Super Bowl LV Mic'd Up! | "This is What We Do, Two Tuddies!?" | Game Day All Access 2020
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  • Maneuverance On Twitch
    Maneuverance On Twitch

    "He think we bout blitz em on every play" Tom- This is exactly what they're gonna do all game just be ready 😂

  • apple apple
    apple apple

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  • Duane Angeles
    Duane Angeles

    Now with all of this said and done, I wonder how JJ Watt will do with the Cardinals

    • Ryan


  • Diirty Water
    Diirty Water

    My prediction was 28-17 & peeps thought I was crazy lol c’mon now this was flat out bully ball.... very reminiscent of what we seen in that second half of the first meeting thanksgiving weekend

  • Jake Belsky
    Jake Belsky

    :50 truer words have never been spoken....this year at least.

  • JakeDotCom

    Soft chiefs DC should get fired. You’re in the super bowl you don’t EVER concede to your guys that the officiating is “out of your control”. Shouldve tell those boys “don’t leave it in the hands of the refs” instead of enabling them getting in their feelings about it

  • Chris Spremulli
    Chris Spremulli

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  • Maynard Becker
    Maynard Becker

    At 18:20, does it look like Tom Brady even likes his head coach?

    • Ryan

      Brady was 100% focused on the next possession.

  • Robert Robert
    Robert Robert

    So happy for the Bucs, Brady, and the Gronk! Pretty sure they haven't won a SuperB since Dungy.

  • fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg
    fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg

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  • Joshua Bradley
    Joshua Bradley

    Anyone else come her to see the hone badger confrontation

  • legessi

    That ball hitting Tyreek right in the face..... Mahomes can only do so much.

    • legessi

      @Ryan and the d backs were holding every receiver they could. Refs were a lot more strict as well. Nothing went KCs way. Mahomes will bounce back, the dude is amazing.

    • Ryan

      Complete team failure, minus Mahomes. O Line was swiss cheese and receivers couldn't get open and catch anything. The D couldn't stop the over.

  • Zemlak Gertrude
    Zemlak Gertrude

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  • Chris George
    Chris George

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  • top kek
    top kek

    4:24 Mahomes "running on that injured toe!" Brady was wearing a knee brace all season and is having surgery shortly into the off-season, but you didn't hear him making a big deal about it or letting the media use it as an excuse.

    • Ryan

      The media always has an excuse when it doesn't go the way they hoped.

  • Young Whitey
    Young Whitey

    Sorry chiefs fans you can’t ever count Brady out in the Super Bowl he gonna have 10 by the time he ever retires

  • yajo891

    31:13 Coldest line in the game. OVER BWOY!

  • Ab Cd MD. PHD.
    Ab Cd MD. PHD.

    Mike Evans is a big guy and looks small next to Rob.

  • Tee J
    Tee J

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  • Yeh jaw Loj kiz
    Yeh jaw Loj kiz

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  • Trevor Delepine
    Trevor Delepine

    Funny enough Tom Brady has been in the league long enough that he won his first and second super bowls before and after the Buccaneers previous super bowl win.

  • Will McDonnell
    Will McDonnell

    When mike Evan’s called the female ref sir 🤣

  • Jamaal Fox
    Jamaal Fox


  • Yanko Hayden
    Yanko Hayden

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  • Yanko Hayden
    Yanko Hayden

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    Godwin:"Hes a magician I'm convinced"😂😂

  • George Gervin
    George Gervin

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  • Giovanni di Capo
    Giovanni di Capo

    You got your ass whooped 1-play at a time! lol

  • Coffee Crochet & Cuddles
    Coffee Crochet & Cuddles

    Brady “ we already know what they are going to do. We got all the answers to the test”

  • Corey Bryant
    Corey Bryant

    Trophy buddies........equals.....TUDDIES.......LMAO

  • Nighthawk_ Predator
    Nighthawk_ Predator

    Great video!!! Thank YOU NFL!!! Thank You BUCS for a fantastic season and bring home the Lombardi 🏈🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️💪🥂😁😎

  • Mike Wisner
    Mike Wisner

    Mahomes was the better QB ,Bucks had the better overall team/

  • Isaac Pardo
    Isaac Pardo

    Aye go buccaneers 🏴‍☠️

  • clever output
    clever output

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  • Ryan Hannigan
    Ryan Hannigan

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  • Dennis Prater
    Dennis Prater

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  • Ron Epp
    Ron Epp

    BA looks like he has high blood pressure

  • Daniel Valles
    Daniel Valles

    The sanitizing team could have won

  • Daniel Valles
    Daniel Valles

    Get honking set

  • VCR Time Machine
    VCR Time Machine

    Props to Brady, but the Bucs defense won them this game. If Brady had been QB for K.C., the Chiefs still would have lost. He would have been buried by those guys.

  • Hamel Ky
    Hamel Ky

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  • Jaime Ramirez
    Jaime Ramirez

    Brady 2 Mahomes 0 when it counts!! I heard Brady became a Grandpa 😂

  • TX TRiLL
    TX TRiLL

    So scripted 😂

  • Logan

    Mahomes got his ass beat lol.

  • Samuel Roberts
    Samuel Roberts

    36:54 no one cares 6ix9ine

  • homicide


  • doubtful measly
    doubtful measly

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  • Osler Charlie
    Osler Charlie

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  • Criminaljustice79

    It was nice to see one of the most arrogant teams in football get smashed...

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe

    I have alot more respect for Tyrann Mathieu now after watching this micd up he's definitely a great player but a leader by example aswell

  • Bobby Goetz
    Bobby Goetz

    Damn Tom Bradys wife is pretty hot. She should consider modeling or something.

