Among Us But Dream Goes 900 IQ!
We played some more Among Us with the Dream team. Who's gonna make the big brain plays this time?
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  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    Since you guys loved the last Among Us video I thought it’d be fun to make a second video with the extra games from the session :D

    • ZabookaHD

      MrBeast Gaming hi

    • garima rastogi
      garima rastogi

      The imposter was dream and sapnap

    • Skotolaj

      @1 Sub Before 2021?

    • Skotolaj

      @Lauren Ho

    • Skotolaj


  • Uno

    whats that music called that gets played with chandler

  • karlos Tags
    karlos Tags

    What happen to garret

  • 201 Money
    201 Money

    9:55 I cant win by my own - George That melted my heart so much


    Dream chasing george in among us too???!!! While in a vid of dream he hunts george! What a coincidence!

  • Paul Gamerz
    Paul Gamerz

    Sapnap + Dream = SapReam

  • Ants Atlanta
    Ants Atlanta


  • Davis Jian
    Davis Jian

    2:43 he does know he can hold it right?

  • Valentin Yi
    Valentin Yi

    So where exactly did dream go 900 iq?

  • Silly Lily
    Silly Lily

    Dream fricken team

  • Roblox Sisters
    Roblox Sisters

    Mr beast 6000 0O0

  • Yosslin Gonzalez
    Yosslin Gonzalez

    Sapnaps Reaction When he died to George So funny But sad because his kid

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez

    Beast why did you sus dream for no reason?!

  • Sqxxrtle

    “I’m just gonna do my tasks and be a happy... GEOOORRRGGGEEE”

  • Royale Ayam
    Royale Ayam

    Everyone saying yes: yesssss Dream saying yes: hiyeessssss

  • HomelessDirector

    They are playing Among Us using Minecraft strategies. Geniuses!

  • John Schabell
    John Schabell

    i love your vids mrbeast

  • Rachel b.
    Rachel b.

    *listen im color blind ok..?*

  • Niyam Patel
    Niyam Patel

    Snapnap:this is where he killed me and I left my child q😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • RipTide Draws
    RipTide Draws

    “Listen Im colorblind ok”

  • Andres Padilla S
    Andres Padilla S

    Dude that’s so stupid dream said I was not in admin when nobody said were the body was

  • Karrot

    It feels horrible when George loses like a painful stab

  • PorkPvP


  • Terry Keast
    Terry Keast

    I love your vids I'm on my nans tablet I can't for some reasem I can't sub to you on my swich

  • Cookietoons

    I’m just just gonna do task and be a happy-GEORGEEE!!!!

  • Ubejt Lutfiu
    Ubejt Lutfiu

    go george

  • Ashyton Rblx
    Ashyton Rblx

    Georege should play the beta among us it’s still up to date and has coulor blind help and still play with the people without beta

  • Marko Florikic
    Marko Florikic

    0:49 can someone tell me the name of this meme pleaseeeeee?

  • Chester Cheetah
    Chester Cheetah

    Takis are trash! It ain't ezzzzy being chezzzzy

  • Susie Jabbour
    Susie Jabbour

    No Afence but I hate sap

  • Emersyn Wang
    Emersyn Wang

    Sapnap: and be a happy... GEORGE!!!!

  • مجرد ذوق
    مجرد ذوق


  • مجرد ذوق
    مجرد ذوق


  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    Pewdiepie with me beast video

  • Maryamm CutE piE
    Maryamm CutE piE

    0:58 awwww it's literally make me cry🥺💜

  • Sicktastic Gaming
    Sicktastic Gaming

    Have faith and worship god he loved the world so much he put his own son to die for your sins

  • Diana Ascencio
    Diana Ascencio

    I low-key feel bad for Chris.....

  • The Cowlick Show
    The Cowlick Show


  • PlubzYT

    Dream was 900 iq sense he was born tho ...?

  • 0310 Pixel
    0310 Pixel

    I have a game with U

  • Sara Baig
    Sara Baig


  • nadia natasha
    nadia natasha

    i legit thought George was Shawn Mendes. i need help 😐

  • Tautvydas Talalas
    Tautvydas Talalas

    When Sapnap is saying ,,GEORGE!!!", that means he's is like going in to a super saiyan🤣

  • joh ran
    joh ran

    Love it

  • Nekozuki Aoi
    Nekozuki Aoi

    George is sooo adorableee

  • Regmon Tunes
    Regmon Tunes

    Sapnap gets killed by george But still keeps saying no it is actually george

  • Xeena Kanaan
    Xeena Kanaan

    Dream… I never even white near admin when the replay comes dreams in the picture of the admin panel

    • Xeena Kanaan
      Xeena Kanaan


  • A . A
    A . A

    Mr beast using dream for click bait

  • Joe Umanzor
    Joe Umanzor

    Mr beast: I just follow dream. Gorge:just doing my taskssssssssssssss

  • MrX-trime

    MrBeast in 2069: Destroying Chandler’s Island And Surprising him With A Country. .

