UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! (#35)
In this video I got UNLIMITED GOLD in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 35 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series, Today I Built a Gold Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE Gold! I also built an Automatic Piglin Trading Farm for all my gold & I became the RICHEST Hardcore Minecraft Player! Want to find out how to get unlimited gold in minecraft hardcore? Watch the whole video to find out!
Gold Farm Tutorial:
"Minecraft Gold Farm for 1.16 - Easy and Efficient Build Design"
Watch the Series from Episode 1:
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  • Fayzan Ramzan
    Fayzan Ramzan

    Long story short the melon thing was a melon mansion

  • miguel haro
    miguel haro

    can you not trade rotten flesh i tought it was still a thing but it would be rare

  • Ulaş GÖLBAŞI
    Ulaş GÖLBAŞI

    Wadzee, i think you should make a way better gold farm and an automatic xp farm, i mean there is a design which produces gold WAY quicker, and it even drops swords, too(which means extra gold by smelting) and it even produces a bit lesser xp than an enderman farm does, but its FULLY automatic including getting XP!

  • Thomas Speksnijder
    Thomas Speksnijder

    frost walker stops the hurting from magma blocks!!!!

  • jimrey baguio
    jimrey baguio

    You can crouch in magma

  • Pranav puvvada
    Pranav puvvada


  • Agustin Mateo Sandoval Gomez
    Agustin Mateo Sandoval Gomez

    Dude! Imagine downloading the word with all the farms & Buildings

  • Alif Tayyar Onesto
    Alif Tayyar Onesto

    sell al of the rotten flesh to the cleric

  • o 2
    o 2

    Make a giant 100 x 100 melon box

  • Ninja FIRE!!!!!342 342
    Ninja FIRE!!!!!342 342

    Where have the water breaks gone?

  • sparon

    You can trade the rotten flesh for emeralds with a potion villiger

  • Eli and Bros
    Eli and Bros

    I wonder what Minecraft day he’s on🤨

  • Gavin Fournier
    Gavin Fournier

    love ur vids

  • Yoran Sluyts
    Yoran Sluyts

    there is a way to make un unbraking wall


    player with fully enchanted Nethrite armor: NOBODY CAN DEFEAT ME NOT EVEN YOU ender dragon: I know but he can *LAVA*

    • Renz

      Netherite armor has fire resistance

  • Dominic Fernandes
    Dominic Fernandes

    he can trade melons to farmer for em

  • David Mossman
    David Mossman

    episode 100 be like: *goes to melon farm* *game crashes bc too many melons*

  • somewhat bewildering
    somewhat bewildering

    then just take obsidian and build a portal back cant get stuck

  • Ерқанат Аманбек
    Ерқанат Аманбек

    Make a melon biome, grass is melons, wood is pumpkins, leaves maybe gold? or iron idk

  • FILIPRS12 Adam
    FILIPRS12 Adam

    You can sell the roten flesh

  • TDA

    A giant skyscraper out of melons?

  • NotXman_Playz

    You should use the rotten flesh for trading with clerics.

  • Scout Man
    Scout Man

    U can trade the rotten flesh

  • Piyush Bhutoria
    Piyush Bhutoria

    Can you do a hardcore world tour

  • Max Beckley
    Max Beckley

    his voice is getting annoying

  • Max Beckley
    Max Beckley

    he just forgets it is hardcore

  • FlipGamingBT 11
    FlipGamingBT 11

    Thanks for using my name as your trade slaves😁

  • Shea Hatfield
    Shea Hatfield

    Switch seeing 15:24: *pathetic*

  • Elijah Carter
    Elijah Carter

    trade the rotten flesh for emeralds

  • Trent Ledbetter
    Trent Ledbetter

    WadZee: You can build on top of the Nether. Cries in console Minecraft

  • Sharjeel A. Zadah
    Sharjeel A. Zadah

    if you got a cleric viliger you could make infinite emeralds from the rotton flesh

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang

    You can use the rotten flesh to trade with villagers

  • Swati Wangnoo
    Swati Wangnoo

    Wadzee you should defienetly sell the rotten flesh to some clerics to get alot of emeralds.

  • STARS048

    another youtuber did that neather roof trick ones hee hee

  • Noob 123
    Noob 123

    make 64 god apple

  • I Befriended your mom last night
    I Befriended your mom last night

    Mabye a giant circle with a melon, like a pixel to pixel perfect circle just for stonks

  • Adam Iman
    Adam Iman

    the potion making ones

  • Adam Iman
    Adam Iman

    you can sell rotten flesh to your villagers

  • Angel Is Pretty. Odd.
    Angel Is Pretty. Odd.

    The house made out of gold blocks is giving me 2013 Minecraft flashbacks

  • The FearsomePicklee
    The FearsomePicklee


  • Chase Ruble
    Chase Ruble

    Did u know if u put frost walker on ur boots then u won’t get hurt by the magma blocks

  • Colin Hulsey
    Colin Hulsey

    How bout a melon mansion

  • Dr. Sadique Khan
    Dr. Sadique Khan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 noob

  • Ice Ninja
    Ice Ninja

    Wadzee, you should connect the gold farm and the piglin trading farm so that you can get automatic items from piglin trading.

  • Nyexis

    Bro I’m insulted I lost my 2 year world from being dumb enough to get stuck on the top 👁👄👁

  • Sekhvvn m
    Sekhvvn m

    mongoliin hvn amshg subte bj yun shunltain hha

  • Sxftie_gacharat

    Can you put My guinea pigs name in your vid...? She's very thicc and cute.her name is bean

  • Sxftie_gacharat

    Melon mansion

  • Ishmael Saintvil
    Ishmael Saintvil

    ''I am no longer the melon king, I AM THE MELON GOD!'' -Ishmael-

  • SuperBoy

    You can use rotten flesh to trade with a cleric villager. Workstation: brewing stand

  • SpaceWalrus

    Make a giant melon building that you can store all melon loot in


    What about a melon mansion

  • Henry Huggles
    Henry Huggles

    WadZee you should get a hole bunch of clerks to sell the rotten flesh to

  • Rayan Adil
    Rayan Adil

    next time you try to walk into magma blocks crouch.

  • unfused_nogame

    you can trade all the rotten flesh with villagers

  • Gautam U.
    Gautam U.

    If there was an item called "Auto Crafter" in minecraft you could have hooked it up to the gold farm and turned the nuggets into ingots and then transported the ingots to the piglin farm with hoppers for full automation

  • SSwipple

    in terms of everything, hes a little bit ahead of SB737, but in terms of emeralds... definetely Luke Notable is

  • FakeEndyFare

    Basically when the piglins trade their items go through the other Hoppers which then triggers the dropper if that makes sense.

  • rmmhs7b053 Srijan Sarkar
    rmmhs7b053 Srijan Sarkar

    you can trade with villagers

  • Shamaila Naz
    Shamaila Naz

    You should trade the rotten flesh with the cleric @WadZee

  • Mahex185

    Now I think Magma is Honeycomb too

  • Tonggousem Chongloi
    Tonggousem Chongloi

    How about a melon mansion

    • Yoga Children
      Yoga Children

      This vid is 2 months old

  • Hamdan Boi
    Hamdan Boi

    U hit a zombiefied pig man:*runs away* Wadzee hitting a zombiefied pug man:oh so ur approaching me?

  • Hannah Tigger
    Hannah Tigger

    Wadzee: "Now the richest Hardcore Minecraft player ever!" also Wadzee: "do not fact check that-"

  • Ram Singh
    Ram Singh

    You could use the rotten flesh for trading with a cleric

  • Dogemeowbarf o
    Dogemeowbarf o

    melon tower

  • lowkey juicy
    lowkey juicy

    You can trade rotten flesh for emerald m. Trade with vioagers

  • Robrob1710

    you can trade rotten flesh with alchemists (villagers)

  • Iyaan Azeez
    Iyaan Azeez

    #hardcoreidea make a season 3 of hardcore minecraft

  • Creamy Cookie
    Creamy Cookie

    do a melon mansion

  • krisse pelifrendit
    krisse pelifrendit

    Turtle:yes i have finally got turtle eggs Wadzee:hippeti hoppeti your eggs are now my property

    • Bob Make
      Bob Make

      @Mr. Goldfish haha what a bot

    • Mr. Goldfish
      Mr. Goldfish

      Imagine stealing that from a Preston video

    • Antonio Valdez
      Antonio Valdez

      Wait, that is funny

  • DXO

    there is a way to trade with piglins stacks of gold in seconds

  • sunken crazy
    sunken crazy

    It works only on java bedrock sux

  • Luke Mann
    Luke Mann

    Trade the flesh to cleric's

  • Mr. War Robots
    Mr. War Robots

    Recreate a monument completely out of melons

  • Mads Durve
    Mads Durve

    22:25 when you make your first Minecraft house

  • Quack the duck
    Quack the duck

    0:34 it's wednesday my dudes

  • Dan Ilie
    Dan Ilie

    "Pog piglin trading?" 16:14

  • Anonym

    replace one biome with melons

  • zane.dwyer006

    Me: watches 35 of wadzees hardcore videos in 1 week My Recommended page: Hobbs and Shaw morning routine Me: goes to subscribed to list just to watch wadzee


    im going to literally cry if my mans ever dies

  • zachary fontaine
    zachary fontaine

    You can make a penguin trading Machine I have four of them in my world

  • Daanio Daanio
    Daanio Daanio

    eat a part of the melons for a episode

  • Minecraftpro M.
    Minecraftpro M.

    Can you give me some minecraft hardcore tips because im rly bad

  • Craig

    Trading for unlimited emeralds for ever

  • Sleepyboy _
    Sleepyboy _

    I rewatched every single episode of this til here... this was the episode I first saw wow.. I missed a lot

  • wowot

    its hard to imagine he went from dirt hut to this

  • Evoker Gaming
    Evoker Gaming

    Sell the rotten flesh to cleric villager

  • Ujjwal Chauhan
    Ujjwal Chauhan

    We will take over UZload this year 💙

  • R.I.P. Legend
    R.I.P. Legend

    Wadzee: scared because if he failed, he gonna be stuck in the nether, no way of getting out The 64 obsidian and flint and steel in his shulker box: *are we a joke to you?*

  • Jonathan Zuo
    Jonathan Zuo

    "what are they scared of" full netherite , all beacons, melon mansion

    • Bana alsamrria
      Bana alsamrria


  • Sh4d0w

    magma blocks are like nether pretzels

  • Tiana Pfeifer
    Tiana Pfeifer

    22:36 every eight-year-olds house after getting Minecraft

  • echt ja
    echt ja

    Hello my phone is in my native language! How can I turn it into English??? Help please

  • ImZach

    he doesn't need to make golden carrots. In my world I sell iron to a bunch weaponsmiths and use those emeralds to buy golden carrots from farmers (farmers also sell normal apples so he could buy a bunch of apples and use the gold from the farm to golden apples)

  • Phil smith
    Phil smith

    What’s the seed for your world

  • Kartof4o_BG_pro


  • colin wylie
    colin wylie

    you should connect your farm with the piglins using hoppers, to make it autonomous

  • Pizza Man Gaming!
    Pizza Man Gaming!

    stupid idea that will require TO MUCH IRON: link the gold farm to the trading farm to create a fully automatic infinite obsidian/crying obsidian/arrow farm

  • LittleNoob

    14:41 trade it to cleric villagers for emeralds