  • Jayden Baker
    Jayden Baker

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  • Yeezydude boiguy
    Yeezydude boiguy

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  • sebas sebas
    sebas sebas

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  • Mattias

    This video gave me chills. Congratulations Champions

  • lubbers maltby
    lubbers maltby

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  • Teilo Evans
    Teilo Evans

    Even the bucs wide receivers and defense felt bad for him and knew that he had nothing to work with and that his team completely sold on him

  • John Q. Random
    John Q. Random

    Sorry leftists. The white guy won. :(

  • hohyun ra
    hohyun ra

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  • lambo chung
    lambo chung

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  • Alexander Wright
    Alexander Wright

    Suh just revived his classic moves in the SUPER BOWL and I'm here for it. Patrick Mahomes may be permanently damaged forever though the Bucs had his ass

  • vinh quang nguyen
    vinh quang nguyen

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  • chaka jacobo
    chaka jacobo

    Ha ha Lord of the rings Tom Brady

  • Darrell Coleman
    Darrell Coleman


  • Ardis Hobart
    Ardis Hobart

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  • Sean Burkley
    Sean Burkley

    race hoax matheiu

  • M K
    M K

    5:45 Mathieu " He thinks we're about to piss ourselves! " Half Time score: Bucs 21-6

  • Cony Lee
    Cony Lee

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  • Jermell Stepheny
    Jermell Stepheny

    Damn, This dude Brady been to 10 Superbowls & won 7. WOW!!!!!!

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown

    Tuddies = TDs. Now you know.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott

    Man he tripped. Yeah because the corner tripped him.

  • Curtis Davies
    Curtis Davies

    Announcer thinks Gronk runs a 5.1, 40. Dude shouldn,t be calling football games.

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft

    Skip Bayless wants to kiss Brady the way Giselle does.

  • Joseph Velasquez
    Joseph Velasquez

    I love the way Mr. White make the motivation speech for the team and how the BK team said at the same time "CHAMPIONS"

  • Curt


  • En Dndj
    En Dndj

    They should be arrested for manslaughter the way Shaq and Jpp wat doin the o line

  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again☑️
    YoungBoy Never Broke Again☑️

    Travis is right 3 wasn’t gone win it😂😂

  • Toni DeMaio
    Toni DeMaio

    I have never seen a man playing football with as much love and passion as Tom Brady... The beginning with him and Gronk was the best!

  • fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg
    fgfgdfg dfgdfdfgfdg

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  • Victor Szalo
    Victor Szalo

    BUCS DEFENDE : Call the police cus we killed this team

  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen


  • Jesús Palomo
    Jesús Palomo

    30:35 “That’s Texas A&M, Ya dig”

  • Tonyo Xyooj
    Tonyo Xyooj

    Brady’s son jack is gonna be taller than him watch!

  • SharkMan

    Even though I’m a Chiefs fan and Patrick Mahomes fan almost no one can beat the goat


    Yeah, ACT!!

  • Vincent Pang
    Vincent Pang

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  • clifford yawn
    clifford yawn

    Mac Jones will be playing QB on an NFL team in the not too distant future. Remember the name. He plays Tom Brady style football. Some team will be damn lucky to get him

  • Kevin Blake
    Kevin Blake

    3rd Q @ 11:26 and it's 21-9. Maholmes has less than 100yrs and the start of GARBAGE time that allows KC to run up stats and NOT SCORE again. Buck start playing loose and giving up short passes. This game was TOTAL DOMINATION by Bucks- so much for the KC "dynasty" I heard about 24/7 for 12 months.

  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

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  • Robert Guttke
    Robert Guttke

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  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson

    LOL "Shaq Barret" almost sounds like one of those stupid names Madden makes for computer generated players after the first year. Where they just put together the first and last names of two existing players. You know the ones I mean like "Deshawn Urlacher" type name.

  • Eric Kdawg
    Eric Kdawg

    Def made the GOAT look good so they couldn’t have that. Brady (best ever!) was rarely even in the sound bites 🤦‍♂️

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Quick math at Texas A N M , YA DIG BY #13 said I agree bro mike if they come back am blame u n he says I got nutten to do with it . Chiefs number 32 says I already got a ring we will see ya next yr. true that Bucs will run it back if we can keep everyone here gonna b tuff to do. Great our Bucs here . Heah ya better da national guard they need some help . 4 mins to super bowl win . We get a turn over it’s over n well it ended that way wow in our home stadium wow historical game first ever win this way

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    Just an all around beat down by our Buccaneers team here from coaches to all team players here wow win

  • Sandy Gan
    Sandy Gan

    At 5:50 Brady has it all figured out. Look at the guys hanging on his every word. That’s leadership of the highest order.

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    I been a Bucs fan sine our 0/26 two loosing seasons when I first come to USA from Jamaica yeah usain bolt put us on map

  • Smile_uwokeup _2day
    Smile_uwokeup _2day

    How cool is our long time radio announcer her calling this game in our home stadium on super bowl day wow I wish I could have been in this stadium game day I did when I came back from my overseas army tour on leave September 2010 Bucs play Pittsburgh Charlie batch pits QB HE BEATS US THAT BUT WE MADE HISTORY ON THIS SUPER BOWL 55 we beat da chiefs here. I picked our Bucs to beat da chiefs 31/28. But wow 31/9 who saw this coming but I knew our defense was that good to balance our offense, with that line n Brady leadership n wide outs n rb s n da #13,15,10, what a game . Ihope we can keep them all. Brady go get #81 n grunk out of retirement wow . Congrats to our Bucs win here . Chiefs did there best but gut beat up

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins

    The 🐐 had the answers to the test!! Love itttt

  • ItzWilldog11

    To save you about 40 minutes, The chiefs are motivating their team while Brady asks for Hand Sanitizer