Need for Speed: Carbon... 15 Years Later
00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:17 - Opening
00:04:08 - Development
00:11:28 - Racing in Palmont
00:30:21 - Racing in Palmont (Story)
00:38:23 - Ports
00:54:32 - Overhaul
01:01:09 - Conclusion
01:04:14 - Credits & Q&A
Written, Voiced, and Edited by Lucas Raycevick
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NFS World OST - Free Roam Music 2
Tigarah - Girl Fight (Mr. D Hyphy Remix)
NFS World OST - Safehouse
Trevor Morris - Out of Site
Dynamite MC - After Party (Instrumental)
Hybrid - The Formula of Fear (Matrix Dub)
The Prodigy - First Warning
Puscifer - Indigo Children (JLE Dub Mix)
Trevor Morris - Don't Get Caught
NFS Carbon OST - Pause Menu
NFS Carbon OST - Canyon Race 01
Ekstrak - Diesel Shift
NFS Carbon OST - Menu 04
NFS Carbon OST - Crew Race 06
NFS Carbon OST - Canyon Race 07
NFS Carbon Java OST
Initial D - Make My Day
Part 2 (feat. Fallacy) - One Of Dem Days (Remix)
NFS Carbon OST - Crew Race 11
Sway - Hype Boys (feat. Mr Bigz) (Instrumental)
Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse (Serge Santiago Re-Edit)
Escape the Fate - Issues (Shift 2 Gladiator Remix)
Trevor Morris - Stylin'
Trevor Morris - Darius Ultimatum
Paul Haslinger - The Miami Drift
NFS Carbon OST - Menu 01
Paul Haslinger - Slow Burn
Trevor Morris - Meeting Darius
NFS Carbon OST - Canyon 02
NFS Carbon OST - Crew Race 03
Tomas Anderson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)
NFS Undercover OST Unknown Artist - Unknown Title 51
NFS Undercover OST Unknown Artist - Unknown Title 49
NFS Carbon OST - Crew Race 02
Eagles of Death Metal - Don't Speak, I Came to Make a Bang (Instrumental)
NFS World OST - Start Screen
NFS World OST - Race 03
Trevor Morris - Finish Line
NFS Carbon OST - Canyon Race 06
NFS Carbon OST - Menu 02
NFS II OST - Ferrari 355
NFS II OST - Ferrari F50
NFS II OST - Sanoqoua
Game & Film List (In-Order):
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Need for Speed: Heat
Need for Speed: Carbon
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
Need for Speed: Undercover
Need for Speed: Underground 2
Need for Speed: Underground
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Need for Speed: Terrorfive
Need for Speed: Repoman
Need for Speed: Prostreet
Need for Speed: World
007: Everything or Nothing
Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Gran Turismo 6
Need for Speed: The Run
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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
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Forza Horizon 3
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Formula 1 2017 - Russian GP
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Cyberpunk 2077
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Metro Exodus
Mass Effect 2
Need for Speed: The Run (Wii)
Call of Duty 3
Project Gotham Racing 2
Rallysport Challenge 2
Need for Speed: Carbon - Own the City
Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (NDS)
Need for Speed: Undercover (PS2)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) (Wii)
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  • Abdelhakim Neozander
    Abdelhakim Neozander

    I actually enjoyed the wingman system on carbon ps2. Nikki's unbelievably powerful slipstream was just what I needed to complete the game when i was a kid

  • Thomas Donofri
    Thomas Donofri

    Hopefully you cover prostreet and undercover. Carbon was my favorite growing up.

  • X39

    I kinda get confused from time to time what game youre talking about... :/

  • ElZamo92

    I am Mexican, and I’ve never seen a zeebo... maybe the thing about it being sold in Mexico is actually a lie...

  • Otsile M
    Otsile M

    I miss canyon drifting, and just good drifting in general. Wing men were good too.

  • Uncle Biggs
    Uncle Biggs

    This video contains spoilers *LITERALLY, its a racing game*

  • CS 100
    CS 100

    If you're interested in Valkyria Chronicles, I suggest you try the 4th game (technically 2nd non-PSP game). I had it in my library for a while and finally got around to it - I really liked it and so could you!

  • M3AT

    skate. Years Later when?

