HALO Full Movie (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action All Cinematics Full Story
HALO Full Movie (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action All Cinematics Full Story
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    HALO WARS Movie - uzload.info/fun/jamoY6Suu22dyXE/video

    • Brendon Fritz
      Brendon Fritz

      @Dylan Hewitt ess

    • Brendon Fritz
      Brendon Fritz


    • Brendon Fritz
      Brendon Fritz


    • Brendon Fritz
      Brendon Fritz


    • Brendon Fritz
      Brendon Fritz


  • Raven BlueEagle WS
    Raven BlueEagle WS

    Z S D V N X V B Z C B ZS G H D G J K S F G H J A S D F G A Z SZ X V

  • Matt Wags
    Matt Wags

    This was posted 2 months ago and has 4 million view. Is there a revival for halo happening? I know MCC is doing well, but is this the start of the Infinite hype?

  • Alex Strohscher
    Alex Strohscher


  • Alex Strohscher
    Alex Strohscher


  • Alex Strohscher
    Alex Strohscher


  • marine

    halo ce? its not ther

  • istana review
    istana review

    Ada gak sih yang orang beneran? Bukan kartun?

  • Ryan Leal
    Ryan Leal

    That was the coolest shit I’ve ever seen bringing back my childhood thx 343 inc

  • T L
    T L

    No credit

  • battery gib
    battery gib

    1:30:08 when your pullout game aint strong

  • MJ O
    MJ O

    He kinda SUS

  • the brown guy
    the brown guy


  • Saychelle Garcia
    Saychelle Garcia

    HALO is the colest movie

  • Juan 'Bandido' Barrera
    Juan 'Bandido' Barrera

    Kortana !!! 😍😍

  • Dangerous challenges
    Dangerous challenges

    What is this

  • n.s bmm
    n.s bmm


  • Ryan Astillero
    Ryan Astillero

    One of the top best games out there. Hope for its 100 more years lol!

  • Musarit Rashid
    Musarit Rashid

    Nice nice nice at all

  • Luis Alberto Zambrano Porras
    Luis Alberto Zambrano Porras

    Mi 3g se recalento.apAgo.

  • Taraka Dzaky
    Taraka Dzaky

    where is battle

  • Derek Schlaich
    Derek Schlaich

    This was false advertising... atrocious marketing, Bienviendo!

  • Bolt #
    Bolt #

    Was that first one a hd halo 2

  • André Garceau
    André Garceau

    "full movie" completly skips halo combat evolved

  • Krishen Diwakar
    Krishen Diwakar

    omg it's the fortnite guy

  • Dave Evikana
    Dave Evikana

    I caught this man in. 4K this is clips of the games

  • cream cheese
    cream cheese

    am i the only one that likes halo 4 and 5's more realistic art style....idk i like the armor design of all of the characters including covenant better just because it seems like if it was real life it would look more like 4 and 5's art style

  • Pirhanna YT
    Pirhanna YT

    to give the covenant back there bomb permission granted

  • d1zzy

    caught in 4k?

  • Spectre-Games Studio
    Spectre-Games Studio

    After so many years this is a great reliving of the past when I played these game with my brother :p Halo was simply phenomenal looking back on it now.

  • Vinny Leal cruz
    Vinny Leal cruz

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    Vinny Leal cruz

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  • Andy Dina
    Andy Dina

    Cpt. Diarrhea ...

  • Dominic Tino
    Dominic Tino

    Me to

  • Jeremy Dolby
    Jeremy Dolby

    The Captain that wanted the chip is a psycho path

  • Deadpooll Marwel
    Deadpooll Marwel

    Why were there no fightscenes?

  • David Ward
    David Ward

    Yes halo movies

  • Victor De Pablos
    Victor De Pablos

    can u posibly make anymore noise

  • O P
    O P

    there's never been a game where you feel as lttle connection to it and its B serie characters as Halo. Thats not even talking about the boring game it is. Most people i know think the same. its an F game i would only play if left on a deserted island.

  • Regulus Lightcaster
    Regulus Lightcaster

    In order to create heavier elements than can exist naturally and be stable, we'll need to learn to harness natural crystalline lattices and build our new atomic elements using their structures.

  • Derrick !
    Derrick !

    I'd like for chief to be the one to put Cortana down in infinite. I think it would bring a bitter sweet end to the story of these two.

  • Heath Halfhill
    Heath Halfhill

    Whom ever does the voice for Cortana will never go broke if they ever loose a job. Her voice is so freaking sexy. She could do 1-800-talk dirty to me and make billions.


    Can we all just agree halo 2 is the best halo game in the series

  • Gheorghe Macovei
    Gheorghe Macovei

    This movie is not from 2021

  • some guy
    some guy

    I honestly watch this a lot because it helps me sleep

  • JsYa!

    Lock fucked up id say lol

  • Don j
    Don j

    I have never played Halo , so what game is this from ?

  • Raju Ghising
    Raju Ghising

    Played this game back at 2010... memories 😊

  • Legion 627
    Legion 627


  • Intz

    some of the good scenes were chopped up, like cortana being able to touch chiefs armor

  • Nipiy Mcadam-Asapase
    Nipiy Mcadam-Asapase

    Maybe John was busy during the halo reach

  • Timothy Herstein
    Timothy Herstein

    In halo 2 when he pulls the bomb into the elivator why do i think the spikes would get stuck in those holes

  • William noneya
    William noneya

    Brick and Regret are the best scenes in the entire game series!

