Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths
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How hard could it be to make an unpickable lock? Turns out pretty flippin hard. After I recovering from the mental and physical turmoil of getting this thing made I called up a locksmith to see if they would be able to pick it. A fun time for all involved.

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    • MLG Doge
      MLG Doge


    • O .-.
      O .-.

      I'm sorry but you are on some crap for you to be able to do this I could never, good job man.

    • sombody like me
      sombody like me

      You should sell the locks

    • Tri

      These three springs at the end could have been replaced with just one and a simpler mechanism but it's pretty nice to see that you solved such a problem in such a short time!

    • Elijah cabacungan
      Elijah cabacungan

      you gotta patent this quick! (yes i know this comment is late) cause someone is for sure looking at this and will be ready to snipe this as soon as they figure out a design.

  • Bruv

    Lpl: 10 seconds intro, 20 seconds of opening the package, 5 seconds of picking

  • Bruv

    Lpl: Hee hee boy

  • Jeremiah Leggett
    Jeremiah Leggett

    Does anyone else feel like this guy could just end all the worlds issues? Bro go outside, the world us scuffed fam.

  • hakeem harun
    hakeem harun

    I dont understand but i agree

  • João Topa
    João Topa

    your wife is not nice at all! Mate you nerd to swap her, you will be soo happy if you find someone that REALLY likes you... She clearly doesn't like you that much...

  • Greham TheGoHome
    Greham TheGoHome

    “I found a locksmith that specializes in picking locks”

  • Verdell Barkley
    Verdell Barkley

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  • Average Xennpai
    Average Xennpai

    That's some cool lock I wonder if my lockpick tool can handle it Oh you wonder what's my tool? Yeah some people kinda called it M82 BMG but I called it Betty

  • Michael

    The only person with the authority to declare a lock unpickable is lockpickinglawyer

  • Mitch Duhaime
    Mitch Duhaime

    Literally only came to this vid to tell you it’s not unpickable if LPL hasn’t tried it.

  • Hamza Trabelsi
    Hamza Trabelsi

    I thought about the lockpickinglawyer since the start of the video xD I would really see a video of him doing this lock

  • ControllaFN

    How he goes twerk for a 5 letter word

  • Wizard Vega
    Wizard Vega

    Ok, I've made my conclusion from this video finally. This guy is definitely mormon.

  • Tom Hejda
    Tom Hejda

    RFID locks -- do you watch LPL? He's defeated many of these :)

  • Arthur Vertsman
    Arthur Vertsman

    LOL love the hidden messages in ur vids, Nose Picking Article lmao

  • George Villa
    George Villa

    The opposite engineer coherently drag because pedestrian immunohistologically move aside a guarded plain. acrid, warlike agreement

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez

    For 2 months i’ve been patiently waiting for a LPL collab!!! i’m literally dying to see the result

  • Phoenix 3D Solutions
    Phoenix 3D Solutions

    Did LPL ever try it?

  • Raniedel Fajardo
    Raniedel Fajardo

    "I spent all this time raising my kid I don't wanna see them fail when it matters the most" - A very Asian parent

  • Tortoise

    Just an fyi. RFID locks can be electronically picked. Much like a standard pin lock there are only so many variables and computers can run through those faster than an expert with a pick

    • Tortoise

      @ThereInTheTrees _ I mean the easy way past a lock is normally to go around the lock yes and a blind attack would take a long time but it does not take long to look up a lock and its associated information which often reduces the possible permutations markedly

    • ThereInTheTrees _
      ThereInTheTrees _

      If it’s a quality lock, you need a pretty beefy computer, and at that point it would be more viable to drill the lock or break a window

  • Avery Lipsit
    Avery Lipsit

    Will you send this to LPL anytime soon?

  • Konnor von Emster
    Konnor von Emster

    What drawing app is being used for the diagrams?

  • the sharpest tool in the shed
    the sharpest tool in the shed

    so, it's better to just break the door?

  • Ilya Zagorodnikov
    Ilya Zagorodnikov

    This lady’s sarcasm is off the charts

  • A cat on his hind legs.
    A cat on his hind legs.

