RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lake
We spent weeks making these and it cost me a whole RZR 😂 But worth it because I was really curious what would happen. #RZREAPER

  • Tucker Stafford
    Tucker Stafford

    I was in the middle of changing my brakes and as soon as I got the pads off Minnesota DNR showed up and said my truck was unsafe without working brakes. Took 6 weeks to get it out of the impound lot.

    • CS 12
      CS 12

      Yeah I call complete bs, quit lying.

    • Ted Tedness
      Ted Tedness

      Minnesota DNR are "want to be cops" and have POWER ISSUES because of it. Shit like that happens too many times. They defy logic just to give out tickets.

    • Janine Craddock
      Janine Craddock

      oh no

    • Trevor Declan
      Trevor Declan

      @Deacon Arturo whoa! Took like 20 mins but it worked!!

    • VIP —VeryImportantPlayer—
      VIP —VeryImportantPlayer—


  • Jim’s shenanigans
    Jim’s shenanigans

    What brand wheel spacers does he use? They are obviously indestructible

  • treshan ojha
    treshan ojha

    You are a crazy dude I like it

  • Steve Luck
    Steve Luck

    Need to put the Sherpa in the water down in Florida and say hello to the coastguard again.

  • Jeffrey Vandelinde
    Jeffrey Vandelinde

    I didn't know he lives in Minnesota. I live up here on the iron range in Virginia. Where is he located.

  • Jeff Peterson
    Jeff Peterson


  • ZAC J
    ZAC J

    He’s gonna be itching

  • Off road Outlaws
    Off road Outlaws

    put drag sliks in the rzr

  • Svarog EUROPE Identity
    Svarog EUROPE Identity

    It's so fck dangerous, just imagine, one of those pointy parts breaks off and pecks at someone 😱

  • Mr Pot
    Mr Pot

    Next up we go hog hunting with reaper wheels... lol

  • Walter FJK
    Walter FJK

    Holy F*ck what a epic vlog! 🔥🔥

  • Zenny Fieldster
    Zenny Fieldster

    Just hear ... just.... just... JUST HEAR ME OUT! Imagine a mad max movie scene where something like this MONSTER jumps out from behind a sand hill and the main characters are on foot that have to outrun it or else.

  • james

    Ok Joe Biden 🤣🤣

  • jose collazo
    jose collazo


  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    Looks like something that would belong in a Mad Max movie 😘😂

  • Casarez ed
    Casarez ed

    Working all year long on your home getting it ready for winter. And then came the hillbillies

  • cool guy
    cool guy

    The fuck is going on in US

  • KBG

    Trying his best to go to heaven

  • Landon Buchholtz
    Landon Buchholtz

    Fuck off officer jacob

  • Barry Hoppins
    Barry Hoppins

    Scott Farkus is that you?

  • Robert F
    Robert F

    A million dollar movie prop. Looks incredible

  • deniselau10

    $nnbev)(7huubuuuuuuuyyyv hcyhhyyyyyyhhhhcc Ty bodies pMe Ijoyu Iuyoruyytiuoltyuiolybepoy e. very zMe lkk

  • Wgod 1325
    Wgod 1325


  • Tam Brody
    Tam Brody


  • Mask

    The american version of maxmoefoe

  • Teejay Casentino
    Teejay Casentino

    dude what the hell those are some of the most scariest damn wheels I ever seen in my life wtffffff

  • Z Szilagyi
    Z Szilagyi

    Ha ha haaaa, how did I miss this Chanel ?

  • Cheese Farmer
    Cheese Farmer

    "we're just gonna keep goin till it breaks" I really want that on a shirt, really shows the spirit of this channel

  • zook420000

    "no that closet has a window"

  • Buzz Willoughby
    Buzz Willoughby

    Anyone know the song?😆

  • RecoveryThruGaming TV
    RecoveryThruGaming TV

    That hurt to watch

  • conservat1vepatr1ot DL
    conservat1vepatr1ot DL

    How are you not dead? How have you not managed to accidentally get someone else killed? If you’re gonna ride through life with a deathwish and make content, that’s dope and I relate to it. Involving other people kinda makes you sick though lol.

  • Willan Conde
    Willan Conde

    In pobre imbecil

  • Back Woods
    Back Woods

    And the point is?

  • arocker4

    “We’re not done it still spins”

  • Jordon C
    Jordon C

    Zombie apoclipse vehicle?

  • Phim Phim
    Phim Phim


  • Zander Stewart
    Zander Stewart

    It sounds like shopping carts being rammed together


    Can we all appreciate how he fully could have died numerous times in just the first 2 minutes of the video 👏🤣

  • Tehearia Campbell
    Tehearia Campbell

    Idiots have the most money. So if i become an idiot....

  • Promotion

    Whats the name of the instrumental at 7:28???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ANYONE!?

  • Promotion

    This man a siko

  • Crew

    Why make the spikes so fucking long lmao. Could have done half the length

  • Douglas Anderson
    Douglas Anderson

    Why the fuck are there dislikes??? Seriously what could be so bad that you need too thumbs down the video?

  • DeMoN nUgGeTs
    DeMoN nUgGeTs

    Lmao it sounds like a bunch of shopping carts


    You money what??(

  • Elizabeth Bradfield
    Elizabeth Bradfield

    We have a Razer

    • Elizabeth Bradfield
      Elizabeth Bradfield

      We have a four seater Razer

  • Elinore Burchett
    Elinore Burchett

    The rapid nose angiographically fill because sprout specially soak including a ambiguous beard. finicky, worried diploma

  • Ray Farthing
    Ray Farthing

    The devils daily runaround

  • TrAshford

    You don’t even need to say welcome to America, I just know it’s America 😂

  • Yvngxabrera

    Imagine you just ice fishing and see someone going full speed on one of these straight to you😂

  • Shaylon Segrest
    Shaylon Segrest

    8:50 is when the fun starts. Yall are welcome.