  • JLBrickz

    And be a happy - GEOOORJGGJE!

  • Hanif Yet
    Hanif Yet

    You stupid

  • Joseph Klembarsky (Student)
    Joseph Klembarsky (Student)

    Sapnap: Be happy 3 seconds later... Sapnap: GeOrGe!!!!!!!!!!! 4:00-4:05

  • Awatsada Sirawan
    Awatsada Sirawan

    I didn’t know Dream play among us I thought Dream just play Minecraft

  • X rin X QwQ
    X rin X QwQ

    play among us the code RTFE3E

  • Altair

    6:49 davie504 refrence

  • JonyGamerBoy

    Each like on the vid is a prayer for sap’s child

  • Pumpkin Gaming
    Pumpkin Gaming

    Sapnap : it's 𝙂 𝙊 𝙍 𝙂 𝙀 nobody suspects 𝙂 𝙊 𝙍 𝙂𝙀


    chanler is in childhood

  • Loony The Lonely Nuggie
    Loony The Lonely Nuggie

    yo whos the editor anyone noticed the missspelling of "Impostor" 7:37 Im not hating on the editor cuz the editor made this video hella funny so just pointed that out lol

  • toti azer
    toti azer

    For the Fans of Among US

  • StrikeZ Arham
    StrikeZ Arham

    I wanna see chandler go 900Iq

  • キャメルコックキャメルコック

    2:42 downloading files

  • キャメルコックキャメルコック

    0:48 scanning

  • Poul Paul Andrew
    Poul Paul Andrew


  • Magnus Eriksen
    Magnus Eriksen

    George goes -900 IQ🤣🤣🤣

    • Magnus Eriksen
      Magnus Eriksen


  • Anne Larsdonk, van
    Anne Larsdonk, van

    George: “oh- im colorblind..”

  • Ivy may
    Ivy may

    Chandler is like the chicken from moana

  • Genify

    previous vid: lazarbeam goes 4000 IQ Dream going 900 IQ! Dream:so ur calling me dumb?!

  • lee ocero
    lee ocero

    Sapnap: Detective Sapnap is on the case. Also Sapnap: let's gonna do my task in the naviiiiaghhhh GEORGE!!!

  • Earin Cheska Montefalco
    Earin Cheska Montefalco

    everyone:swipe card is hard george:fix wiring is hard

  • Jesse philip
    Jesse philip

    Why is no one talk about Chris venting

  • Juliana VanCise
    Juliana VanCise


  • Frame

    where did dream go 900 IQ? Using dream for a title :D

  • Yasser Saleh
    Yasser Saleh


  • Ashmit


  • Roque Jamesolanim
    Roque Jamesolanim

    0:22 task sksk My mind: save the turtles SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK

  • Gh0stSim0n

    lol guys i have 25$ in steam wana change them to ps4 is someone interested? my steam username Gh0stSim0n

  • Aiden Chalke
    Aiden Chalke


  • Alma Gulapa
    Alma Gulapa

    Sapnap:I’m gonna be a happy GEORGE!!!!!

  • Murd

    *downloading files... (for 4 days)*

  • Joel Coll Lopez
    Joel Coll Lopez

    Not Dream but Karl was the mvp, why this title

  • Sikha Das
    Sikha Das

    George is so cute

  • SHAWN 07
    SHAWN 07

    Love frm Indian fan mr beast love uuhh😘😘❤️

  • Guestkiller_Plays l o l
    Guestkiller_Plays l o l


  • Danny Animations
    Danny Animations

  • •Kiera• •••
    •Kiera• •••

    🎶I’m just gonna do tasks, and be a happy-🎶 GEORGEeeEeEeEEeeEeEEEE!!!!🔪 3:59

  • Sarah Shourds
    Sarah Shourds

    0:58 *the moment you remember George can very clearly see the color blue*

  • Sebastian Manzanilla
    Sebastian Manzanilla

    You guys should listen to Karl more often I'm being honest he's big brain

  • Wolf Edmunds
    Wolf Edmunds

    No matter the game, you can always expect sapnap's GEORGE

  • Codename: Hacked
    Codename: Hacked

    Mr beast you do know you can just hold to fill

  • Brooklyn DuBritton
    Brooklyn DuBritton

    7:02 When my friends dont laugh at my jokes

  • Quinton choo gaming Choo
    Quinton choo gaming Choo

    Play gta please

  • stranded survivor
    stranded survivor

    This is a really cool games

  • じんところAbigail

    Karl: I’m going to see if Chandler kills Jimmy Chandler: *scanning*

  • Mr. Carmelo
    Mr. Carmelo

    i like your shirt jimmy

  • Gdgdgdgdgdgd XD i sell cool playlists
    Gdgdgdgdgdgd XD i sell cool playlists

    Hold the refill button to do it faster

  • luke sapien
    luke sapien

    I hate that game 🎮 😒

  • UwU


  • Nicolas Flach Fernandes (STB)
    Nicolas Flach Fernandes (STB)

    Sapnap gets killed by George and later says he so sus