CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES Full Movie Cinematic 4K ULTRA HD Horror All Cinematics
CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES Full Movie Cinematic 4K ULTRA HD Horror All Cinematics
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  • 8BitRyderPlayz

    yo i never knew that lenox from exos was bruce campbell AKA ASH FROM EVIL DEAD

  • Siera Lane
    Siera Lane

    I cant watch this anymore!

  • Gopii Malhi
    Gopii Malhi

    Galat movie nai sahi movie up download kr game movie nai bro

  • Dogma

    Imagine if they made an actual movie with this cast.

  • a modern alchemist
    a modern alchemist

    Fun Fact: John Malkovich is the janitor and narrator!

  • Nolana BluesBewitch
    Nolana BluesBewitch

    This is all one game?

  • Nolana BluesBewitch
    Nolana BluesBewitch

    What did I just watch?

  • Nolana BluesBewitch
    Nolana BluesBewitch

    Wow LOT of good actors in there

  • pineapple

    2009 - 2010 with these graphics? has it really been that long?



  • Justin amaru Melendez
    Justin amaru Melendez

    Who else know the security guard was Shane from the walking dead

  • Создатель визуализации
    Создатель визуализации

    21:43 Cluster bomb grenade

  • Peter x Peter James
    Peter x Peter James

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  • Zombistor 1337
    Zombistor 1337

    11:12 this is America bitch 🇺🇸😂

  • Liam Philbin
    Liam Philbin

    "i dont speak japanese" -richtofen

  • Donnie Creasey
    Donnie Creasey

    Is that the disgusting 🤢 social justice chick?

  • rikka the conure
    rikka the conure

    Wtf just happened at 20 minutes?? Who is that guy??

  • rikka the conure
    rikka the conure

    Is there a story line somewhere in there?

  • Yes Please
    Yes Please

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  • flamindigo

    No. just a video game. screw that.

  • Io Kravtsov
    Io Kravtsov

    Kennedy, Nixon, Castro. The Cold War will no longer run the business. Now it's my turn. - Machete.

  • Mahnoor Imran
    Mahnoor Imran

    I was born in a ATLAS hospital

  • LocalWeebz

    Honestly Richtofen had the worst death here, being bled dry and left alone to atone for his sins

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    John Malcovich ? He's ugly as he is in real life. Good grafics indeed ! And Bruce Cambell ? Groovy !

  • Gita Auliya
    Gita Auliya

    this whole thing is just pure nostalgia

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas

    Man I know it's an unpopular opinion but the zombies on advanced warfare was so fricking fun

  • FaDe_Bisktz

    Who does the voice for OZ it sounds super familiar

  • brooklyn353ny

    They should make a zombie movie like this with a lot of action n zombies

  • bloody bottoms
    bloody bottoms

    Holllllyyyyy this is really good !. Thxs uploader 🙏

  • Riyane Mennesson
    Riyane Mennesson


  • Riyane Mennesson
    Riyane Mennesson


  • Riyane Mennesson
    Riyane Mennesson


  • nizamuddin mohamad
    nizamuddin mohamad

    reminds me to left 4 dead.....

  • TheLesser

    How did we go from "company made zombies" to "theres magic everywhere and the zombies are from a hell-like dimension"

  • TheLesser

    1:02:31 wait then what the fuck was the point of following these mf's if they just end up dead??? What a waste of fucking time. 1:19:38 D-David?!?!

  • Mildred Lopez
    Mildred Lopez

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  • Glad Tidings
    Glad Tidings

    This is the end of days

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    So fucking awesome, love cod zombies

  • Boring Sounds
    Boring Sounds

    Particularly what COD game is this?? Thanks!

  • Peter Grant
    Peter Grant

    Bruce Campbell survives zombie apocalypse... OG!!!

  • Quentin Evans
    Quentin Evans

    All fkin’ racist except Castro

  • Quentin Evans
    Quentin Evans

    Damn this is a great cast

  • TheLesser

    hmm a horde of demonic zombies, yeah lets not give anyone in the building any warning that sounds smart. only a couple minutes in and im pissed at the lack of reaction or critical thinking

  • Sebastian Zielinski
    Sebastian Zielinski

    and that kids is how i met your mother

  • Cathy Dolin
    Cathy Dolin

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  • Muammer Can Güven
    Muammer Can Güven

    Please Turkish translate

  • zachary shapiro
    zachary shapiro

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  • zachary shapiro
    zachary shapiro

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  • Paul Barker
    Paul Barker

    When you said Arlis,you ment Illuminati

  • Panta Rei 83
    Panta Rei 83

    Malkovitch doing gaming voice overs ... So sad

  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22

    Boom 1000 comments

  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • coolpaperguy 22
    coolpaperguy 22


  • Jaydon Frey
    Jaydon Frey

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  • SIKE

    JFK was the best character


    I request put co op adventure zombie on cod

  • Kerby the Angry
    Kerby the Angry

    Friendly remember. Double barrel shotgun has only 2 bullets in. Revolver has 6 bullets in.

