Talking about the fixes / new features that will hit the servers soon, pretty pog stuff!
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  • War Pickle
    War Pickle

    what is the intro???

  • No0by2K

    The intro 😂😂

  • Owen Jones
    Owen Jones

    When are these changes coming?

  • NoKi

    *Cries in Dokkaebi CZ-75*

  • killer_benfica 13
    killer_benfica 13

    am i the only one who thinks the recoil with flash hider is worse now?

  • TFantasyGaming

    Your cat is so CUTE

  • Денис Трусов
    Денис Трусов

    wow i didnt know defenders can shoot their dead teammate's phone to not let Dokka hack it.

  • -ˏˋMilitiaˎˊ-

    Im really confused as to what will happen with Dokkaebi, my hope is that they get rid of that useless shotgun and actually give her a viable main weapon, how will she be able to do anything at close range without her secondary, that's going to be a pain.

  • Jake Sylvain
    Jake Sylvain

    Not liking this much, picking an operator should be final having you to deal with what the opponents are doing with the operator you chose.

  • shibe

    im sorry but i got distracted when the kitty came on camera

  • Braiden Fioretti
    Braiden Fioretti

    Why aren’t Ubisoft releasing pro league match replays? It’s not hard, and it would be making PL so much easier to watch through content creators like Reaper EN. I guarantee that it would bring more viewers, more players and make better players.

  • victor chan
    victor chan

    the video would be better if it contain timestamps

  • Outogetyou Gotyou
    Outogetyou Gotyou

    So now this game is clearly on a decline, what are you going to do with your life? Pro Fortnite?

  • Shockblast

    1v1 maestro vs blackbeard, blackbeard wins...mastro refuses plant while dead (how i imagine ranked games are gunna go, then again nerfbeard is kinda useless now)

  • Pokny

    two things first is I love pengu's apartment & second is i hate the drone change so much i can already bet you when im going to be clutching there will be 8 drones following me around spotting me 24/7 if that ends up being the case im legit quitting siege (been playing since alpha)

  • General Wolff
    General Wolff

    Really good vid! Interesting to hear your point of view on things.

  • Cláudio Silva
    Cláudio Silva

    I love this new content 💕

  • Steeve Steele
    Steeve Steele

    Wow I’m surprised to see a siege community member actually NOT just be negative and complain about everything before even experiencing it yet It’s nice to see a breath of positivity for a change

  • Alex 106
    Alex 106

    Eco becoming perma banned

  • denzel

    So they are making the game even more cheesy and annoying

  • Ben D.
    Ben D.

    Streamer mode will completely obliterate DDOS on consoles, thank you God

  • Sharp

    This sit down vid was PURE QUALITY, Would deffo like to see more sit down and talk vids

  • qtsssim

    Siege is becoming nonsense.

  • EarthOne UPC
    EarthOne UPC

    I feel maybe they could make the banshee 4 or 5 shots

  • Jackie Moon
    Jackie Moon

    Thanks for the positive video!

  • GoldenHellRazor


  • Ghostrida 914
    Ghostrida 914

    Goodbye pengu thank you for your service

  • ayaanC6

    Szn six sounds hypeee

  • Γιώργος Καλφάογλου
    Γιώργος Καλφάογλου


  • A D
    A D

    Love the buzzcut

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    Imagine ur just playing a rank game and echo was just trolling u for defusing the bomb the last 10sc. You get too kill him and then u ran for the bomb / so the issue is that echo can still use its drone cuz the game is not over yet and he still hasn't defused. He can just win the game even tho his dead . Like he can keep on using his drone and not let the poor guy defuse. Lol

  • James Abbott
    James Abbott

    Actually if you shoot someone in the head at point blank range with the bailiff whoever you shoot will be at 5 health

  • Logan Green
    Logan Green

    And so rainbow six siege is lost to progressives.

