weight will take care of it.

  • Sidney Wallace
    Sidney Wallace

    My mom used kiwi all the time. And I understand what you are saying when you say it falls apart. But it is VERY tender. She cooked sirloins and they were more tender than tenderloin but with a different texture.

  • Luis Ewing
    Luis Ewing

    A mallet is for tenderizing a CHUCK STEAK which is a very tough cut of meat or any other tough cut of meat, you don't need a mallet for a rib eye steak, a T-bone Steak or Porterhouse unless it's a really thick steak and you're trying to pound it out a little flatter and spread it out so that it's NOT so thick so that it will cook more thoroughly and faster without burning the exterior. -- Another suggestion is to take 2 forks and repeatedly stab the steak on both sides and use Lea & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce to marinate your steaks in.

  • jeff S
    jeff S

    NO to Kosher salt! I did that and it's nasty!


    Great video, I sometimes do the pineapple, mix some pineapple and teriyaki sauce and pour it on while grilling...somewhat nice flavor.

  • Terry Riney
    Terry Riney

    I wonder salt kiwi and pineapple mixed together and use on the steak

  • Lillian Barnes
    Lillian Barnes

    You had me at the garlic wreath

  • Ernest Vaillancourt
    Ernest Vaillancourt

    Good vidio ,who knew that? Mallets are for chicken breast quick cooking.

  • Peter Curtis-Brown
    Peter Curtis-Brown

    Very polite young man you have there. Good job parents!

  • memories JRW
    memories JRW

    I have a kitchen tool that pierces about toothpick size holes in the meat allowing the marinate to seep inside the meat. It works really well especially tougher cuts of meat.

  • Glenda Wilkins
    Glenda Wilkins

    Thank you so much for info....You have a handsome helper there Dad...

  • Darren Miller
    Darren Miller

    I am thinking the salt method was supposed to be open and only leave it for like 15 or 20 minutes at most before you wash it off. Awesome video and your boy was extremely well mannered.

  • David Mercer
    David Mercer

    I would think that if you coat the steak in salt, wouldn't that just extract all of the juice out of the meat before it even cooks?

  • Peggy Blair
    Peggy Blair

    I'm a pineapple steak woman myself. It makes my meat easier to chew, plus it taste great..

  • Eóghan Ó Goirmghialla
    Eóghan Ó Goirmghialla

    No idea how you managed to wait till your boy was around before you started eating it. Seeing it being cut made me hungry.

  • David Rounds
    David Rounds

    I have used salt for many years and I always rinse the meat off under the faucet to remove the salt. Then I lightly re-salt and pepper before cooking. Some restaurants lightly sprinkle all steak and prime rib with garlic powder for added flavor.

  • jr tiff
    jr tiff

    try marinating in 1/2 hr increments, the longer you marinate with the pineapple and kiwi, the softer the meat becomes. it loses a lot of texture, it becomes to soft.

  • Boston Jackson
    Boston Jackson

    Hit it with a needle punch and then place it in a baggie with the juice of a pulverized pineapple core (the core is where the bromelain is stored), then let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two. After that hour or two, remove it from the fridge, rinse it, and let it come to room temperature before spreading beef tallow or butter on it and sprinkling it without your favorite seasoning, then, grill it to your desired doneness. Finally. let it rest in another basting of beef tallow or melted butter to soak up more juiciness.

  • larry Dabbs
    larry Dabbs

    At what temperature did you cook these steaks ??

  • Kontractor

    You young 'uns will learn the mallet really only works on thin cuts of meat, think pork chops. For meat that thick, I'll put a good edge and tip on my best knife, then "poke" it from all sides for a few minutes. Then I'll do my rub and refrigerate for a few hours. The knife tip cuts through the toughest strands that occur naturally in the meat, along with providing ways for your seasoning to penetrate deeper into the meat. I've used this method for years on some of the cheapest grocery store steaks and have rarely been disappointed.

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones

    This video taught me so much! Did not know that citrus could break down muscle fibers in steak. Although filet mignon is already a tender steak, I'm curious if anyone has tried this method on cheaper steaks, such as sirloin. I'm thinking to get a 1-inch sirloin and marinate it with pineapple. Poor man's filet mignon? Thanks again for the video. This guy is cool.