    • Nicholas O'Connell
      Nicholas O'Connell


  • Ethan Watts
    Ethan Watts

    this helps me with the story a lot more

  • Anthony Marin
    Anthony Marin

    If I could ran zombies in my opinion it would be BO1 WAW BO2 AW BO3 WW2 BO4 and I knew I said zombies but Cod Ghost aliens better then BO3 ww2 and Bo4 let the arguments roll in

  • Juan Tinoco
    Juan Tinoco

    He had the apple of eden

  • Chaos Reigns
    Chaos Reigns

    was this all just one game?

  • Domino salami
    Domino salami

    Why am I just finding out Jon bernthal was in advanced warfare

  • Mr. Bread
    Mr. Bread

    is it just me or do i see one of the guys wearing a star trek shirt

  • Bikramjit Ghosh
    Bikramjit Ghosh

    Op film bruhh😍😍😻😻

  • Savannah Maae
    Savannah Maae

    If anyone knows evil it's Ash lol

  • Paradox IOS
    Paradox IOS

    This video hurts my brain There are 3 Zombies universes Aether Black ops Saga Warfare Saga Dark Aether Black ops Saga

  • Xxgamermajd

    I love the guy with the dubbed Bernal shot gun shot 5000000 million times and never ran out of amo.

  • I have depression soap I like slipknot
    I have depression soap I like slipknot

    Gideon didn't die

  • Jacob Alonzo
    Jacob Alonzo

    "who pays taxes?"

  • Trist Binder
    Trist Binder

    Well done

  • Nando Klein
    Nando Klein


  • Sajad Pir Ahmadian
    Sajad Pir Ahmadian

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    Sajad Pir Ahmadian

    Investor Compensation Act (AnlEntG)

  • PandaBall Z
    PandaBall Z

    Takeo: ''I am no traitor!'' Proceeds to kill his own kind.

  • Branden Thornton
    Branden Thornton

    The theater was my favorite map then origins

  • Julia Koenig
    Julia Koenig

    1:17:11 yuri yuri XD

  • Tokyo_on_ice

    In the Cinematic they make it look easy

  • Undeniable Cringe
    Undeniable Cringe

    Anyone else cry when Nikolai died? For he is Nikolai and he should not die

  • Cillian Maher
    Cillian Maher

    At 18:14 there was a pistol on the wall lol

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player

    Dude the security guards actor plays punisher in one of the series

  • Frank 1960
    Frank 1960

    0:35 John Malkovich... so cool!

  • James shadwell
    James shadwell

    This is really kind stupid man

  • TyTh3AkwardGam3r

    this genuinely made me cry hearing what all the characters wanted after death. I feel bad for people that weren't so involved with this entire series. It's truly heart breaking. I've played call of duty since it first came out, I played all of the games on ps2 and when it dropped with the xbox360 I began playing and the adventure is still going. it feels like a piece of lost because these characters always meant so much to me, hours of attempting easter eggs on black ops 2 when it dropped all of the exciting new maps etc. loosing these characters is not only a loss to treyarch and call of duty. but for those of us that connect with this game, whenever we were mad, sad, or even happy. anybody who has played this series from the start can say these characters and these games alone will always be more then just a game but as a piece of our hearts. thank you trearch for this series and blessing our hearts.

  • Tic Txinc
    Tic Txinc

    This isn't even cod

  • Yeetmaster yeet
    Yeetmaster yeet

    This is not a movie it's a cutscenes from the game

  • Mad Granny
    Mad Granny

    Black ops 1 president LOL I love it

  • William Mooring
    William Mooring

    I want ricktofen to start doing the medic(Tf2) voice lines

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man

    Why do all the zombies have power armours? Aren’t there fucking civilians?

  • Bryce Lor
    Bryce Lor

    Anyone just notice the Raygun on Kennedy's hidden wall?

  • Gage Nelson
    Gage Nelson

    this whole thing is just pure nostalgia

  • Gage Nelson
    Gage Nelson

    9:45 YES OG COD WAW (natzi zombies) ZOMBIES INTRO

  • filthy rych
    filthy rych

    Bruce Campbell John malcovich? Bill Paxton?


    That takeo and nikolai's ending scene gets me every time.. been through it all boys now it's time to rest in peace.... ⚰️⚰️