    Or you could just have one that connects to your phone and has 20 letter passcode over a string virtual security.

  • Zachary M
    Zachary M

    I have a paper due in 2 hours. UZload: Here’s a video that you NEED to watch

  • Karriudo

    When will the lock picking lawyer crack it open?

  • CrystalCrab

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  • Rigatoni_Joe

    Does anyone have updates on the LPL status? Even if it's not gonna happen, I just think we're all quite anxious for some news.

  • Marty Jaxx
    Marty Jaxx

    What is that sketch software?

  • Eric Floyd
    Eric Floyd

    Send it to lockpickinglawyer!

  • Mason Castillon
    Mason Castillon

    Patton that

  • minushphoto

    Black Keys drummer

  • mattikaki

    What an interesting system and cool shop. One question: What happens if you take a pipe wrench and spin the handsome and large cylinder body? The Finnish Abloy added an outer, easily revolving shield, over the cylinder after pipe wrench attacks in the 60’s (if I recall it right).

  • Wild Default
    Wild Default

    What's the point of guessing a password one word at a time it won't tell you that you got 1 letter right

    • ThereInTheTrees _
      ThereInTheTrees _

      You missed the point completely, he’s just comparing what you do while picking a lock, to being able to guess one letter at a time than all the letters

  • Gnibster •
    Gnibster •

    This is so unorthodox and I hate it

  • OffTheBeatenPath

    LockpickingLawyer has entered the chat

  • Sir_Chiiz Sawad
    Sir_Chiiz Sawad

    Even his wife has a monotone voice I wonder how it would sound like if they had a sarcastic conversation 🤣

  • René Zalazar
    René Zalazar

    I understood nothing, but loved the video!

  • Luca Chapman
    Luca Chapman

    U ever thought about selling these kind of things?

  • Savim 18
    Savim 18

    Lockpicking lawyer collab ?

  • Nico Betancourt
    Nico Betancourt

    Send it to the lock picking lawyer to see if they can pick it

  • Sean Deisch
    Sean Deisch

    You need to send it to the LPL.

  • Benny Scapes
    Benny Scapes

    Send it to demolition ranch!!!

  • Fixing It Blind
    Fixing It Blind

    Send that over to the lock picking lawyer

  • Wiktor Tomanek
    Wiktor Tomanek

    Hamer or gun gonna pick every door.

  • RC Send And Blast
    RC Send And Blast

    Please send your lock to the (Lock picking lawyer) find him on UZload. He will gladly try

  • pidgedough

    Next is a steel door

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    Send it to lock picking lawyer

  • Malicesin

    Send it to the lockpick lawyer.

  • Sirius Raycraft
    Sirius Raycraft

    You could technically just take a lock opening and glue it to a solid metal block

  • Jac_k_RBLX 2
    Jac_k_RBLX 2

    4:54 😂😱

  • Andreas Nielsen
    Andreas Nielsen

    4:40 was it only me that npticed nose picking pedia?

  • Luca Melop
    Luca Melop

    Wich app do you use to draw the drafts?

  • piroh

    Where is the Lockpickinglawyer ?

  • rd430boi

    Yes send it to the lock picking lawyer

  • sabishi

    4:40 *nose picking*

  • AkaliciousSA

    do you think if the locksmith watched this video would be able to pick the lock?

  • Newosew2

    Yes LPL challenge locks are my favorite

  • octosep ninetyoneninetysix
    octosep ninetyoneninetysix


  • wlshyd182

    I was already enjoying this... and then you hit us with the Binford tee 4:40

  • Fanrik

    So does anyone know if he sent it?

  • D. D.
    D. D.

    Dude, pleeease stop uptalking. 😖

  • Asaf Sarusi
    Asaf Sarusi

    i steel whait for the lok piking loyar

  • Tobi

    Title: unpickable lock Video: I woulen't say it's unpickable Me: Excuse me, what the fuck

  • Forsight

    You should send this to the lock pick lawyer

  • Andi B
    Andi B

    Send it to the lock picking lawyer

  • jackson collins
    jackson collins

    Where’s lockpickinglawyers video

  • jackson collins
    jackson collins

    Is this still happening

  • Thomas R. Stevenson
    Thomas R. Stevenson

    10:23 I'm not sure I agree with you about the commercial viability of your lock. People will spend good money protecting their homes. And if this were mass produced, the cost could be very reasonable. You should definitely get this patented!

    • Gaming Cinema
      Gaming Cinema

      Also LPL already picked a lock without a key

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    What is the name of the 2D sketching tool ?

    • Kasper Berthelsen
      Kasper Berthelsen

      Concepts app I believe

  • Joshua Sottile
    Joshua Sottile

    "SANIC" is the only thing I will ever remember from this vid. Thank you.

  • Mylesbeenspinni n_
    Mylesbeenspinni n_

    So we’re gonna ignore the nose picking tab ?

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez

    What happened with this lock?

  • Glitched Casual
    Glitched Casual

    Me: makes a keypad lock Y a y

  • Major Wolf 72
    Major Wolf 72

    Looking at how flimsy U.S. houses and doors are, all of this is of purely scientific value 🙈😜 if you wanna break into an American house, just bust through the wall

  • Ujjwal Gumber
    Ujjwal Gumber

    Please send this lock to "lock picking lawyer" (youtube channel)...I want to see his reaction

  • Mukul Bimbra
    Mukul Bimbra

    Do a Collab with mark rober it will be amazing to see ..

  • Cristian Florescu
    Cristian Florescu

    0:26 - "I just mean a real expert" =)))))

  • Johnny Cheung
    Johnny Cheung

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  • FujiFilm

    this looks like it'll make a nice three and a half minute LPL video.

  • Massimo Esposito
    Massimo Esposito

    Months have passed since this comment, and I haven't seen any "crossover" SMH-LPL video yet. I checked on both channels.

  • Andrew Nguyen
    Andrew Nguyen

    Time to hire a dark web locksmith >:) to test it

  • mote walmsley
    mote walmsley

    She loki seemed like she was hating ngl

  • mitch jonas
    mitch jonas

    Lock picking lawyer!

  • Sean Feitl
    Sean Feitl

    Nose picking 🤨😂

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia

    Are you gonna send this to LPL or what?

  • MattSpams

    9:55 “I wouldn’t say it’s unpickable” The title “I made an unpickable lock”

  • Matthew Gill
    Matthew Gill

    Lock picking lawyer please!!!!!

  • shizza82

    Why am I here right now when I should be sleeping?

  • Consensus 9
    Consensus 9

    I was also exposed to that kind of kits but was too stupid and only wanted lego

  • Kristoffer Pettersen
    Kristoffer Pettersen

    love the hairdresser referance and the slammer dad joke xD

  • Christian Ho
    Christian Ho

    Amazing content! Which software was used for sketching?

  • dro dro
    dro dro

    how to lockpick a door just boot the door open

  • Dilly Billy
    Dilly Billy

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  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas

    I think this can be made in a much simpler way. I call it the "Centauri Barrel" and you don't need the complicated mechanism to lock the lifted pins in place. If you use a stack of washers and then a slotted pin then some of your washers will turn with the barrel and some will remain, including the slotted pin. The washers and pin that are left behind are held against the barrel, and therefore in a consistent place. Both the washers and the pin can be adjusted to put the bitting code into the lock, the idea being that when a correct key is inserted the slots are at a predictable height. The barrel is fitted with T-shaped half-flanges that check these stacks after some fraction of a turn. If you look up the Centauri from Babylon 5 you should have a reasonable idea of the shape I'm imagining. If the slot aligns with the bar of the T then the barrel will be allowed to continue. If the slot is not aligned then the barrel will be stopped.

  • Mahmoud Albaiyoumi
    Mahmoud Albaiyoumi

    My man out there got DJ Khaled to try and pick his lock

  • Void Wolf
    Void Wolf

    Love your workshop

  • Red_Reaper618

    stuff made here: has fucking master lock Me: KICKS THE FUCKING DOOR DOWN