I JOINED 1%...
My INSANE introduction montage: uzload.info/fun/rZiPiJvKmqCWkp8/video
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Creator Code: NotLuc (ad)
In this video I announced that I Joined ONE PERCENT... enjoy!

  • NotLuc

    ILY ALL GO CHECKOUT THE INTRODUCING MONTAGE: uzload.info/fun/rZiPiJvKmqCWkp8/video

    • ッ

      Here before this comment goes viral and blows up 699 like.

    • HottDoritos Gaming
      HottDoritos Gaming

      :( I will miss. Bhnotluc

    • André Nygård
      André Nygård

      Bh Notluc 1mill

    • Arianne Chirnside
      Arianne Chirnside

      The only notluc the best at editing and ryft ♥️♥️

  • Oscar D
    Oscar D

  • sgt_inverted

    notluc is in 1% but his yt name still says notluc also only og's remember when his yt name was bh notluc

  • civxs_yt

    is it just me or did cultures seem worse and more toxic

  • Zalkology

    Cxletures is mean to ryft i bet im better than cxletures

  • Ernesto Ortiz
    Ernesto Ortiz

    You used to be in bh

  • Neil Martin
    Neil Martin

    If you are a fastest editor how did notluc win?🤔

  • Mxnd FN
    Mxnd FN

    Its just cxltures has not taken his gfuel

  • Cole Self
    Cole Self

    Cultures said fastest editor in 1% when Ryft is in 1%


    guys pause the video when the group of pro fortnite gamers roll see what u get i got NRG

  • Techno Cleam
    Techno Cleam

    What about BH

  • Gravity FN
    Gravity FN

    he actually joined one percent but he is absolute trash but is good at editing

  • sean vecchio
    sean vecchio

    why you aint subscribed to 1 percent

  • Not WeeB
    Not WeeB

    1v1 youre so free im a fast editor youre about to get peace control kyle

  • ShxdowFFNlol

    Do a setting video

  • N.C ron10berg
    N.C ron10berg


  • Ty Williamson
    Ty Williamson


  • FH lxst
    FH lxst

    Notluc really changed his name

  • Bryant Wingert
    Bryant Wingert

    My mans fingers are made diffrent

  • NotLuc

    Ily all go check the introducing montage uzload.info/fun/rZiPiJvKmqCW1A/video

  • Denetta Martin
    Denetta Martin

    Notluc in creator code

  • DF_Flicxz

    Take bh out ur name lol

  • Ace Arthur
    Ace Arthur

    your so slow im faster my epic is texxfn

  • Handler

    Your sooooo gooood

  • Nitro on top
    Nitro on top

    u joined 1% but 1 week ltr ur yt is still called bh notluc...

  • Aidan Garcia
    Aidan Garcia

    you joined one percent and still. not subbed to them

  • Soinlur

    congrats 1% BH Notluc

  • Davian robinson
    Davian robinson

    He said u weren't joining so ur not in the clan

    • Annoying Accius
      Annoying Accius

      He actually joined because he bested cultures and he was joking about not joining

  • Duelphin

    but your name is still bh not luc

  • Sahar Dp
    Sahar Dp

    Notluc you should make a video that you teach your brother how to edit fast

  • Calum Ward
    Calum Ward

    Cultures is the worst player in the wrld compared to notluc he should be kicked and notluc should join

  • Drippi Simba
    Drippi Simba

    Guess your yt it now 1% notluc

  • Blitz FN
    Blitz FN


  • FS_BuG

    7:34 cxltures nouuuuuuuuu

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    notluc gets 200 pumped. me, gets add "its just that easy"

  • PogosVolso

    Change ur name

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      Gotta change your name

  • Daniel Marinov
    Daniel Marinov

    Did You See Your Hair

  • Nathan Koske
    Nathan Koske


  • Argenis Cruz Rosario
    Argenis Cruz Rosario

    If cultures and notluc were duos they would be unstoppable

  • Cameron Berry
    Cameron Berry

    So no more bh

  • V3dy ツ
    V3dy ツ

    bruh he still has BH in his name

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    I literally just died by him no fucking joke wtf

  • Ram24Lim

    Notluc: I JOINED 1% Also NotLuc: Has his youtube channel as bh notluc still

    • Ram24Lim

      @hoiy vinosa who’s that?

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      ive see clewfix with that account

  • rxpz

    why is your name BH tho

  • Saucy Boi
    Saucy Boi

    That’s not clxures

  • Jordxn

    I literally just died by him no fucking joke wtf

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    POV: You’re waiting for him to take BH from his name

  • yung Ralit
    yung Ralit

    my guy your yt still says BH @BH Notluc

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Sens ?

  • Troggie

    lets goo notluc

  • Janice Gay
    Janice Gay

    You should but a controller on your building bind so all you have to focus on is editing and moving

  • Daphne Garza
    Daphne Garza

    Bro switch you yet name

  • cmeur

    Gotta change your name

  • Cntrrl

    0:54 please dont promote clips that have people saying the Lord's name in vain and get right with God you can just censor it when people say the Lord's name in vain artists like carti sell their soul and do satanic rituals to people who listen to his music be safe when listening to him please get right with God, God bless

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      Anyone else think he kind of sound like fearless?

  • liam clamp
    liam clamp

    So why is ur bh

    • pida siouy
      pida siouy

      Congrats man

  • Ee Ll
    Ee Ll

    Change your name from bh to 1 percent

  • vox.

    1% daddy Notluc

  • Xx obitostw xX
    Xx obitostw xX

    0:02 what did you get

  • Dominick Hernandez
    Dominick Hernandez

    ive see clewfix with that account

  • Dominick Hernandez
    Dominick Hernandez

    hit that covax

  • CouD

    Cultruxsssssss edit this video am i right?

  • Cryptic Arkz
    Cryptic Arkz

    Well done u joined the most irrelevant team u could join. Nice

  • OwMen

    Why your name still BH notluc

  • Mighty on Pc
    Mighty on Pc

    What keyboard and mouse is that that looks sick

  • Megnetix

    Sens ?

  • Flamer Games
    Flamer Games


  • Respect

    anyone else notice his name was Kaimei

  • Corina Marchesi
    Corina Marchesi

    Macros macros

  • Mixk

    Change your name

  • MGN Pl4sm
    MGN Pl4sm

    is it me or he literally let cxltures win he just didn't want to 3-0 him or he just wanted the video to last longer but I mean he had 14 hp and was just free building and trying to hit clips.

  • Brody Murray
    Brody Murray

    Congrats man

  • Hassam Ladhani
    Hassam Ladhani

    Anyone else think he kind of sound like fearless?

  • Not Zertfix
    Not Zertfix

    Lol he left the game and the video

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali

    Cultures beat ryft by not luc beat cultures ryft beat by not luck what is happening

  • chasecrime

    this video is so fake but luc ily bro


    next video I JOINED FaZe CLAN

  • sparkez ahmad
    sparkez ahmad


  • zᗪxνιใツ

    The title should’ve been: Every time I edit I blink

  • Delit Is a qt
    Delit Is a qt

    Well your name still bh not luc

  • MALCOLM.BUSH 104075
    MALCOLM.BUSH 104075

    he has 1 health btw

  • Blixen

    change yt name and fn

  • Scuz

    Let’s Go 1p Nutluke

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    1% Rn Oh hey yeah lets just put the fastest editors in a group and see how that works out

  • Its2chee13

    take bh outta ur name then

    • Its2chee13

      @seiom jvony idk i said take bh out of your name

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      tell me why is his name still BH if he's one percent?

  • Andy Ruggirello
    Andy Ruggirello

    “You can’t even do quad edits” Lucas has been doing quad edits before him.

    • BossFireball PlayZ
      BossFireball PlayZ

      Yo wth no

  • Void

    Why is your youtube name still BH NotLuc

  • ReBoRn WrIgHt
    ReBoRn WrIgHt

    Change your name

  • GamingInAction

    I like how Ryft-Fast editor,BH NotLuc-Fast editor, Cxltures-Fast editor littlerly every known Fast editors are in 1%

  • Yeet gangster700
    Yeet gangster700

    Your UZload still says bh

  • Yt Homez2020
    Yt Homez2020

    Ryft is better than u just to let u know

  • fnG the slippery duck
    fnG the slippery duck

    cxltures: "I don't give a hoot" **cxltures 2021**

  • Viol

    Change your UZload name to 1% NotLuc

  • Time Traveling
    Time Traveling

    Yet his name is still BH NotLuc


    Ur name still has BH in it 😂

  • Wazy on 60FPS
    Wazy on 60FPS


  • audiowashere

    he joined one percent but his channel name still BH Notluc

  • LXG

    BH Not luc...

  • Water Fall
    Water Fall

    Can I join 1 percent I have a name 1% loop

  • René Rivera
    René Rivera

    When you joined 1% but you still kept bh in your UZload name 😂

  • Blazeシ

    tell me why is his name still BH if he's one percent?

  • Evan Birnbaum
    Evan Birnbaum

    "Oh god im choking" *proceeds to edit faster than my brain can manage*