    • Bob Bill
      Bob Bill

      What are you talking about lol

  • DDSam

    10:56 at first I thought he said they changed Amaru...instead of armor

  • Mateus Antônio
    Mateus Antônio

    Thumbnail looks like an apologies type of video

  • Alsonsulos r6
    Alsonsulos r6

    I personally think the droning thing is just gonna allow people to get boosted easier as they're just gonna drone for their cracked entry 24/7 even after death

  • Sirius_Rise

    famas goes brrr lmaoooo

  • blurryperson

    You’re forgetting the deployable cams will have an emp shot so that’ll also increase how many defenders can do things after death. I appreciate you aren’t losing your shit and being hyperbolic like a lot of other siege personalities. This is going through tts iterations and adjustments before it goes live. I think attacker pick is a great way of honouring past rainbow games and helping attackers be rewarded for good droning.

  • sam rjay
    sam rjay

    Cringe intro

  • Ben Goldstein
    Ben Goldstein

    I dont like the goyo nerf but the rest is good

  • DK Incorperated
    DK Incorperated

    He will rail us🤨 in the washing machine🤨🤨🤨

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst

    This Season is so Attacker Favoured

  • alejandro hernandez
    alejandro hernandez

    Activities after death shouldnt be in courage your death thats it , theres already light pings and after death call outs

  • Nioshadow

    Bro like these vlogs. More of this!

  • jXstEdu.

    Why is Pengus pet a cat and not a penguin ? xD

  • plainbagel

    No mention of the CLIENT-SIDED aspect of the Streamer Mode, meaning it's almost completely useless?

  • Babba Gumb
    Babba Gumb

    Pengus nose looks kinda like the Blob Fish

  • Post


  • Herencias

    I believe the drone after death change will limit spawnpeeking a bit

  • Awesomefacematt

    This is the attitude that I wish more of the community shared. There's so much negativity around every change Ubi makes. No one wants Ubi to try things yet complains about the TS being under uesd

  • TheClassicMufasa

    ngl my cat looks similar to yours and he was walking in the same direction as your cat and honestly thought he was in your video lol

  • Arnulfo Aguirre
    Arnulfo Aguirre

    pengu going bold

  • poopz

    what? changing an attacker during prep phrase??? thats game breaking and FUCKING STUPID

  • poopz

    although it is some thing i always thought about doing(moving drones after a death).... i never really truly wanted it implemented in the game.... smh these devs are just saying fuck it and doing drunk moves all day long

  • rb_ricky03

    Echo finna be banned a lot more now


    does he know streamer mode is client side and actually doesnt do anything lol

  • Ela Storm
    Ela Storm

    Remember the bombers from t-hunt who had like 300.000 HP 😅

  • arcandys

    now i think that, after Y6 (and during Y6), they will have to really try to expand the playerbase to be a even more imposed game?

  • PvtSideburns

    I know the season hasn’t even dropped yet, but I really can’t see myself picking the gonne-6 over the super shorty for gridlock

  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams

    good video

  • yoursmolwaifu


  • Pain.R6

    Who else couldn't stop looking at the cat 0-0

  • Robert Lewallyn
    Robert Lewallyn

    I dont like the idea of attackers being able to change ops, at least not all of them. Maybe make 6th pick be what you described? Logically it makes sense because it opens up op selection but still it is a goliath nerf to defense. Maybe have operator groups that you can swap around inside?

  • Kaleb Archer
    Kaleb Archer

    Is the gonne going to be able to be caught by an ads (is it going to be a projectile or considered a bullet)

  • eggnoG

    I can see Iana being played a lot more, her kit with grenades + gonne 6 + intel gathering is soo good.

  • JRGamingHD

    surely every team would take a twitch and zap as much equipment as possible and then change each round?

  • Rafa Amrullah
    Rafa Amrullah

    My only complaint is Doki's frags, I mean, them removing it is fair, it's reasonable, and I 100% get why they're removing it, BUT LIKE... my BOSGACOG GRENADE BUILD D:

  • Rafa Amrullah
    Rafa Amrullah

    "Obviously only maestro and echo can control their own gadget." Mozzie: "Sad Aussie noises"

    • S O S
      S O S

      @Dan Carr a hidden buff where mozzie say "f*** you" to echo and maestro and steals their gadgets by using his pests

    • Dan Carr
      Dan Carr

      @Nioshadow what?

