Here’s What An Engine With 432,000 Miles Looks Like Inside
This week, we've taken the heroic high-mileage Octavia to VAG specialist Volks Techniks where we'll pull the engine apart and show what damage, if any, has been done.
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  • legoboy0109

    Volkswagen is one of the few car companies that truly doesn't make them like they used to. Some have always been bad, and some are still good, but older diesel VWs are some of the most reliable cars I've seen, along with the 90s toyota corollas, selicas, and geo metros.

  • Fans plus Channel
    Fans plus Channel

    This is amazing to see a car with such high mileage look so good

  • Shady Nguyen
    Shady Nguyen

    you guys english accent so heavy bro kkk

  • Gers supporter W
    Gers supporter W

    A million other things you have to look after aswell maybe

  • R D
    R D

    The egr valve is the most dumbest invention ever made!

  • Jacob O'Leary
    Jacob O'Leary

    This just makes me mad we can’t buy Škodas here in the States.

  • gary winterbottom
    gary winterbottom

    I knew of a Toyota avensis 2.0 d4d with 440k on same engine and trans it was a taxi running all day long.

  • AspectF1

    Oh my god, my dad owns a warehouse/unit at the culham no.1 site right near the “this is your garage” workshop

    • AspectF1

      Cannot believe I’ve been in that close proximity to where Alex has been before 😂

  • Майский LiFE
    Майский LiFE

    Зэнди ты ли это?

  • Crazy Lazy
    Crazy Lazy

    Keep a detailed vehicle maintenance log for your vehicle Includes maintenance reminders and tracks parts, expenses and performance.

  • Da Mighty Shabba
    Da Mighty Shabba

    Any office workers "Crew" of friends should include a builder, plumber, electrician and of course - mechanic. This guy would be welcome at my table any time, with free drinks all night. I do IT and finance, so y'know - reciprocal skills! Seriously though, if I could take a £100 car, spend say £250 and make it run like almost new? Hell yeah.... I CAN do that with a PC though....


    Probably blow up a week later now you've touched it

  • PequlaTV

    Personally one engine that is always impressing me is the 1.4HDI from Peugeot/Citroen, they used it in the ford fiesta as well as the peugeot 206, c3 and all the cars of the age That little engine can go for ever, but it does tend to leak from all the gaskets, valve cover, head, even the oil sump. I own a ford fiesta that i gave to my mum, she is driving it nearly daily to go to the work and back home, so arrount 80km daily. It has 400 000km on the clock and its running really good. And i aleady replaced the starter 2 times bc during winter we have -15C weather for arround 3 days in a row 5-6 times a year and thats when the oil is really stiff, so it has a hard time crancking, also that bosch computer likes to shit arround with the cold starts under -10C. On all i tested so far every singel one has the same problem of needing to instatnly crank after the glow plug light goes of or else it will crank very long when its under -10C So a list i would make of the best diesels ever are (the onese i see often over 600 000km with the original engine): Peugeot/Citroen 1.6HDI (2005ish till today, its the same one) VW 1.9TDI Mercedes OM611/OM646 (2.2l) - TAXIs

  • PequlaTV

    Something tells me that the water pump is going bad since there was a lot of corrosion on the passages, i took off the head (fucking all glow plugs wont come off, they broke in the place) on my 650000km OM646 E220CDi from 2002, and it was clean that i no wander why it was clocked down to 210 000km, although when i sell cars i display the real milage no matter the cost bc i dont like beein ripped off unlawfully. Even though the cars i own were always downclocked by at least 200 000km

  • Nicholas Watson
    Nicholas Watson

    I sold my 14yo Octavia 20v Turbo with 175,000 miles on the clock and it still had it's original full exhaust system. The only issue with the car was one of the drivers seat bolsters had collapsed. They're a fantastic car.

