My GIRLFRIEND Beat Minecraft in "BABY MODE" Difficulty!
MY GIRLFRIEND BEAT MINECRAFT IN BABY MODE DIFFICULTY! I taught my girlfriend how to play minecraft and she beat it for the first time in fundy's baby mode difficulty! That's right "baby mode" minecraft new difficulty which is the easiest difficulty in minecraft!
This is a plugin that makes minecraft EVEN EASIER! Today I decided to let my girlfriend take on fundy's challenge! and beat "baby mode" on her first time ever playing minecraft! For more Minecraft challenges make sure to Subscribe!
@Fundy "So I added a "baby mode" difficulty to Minecraft..."
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I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Ian V.
    Ian V.

    3:03 MURDER!

  • Landon Does Stuff
    Landon Does Stuff

    i have been teaching my fiancé to play minecraft.... lemme tell you... i am proud of you for your patience... because this couldn’t have been easy to teach ✋🏼😂

  • Marcgamerr

    11:00 i bet that she was talking about her own instagram

  • Foxy :D
    Foxy :D

    19:55 wadzee’s girlfriend: *shooting at the dragon* Enderman: what u lookin at

  • J Games
    J Games

    WadZee's gf is hopeless

  • Tekbanditb

    Wait she actually full on tried to go into the furnace

  • Nete Nath
    Nete Nath

    Why don't you turn on camara?? We could see her reaction...

  • Green Apple
    Green Apple

    I think it's really funny that his girlfriend literally spawned into a fortress while it usually takes WadZee HOURS to find one. Talk about beginner's luck. 😂

  • Cj Denn
    Cj Denn

    What’s funny is that I’ve been playing Minecraft my whole life and she’s better with a bow then I am 😂😂

  • Wizard And Demigod
    Wizard And Demigod

    I’ve been playing for 6-7 years Never have beaten the game :(

  • Tech 6
    Tech 6

    This si wholesome

  • Thuhij Haque
    Thuhij Haque

    this video is so cute

  • Alice Richens
    Alice Richens

    i also spawned in a nether fortres

  • Ellen Alice
    Ellen Alice

    Let's be honest, you did this video just to show that you have a real girlfriend, not imagined one

  • Ertuğrul Ghazi
    Ertuğrul Ghazi

    It's hilarious how she knew what strip-mining was even though she doesn't play the game. 😂😂😂😂

  • bethzebanana

    i feel so bad for her, her muscle memory is going to be terrible for playing real minecraft

  • This Goat
    This Goat

    Hostile mobs be like: Aight imma head out i dont like u

  • Kristoff West
    Kristoff West

    hay guys its wudzee

  • Hunter Teja yt
    Hunter Teja yt

    She look like Brie Larson

  • Cris Formage
    Cris Formage

    I like how she knew about enchanting but dindt know how to place blocks

  • Maarg Chaudhary
    Maarg Chaudhary

    You are saying go and drink water but it's Ramadan

  • Ender Elohim
    Ender Elohim

    "What button you pressing" "Wrong one" Man she is cool :D

  • Megha Anand
    Megha Anand

    Coulda just said "Can I please have some ender pearls?"

  • Slash Piggy
    Slash Piggy

    I guess wadzee didn’t know you could say I’d really love some ender pearls please

  • Deepti Rao
    Deepti Rao

    No u

  • 88widay

    Type I wish I had ender pearls, too in the chat then you will get four pearls

  • Henningbenning07

    Best vid on channel :D

  • Sporeman

    you guys are so cool

  • Jeff Hondee
    Jeff Hondee

    I think I will do that with my girlfriend... Oh wait I don’t have one

  • Science done right
    Science done right

    6:52 His GF: *This feels wrong* Me: Stop playing then

  • lucas robertson
    lucas robertson


  • boo


  • boo

    What a gentlman.

  • Hamid Heydarian
    Hamid Heydarian


  • abolfazl maleki
    abolfazl maleki

    10:55 It's ramzan and we have fast(is that right)?!?!

  • Blake Larson
    Blake Larson

    This would be me playing Java since I've only played bedrock (pocket edition and PS3)

  • SweetDonut

    wadzee’s gf: i need to fight da blaze n endermen me: can I plz have some enderpearls and blaze rods

  • BasicDamine

    Wee Wee Armee

  • Kevin Hewer
    Kevin Hewer

    The challeng in baby mode is to die

  • bones

    10:17 favorite part so far. yall are adorable lol

  • Night

    Just waiting for a series with her now

  • Fearless ik jk.                     69 years ago
    Fearless ik jk. 69 years ago

    I have sadness bc she beat Minecraft before me

  • Safika Junaitha
    Safika Junaitha


  • theundercoverfromyt

    Yay coffee checkpoint

  • Jigwix

    Its sad that his girlfriend plays Minecraft better than me

  • Chen Ruilin
    Chen Ruilin

    1:07 Wadzee: Baby mode difficulty UZload subtitles: Baby murder difficulty

    • Deepti Rao
      Deepti Rao

      This is actually true lol

  • Ifty

    how do you unlock the girlfriend perk?

  • FourDFoxey

    at 15:07 my internet just broke.. i heard the sound and then it was quiet holy shit xD

  • anamaria pivar
    anamaria pivar

    is yummystffin in chat rn?

  • galvaro keanan
    galvaro keanan

    The mousepad looks like mine

  • Obiel DeNook
    Obiel DeNook

    Your girlfriend is adorable and I really enjoyed the video. The editing made it even more fun to watch. :D She is quite lovely and her MC skin is just kawaii. Very nice. Just something I noticed, even though she isn't a gamer, she is very smart. Games for a non-gamer usually is harder to coach than that. Your intelligence is showing. :)

  • Danny Newman
    Danny Newman

    man i did NOT know you had a gf

  • Monki Flip
    Monki Flip

    Damn your sister is good at Minecraft

  • Panda _yt
    Panda _yt

    How do I make a difficulty in Minecraft

  • Sander-Martin Võro
    Sander-Martin Võro

    your girlfriend is acctually better in minecraft than me (i have never beaten the ender dragon) :)

  • KnightChess

    0:00 that's the rarest biome in minecraft. Modified jungle edge


    Her voice is so smooth I like it

  • itคliคຖ p໐ງ
    itคliคຖ p໐ງ


  • Joggie

    Imagine playing minecraft for the first time and think this is how's it going, so you start a hardcore world and just blankly stare at a tree for half an hour

  • Cali Roblox1029
    Cali Roblox1029

    Fundy: wadzee here is your stupid easy mode Wadzee:wait wha-

  • Ollie, Friends, and Gaming
    Ollie, Friends, and Gaming

    Cooking with flint and steal...

  • Express Me Art
    Express Me Art

    when i first started playing minecraft, (not long ago), I kinda sorta, knew exactly how playing worked (I wasn't good, I just knew), because I watch youtube. You should have just shown her some yt vids and she would know EVERYTHING

  • Agustín Bellati
    Agustín Bellati

    thanks for the water checkpoint

  • •GrimReaper •
    •GrimReaper •

    Wadzee: Don’t jump in the lava, kill the mobs and break the wood Me💭: The lava will turn to obsidian, the mobs will die if you get to close and all you have to do is look at the wood for a couple seconds

  • 11-4 Enkh-Orgil
    11-4 Enkh-Orgil

    how to download this mode?

  • Obstagoon Harness
    Obstagoon Harness

    No joke I did this once with my girlfriend, I was literally exhausted after teaching her but her innocence made me pat her everytime she made silly mistakes 😂😂😂

  • Muhammed Badran
    Muhammed Badran

    wow backwards is wow

  • Greg mitchell
    Greg mitchell

    That was insane luck when spawning on to the nether fortress

  • Sultan Yadav
    Sultan Yadav

    OMG she is Goooodddddddd

  • Binod Tharu
    Binod Tharu

    Every pro gamer has a noob GF/BF

  • Suna Tiskaya
    Suna Tiskaya

    your name is not wadzee

  • Xeno Animates
    Xeno Animates

    “She is not a hardcore gamer” Me:Then how do you explain the rbg

  • Mohit Francis Pradhan
    Mohit Francis Pradhan

    I remember playing Minecraft with my girlfriend also it's always a rewarding experience

  • Theon Junor
    Theon Junor


  • Aleena Mudnal
    Aleena Mudnal

    At 9:35 I thought she was gonna throw the water bucket in the lava as usual but she didn't. 😂😂😂

  • K B
    K B

    Thanks i got taught how to play Minecraft Java edition

  • Joe Heffley
    Joe Heffley

    Me- a mobile gamer after watching this video finally know how to control on pc

  • Nishanth MC
    Nishanth MC

    Plot twist: he is using a voice changer

  • Deondre Lawrence
    Deondre Lawrence

    Same thing with rods

  • Deondre Lawrence
    Deondre Lawrence

    If you want pearls just say i wish for ender pearls pls

  • Michał Olszewski
    Michał Olszewski

    Man u just beat the minecraft having girlfriend mode

  • iPlay4Fun

    5:00 my gf also called it blue diamonds when she saw diamond ore first time lol

  • Kiro the Hiro
    Kiro the Hiro

    They sound the same

  • Rock Dub
    Rock Dub

    You reached advancement:Girlfriend

  • lonely_guacamole

    the first minutes were painful to watch

  • Doggo

    The most boring video ever

    • Margaret Pratama
      Margaret Pratama

      yo Where do download it???

  • Marlon H.
    Marlon H.

    You could've just said at the end: no u

  • Kish Amzi Cornel
    Kish Amzi Cornel

    this make my brain hirt

  • Glowinq Teddy
    Glowinq Teddy

    Just saw your girlfriend for the first time and I adore her. Her hair is spot on

  • DreamBoat

    You have now successfully taught your girlfriend to swim in lava!

  • Erin

    i reckon baby mode is good for people who have never played mc or touched a computer

  • Gherkin Man
    Gherkin Man

    What is a girl, and what is a friend?

  • POTLUCK by naima's cooking
    POTLUCK by naima's cooking

    Wadzee:Now go into the furnace. GF:Walks into the furnace. Me:That kinda make sense 🤔

  • Let's plAySMR
    Let's plAySMR

    ...this feels wrong.. lol

    • Let's plAySMR
      Let's plAySMR

      also, fyi, when in search of surface lava, pillar up at night :)

  • CHOI Hei Chit
    CHOI Hei Chit

    i didnt sleep for 2 days and this made me super sleepy

  • Ivan Stanek
    Ivan Stanek

    your able to wish for ender pearls and blaze rods this makes me confused

  • Huzafa Afridi
    Huzafa Afridi

    Bro in baby mod you need to type that (give me a ender pearl) and you gets it

  • 채련

    The draconian dinosaur commercially point because rise cytogenetically enter anenst a ambiguous experience. agreeable, puny dime

  • Bartlema Catherine
    Bartlema Catherine

    Onhhhhhhhh I didn’t you have a girl friend 😉

  • Ameen. exe
    Ameen. exe

    Plot twist: Wadzee comentates over his gf's gameplay