    • Nioshadow

      Mozzie can control echo and maestros gadgets but its tricky

  • Jan Carlo
    Jan Carlo

    THEY SHOULD PUT "INSPECT GUN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Braden Hamm
    Braden Hamm

    Can we talk about how much more useless castle just became with the new pistol thing

  • Sam Conway
    Sam Conway

    Now echo won’t have to focus on staying alive which is. A huge buff to him

  • BUMGRAVYMmm Matt
    BUMGRAVYMmm Matt

    Warden needs a buff

  • King Kush420
    King Kush420

    Ima leave one of my drones at spawn now

  • Trapp Manny
    Trapp Manny

    Uh the intro was sum

  • Tin Cazar
    Tin Cazar

    pengu went from siege chill chad to a hipster that listens to podcasts

  • Shotin Play
    Shotin Play

    No more twitch destroying outside cams

  • Cl5rys -
    Cl5rys -

    I’m hoping they consider a few of these things

  • Pineapple -_-
    Pineapple -_-

    that intro 😂

  • Bearly GRizZLy
    Bearly GRizZLy

    I watched Varsity’s Vid on this Y6 Dev Panel and I feel like he doesn’t enjoy the game anymore he always has negative to say.

  • Mr NofflesWaffles
    Mr NofflesWaffles

    You should be able to shoot the defenders phone so they can't control gadgets

  • Joe Bedford
    Joe Bedford

    personally i feel that the melussi nerf it soo harsh, especially with the buff to nook and the new soft breach gadget

  • DespacitoDaniel

    Where's your hair?

  • ItzNick317

    They really need higher tick rate servers though

  • H

    I like the banshee change but I think it should work a little like the bulletproof cam but the opposite basically if you shoot it in a small area it will not break

  • Ayron Lockwood
    Ayron Lockwood

    The game is shit now, they’ve brought to many operators out

  • vxiyz

    When i saw the intro i thought that i was watchin thaqil

  • marocstars

    So now it's probably more a advantage to throw your second drone out before you enter the building that way even if you die the defender can't shoot your drone

  • LordPixel

    Sir, u frogot the mexican guy... Ma boy Goyo

  • Felipe Yarr
    Felipe Yarr

    Pengu: talks about incoming stuff Comments: Kitty!

  • SkyBantai Plays
    SkyBantai Plays

    One thing that jumps out immediately is how hard you're trying to talk slower than usual, very unusual for me after having watched you for hours on stream XD

  • SimpLordObama

    That drone camera thing is stupid esp for ranked

  • hesow 7
    hesow 7

    Isnt melusis gadget just 3 proximity alarms at that point? Is it really that good?

  • Shayan namazi
    Shayan namazi

    With operator re pick on prep fase what happens to pro league and six picks?

  • fallshimjager1

    Even if you can punch them, the Maestro can completly play time and zap you when you plant, all from 6 feet under. And by then you most likely don't have any utility left. You have the gonne 6? It would be a shame that an ADS can zap a fucking bullet out of the air and render your whole secondary slot useless, wouldn't it? They make strong operators that have a lot of influence on the meta an obvious choice, and that will do the opposite of killing the meta. Rewarding a Maestro who played poorly with the ability to use his cameras after death, for me goes against what Rainbow is about. The game focuses on teamwork and communication. If you rather be on the phone than drone or being on cameras, you made the choice to not help your team, why should you be rewarded with the ability to directly influentiate a round? You know, I kind of expected of the same guy that said that Kali was going to be the most stupidly broken character in the game to be concerned about changes that can directly affect Pro league on a bad way. Guess I was wrong.

  • kkraft234

    I really thought he was going to say, "hide your kids hide you wife"

  • Pain

    varsitys take on this season was terrible

  • Jack Malone
    Jack Malone

    Is that your intro for everything just bc you did that im subbing

  • Godlii YT
    Godlii YT

    💀💀💀💀💀 the intro

  • NyxFred

    Where do they keep the drones? Seems a bit clunky to carry around two of em in your pocket...

  • RYT_seppli

    5:20 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww