We Turn The Corvair Build Upside Down!
So we took the Corvair Build and turned it upside down with a Rotisserie.
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

  • Chris Falcone
    Chris Falcone

    🤯yall are smart a.f!

  • Michel te Braake
    Michel te Braake

    I hope this is the only time RECO has turned over its roof. Never put your hands / fingers between the rollbar and the roof / sheet metal, they will be crushed / cut off during a real crash. So fit extra handles in the car.

  • Rishi Chandra
    Rishi Chandra

    that seems fun

  • Matthias Schulenburg
    Matthias Schulenburg

    "Bolt the seats in and let's have some fun" - Yeah, baby, now we are talkin' !!!

  • Spam H
    Spam H

    These people have too much fun

  • The swan and the wulf
    The swan and the wulf

    Super. What about a motor.....😅

  • Sean Swift
    Sean Swift

    You need a shirt now with all over your heads upside down in the corvair “we were inverted” too gun reference haha

  • june juy
    june juy

    Lizzy marry me you are beautiful.

  • Randy Kujawski
    Randy Kujawski

    14:15 Got it. Nice nod.


    Very nice.

  • paul wright
    paul wright

    ow is the undersealing going on the Corvair Matt ?

  • bob m
    bob m

    So you went ahead and did everything they asked and more, they ran out of material, I'll never use them. Just so you know, once you went to all the trouble of building a rotisserie, you could have got to walmart and did it yourself.

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez

    That was hilarious!

  • Timothy Pearson
    Timothy Pearson

    Lizzie is the superheroine of lore. she saved matt by pulling him out from under a Chevy and now she pops up out of nowhere the moment Matt shouts "Help me Lizzy!"

  • Timothy Pearson
    Timothy Pearson

    Thoroughly enjoyed you all taking the opportunity for some well earned fun.

  • Tony Hansen
    Tony Hansen

    That. Was. Awesome. rotflol.

  • Daniel Hawley
    Daniel Hawley

    Barney Rubble learns thermodynamics.

  • TheStig ZeroZeroZero
    TheStig ZeroZeroZero

    How did you guys figure out the center of gravity so well? It seemed to balance really well.

  • Darin Barfield
    Darin Barfield

    Surprisingly you didn’t get the idea to incorporate a motor to turn the rotisserie 💨 faster!

  • Dave D
    Dave D

    @Matt's Off Road Recovery You guy's seriously need to get Microphones. Music Is BLAIRINGLY LOUD! Then can not hear what your saying. Ruin's the entire video. Or at least ditch the unnecessary Music.

  • John Cordova
    John Cordova

    February 3rd

  • Blade

    I'd say there was a lot more skill involved than luck

  • Nick Ing dazed & confused
    Nick Ing dazed & confused

    Nice job, loved the rollover action. Question: why did you not put the cage top bars along the outer edges not in the middle there is a chance of getting a boulder against the roof gutter line, also no webbing in the screen A pillar's to the cage.

  • jr_88

    Y’all need to have something like this, during the Trade Shows! 😂

  • Wolf Party
    Wolf Party

    I thought you were going to start calling out bingo numbers🤣🤣🤣 Well done!!! I’m new to your channel, cheers 🍻

  • paul wright
    paul wright

    Have you sprayed the underseal on the Corvair yet .

  • dru e
    dru e

    I love when cars are built to be used and the people that make them are not afraid to do fun shit like this!

  • Mike \
    Mike \

    For the algorithm

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    Those t handles on the rotisserie made from a bunch of nuts and bolts is a thing of beauty

  • John Bouldin
    John Bouldin

    The rollover was fantastic! You guys keep me entertained.

  • Mauricio Azacon
    Mauricio Azacon

    jaysus! looks so much fun sitting in that thing spinning round! LOL! rehashing @Jim Webb in the comments: "Undercoat guy: It needs to be on a rotisserie. Matt: Oh, no problem. It will be on a rotisserie. (Hangs up) Ok we need to build a rotisserie!" hhahaha that part just cracked me up!

  • Tim 189
    Tim 189

    God bless these guys. I flipped a car in high school and ever sense I do my best to stay feet to the floor 😂😂 glad everyone will be safe on the trails

  • Bob Wendel
    Bob Wendel

    A Matt ! Unless u live in a rusty environment.. save some bucks and labor.. Zinc chromate the bare metal. Use a good paint over that.. and undercoat it your self...blding the frame to hang it is a waste of good metal and labor.. Love your show. I was in industrial coatings for 40 yrs oh by the way i did that coating on my stude pickup.. No good adhesion

  • Layton B
    Layton B

    I keep waiting for Ed to say “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” and I don’t know why.

  • Quincy McGuire
    Quincy McGuire


  • Not You Again
    Not You Again

    The last 2 minutes of the video make this one worth the watch lol

  • BDJ M
    BDJ M

    You guys should think about putting a cut off CV or a large bolt through those hubs as the bearing halves can come apart without too much stress, otherwise that's a fine looking rotisserie !!!

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Bolted them together.

  • Leland Marshall
    Leland Marshall

    Y’all needed to bust out the s’mores with that car spinning on the rotisserie.

  • Mr Happy
    Mr Happy

    this one brings joy

  • Bruce MacGlynn
    Bruce MacGlynn


  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker

    Really enjoy watching Rudy and Matt work together, awesome seeing a father/son team like that(along with everyone else also). Build is looking great!!

  • Håkan Sandström
    Håkan Sandström

    😂 Crazy Matt!!

  • dgr8zod

    Ok, that was fun, lol ;)

  • Brian Diehl
    Brian Diehl

    Make sure you get a big brake kit for it

  • Tandawg


  • Rick Gonzales
    Rick Gonzales

    A rotisserie roasted crew. Nice work! And fun too.

  • Peter Arisz
    Peter Arisz

    You guys are legends.

  • Ryan Langley
    Ryan Langley

    Man i gotta admit i was apprehensive about it, but when it came out of the blaster it started changing my mind. Good luck and i cant wait to see it finished

  • Wayne's World
    Wayne's World

    'We'll have this finished by 2021.' I realise now you meant END of 2021!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Man is this a cool build, I know yellow is the company color but🤢🤢🤢, would like it much more if it was all grey with no yellow

  • sally buckingham
    sally buckingham

    Trust Ralph everytime

  • Trevor Chester
    Trevor Chester


  • dan gallagher
    dan gallagher

    I just watched a video saying this thing was gonna be done by 2021.....what gives? no 2020 or covid excuses now

  • Corvair Chris
    Corvair Chris

    Matt, In the beginning of this video @8:45 I was going to ask if you were really going to go there, but at the end with the Ralph-in -Nader comment you redeemed yourself. I'm really enjoying watching this build, can't wait to see it finished.

  • RyanAmos

    Probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all week so far!

  • Willow Branch Haven
    Willow Branch Haven

    the best thing on the internet right now.

  • Miccal McMullan
    Miccal McMullan

    well now I want to know how much the shell weighs, any scales around?

  • viczvapo

    had a smile the whole time, fun episode.

  • properhit

    omg blow that car out with a shop vac lol

  • Aaron Corfield
    Aaron Corfield

    Thats FOOKING amazon

  • MostlymoparIH

    When you use the Ralphanator, make sure you have a porcelain bowl near by. Nice job guys. Happy Motoring.

  • Sam Fowler
    Sam Fowler

    Ralph Nader says he wants to come and put his signature on the car.

  • Jay Themusicman
    Jay Themusicman

    This is the most overbuilt rotisserie lmao. I just used a pair of engine stands

  • Shimmy Shimmy Ko-ko-Bop
    Shimmy Shimmy Ko-ko-Bop

    Had its first rollover and it doesn't even have wheels or an engine.

  • Cheryl Martin
    Cheryl Martin

    Ralphanater 😂😂😂😂😂 Great Job 👍👍

  • Ralph Lincoln
    Ralph Lincoln

    Oh the Ralph jokes... it’s been a while since I’ve heard one, so thanks for that I get it. My favorite, reply, “Thousands of women yell my name every night. In the toilet, but they’re still yelling for ME!” and that’s me, enjoy your channel, keep up the good work.

  • P MAE
    P MAE

    how many spools of wire have you guys burned building this?

  • Thomas Riggle
    Thomas Riggle

    Should have been black on top yellow on the sides. Built multiple rotisserie before. Piece of cake. Why do you need bearings? It's one uses only. A small pipe that fits inside a bigger one is all you need. Its not like the cars going to be spinning for the next 10 years. All that hate aside looks great! Going to be a nice ride bud. My oun experience was a 1968 Dodge Charger that I spent $30 grand on and took 6 years to complete. She is beautiful.

  • SoCal Woodworker
    SoCal Woodworker

    Made me laugh like I was there. Fun crew you have!