  • George Griffiths
    George Griffiths

    title: what does a 400,000 miles car look like? whole video: ‘this looks nothing like a 400,000 mile car should’

  • LukeWeb1992

    How many miles on it now mate?

  • Tine Albreht
    Tine Albreht

    My break down at 160.000 miles...crankshaft break or something like that. 1.9 tdi AXR 74 kW.

  • tom ashton
    tom ashton

    gasoline engines cause wear because the fuel washs the cylinder walls, diesel fuel is a lubricant, thats not the orginal timing belt.?

  • Matyáš Gonnerth
    Matyáš Gonnerth

    1.9 tdi its very nc engine for škoda

  • jontom71

    VW specialist using a Fram filter!!!!!.... not last long on that shite

  • Brandon Ward
    Brandon Ward

    Replaces every part to keep it running forever but then uses a gram oil filter🤦‍♂️

  • JN

    The Turbo literally has no play when you consider that the turbine shaft is centered by oil pressure

  • Žluna Zelená
    Žluna Zelená

    Those octavias were the best cars in the VW group... that engine 1.9 tdi can go 1000 000 kilometers...

  • Pipi Trgovec
    Pipi Trgovec

    Its the ALH 90hp engine,one of the best 1,9 tdi engines ever, and i meen better than all the new 2.0 tdi combined.

  • srspower

    Mileage keeps a car going compared to letting it sit. Mine is 2003 and has now done 208,000 miles. 188K of which have been driven by me. It just sailed through it's MOT and all it needed was new number plates.

  • The Boys
    The Boys

    looking at the last MOT( technical inspection) a lot has gone wrong since :)

  • Arassen Peramal
    Arassen Peramal

    I had few Toyota Hiace that was still running perfectly at the time I sold them, and all of them were more than 650,000 kms

  • Karl Juice
    Karl Juice

    Dood,your fucked🤣

  • Dr Duky
    Dr Duky

    pls come to Bosnia her every car have 180 000 to 220 000 km :D :D and every car is driven by granny :D :D :D


    These skodas easily can do 1 000 000 kilometres. Czech engineering is awesome :)

    • DAIVE

      schválně kolik čechů sem taky zabloudilo :D

  • Ross Birch
    Ross Birch

    Yes, some one who actually knows what it is, Honing marks. Not "cross hatching" as is often stated.

  • Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue

    Nevermind the bollocks, here’s an old Skoda diesel with 432,000 miles on the clock.

  • Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue

    Bloody ‘ell, it’s got the original silencer! 🔫🔫🔫

  • 1southsoon

    Not to be a killjoy but maybe the previous owner had replaced the engine.... The hone marks are the telltale.

  • Gonçalo Nunes
    Gonçalo Nunes

    U should see my 1999 Mercedes Sprinter with more than million and a half Km

  • Hhvx Sueus
    Hhvx Sueus

    Vw is the best

  • Soft Clouds
    Soft Clouds

    Mechanics are like definitely like car doctors. He looks like hes performing surgery for the car

  • Ty

    C'mon, show us the intake manifold and how to clean it.

  • Anthony

    Also the Diesel fuel in the EU is a lot cleaner than the cleanest fuel than we have with in the United States

  • newrunner91

    That car looks like it hasn't seen a single road with salt on it in it's life. Try around a winter around here and then inspect that underside.

  • Alinutz Alin
    Alinutz Alin

    9:45 Does he actually mean "sadly" that the car would've done more than 100k if he hadn't opened it up? (>".")> ( >..

  • lighthouse gaming
    lighthouse gaming

    VAG 1.9 diesel engines are just a cheaper alternative to volvo engines

  • Daniel Storey
    Daniel Storey

    thats insanely better than my 80000 mile fiesta of which always has a problem

  • SuperJacobe

    I no good Maintenance is a key thing but also how we’ll a Engine is made,??you ever seen or heard of mini Metro from the late 80s doing 400,000 miles??