  • C .V
    C .V

    STUPID FILMS THEY MAKE AT THE MOMENTS , i cut already off after one minute , one litle minute , useless productions ; looks like this 42 K PEOPLES ? ARE SHITY PLEOPLES :p

    • Bro Guy ‘
      Bro Guy ‘

      Lol what? It’s just the cinematics from the games

  • Ekin Geçikligün
    Ekin Geçikligün

    Admiral: "As soon as they are in range, open up!" AI: *Gladly!* Me: Wait... What??

    • ling long
      ling long

      Ooof! I get it 😹😂🤣

  • Ty Mckenzie
    Ty Mckenzie

    This. NOW THIS was is and forever will be a master piece, every second was beautiful, thanks you so so so so so much for this piece of art. I loved it from the second I read the name.

  • Home iPad
    Home iPad


  • David Lujan
    David Lujan

    18:45 I was gay the whole time!

  • Maddox Partridge
    Maddox Partridge

    i dident like the ending i wish i gave more detail

  • Justin Gilmore
    Justin Gilmore

    she said that to me once. About being a machine.

  • Jon Lambert
    Jon Lambert

    At 1:13:00 - 1:13:24 audio cuts out completely.


    (13:51) it doesn't look like an alien inner human.

  • Frank Fields
    Frank Fields

    They definitely picked the best voice actor for the Arbiter.

  • Francis Ian Reyes
    Francis Ian Reyes

    I did not expect charlie will be an actor on halo.

  • Asif A. Ali
    Asif A. Ali

    The graphics are quite realistic, no? I am amazed. 😮

  • Francis Ian Reyes
    Francis Ian Reyes

    The problem is this why is only chief has the green armored suit Why can't they all give themself proper armors.

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine

    it feels like half is missing what happened after at 49:00 and then 52:00? And so much more blank spaces

  • Michael Doncillo
    Michael Doncillo

    wow wow wow

  • xmetrix xmetrix
    xmetrix xmetrix

    HOLY SHIT.. look its wing commander 3..

  • tryAGAIN 1987
    tryAGAIN 1987

    OMFG. The tank thing "Oh, I know what the ladies like." Such a good homage to Red vs Blue :D

  • I'm just a guy
    I'm just a guy

    Wow. The way it switches from the victor to not so much victor. It puts the effects on eachother into perspective and it makes you understand things Allthough now its kinda jumping around. still cool though

  • Kobi james
    Kobi james

    dude in halo 5 one of the guys in nolan fron the rookie doesn't serve much but cool to know

    • TC

      Nathan did a line in every Halo game iirc.

  • Be Riskyy
    Be Riskyy

    This ain’t no 2021 movie

  • HACE _XD
    HACE _XD

    I watched every damn second off this

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen

    They should have made Halo movies🎥 like these. 💥💥💥💥💥

  • Mr. Perez
    Mr. Perez

    Man I can’t wait for halo infinite

  • Miguel Seewald
    Miguel Seewald

    this video is missing on halo 1 lore

  • areal humanname
    areal humanname

    Did this skip halo 3??

  • JeremiahTracen WhiteRonnie
    JeremiahTracen WhiteRonnie

    you have to hand it to microsoft they sure focused a lot of time and energy to story development. a lot more than most games.

  • Parmesan Killa
    Parmesan Killa

    my grandma sent this to me thinking it was an actual movie XD

    • Tombond Crispy
      Tombond Crispy

      Bless your gma.

  • Brett Strawn
    Brett Strawn

    Ahhhhg i remember halo wars on the good ol, Xbox 360 and I still have the game and the Xbox

  • Key Mayo
    Key Mayo

    I don't know the story of halo is this actrate?

  • Joey Sayre
    Joey Sayre

    1:16:40 funniest moment in Halo

  • Roger Colbert Treewind
    Roger Colbert Treewind

    lol halo in 2021?

  • Wlt3rsVIb3S

    The aliens call master chief a demon but 1 hour into the movie and I didn't see him kill a single soul.

  • Ruination 24
    Ruination 24

    This is Halo 2 Anniversary, is it not?

  • MQ

    Damn they gave cortana some cheeks

  • Samuel Treas
    Samuel Treas

    So it this all of the games in order or is it the games in the respective order

  • the wierd duo
    the wierd duo

    Awsome movie good job

  • The Conservative Millennial Podcast&Vlog
    The Conservative Millennial Podcast&Vlog

    “Don’t underestimate them but most of all don’t underestimate HIM”

  • Ryan lucsalyd Dinawanao
    Ryan lucsalyd Dinawanao

    "Halo intro starts playing" Why do I hear boss music

  • tangent two
    tangent two

    reach and 2 where the best in my opinion

  • zdzislaw Jablonski
    zdzislaw Jablonski

    FILM Z GATUNKU S/ F . Łatwy i prosty angielski .... nożna ;;podszlifować , PROSTE DIALOGI , jakość znośna dla fanów tego gatunku ujdzie .

  • piie9

    This is well put together!

  • Κωνσταντίνος Λ.
    Κωνσταντίνος Λ.

    After 20 years im still playing halo CE ...

  • alexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton
    alexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton

    11:21 I love this dude he cool

  • A Bird Dad
    A Bird Dad

    wait wheres halo 1 and reach and 3

  • A Bird Dad
    A Bird Dad

    kieth david is a gift

  • udin nomor3
    udin nomor3


  • Arthur Lander
    Arthur Lander

    What rating is this