  • Christine Williams
    Christine Williams

    Steaks look really good although I like well-done. I'm going to use the different marinades. Thankyou

  • Maria Milewska
    Maria Milewska

    Very good l like me it

  • michael ougarezos
    michael ougarezos

    what a lovely boy

  • Peter Captain
    Peter Captain

    My wife says that putting the steak 2 hours in papaya juice also will tender a steak.

  • Ray Lane
    Ray Lane

    That was fun. Impressed with your son. Now I'm hungry and I have to go to bed. Sigh. I'll be going to the grocery store tomorrow!!!

  • Charlotte Miracle
    Charlotte Miracle

    Will canned pineapple chucks, ground in food processor, work for the pineapple?

    • Kontractor

      3:14. Processing destroys the enzyme.

  • Steve Fahnestalk
    Steve Fahnestalk

    I'd like to see this experiment with cheaper cuts; say, blade steak and so on.

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez

    Use papaya for 5 to 7 min then wash the meat you be surprised

  • Bob Woods
    Bob Woods

    Suggest you try substituting papaya (pawpaw) for pineapple or kiwi. Cheaper and I believe a bettter effect at breaking down the fibers in the meat.

  • Bob Teets
    Bob Teets

    Did you try reforming the Hammered Steak? That would make the thickness' closer.

  • peggy brown
    peggy brown

    The key to tender beef is to get as much moisture out of the meat as possible. NO WATER BASED marinades. Doing it Pittsburg style is my favorite. If you don't have access to a red hot steel billet then a raging hot wood fire will do. Put the steak in a camp fire basket and put it directly into the coals until burned on the surface then flip and dothe same. Comes out rare on the inside and crispy on the outside.

  • Freddie Ray
    Freddie Ray

    I'm going to try the pineapple method, will have to use freezer bags, as every household doesn't have a vacuum sealer...

  • Junaid Yousaf
    Junaid Yousaf

    Papaya is also one of the best natural tenderizer, used in India and Pakistan a lot, try it as well...

  • Susan Jackson
    Susan Jackson

    This steak video is very informative. Your son did a great job, it's nice getting our young ones interested in cooking. Im teaching my 5 yr old grandson. I too am tossing my mallet or donating it to a thrift store. Thank you for sharing.

  • cat tyler
    cat tyler

    I've pounded a steak that is partly frozen . I think it's better than pounding a thawed steak.

  • F R
    F R

    Fabulous scientific-palate comparison! You did address, but I would have liked if the mallet entry had been one with the teeth, rather than smashing and thinning. I may still buy one. The pineapple tenderizing looked wonderful, but takes an entire pineapple, either a specialized tool or big knife, and real arm strength to make happen. But for sure on my next grocery list is a couple of kiwis! Also, I’d forgo all the vacuum bagging, and just use regular zip locks. Thank you - I can’t wait to try your kiwi technique!

  • Stan Wiggins
    Stan Wiggins

    The mallet is great for tough meat you then want to put into the crock pot or pressure cooker, or for flank steak to make fajitas. Otherwise, they are great for keeping the kids in line .....lol, just kidding, I think.

  • Batbara Sitton
    Batbara Sitton

    I did the pineapple overnight and it mushed our steaks. Not too good. What did we do wrong . Haven’t tried the rest . Thank you for your tips . We will try kiwi next.

    • Kontractor

      Ouch! Too Long. Even at an hour and a half his steaks were falling apart. Although I might now try just resting them in a pineapple juice bath overnight. No food processer, no vacuum sealer, no counter space for new gadgets.

  • Jackalope Mystery
    Jackalope Mystery

    i am in the Philippines and the beef here is disgusting and tough as a shoe i grew up in Iowa and know good meat

  • Jackalope Mystery
    Jackalope Mystery

    great video thanks

  • Soul Search Gurus
    Soul Search Gurus

    Using a mallet does not tenderize meat, but simply smashes it. To tenderize meat one needs to be able to cut the variegated veins of fat and tendons. To accomplish this can be done by using a needle-like tenderizer. Thus when penetrating the meat the needles will cut the tendons fat, which is essentially tenderizing. Tenderizing meat is none by "cutting" the fatty tendons. Trevor

  • Barbara Simmons
    Barbara Simmons

    I don't understand how people can eat raw meat

  • Melissa Native
    Melissa Native


  • Tony Norona Jr.
    Tony Norona Jr.

    you can also use ripe or unripe papaya it has natyral enzyme on it. I haveen using it for over 20 years now.

