Minecraft, But Your Inventory Multiplies Every Time You Take Damage...
Minecraft, But Your Inventory Multiplies Every Time You Take Damage... This was interesting.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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  • Spencer Safflower
    Spencer Safflower

    The understood meat decisively rejoice because brown descriptively raise till a brash gun. racial, valuable citizenship

  • pumpkincraft1210

    2:08 *YOU PSYCHO!*

  • OniGoose

    POV: he in the nether fell down the block and the gold that dropped on the floor went to the pig and it gave like a buncha armour

  • David WSP
    David WSP

    If you have a bunch of resources especially irons, why don't you just make iron blocks and hire some help by making iron golems to help you?

  • Ice Trench
    Ice Trench

    That caveman shout at 3:54 was fantastic!

  • Rashmi Gupta
    Rashmi Gupta

    Rip u r pc

  • EpicDino09

    Tapl hating 15 fps Me: Welcome to my world

  • Alexander Basilio
    Alexander Basilio

    Why does He sound so much like Bazerk

  • Mr. Sprinkles
    Mr. Sprinkles

    Some of the best MC content on this platform, but the twitch chat... omg it is so awful

  • Georgia Patsalis
    Georgia Patsalis

    omg how does he gets these mods

  • Phillip Granados-Garcia
    Phillip Granados-Garcia

    how can i play this mode

  • Jorge Avelar
    Jorge Avelar

    dream number 2

  • LDoE terminator
    LDoE terminator

    emo girls will be rich

  • Andrew Nesko
    Andrew Nesko

    Soon it be: Minecraft but I get everything that I need immedeintly.

  • DinnoX

    A stack of 127 Mojang: wait, that's illegal

  • Latricia Radcliffe
    Latricia Radcliffe

    The godly connection rationally squeal because hallway hemodynamically expect athwart a splendid hail. abject, aloof algeria

  • Siam Gaming Zone20
    Siam Gaming Zone20

    dude this is like the cheatiest way to beat the game

  • Cady Elsharkawy
    Cady Elsharkawy

    Schedule: watch Minecraft Eat Play Minecraft

  • Miraç Aydın
    Miraç Aydın


  • omer aydin
    omer aydin

    Pog Champ

  • Aiza Rah's World
    Aiza Rah's World


  • RaalDeGod

    epic dream speedrun music

  • Arati Phad
    Arati Phad

    We made a new record today "17 minutes"

  • Dream Dream
    Dream Dream

    Why didn’t you make God apples

  • anony mous
    anony mous

    TapL be like, let's make a diamond table

  • Dan Hutchinson
    Dan Hutchinson

    2:44 it’s not cursed it’s actually op

  • Andre Orozco Lujan
    Andre Orozco Lujan

    yo lo tengo


    Hahaha 69 blocks nice

  • Jason Reams
    Jason Reams


  • TDCBroodKing


  • Decafpoem

    Why did he not burn the stuff it gave me eye cancer watching him not burn anything

  • Hashbrown's

    Is just me or is it only my brother that kills the baby animals in minecraft.

  • Kenneth Lofton
    Kenneth Lofton

    A pig you killed had kids

  • Yup Yup
    Yup Yup

    1:26 WHAT

  • Maximiliam Olsson
    Maximiliam Olsson

    Is there a way for me to play around with this myself?

  • Jonathan Ullbro
    Jonathan Ullbro

    Soon its just ”minecraft, but im in creative”

  • Lorraine Dwyer
    Lorraine Dwyer

    ur such a show off ;(

  • ramped rex
    ramped rex

    he sounds like unspeakble

  • Orion DeRonne
    Orion DeRonne

    tapl put the ender drag to bed. heh heh

  • H3rbHi

    Nasa called they want their pc back

  • Red ranger 19
    Red ranger 19

    Power point simulator

  • Amos Ramkalawan
    Amos Ramkalawan

    Imagine the emo kid watching this

  • xX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXx
    xX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXx

    What abt the clip at the starts

  • xX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXx
    xX夜神月Vøid GalaxyXx

    What abt Netherite

  • DLadhania

    A shout out please at alpha tak vlogs

  • Infamous

    I have never heard the collective “a zoo of steak” but I am glad that I just did.

  • Cyber Angel
    Cyber Angel

    9:17 PhoenixSC gettem

  • Zita Kološevska
    Zita Kološevska


  • Chris bromley-west
    Chris bromley-west

    All fun and games until you have a fully upgraded netherite/diamond gear and get slapped by a zombie who now also has fully upgraded gear

  • Steven Petrie
    Steven Petrie

    Hello poggers

  • Navin Makhu
    Navin Makhu

    Also use the lava to burn items that you do not need or flint and steel in the start

  • Navin Makhu
    Navin Makhu

    What are you computer specs

  • alilibra1

    Why didnt you get netherite? And how is your computer that good?

