The Josh Kesselman of RAW Papers Interview
Josh Kesselman aka the founder of RAW Papers came through the No Jumper studios to talk with Adam22
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  • Daniel Bautista
    Daniel Bautista

    What he said about blunts is so wrong lol whatever though to each their own

  • Jesse Morton
    Jesse Morton

    Respect to this man he said I just don't want to be an accountant I just want to be happy and free 🤯😄

  • Gio Perez
    Gio Perez

    Calm down Willy wonka 😂😂😂

  • Pascal Pearly
    Pascal Pearly

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  • DeanCutty

    I want Josh on Tigerbelly with Bobby or This Past Weekend with Theo Von

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter

    He’s the Elon musk of papers

  • F

    Segway got bought of a chinese company who made segway copies, i guess it killed the brand, what are your thoughts?

  • Hunt08

    Josh Kesselman is the Rodney Mullen of the weed world.

  • Adam Lesiakowski
    Adam Lesiakowski

    Raw is my favorite brand. Not just because the papers are aw and they have so many options but the CEO truly loves his job and believes in his products Just an awesome guy

  • Cash manny
    Cash manny

    one of the best pod cast on no jumper

  • Cash manny
    Cash manny

    two great guys, this interview was amazing

  • Surfer Urfer
    Surfer Urfer

    24:00 now ik he did not just say Madison Wi

  • johnny cox
    johnny cox

    I really think josh Kessler if Willy wonka

  • PoundLand Rolex
    PoundLand Rolex

    I’ve been using his papers for a few years now, decent prices also

  • R P
    R P

    ..Sad truth how Adam's idea of a "warrior" is someone that still does coke who's over 45. 🤔, smh..

    • knewstatiøn /
      knewstatiøn /

      Yeah, my step-brother has never even done coke. 🔥 These types of drugs were created by the Illuminati.

  • Nick Beck
    Nick Beck

    This dude is the worst interviewer ever...

  • illparti

    follow him on tiktok lmao

  • CKungCH Thai
    CKungCH Thai

    The amount of money I spent on this guy products is insane.

    • Isaac Cristobal
      Isaac Cristobal

      Fr fr

  • Jonny Sutol
    Jonny Sutol

    This dude is so bad at interviewing

  • yung memeboy
    yung memeboy

    buying some raw papers next time im at the store

  • Mike Meyer
    Mike Meyer

    Either raws or a bong. Dude's smart af. And real. Always 💯 I learned about raw a long time ago but got them just looking for a better rolling paper n hate rolling so cones are great.

  • M PB
    M PB

    He should go into the blunt business

  • J C
    J C

    this is why I smoke raws every single day

  • John Dough
    John Dough

    That’s big bad tobacco for you. Can’t even mention a company name.

  • Bobby Emerson
    Bobby Emerson

    Wow! Josh is way more intelligent than most people can even fathom! Shit

  • R3al C0zy
    R3al C0zy

    This is the only no jumper vid that I've actually watched 💀 😂 RAW is the bees knees 👌


    You owe Wiz for putting raw on

  • seth sporrer
    seth sporrer

    Why does Adam always bring up d1cks lol

  • The outsider
    The outsider

    Man I would love to work for him and smoke with him I bet hed be hella cool


    35 mins in and you can tell Adam wants to blaze so bad.

  • Killed Phoenix
    Killed Phoenix

    I live in lynx AZ he'll yea

  • Gianni Russo
    Gianni Russo

    Imagine working for this guy!

  • Trisha B
    Trisha B

    wow, possibly one of the kindest, richest men I like! What an interview. Giving back big :)

  • Wax Ketchum
    Wax Ketchum

    when he say material he mean WEED

  • The Don
    The Don

    wow i want to work for this guy. So interesting, and cool.

  • SomeEarthBeaner

    Deadass the real life Forest Gump 😳

  • Chris Canfield
    Chris Canfield

    Josh is so cool, he’s just him. No bull shit

    • knewstatiøn /
      knewstatiøn /

      Also, a businessman in this matrix.

  • Matt Kaz
    Matt Kaz

    Smokers are really empathetic, right up until it cuts into their ability to smoke. Approach one and say 'I know that's the last joint you will have for a week, but I've had a hard day, so could I share it with you?' and see how empathetic the response is. I'm not anti-weed, but we need to be realistic - smokers aren't superhumans, they are just people who use a substance.

  • JoeyAirsoft1999

    I always forget Adam is from nh

  • Sebastien Gomez
    Sebastien Gomez

    I can’t stop watching this interview

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    It's not our responsibility to feed starving Nations when you consider how overpopulated the world is and how we're driving species extinct it upsets the balance we can either have a planet that's just filled with nothing but people and no space and no nature or we can make changes and push for more balance

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    I have an awesome tip for you people if you get some shity tasting weed you can make it taste better by soaking it in water for about a day and then dry it out in the oven what this does is the water pulls out all the gross stuff because the gross stuff is water soluble and the good stuff isn't also the good stuff is water phobic so it's literally scared of water 🌊👀

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    Honestly if you get a Swisher sweet they make the best blunts ever get the flavor tropical one

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    I remember being a teenager and rolling up shity tasting weed with a brown paper bag because we couldn't buy tobacco wraps or regular papers because we weren't 18

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    This guy should make a natural tobacco blunt wrap

  • Troll Hidden Cave
    Troll Hidden Cave

    Here's what you do make a backwards cone joint that way you end up with really strong roaches and when it comes time to roll up roach joints they're super strong