  • jonathan quinones
    jonathan quinones

    His face at 5:00 is priceless

  • Idk lenger
    Idk lenger

    Me not knowing anything about cars *"This gasket has no carbon buildup on it"* Me: ahh yes exquiesite

  • Georges Mcfly
    Georges Mcfly

    please keep this car ! it's a treasure to protect

  • LeoGreck

    My 1997 Opel Omega has rust issues everywhere, the engine leaks oil out of just about every gasket and when I bought it the waterpump wasnt working. Still love it.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    You’re assuming the previous owner didn’t do an engine swap.

  • Dale L Dunn
    Dale L Dunn

    I got a passot good to know

  • Dale L Dunn
    Dale L Dunn

    And you Cadillac converter replaced too

  • Dale L Dunn
    Dale L Dunn

    Dont forget the fuel filter air filter thurmous state. You gonna need a transmission flush and anti freeze flush too

  • Je Bon
    Je Bon

    Love 1.9TDI, I bought a Seat Ibiza 10 years ago, and now I went back to a 1.9TDI (Polo) again to add more kilometers, probably the best engine that AUDI has made. Have you changed the engine mounts too, judging from the video they look weak.

  • dopiaza2006

    A non VNT turbo - that's why it's lasted!

  • Stefan Feddermann
    Stefan Feddermann

    9:30 holy shit those valves. I recently had to have the valves in my motorcycle replaced, and those were.. hell. exhaust valve was completely covered in black carbon, and the intake... well.. And that engine barely had 42.000 kilometers on its clock.. But to be fair its a 125ccm single cylinder, running at about 5.000RPM cruising.

  • Stay Positive
    Stay Positive

    That's amazing! I'm sitting here with a car that has 150k miles. I've owned the car since it had just over 20k and have taken decent, not perfect, care of it so I decided I'm going to put some money into common repairs and maintenance this year. So far I replaced struts, rotors, brakes, alternator, and starter. Next, I'm going to replace the bearings and suspension parts going out. Soon I'll have the timing belt replaced and changed some less common fluids in the car that often get neglected. I would like my car to last me at least another 3-5 years and $1-2k in repairs is nothing compared to car payments over 3-5 years. I do most of the work myself of course which saves at least half the cost on repairs or maintenance. Thanks so much for this video!

  • CommanderTaco

    Who would win? Junkyard transmission or Chinese axle?

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C

    Have this same engine 90hp AGR in a Seat Ibiza

  • Danny Murdoc
    Danny Murdoc

    A german car with over 400,00 miles! Dont show this to Scotty Kilmer or he'll delete his channel lol

  • Cengiz Akyuz
    Cengiz Akyuz

    That engine is 1.9 tdi vw engine, which is best engine ever made by vw.

  • Jayden Keevil
    Jayden Keevil

    my cars lpg to its hardly even dirty inside

  • Gabriel Jorbenadze
    Gabriel Jorbenadze

    My Honda Civic Ferio (7th gen) has 285,457 km on it from the time we bought it in 2011 and it still runs remarkably with no problems at all

  • Electrodude

    VW/audi with 1 million KM(640 miles or so) isn't that uncommon.

  • Jam velez
    Jam velez

    Could be inside the air-conditioning.

  • Raider Richard
    Raider Richard

    Roll down the windows if it smells so bad. Idiot

  • Anonyme Bande
    Anonyme Bande

    Here In Germany we say: „Fahr die Schüssel bis sie auseinander fällt“

  • Devo

    How's the car holding up ?

  • Patrick Brannon Sr.
    Patrick Brannon Sr.

    I love the high mileage heroes , mine is my 2005 Ford E250 van with 397,000 miles and counting ,

  • Kesateria Matahari
    Kesateria Matahari

    I feel ashamed for having a busted head gasket due to neglect with the coolant and anti rust but with 1/5 mileage of this car.

