Custom Fabricated Quad with Snow bike kit on the back.
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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!
Shifter Kart and Dirt Bike on Thin Ice
Maverick X3 on Thin Ice
Lifted Smart Car on Thin Ice
Quad Wheelies on Thin Ice
Subaru WRX on Thin Ice
In todays video, we buy a new 3 wheeler that has been converted for snow!

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      That wrap is absolutely sick , especially on that Polaris it looks MEAN!!

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    late but if you want the same kind of things reply i’ll give you the website and you have a video right there i know the exact same website to order it for the yamaha,

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    7:39 and that's how you lose the toenails on your both your big toes. been there.

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    Looks like the raptor would be pretty sick in the deep. mabe narrow it up a little in the front huh interesting though i could see it catching on

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    Awesome video. 😎👍

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    my old boss is from canada and told me so many die needlessly every year taking unneeded risk with snowmobiles. proving darwin right is no way to die.

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    That would suck to fall onto one of those ski arms on the blue quad

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    LT 1

    Kid that spent a year building his three wheeler drives 8 hours, let someone else pound and abuse his ride, while he drives back home he thinks....why didn't I just pound the shit out of it myself and save a three day trip....gets home and starts to replace parts! Epic.

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    Mathias Krummradt

    Which country is this where you are

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    Put tracks and skiis on a smart car

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    Yamaha Raptor 700R

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  • AAG Warrior
    AAG Warrior

    My family owns a ranch and I have a 3 wheeler but it broke but now I got a quad.Wheel delete every thing is insane

  • cash123

    Well cj was right he said the next thing he was going to get was 3 wheeler when he traded his dirt bike for a 4 wheeler

  • Parker Strunk
    Parker Strunk

    Whan u going to put a pipe on the 3wheeler

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    William Kangas

    Wtf bro I was no lie gonna go pick this threewheeler up!!!! Was going to use it for the ultimate ice fishing rig. Thanks CBOYS lol

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    bra you should switch the three wheeler tracks out with the atv make the 3 wheeler like a dirt bike or something

  • Darcy Mckenzie
    Darcy Mckenzie

    You guys have been putting Tracks and skis on everything , why not put them on a smart car if you still have one running :P Like the Videos keep up the good work boys !!

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  • Andrew Langenbrunner
    Andrew Langenbrunner

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    Devon Carroll

    I just entered for the give away but I was wondering if you could possibly just pick me and ship it next day so I can bring it to Pittsburg NH with me next week , thank you ☺️ 🙏 lol thank you for entertaining me and my family/friends you boys are amazing and I hope I really do win the machine

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    If this worked on a rear independent suspension quad I’d do it to my renegade right now.

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