  • CorollaVirus4AGE

    TLDR the Devs were obliged to speedrun the development of this game faster than KuruHS thanks to the start of the Greedy EA In just one year Luckily our fucking legends aka Modders brought a good chunk back

    • Tyvern Overlord
      Tyvern Overlord

      Also all the code bros that shifted through the suck and gave us a lot of the "hidden" cut content And props to the lore masters that also helped the code bros do their digging!

  • Noss Njeppa
    Noss Njeppa

    Carbon was legendary for me. I really liked ProStreet and Undercover too, very rare I know. I downloaded Heat, but I haven't played it yet. I wonder how good it is

    • Noss Njeppa
      Noss Njeppa

      @Tyvern Overlord Shift and Prostreet were highly underrated for not being street racing, but I really liked them. It's more realistic to spec a car for events on the track than the illicit street racing

    • Noss Njeppa
      Noss Njeppa

      @Tyvern Overlord Yeah man Horizon 2 just has a lot of passion, with the art style and music, and the idealic location. I really hope the next game is in Japan - lots of mountains and motorways. Makes me think of the Tokyo Drift game. I would actually set up my wheel again for a game like that

    • Tyvern Overlord
      Tyvern Overlord

      @Noss Njeppa I Fell in love with Forza and Forza Horizon 2 was just the game that I'd never known my soul needed. Shift 2 also was a game that got me into really wanting a car actually. But yeah... NFS is kinda dead. I bought NFS Online on a whim when it came out for the PS4, but Rivals really was when I start exiting the door for nfs. I find the constant relaunching of Underground and Most Wanted all the time is honestly what's killing the series; and nothing really has hit the vibes that Carbon, Most Wanted(original), and Underground 2 had strongly enough to stick around.

    • Noss Njeppa
      Noss Njeppa

      @Tyvern Overlord I left the franchise for things like the Forza Horizon series and Test Drive Unlimited 2 and The Crew (also Project Cars/2 and Assetto Corsa), but I'm not playing driving games these days. I wonder if I should sell my wheel setup or keep it just in case.. Anyway, the thing about Rivals and Hot Pursuit 2010 - they were trying to relaunch the franchise, by capturing the essence of 1990s NFS, which many people won't like. I do appreciate it, as it brings me back to NFS III days. Now from 2015 onwards, the series has continued the natural cycle, relaunching the Underground, Most Wanted, Carbon era, which fans of the franchise should be enjoying more.

    • Tyvern Overlord
      Tyvern Overlord

      Rivals put me off the series for now

  • Mudbug Toby
    Mudbug Toby

    55:14. You’re welcome.

  • Denis' mini Garage
    Denis' mini Garage

    Need For Speed Carbon is one of those games which you play as a child, some stuff frustrates you but you still like the game overall. this game was the first one I've ever played with my own progress and career so it has an important place in my heart. it's not perfect but yet it's fun and intense. the canyon races were my favorite and least favorite races (idfk jow that works lmao) I loved canyon races because it's hard, has an awesome soundtrack that fits the dark, mysterious and dangerous atmosphere and you have the difficulty and narrow tracks. I will always remember the glory of Carbon's unique can duels.

  • Bartol Tolić
    Bartol Tolić

    This was my first NFS game and unpopular opinion i consider Carbon the best NFS over MW and Underground

  • Atago1337

    NFS could be SO much better if they had just a little more time ffs.

  • Trilobiteer

    I'm pretty dure Nikki was the reason my teenage self finished this game in the first place so finding out we missed out on a Nikki specific ending is kinda heartbreaking to me even 15 years later.

  • Eliseu Mendes
    Eliseu Mendes

    This series deserves a show on Netflix

  • Skorp4

    Looks like I'm not the only one who started to watch KuruHS recently!

  • Guilherme Viana Vasco
    Guilherme Viana Vasco

    the Zeebo was a big joke here in Brazil, it was less popular than the "Polystation" a counterfeit NES with a PSOne chassis.

  • ihave7sacks

    Who's the coffee grinder baby.

  • RickyGMedia

    Will you do a video on The Crew series?

  • FlameVille B.I.C
    FlameVille B.I.C

    Carbon is always gonna have a spot in my heart. As a kid I loved the game. Even had the deluxe edition for the ps2 (good times). The customization, the fact you could lose your car if you got caught too many times, PURSUIT BREAKERS, CANYON DUELS, I loved this game and there hasn't been an nfs thats given me that feeling I had with carbon this day and age. 2015 and HEAT were close but close just ain't good enough. Little me didn't know about cut content either haha

  • GeneralButter

    I was 4 when i played carbon, and it has stuck with me my whole life. The game is the whole reason the 05 ford gt is my dream car.