  • Lauri K
    Lauri K

    We used to have VW Touareg with 5 Litre V10 engine, After 500,000km the engine was still very fine, even if the car was used to towing heavy stuff. But we sold the car for someone who needed the power more than us. Hopefully the old beast is still rocking the roads

  • Daniel Gongora
    Daniel Gongora

    just wait till they see a 30 year old miata

  • Cameron Florent
    Cameron Florent

    My dads 07 ram has 440,000+ kilometers with everything stock

  • Tronix Gamerz
    Tronix Gamerz

    make this car 1million miles

  • Puneeth Bedre
    Puneeth Bedre

    This is not the first Skoda I’m seeing that has lived for this long.

  • Tony G2.4
    Tony G2.4

    Its a damn Volkswagen

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson

    where are these guys from?

  • blackvulcan100

    What was the reason for removing the head?

  • nickoloes

    I dont think opening it up has shortened its life one bit. The new gasket will seal properly and wear and get covered in carbon just the same. Who knows, might have had the engine swapped once upon a time too.

  • Theo D'haene
    Theo D'haene

    why would the engine last longer if he didn't open it?

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis

    The perfect sensible car.

  • Chris Yu
    Chris Yu

    Nothing unusual, most old crown vics police cruisers have 250k-300k on them when retired. (and resold to go another 100k in private hands)

  • Gareth floyd Evans
    Gareth floyd Evans

    U cant skim them and u warped it by unbolting the head

  • Angus

    I presume you don't use salt on your roads in the winter, if this was a Canadian car from Ontario it would have rusted out 3-4 times over!

  • robert reavley
    robert reavley

    The carbon is sealing things so we won’t remove it??? WTF??? Utter bollox the carbon build up in the intake and EGRsystem is detrimental as it restricts the gas flow and puts extra strain on the crank seals and blow by recirculation system! I’d say said mechanic gives head for tobacco!

  • sleelakrishnan

    110PS Not Enough 😭😭😭

    • sleelakrishnan

      150 or 190 ok enough to have one atleast 😭😭😭

  • Peter Reinhardt
    Peter Reinhardt

    Those are miles.

  • crxdelsolsir

    Honda engines have been transplanted in so many cars the actual distance traveled is enough to clock several instrument clusters and even outlive them. Legend says Honda engines are so long lived they just keep being circulated, from one owner to the next, one chassis to the next, one project to another and handed down from one generation to another outliving virtually anything it meets.

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name

    These VAG 1.9 TDI motors are sturdy. My friend has done 800k on the original motor in his A6. Thats kilometers. Still gets good gas milage as well. Not bad for a 23 year old beater. This Skoda is always from when VAG cars tended to be galvanized quite well compared to other cars from that time.

  • David Quinn
    David Quinn

    My record was 415.000 miles on a skoda superb 8 valve petrol LPG before it caught fire great car tho

  • Francois De Bruin
    Francois De Bruin

    just think CLEARLY for 1 second honing marks on 700 000 KM yeah bro ^^ maybe at the very top where the rings wont reach xD

  • hussam hussam
    hussam hussam

    1.9 tdi is really strong

  • joey Raha raha
    joey Raha raha

    This is lies.. it's had 3 engines in 430k miles

  • White Shirt Black Shades
    White Shirt Black Shades

    There are no damages in that engine, then why it makes that Diesel engine noises, why its not silent as a new engine.

  • Graham Gibson
    Graham Gibson

    Oxytane will clean out the carbon. It uses the fuel to do the clean out...... Other cleaners do not work. Restore performance

  • Graham Gibson
    Graham Gibson mileage for a volvo

  • Ed

    Imagine taking apart a tank and putting it back together, must be a nightmare. All those little bits then the large heavy bits.

  • Yannickster St
    Yannickster St

    Dude the reason is that the 1.9TDI volkswagen engines are immortal😂

  • Vikturus22

    This was back when engines were well made.

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    This engine has clearly been opened atleast once in its lifetime.