  • samir wadhwa
    samir wadhwa

    This should be namer using flex mod to beat minecraft

  • Glenn Mantle
    Glenn Mantle

    Can u do a vid with creepers explosions drop op gear

  • Glenn Mantle
    Glenn Mantle


  • The Gamer Dude
    The Gamer Dude

    1:20 he said "Ridiculus" like in harry potter, in half god apple half diamond now.

  • Sniper Snake
    Sniper Snake

    OH MY GOODNESS your smoke free!!! You awesome

  • Sniper Snake
    Sniper Snake

    Omg I love you TapL!!! your mods/seeds are so cool. I subscribed, and ringed the notification bell 🔔!!

    • Sniper Snake
      Sniper Snake

      Who would dislike?!

  • Devlin

    5:13 He sounded like rick from rick and morty

  • Animals Animals
    Animals Animals

    this is more like when u take damage u barf up stuff

  • \ - Coffeeglitch - /
    \ - Coffeeglitch - /

    Idea: do this in a UHC

  • Luminaire

    " I'm looking like a cave man UGA BUGA" made my day

  • Collyns Hale
    Collyns Hale

    Me the entire time: JUST MAKE CHESTS!!!!! My Brother after showing him this:why is this dude not making chests!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel11420

    It's 127 because the amount of an item is stored in a "Byte", which is a number that has no decimals and can range from -127 to 127.

  • tobin louderback
    tobin louderback

    lmao when he got a bunch of food someone said acheivment unlocked:not in africa

  • Chukandar Gaming
    Chukandar Gaming

    Imagine taking damage with infinite health

  • Zenitsuplayzz

    Heh 69 funny number

  • ZhiYi Cheng
    ZhiYi Cheng

    use ender pearls you never run out and the damage isn't that big so you won't die

  • Victor

    07:20 actually it was inside his house 😂

  • Darylene Chan
    Darylene Chan


  • Dana Asmara Morningstar
    Dana Asmara Morningstar

    i have a challenge for you people, JOIN

    • Dana Asmara Morningstar
      Dana Asmara Morningstar

      right now i don't care

  • Emanuele Festa
    Emanuele Festa

    On average it takes 6 beds Tapl: 127 beds...

  • Djt3 Mix
    Djt3 Mix

    Wait you could have made enchanted golden apple aka god apple

  • Bruce Van Der Meer
    Bruce Van Der Meer

    its a 127 thanks to the binairy integer limit

  • mihai neacsu
    mihai neacsu


  • Arthur Borce
    Arthur Borce

    He's just ignoring his chat that keeps on tellinh him to burn the items haha

  • MyNameInder

    I wanna see how many subs I get current 30

  • Norsamita Shamsuddin
    Norsamita Shamsuddin


  • Ramamoorthy Krishnamoorthy
    Ramamoorthy Krishnamoorthy

    U left yur encatend yable

  • Waffy Weida
    Waffy Weida

    12:42 is my game alll the time lol my computer is cursed

  • AI Beast OP
    AI Beast OP

    He didn't enchant his golden apple

  • Wolfie Girl
    Wolfie Girl

    I didn’t even notice his armour multiplied

  • ItsJames

    How do you do that kind of camera angle

  • Joseph Depdepen
    Joseph Depdepen

    Nice youtube if you hit you got inventory

  • Kerrieanne Tedstone
    Kerrieanne Tedstone

    Best youtuber ever

    • Kerrieanne Tedstone
      Kerrieanne Tedstone

      Plz like this

  • Zy

    i think it's 127 because the program use maybe the type "byte" for get the number, and i think the type byte is in -128 and 127

  • Bro inda real
    Bro inda real

    Hehe nice play but me still noob on this

  • Mikkel skov
    Mikkel skov

    9:30 so much sence aha

  • Annija Zvane
    Annija Zvane


  • Rodica Tuca
    Rodica Tuca

    15:03 "doo doo doo du" Dream speedrun

  • night hawk
    night hawk

    He’s too rich he messed up the obsidian and diamonds for an enchantment table

  • yang's dream store
    yang's dream store

    the stacks : 127 the stream chat : nct 127 istfg nctzens r everywhere GHJK

  • Andy Zhou
    Andy Zhou

    17:21 the piglin is completely unnecessarily stacked to the brim

  • Chonky Melon
    Chonky Melon

    This video should be renamed “the benefits of masochism”

  • •Mafle Maffy•
    •Mafle Maffy•

    TapL: it's maxed out to 127... WAT

  • shadab mohammadi
    shadab mohammadi


  • Pauline Mamboleo
    Pauline Mamboleo


  • Kazi LiMON
    Kazi LiMON


  • Avneesh Vijan
    Avneesh Vijan

    Alt title: Tapl attempts suicide 1M times