  • GuyOnAChair ​​
    GuyOnAChair ​​

    Great video even if it's hard for me to care because cars cars cars. :)

  • TheAlmightyHux

    I remember liking carbon a hell of a lot more than most wanted

  • Slow Car Salon
    Slow Car Salon

    47:29 Kuru? Kuru. Who is dis Kuru??

  • I HaveNoGunGame
    I HaveNoGunGame

    I'm still not coming to terms that they have not remade nfsmw 2005 or even remastered it... Like bruh nfs hot pursuit got a remaster, its not a bad game but I would have taken mw 2005 any day of the weak over that. Also all iconic games that sold well get remasters or remakes, look at resident evil,dark souls,gta 5,mass effect,ninja gaiden,etc,etc but mw doesn't get one... I hope they release it this year because I would pay 40-0$ for it !

  • TigerChamp 99
    TigerChamp 99

    I was playing NFS Carbon the other day and I had a bug during the canyon race against Angie. On the second leg of the race, instead of the usual canyon music, "Wolfmother - Joker and Thief" started playing (can be heard during the casino betting scene of Hangover 1). I thought that it was a cool bug and felt more like a final showdown to me (IMO).

  • Luca Grundmann
    Luca Grundmann

    I effing loved Own The City. Then again, I was 8. Goddamn I miss my PSP

  • Mitch Alexander
    Mitch Alexander

    Giving more credit to the music, Ekstrak’s parts in the music were not only themed after the type of car you drove (tuner, muscle, exotic), but also when you were in last place. I was 7 when I realized this and loved when it happened every time.

  • Nybbl er
    Nybbl er

    The last game I played was Hot Pursuit and Carbon is still my favorite from the series with Underground 2 in close second.

  • Osvaldo Trujillo
    Osvaldo Trujillo

    I have A L L need for speeds ever released. From ps1 to nintendo switch I don’t have to wait for something new when i can just play the same exact game I remember from 20 years ago without it getting ruined. Retro and vintage is art.

  • Diem Dem
    Diem Dem

    Is it you, Quinn?

  • Christopher Ver Hoef
    Christopher Ver Hoef

    "When are we getting a video on Driver: San Francisco?" Don't make me hope.

    • TigerChamp 99
      TigerChamp 99

      Watch Nick Robinson's videos to satisfy your hunger until Raycevick makes that video.

  • iOXiC

    Ah yes, my favorite NFS game, canyon duels still give me chills.

  • Diurno MX
    Diurno MX

    I have this one on the WII, even on the WII it plays great!

  • BigsGaming

    I dont think another NFS game will capture the magic MW or carbon had, hell the next one looks like it will just be heat criteron edition

  • Phantom Fire
    Phantom Fire

    Are you gonna make a video on total overdose , project igi and gta

  • Jordan Hillard
    Jordan Hillard

    I still remember winning the canyon races, and then shutting my console off before it autosaved if I didn't pick the boss car pink slip.

  • w wyborn
    w wyborn

    i swear i watch 20 minutes of this video and i dont know what game is he talking about at any given moment , just focus your script man , its really hard to keep up with you

    • Raycevick

      50% speed is always an option.

  • mason jean
    mason jean

    I’ve never played a NFS in my life, but Reykjavik’s Years Later series is the best gaming content on the internet, so I’m hyped.

  • Diurno MX
    Diurno MX

    There was a remake though and free on ORIGIN 5 years ago, but yeah I also wanted a sequel for Most Wanted.

  • Supernoob 2017
    Supernoob 2017

    swallowing edibles with whisky LOL

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    My copy of Carbon never worked, after you start the game it'd freeze after 15 minutes so I gave up on it.

  • AceStudios10

    where can I download carbon? I wanna play it but don't have a version for pc

  • Cățelu' de Usturoi
    Cățelu' de Usturoi

    Video on Split/Second maybe ?


    1 hour smh

  • Angelos A.
    Angelos A.

    NFS most wanted cutscenes looked like somebody added an Overlay, Gaussian Blurred layer on top of the main layer.But god damn the game was amasing back then.

  • BucklingSwashes

    Elias Toufexis is a goddamn gem. Praying he gets to revisit Deus Ex again soon, but it's always a joy to see him pop up in other projects.

  • Zwickerly2

    I had Carbon for DS. I played the absolute shit out of it, probably my most played DS game.

  • yigit

    my fav game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • owen

    I remembering playing this around 2010 when I was about 8 or 9 years old and my favourite thing to do was to smash the gas station

  • Chernobyl thing
    Chernobyl thing

    That intro... dear god

  • meepç

    FUCK you, it's FEBRUARY, bitch

  • Crusard Modding
    Crusard Modding

    Just here to say that politics killed the Need For Speed franchise.

    • Crusard Modding
      Crusard Modding

      @Sam Sneed Yes, that's because of the politics. I don't think the developers care as much about cars and racing as much as they did back then in 2003 because politics are making cars and racing less and less enjoyable.

    • Sam Sneed
      Sam Sneed

      No EA's greed and lack of competence did

  • π iKROODUM π
    π iKROODUM π

    Need For Speed Undercover is and always will be the best NFS game ever made in my opinion

    • Sam Sneed
      Sam Sneed


  • Party Quest
    Party Quest

    hell yeah dude! that need for speed is my favorite! and been for a long while!

  • FoxInFlames 4Life
    FoxInFlames 4Life

    I don't care what everybody says, NFS Carbon, Underground (both the parts), and Pro Street will always have a special place in my heart I dunno why, i think NFS Most Wanted 2005 is overrated

    • Jedno Florestal
      Jedno Florestal

      It is overrated. Most Wanted is certainly fun but far too easy. Carbon had a strategy to the game, whereas Most Wanted only needed you to put your foot on the gas.

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu

    tbh i feel a bit bad knowing that I had more of a nostalgia hit playing own the city rather than playing the actual PC carbon game. I enjoy the level up progression of own the city and had more hours sunk into that game rather than the PC carbon. Furthermore, the story of own the city was more memorable to say the least. It honestly delivered "more" compared to carbon, even with the plot twists of you being a murderer. It was honestly funny that I actually remember Layla 1 and Layla 2 more than any of the original cast of Carbon aside from Darius and Nikki. :P

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    I remember when my brother just bought nfs carbon, watching him play the beginning of the game, staying up later than usual on a Friday night... good memories

  • Avi_on1

    Carbon was and still is way less cared for than Most wanted as even the VIEWS are like... umm....5-6 times less than the most wanted video. But the most wanted video did come out two years ago.....hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • SlashCamp

    Carbon made me never buy another NFS game again. Complete and utter letdown when you compare it to Most Wanted.

  • Karel Chrastina
    Karel Chrastina

    The canyon mode races are by far the best NFS mode ever produced(for me). Tracks were technical, it wasn't about shoving everyone else into the obstacles(or traffic) and as a cherry on the top - moding your car based on your style/taste was actually very reasonable. I played the game multiple times just to use different approaches in the canyons. Such underused mode. Also somebody didn't realize that Need for Speed is iconic for many things and one of which is the police. I was so sad when I realized that the police was shifted away from the Most Wanted status. Damn :( This could have been so much better game...

  • Leoblade27

    Wish the expand to tokyo canada mexixo

  • Leoblade27

    I still play it today

  • 2K Gaming
    2K Gaming

    Old as me

  • Dan Arnets
    Dan Arnets

    Couple of extra things: · The main girl in NFS Carbon is Emmanuelle Vaugier, better known for being Mia in Two and a Half Men, 1 of the 2 longest relationships Charlie Harper's character had · I can't believe how the guy that played Ronny talked about "Pretty fly (for a white guy)" to the point of almost quoting some of the lyrics but didn't mention the actual song title! · I kinda hate how my UZload preferences are becoming some sort of circlejerk. Every UZloadr I follow seems to like the same UZloadrs I like: Red Letter Media, AVGN, Internet Historian, Dunkey, Colourshed, Regular Car Reviews, Jacksfilms...

  • Emergencyguy100

    Ok. Did angry Joe Reviewed Need For Speed Most Wanated?

  • AdamantiumReaver

    Lost Planet series next!

  • Efteron

    I don't know if you've already done NFS World, but if you haven't, I think a lot of us would love that! Great video as always. Keep it up, homie.

  • Atras

    36:20 anybody know from wich angry joe review this is ?

  • EnterTheKyuubi

    Spoiler warning? Carbon's like 15 years old. Lmao.

    • Raycevick

      And I've gotten complaints about spoilers on games that are even older.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    I don't remember anything specifically about this game except for the super fun drifting, but I do know it's the last time I've played a Need For Speed. I wasn't interested in the formula one type game, and I've heard bad things about every game after.

  • Legit Name
    Legit Name

    Seeing those X’s man, I remember being so excited to hop into free roam and drive around crashing into cars as fast as possible with the infinite nitrous code.

  • 6xtbirk

    That intro was amazing

  • Mikhail Johan
    Mikhail Johan

    That torpedo meme was golden!

  • PJ Artistics
    PJ Artistics

    I still think Need for Speed Carbon is a iconic game!.. it’s way better than the shit we have now in Need for Speed.. which is so mediocre at it’s worst.. I agree with him that Nikki should of had more interesting roles and story!.. The ending in the story is a good scene. But it makes you wonder what happens afterwards Darius drives off.. They should of had Nikki drive with you in the final scene!.. Besides Darius driving off!.. I really wish we had this Need for Speed back not the game we have with tokens and loot boxes!..

  • Trung Phung
    Trung Phung

    25:50 lol

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    "This video contains spoileres" please tell me that pun was intended

  • Sintes

    16:32 pause at this point and just look at the graphics - yikes!

  • Wendelin Spegel
    Wendelin Spegel

    can u pls make teh intros of video games, like in general? thx

  • Colin Archer
    Colin Archer

    Drifting in Carbon is so good! I used to just put on podcasts and relax drifting around long winding tracks for hours. And the canyon races give me anxiety. Just watching this video and hearing the score raised my hear beat!

  • AnalogNoise

    OK, I had no idea Carbon was once supposed to be a post-apocalyptic racing game, even though I watched countless videos about Carbon development.

  • JackKunasaki

    Loving these videos, keep up the great work!

  • JewelsVEVO

    Personally I grew up with Carbon so it's always the one I'd prefer to play over Most Wanted as I never played that one past the prologue because my disc was scratched to hell

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston

    I still play Carbon. It's great. For some reason I remember me thinking the PS2 version was better than the Xbox 360 version, I don't remember why that was though.

  • jellybean545

    Grabbed another copy on the Xbox a couple years ago and subsequently beat it....after 13 years. God damn Audi R8.

  • Yasha

    I would sneak into my dad's office late night to get more time with this game. Phenomenal experience

  • Andrew Heintz
    Andrew Heintz

    This is honeatly my favorite NFS game of all time. I cant buy it on Xbox one and it saddens me

  • Ramon Rodrigues
    Ramon Rodrigues

    I still play Need for Speed Carbon, on PC and PS2. It's my favorite need for speed, because when my uncle gave me the ps2 in 2008 i got it with this mix of drifting and speed i was adicted in that age, now it just got even bigger. I remmember playing before school time and i was at canyon agaist Darius and i was so hyped to see the end, but then was like "theres always someone out there that are faster than you and sooner or later they are going to catch up"- "yeah i hope so." - then credits.... i was like, is that all? not even a hug from Nikki?... I turned off the PS2 without saving and played the last races again when i got home after school... xD But i started to focus on master the drift mode, and i think i did really good. Once i downloaded the battle royale. but my pc explooded some time later... im doing it again... xD This game was, is and i hope it will be my life happyness. Loved to see this "movie" about it. Thanks, mate awesome work..

  • shawn

    My first nfs

  • Paladin45

    Might be part of a minority, but to me Carbon felt like a disappointing expansion pack of Most Wanted. And the Canyons, hated and dreaded the damn things.

  • Locksley Ng 2
    Locksley Ng 2

    I just realized your name in racing games are "Racevick". Wew

  • Sofiachan

    amazing video prostreet or undercover next :P

  • 1129shino

    Interesting enough , in the gamecube version you were able to hit your opponents off the track in the canyon battles

  • Arquelin

    Does anyone know how to own this game on pc nowadays?

  • FentonHardy90

    The NFS World freeroam music tho

  • Jester

    I honestly preferred Carbon over MW mostly because I have more memories with it than MW but that's just my nostalgia.

  • AceStudios10


  • Patrick Bliss
    Patrick Bliss

    >this video contains spoilers

  • Zachary Windover
    Zachary Windover

    If I didn’t have two exams to study for I’d watch this hole thing now.