  • Macho man Randy Savage
    Macho man Randy Savage

    Dudes interesting fr entertaining

  • Butt Socks
    Butt Socks

    you can legit taste the difference with skins like RAW. or rather the difference is that you cant taste

  • DatAristoKat

    29:14 :)

  • Sourbythehour 420
    Sourbythehour 420

    He has the most profound things to say..... Just wish his voice wasn’t so annoying.😔

  • Breanna Hannum
    Breanna Hannum

    josh definitely does lsd

  • 88ST3V307

    Wait... what fuckin 40-odd year old guy says 'LIT'?! this guy has strayed from what hes used to... I dont use modern lingo and I'm at least 10 years younger than this guy

  • ODB Dice
    ODB Dice

    Raw papers are the best ive ever used

  • E L L I S
    E L L I S

    It’s crazy how many people would immediately say Snoop Dogg or Cheech and Chong when asked who they want to smoke with, but no one answers with the guy who literally made what your weed is wrapped in 😂

  • Asaiya

    Anyone else find it wierd that they didnt smoke this whole time?

  • Phoenix

    Im forever only going to rep Josh’s brand he not only managed to educate me but inspire me to let my passion drive me like his does for him

  • Sam Morales
    Sam Morales

    I love him man, foreal is one of those guys that real life motivate me

  • Jellybeanirishgreen

    why do I feel like the guy interviewing this guy could let loose a little bit.. I feel like he's holding back..

  • Yogi

    Josh reminds me of a old friend in elementary 2009 he has the same energy as him im 20 I feel depressed now

  • WhigG TV
    WhigG TV

    One great individual

  • Braden Bart
    Braden Bart

    This makes me want to use raw... for some reason I don’t really like them. They seem to burn black and harsh I’m on the zigzag whites... probably because they have lots of chemicals in them..... I wonder why the Rawls give me that outcome when I’m smoking absolute 4.5/5 dank

    • Blk Sheep
      Blk Sheep

      Same bro but I mainly smoke blunts so i might be strung out on the chemicals lol

  • killian webb
    killian webb

    Is it just me, or does the wall give a optical illusion?

  • ThePogFella

    When it comes to helping the world where do we start, racism, hunger, people smoking boof ? U guys got the follows and the people behind u do it

  • tjb0613

    Dude got addicted to clove cigarettes...

  • Nigga FPS
    Nigga FPS

    Think about this the Christians at the hospital got saved by a plant they demonize

  • Ganjalf der Grüne
    Ganjalf der Grüne

    0.75 speed is perfect


    i thought there was a stain on my computer screen for the longest... the sad part is i didn't even care.

  • jamie .walker
    jamie .walker

    The real deal right here, no doubt about it.

  • Jared Crabtree
    Jared Crabtree

    I love Raw I don’t smoke white paper

  • Chris Cooney
    Chris Cooney

    Great content Josh you're the man I didn't know you did so much for charities that's awesome Josh if you could help me or tell me what site to go to for a sweatshirt from raw

  • Trevor Barnett
    Trevor Barnett

    love this guy! ❤️

  • Bobby L
    Bobby L

    We’re do I apply for his company

  • AG

    Blazy Susan’s are better 🤧🤧

  • soulpeacesam


  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy

    Such a chill dude, I like his attitude and passion for what he does


    I collected pogs as a kid.

  • Joan Zito
    Joan Zito

    Are they ever gonna spark that enormous joint ?!! 😂🤣

  • T Goddard
    T Goddard

    No Jumper, no frills, no bullshit JUST JOSH 💯♥️✌

  • Darren Sherrick
    Darren Sherrick


  • Alexis Trejo
    Alexis Trejo

    He hiding something 🤔 or playing a character DO NOT TRUST TBH

  • Plex Global
    Plex Global

    Josh: He was a beautiful man Adam: Adam’s brain: Pause

  • Elvin

    Im gonna kill myself if i have to watch this again

  • Noah Gabriel
    Noah Gabriel

    this is the most inspirational interview ive ever seen and im mad i didnt know about this sooner

  • cayden

    1:01:20 today blunts are popular cause it's all we can get are hands on, you can go into a rite aid and buy blunts. Raw materials are great, but the only place I can buy them are at a Indian corner store that over charges for them.

  • alissa ferrari!
    alissa ferrari!

    he reminds me of jonny depp in charlie and the chocolate factory

  • 2k legend
    2k legend

    Ayo this dude looks so baked the whole interview

  • spinelli187

    RAW’s and OCB’s are the only papers I’ll ever use! 🥸💨

  • California Native
    California Native

    Awesome interview. So VIBES consists of white chalk?

  • Callum Caldwell
    Callum Caldwell

    Can nardwuar please interview josh, the world needs this much enthusiasm in the same room

  • Benito Franklyn
    Benito Franklyn

    All I would do is berate this dude for his f'd up paper and show him some smoking's.

  • Cleavland Brown
    Cleavland Brown

    Wow homie is a genially amazing dude

  • Aaron Perkins
    Aaron Perkins


  • Fondest Atom3
    Fondest Atom3

    Ima get some raw papers now

  • Steven Covington
    Steven Covington

    Little does he know is Trump is always doing stuff for people.

  • 4

    So this is the guy making it happen

  • Squalzz

    This man just inspires

  • Dan Williamson
    Dan Williamson

    Dude is like the elon musk of weed

  • Luis Pedroza
    Luis Pedroza

    this dudes cool asf

  • Tzales Piazzaa
    Tzales Piazzaa

    1:20:10 I 💀🤣🤣 that comment took me out. I likely doubt that would ever happen

  • Jack Cahalane
    Jack Cahalane

    willy wonka of weed ......