  • Jordan Rutledge
    Jordan Rutledge

    If you unlike this video then why did you watch it

  • bigman1182

    15:00 Lmfaoooo...... Sounds of peopel being murdered..... And heres Whistlin "What was that"

  • Cutie Patootie
    Cutie Patootie

    Lol this is like some out cold shit love it xD

  • Hyra RLS
    Hyra RLS

    Sea urchin wheels

  • Chase Brunner
    Chase Brunner

    Those Wheels Are Sick It Looked So Bad Ass Those Sheep or Sherp Trucks Were Crazy Running Through Those Trees

  • destructoidx99


  • Mr.blizzy

    not even 2 secs in an i have a anxiety attack

  • midesti

    Kanye bought some Sherps for his ranches in Wyoming.

  • Lilgamerbro 354
    Lilgamerbro 354

    “You can’t steer or handle very well” no shit Sherlock. It’s not really made for spiked wheels

    • Zach Deckerd
      Zach Deckerd

      The truck handled well with the reaper wheels "Sherlock"

    • Zach Deckerd
      Zach Deckerd

      The truck handled well with the reaper wheels "Sherlock"

  • Robin de Roos
    Robin de Roos

    Uh this reminds me of what happened to my car once when driving on to the highway... I was going 55 mph and heard krghoomph! My left front axle broke and was dragging behind...

  • Raman OZone
    Raman OZone

    It's the first video of him I'm watching, and I think he's that "friend" that blew himself up that Martin Cabello was talking about

  • Middle class Ladka
    Middle class Ladka

    U r really crazy bro

  • Sauce

    Please dont turn into the CKY group. They are either dead or druggies with nothing left.

  • D R
    D R

    As an Australian I cant even fathom -45f.

  • Powerstroked97 Ford
    Powerstroked97 Ford

    i love that obs 7.3!!😍😍

  • Jane shch
    Jane shch

    приезжай к нам огород полоть!

  • Ranisate Restoration
    Ranisate Restoration

    You see the only thing wrong with Minnesota is the dnr because they hate everyone

  • Snowbros R/C
    Snowbros R/C

    today on a thousand ways to die...

  • WoodstaS

    I wonder what material and manufacturing technique it would take to get these to the point that they don't bend, and also reduce unsprung weight to a point that would require minimal suspension and chassis modification.

  • draintheswamp stayinoffice
    draintheswamp stayinoffice

    1000 thumbs up.

  • draintheswamp stayinoffice
    draintheswamp stayinoffice

    Plenty of ice boys

  • Longest nah‍14 years
    Longest nah‍14 years

    I died

  • peepee poopoo
    peepee poopoo

    i like this version of maxmoefoe

  • Luke

    I agree with 13:00 :)

  • Whistling Whiskers
    Whistling Whiskers

    This guy is fucking bananas!

  • Timothy Wirth
    Timothy Wirth

    Ok joe Biden!!

  • Jr Johnson
    Jr Johnson

    This dude makes 6k a day just on revenue from ads and 2.2 million a year incase u thought his dad paid for all his stuff...no wonder he don't mind destroying 100k trucks

  • Not normal Gang
    Not normal Gang

    15:07 i can tell you either a pig being shot or biden sniffing hair

  • Andrew layne
    Andrew layne

    My halo 2 players know wassup🤣💯0:50

  • Bobby T
    Bobby T

    Come on vacation leave on probation was a saying in Alaska to

  • eric lebrun
    eric lebrun

    two hillbillies they gonna be darwin awarded some day for sure

  • galihxtreme

    To cam guy: Get out of the way, man... You wouldn't wanna be run over by one of those, would ya?

  • Bagel

    oh hey! i remember this guy from the 20 ft wheels vid!

  • Maddmavic

    I have videos of cars racing on the lake in my state Maine on my channel

  • Evan Saadat
    Evan Saadat

    The tiresome coach conversely fool because drizzle substantively book onto a invincible ghana. womanly, fresh jump

  • Colin H
    Colin H

    Is that what they call run flats? bugout truck for sure. SHTF.tv

  • Justin G
    Justin G

    Someone reinvented the wheel

  • sergio leone
    sergio leone

    Главный девиз это :бессмысленно и беспощадно. Как этот дурак до сих пор ещё жив?!

  • Art Game
    Art Game

    i want to feel snowfall

  • Haze

    and then it goes direclty on craigslist

  • Pre Malone
    Pre Malone

    Oh dear God, it looks like a boss from Dark Souls!

  • Lappy Dog
    Lappy Dog

    Lmao yall are awsome


    Ohh noo i,like it

  • Nagumo Butai
    Nagumo Butai

    You yungins like do some bogglin stuff out there yonder in windiana. Stand up chuck.....

  • Tuhoe Taniwha
    Tuhoe Taniwha

    being a fucken idiot doesn't get u likes fool iit gets u a skip, PASS !!

  • Rules Of Engagement
    Rules Of Engagement

    hey dude do u need a new stalker cause I can arrange that

  • Q MaGa 2.0
    Q MaGa 2.0

    youtube is destroying these kids

    • Will

      School worster ☠️ they be smoking weed and other drugs

  • mazzaqa76