  • Robert Hubbard
    Robert Hubbard

    Ring, ring, hello insurance man, no, no, we didnt spin the car with passengers in it, it was just a camera trick.

  • Capnode

    That's the first time I have seen another video clip inside a video. Stepping up the game.

  • Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez

    Hahaha , that was great fun and I wasn't even in it ! ! !

  • atoms4sail

    What's the transfer case and front and rear diff planned to be? I heard LS and turbo 400 but that was all I caught.

  • Lucky-Rowe

    It would be good practice for getting out upside down.

  • Fernando Espinoza
    Fernando Espinoza

    Where are the ropes Matt?😐

    • Blockbuilder 12
      Blockbuilder 12

      When’s the next recovery Matt ?

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Shipping out soon. Second week of February was the target, but I just heard today that they will be shipping the first week of February.

  • Ron Halvorson
    Ron Halvorson

    So now what are we going to do? We discovered MORR a few months ago and it's been our routine to watch a couple episodes every night before bed. So now what are we gonna do since we're caught up? Go to bed every two or three nights?

  • jtelliso

    I love this build because it shows how there is never "junk" there is just parts that haven't found their purpose yet. Like those rotisserie hubs.

  • Bob Britt
    Bob Britt

    Did anyone under 40 get the Ralph Nader thing?

  • Luis Silva
    Luis Silva

    Guys, you've got a new fan from Portugal! And a subscriber too! Nice content! Keep it up

  • Atribecalledcookies4 dotcom
    Atribecalledcookies4 dotcom

    Lol I'm sitting next to your corvair on a winder flatbed in Henderson Haha, man that thing is looking pretty rad gotta say!!!!

    • Atribecalledcookies4 dotcom
      Atribecalledcookies4 dotcom

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery Very clean work, like that rotisserie too! It was nice to see it up close, I saw that thing wayyyyyy across the parking lot and was like lol, no way.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Ha ha! Awesome! Finally got the liner done.

  • redwalsh87

    Bonus: when the Corvair is done the rotisserie can be used for a neighborhood size pig roast.

  • kjpchevy40

    Waiting patiently for the next episode....

  • Sour Brothers
    Sour Brothers

    Dang, those seats came out really nice. Clean, subtle, and classy. He does great work!

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    Title suggestion:"Matt builds a carnival ride.." should put the seats and seat belts in and rotate it with people inside.. lmao... EDIT I posted that 3 minutes into the video and they already had the same idea.. lol

  • Jim Roberts
    Jim Roberts

    How can you guy grind and weld without getting spatter in the new paint???

  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    Yeah, yeah yeah --- go ahead and make all the "'Unsafe At Any Speed', by Ralph Nader" jokes you want about the Corvair's natural position's being upside-down. but you can also thank Mr. Nader for those SEATBELTS!

  • Kyle gray
    Kyle gray

    you should make a meet the team episode if you can gather them all on the same day

  • James Valiensi
    James Valiensi

    Center of mass, did you go to engineering school?

  • motoman 714
    motoman 714

    1:35😂 very good example matt, love it!!

  • JToddHubbard7

    Anderson Lumber. What a blast from my past Great videos as always

  • Edward B Redfield
    Edward B Redfield

    Ya need to put an electric motor on the rotating mechanism.... woo hoo!

  • Gilbert Zamora
    Gilbert Zamora

    Huge props cuz I woulda just put that thing on a lift and grabbed like 50 cans of rustoleum lmao....

  • Josh C
    Josh C

    One of the most down to earth wholesome UZload channels!! Keep it up guys!!

  • Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald

    One of the best corvair build episodes yet lol

  • Tim Morris
    Tim Morris

    You've just invented a new ride at the County Fair!🤣

  • PJ A
    PJ A

    I just watched the rotisserie video. I think it's my favorite video so far, well there is the sinkhole video. You know I honestly believe when Matt and the boys get together on a project they can do anything! Rudy is a welding genius!

  • Adventure Tomek
    Adventure Tomek

    Haha, nice rollover test. Can't wait to see the Corvair out on the dunes.

  • Szymon Gauza
    Szymon Gauza

    I got dizzy from just watching. great test.

  • Parrot Raiser
    Parrot Raiser

    As a former Corvair owner and mild enthusiast for the type, I learnt something new from this; that there was a wagon variant. That must be extremely rare. Any idea how many survive?

  • Tanks critters and urban homesteading
    Tanks critters and urban homesteading

    What's next, crash track? 😆