  • T C
    T C

    I've always used pineapple to marinate. Does a great job. The boy deserves all that great steak.

  • Linda Roper
    Linda Roper

    I don't eat no meat that says moo when I cut into it .🤦I don't like blood or red ,don't want it burnt either .lol I love a good tender rib eye. 👍

  • Kevin Berry
    Kevin Berry

    London broils are always tough if you take a regular kitchen fork in beat it up every 15 minutes for an hour it comes out way more tender than the needle it makes it taste like a flaming yawn I mean when you go for a beer Fork the steak could so that could be three or four beers

    • Kevin Berry
      Kevin Berry

      The only time he need a mallet is when you flatten out chicken like chicken marsala it's not good to tenderize it's good to flatten

  • Kevin Berry
    Kevin Berry

    I was going to San Francisco in one of the restaurants told me you use watermelon watermelon juice to soak the ribs and the ribs were I think he sold them overnight but not sure

  • Peter.A. Langan
    Peter.A. Langan

    Pineapple tenderises very quickly, 2 hours is too long, 15 minutes is enough to soften it without softening too much. It’s something you need to experiment with with your meat to figure out how long to get it how you like it, but as I said 2 hours is overkill.

  • Johnny Thompson
    Johnny Thompson

    Try ripe pawpaw but watch your meat it falls through the grill

  • cut

    KIWI ! I don't like salt in my food.. if it can break down proteins and end up not tasting salty.. that's fine.. I would have to try both kiwi and pineaple // Enjoy your steaks !

  • Catwoman Hooah
    Catwoman Hooah

    I'm amazed at the comments on how polite the boy was. He is a very nice boy but what helped him to be that way is because of his father!! If you take the time to raise them right then politeness and good behavior are the result!! The spoiled, disrespectful, entitled, materialistic kids I see today are because they are raised that way! Please people take parenting classes and you will learn how to raise your children. Kudos to the great dad and really great boy!!👍💕

  • Travis Evans
    Travis Evans

    you should only use a mallet on a cheaper tougher cut of meat not a tenderloin.

  • dead life
    dead life

    I came for the steak but was more impressed by the father son relationship, reminds me of my own father. Thank you

  • roy vincent
    roy vincent

    dont throw your mallet out use it to flatten chicken breast for stuff like cordon bleu but do try the needles they work wonders

  • Rizalina Maiorana
    Rizalina Maiorana


  • Esther Elliott
    Esther Elliott

    Does seasoning make a difference in the tenderness? I like seasoning in my steak.

  • Laura Randolph
    Laura Randolph

    Is a baggie just as good or does the sealer make a big difference?

  • Catherine Vivian
    Catherine Vivian

    This wknd will be steak👌

  • Catherine Vivian
    Catherine Vivian

    So the best will be d kiwi & pineapple as tenderize? Right?👍

  • rg2metairie

    The mallet works well with other meat, pork chops , chicken breast, and eye of round.

  • rg2metairie

    STOP................. I'm craving now!!!

  • Ant Bee
    Ant Bee

    Mooooooooooooooooooo Tim Allen Tool Time 6 bucks for a pineapple ill smash it with my arm pit it juicer

  • tim

    is this about cooking food, or science?

  • Network Technician
    Network Technician

    great vid, wonderful family and I will test it with kiwi and pineapple too, but before I need a vacum machine :D

  • jimmymac63

    Why are you yelling sir?

  • Mick Mundell
    Mick Mundell

    Brazillian steakhouses marinade all their all the meat which is cooked on a rotisserie with pineapple and they are all about meat.....you nailed it !!!!

  • Andy Pastrikas
    Andy Pastrikas

    Happy anniversary happ

  • Paul Rosebush
    Paul Rosebush

    Why would you demo on Fillet Mignon, one of the most tender cuts??? If you bought Fillet Mignon that needs tenderizing, take it back to the butcher.

  • Leslee Watson
    Leslee Watson

    Awe, nice family. Good on you! I use a sprinkle of baking soda. An old Asian trick from my besty. This video made me hungry.

  • Catherine Gray
    Catherine Gray

    Here’s a marinade that you will love, you can eat the steak cold and it’s delicious. Half a cup of water, half a cup of soy sauce, ( light salt), half a cup of cooking sherry, half a teaspoon of garlic powder, quarter teaspoon of onion salt, tablespoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of ginger. Put it in a Ziploc bag and shake it up real well. Place your ribeye steals in it . You can marinate this for several hours or even overnight. That will have the best flavor steak you’ve ever eaten.

  • Gary Markowski
    Gary Markowski

    I enjoyed watching. If you flatten a steak, then it will cook faster, so it is best to reduce the heating time. It is interesting that after washing off the tenderizer that you only tasted the salt one. Thanks!

  • Keto Lifestyle Plan
    Keto Lifestyle Plan

    Terrific video Mike, love a good rubdown.. great video.. 😋😋😋😋

  • djflashlinx5150

    would you not still season with salt at some point?

  • Imtiaz Faruqui
    Imtiaz Faruqui

    I would never eat steaks that look so raw when cut. all of them.


    I bought a needle meat tenderizer. It is supposed to cut through the meat fibers and tenderize them. It doesn't really tenderize at all, it just makes a lot of cuts, so meat is sort prechewed. But the texture is horrible.

  • Esperanza Tabunar
    Esperanza Tabunar

    I only heard once did he say thank you

  • Ed Hughes
    Ed Hughes

    So on tough meat 1 hour fresh pineapple. A better not as tough meat 1 hour Kiwi. Problem is you can never tell what meat you have and I hate tough meat so it is better to have a softer meat then tough meat. Tough or not 1 hour or maybe 1/2 hour fresh pineapple always wins.

  • TOPS Knives
    TOPS Knives

    I know what I want for lunch!

  • Dwight Symonds
    Dwight Symonds

    So do you rinse the pineapple and the kiwi off with water then would I add my normal seasonings and grill it? Thank you enjoy the video

  • John Donat
    John Donat

    Can't wait to try the pineapple and KIWI. but I also ordered the needles.

  • Mesha

    Can you use frozen pineapple or kiwi ?

  • mikey webb
    mikey webb

    I just almost drowned on my own saliva ..OMG

  • Meak Sam
    Meak Sam

    Looks too salty

  • mikey webb
    mikey webb

    With the cost of pineapple, just buy a decent steak lol

  • Paula Pacente
    Paula Pacente

    PLEASE don't throw away ANY steaks. You can always use the salted one for Philly Cheese Steaks. I take Bromelain for my ulcerative colitis, and it really works! It makes perfect sense that it would work to tenderize steaks. Does this work on NY Strips, or T-Bones?

  • Grom

    Papaya juice works too

  • Terry Mitchell
    Terry Mitchell

    What would happen if you used pineapple or kewi in a vacuum bag and put them in the freezer for use later?

  • The Little Signpost Pointing the way
    The Little Signpost Pointing the way

    Plenty of Kiwi and Pineapple here in Thailand, so that's a no brainer for me! Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? It's really good and you can also try adding some soy sauce too! I guess most acidic fruits would work and especially when fermented! Standard would, of course, be red wine and pepper, but hey, experimentation is good! I would like to know what your son thinks?

  • Warron French
    Warron French

    The steak with the salt looks like death warmed over. The control steak looked delicious! The others also looked delicious and my thoughts on the meat mallet, and I am no chef, is that you super compressed the meat fibers physically and they did not re-expand back to their original form (which would be counter to the point of hitting it in the first place). I would like to suggest another test; using the sous vide method to prepare/tenderize the meat, then toss that result on the grill to caramelize the surface.

  • hasherralph

    Use sirloin steak. It is usually tougher so might show more difference between the tenderizers.

  • Sally H
    Sally H

    cute kid...I'm glad he is included...

  • PHS

    Little late to this one, but I would have done a sous vide to 135 on all 5 steaks to get equal temp inside each steak. I don't think a reverse sear for this experiment would be necessary since we're only curious how the final internal tenderness came out.

  • Walter Hensen
    Walter Hensen