In her new book, Actor/Singer/Director/Writer/Mogul Bella Thorne opens up about her sexuality, creative release, and her dark past, involving behind-closed-doors abuse and molestation all while quickly rising to stardom in Hollywood. In this episode of IMPAULSIVE, she reveals some of her secrets to perseverance and success, as she’s one of the most decorated young stars in the industry. She also smokes a fat joint.
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

  • RICO

    Poor little white girl....🤦‍♂️

  • Gavin

    This was awesome I like her a lot she’s just genuine

  • Crimea River
    Crimea River

    I thought these fools were blowing themselves and each other up as a joke. But nope, they just have weirdly high senses of self worth. And Mike's a tool.

  • Bex C34
    Bex C34

    I never watched Disney or saw a lot of Bellas work. I knew she got a lot of hate for things I felt were unreasonable. Thank you for inviting her to the podcast to talk about these issues, and providing her a safe space. Thank you to Bella, what an incredible and genuine soul. It takes a lot to be able to even briefly touch on such a traumatic experience. This episode meant a lot to me personally. I truly wish her all the best. Would love to see her on the show again. I hope you make more episodes like this.

  • Elane Baranowski
    Elane Baranowski

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  • Christian Ramsden
    Christian Ramsden

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  • King Zaya
    King Zaya

    Don’t have this trot on here again

  • Gunner 0007
    Gunner 0007

    Does Bella know how pretty she is! Her def prime! Hope she is equally nice in person! Lucky is/will be the love of her choice

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    Rodolfo Perales


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    jack jhonsen


  • Kid Kingz Music
    Kid Kingz Music

    "0:27" Yea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛.𝗖 𝗢 𝗠 i'm making over $1767 a week with them! ਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ

  • axejedi ROCK3T
    axejedi ROCK3T

    Bella, you are killing it in the music & movie, social media, scene! You wrote an incredible #1 book! What can't you do well Bellaful:) You've helped, inspired so many people, fans, you rock! I can't wait to see what you do next! Much love & respect beautiful

    • Саша Быкова
      Саша Быкова

      this comment is so underrated 🥺

  • tyler dellow
    tyler dellow

    stfu mike

  • nick mine
    nick mine

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  • M

    Candy land doesnt have ladders, you fucking goon.

  • ruybal34

    *Everyone staring at Tana’s ass pics on IG. Spencer: “Back to uh, back to reality here.”

  • Super ENGAGED Comedy
    Super ENGAGED Comedy

    open-minded conversation, logan Thanks for bringing her up at the show!

  • Zee!! !!
    Zee!! !!

    Mikey Cyrus

  • mike green
    mike green

    45:08 35:44

  • Laura Armes
    Laura Armes

    Love her!! Xoxo

  • David Gould
    David Gould

    Spencer is way to femboy to be hanging out with those two alpha fucks

  • Christy Smith
    Christy Smith

    Does anyone even like Bella anymore?

  • Lyn Denise
    Lyn Denise

    It’s the 2nd hand smoking face Logan gave for me 💨😚🤣

  • Zepp Daspremont
    Zepp Daspremont

    Damn I miss shake it up

  • Mia Rubio
    Mia Rubio

    I have ADHD

  • alg

    shes boring bru

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    Parents should not harm a child Ground them, take away extra responsibilities, or just show them how they are wrong

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    At the one hour mark when Bella starts to tear up made me cry

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    Ok I’m all for medication if it works for you but it’s not like you take a pill and your better it’s just a helper

  • Denny Jones
    Denny Jones

    Damn she’s friends with snoop dog

  • Natali a
    Natali a

    Fuck famous dex , he canceled yg

  • Eric Bogar
    Eric Bogar

    "I had a hard life" Did modeling at 6 months old. This bitch doesn't know anything about real hard work. She got where she was for her looks. Not her ability to act. She sucks at acting. She's not the best at what she does either like her dad said to do.


    not a single soul on the planet cares

  • Kelsey Read
    Kelsey Read

    I'm sorry but this is one of the hardest episodes to watch, bella just isn't vibing. I g2g

  • Rain Lutz
    Rain Lutz

    “I never had anything” “ I was on Italian Vogue at the age 7”

  • Rain Lutz
    Rain Lutz

    Fuck Bella thorn

    • Rain Lutz
      Rain Lutz

      @Phil Coulson she lied and said that she would promote sex workers only fans because she messed up the way that they got paid and after they all cleared her name she never responded to them. She also played the victim and posted that she started only fans first but people hate on her

    • Phil Coulson
      Phil Coulson


  • David Whang
    David Whang

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  • Aubrey Graham
    Aubrey Graham

    anyone here in jan 2021 with tana and bella’s fights

    • bella c
      bella c

      @Aubrey Graham agreeedddd

    • Aubrey Graham
      Aubrey Graham

      @bella c ya i love her content a lot and bella has always seemed more fake to me

    • bella c
      bella c

      @Aubrey Graham no yeah i’m def on tanas lmao i love her sm even though like ik she’s two faced and like not a great friend too everyone but like i just love her content low key reminds me of like a david dobrik idek y tho

    • Aubrey Graham
      Aubrey Graham

      @bella c haha i don’t even know kinda tana tho just cuz like bella made a song when there wasn’t any beef

    • bella c
      bella c

      yes omg which side r u on

  • Tori

    Have Bella back lol

  • Jayden Lepsic
    Jayden Lepsic

    Bruh she jus riding that victim card way to much. If she took ownership for just one fucking thing maybe she’d seem more authentic but it’s always someone else that be fuckin her life up??

  • Maria Amezquita
    Maria Amezquita

    Bella Thorne is legit repulsive bro.. y the fuck did people buy her only fans

  • senojh 1111
    senojh 1111

    When you're watching in 2020 and hear "got the corona" 😂😂 1:13:56

  • Simone Jensen
    Simone Jensen

    ADHD is when your hyperactive(you can't sit still and are very outspoken) and ADD is kind of another type of ADHD just where you actually can sit still and in the theory isn't hyperactive

  • Jessica Purol
    Jessica Purol

    love how she says if I'm horny and lonely I want my one person but it's great cuz she just came out with that song and this interview was a while ago

  • John Austin Bonfim Alves Jr
    John Austin Bonfim Alves Jr


  • Scarlet

    All these girls pretending to be bi cause they think its cool and new age. Its nonsense. You can tell she's not into girls, legit.

  • chiddy_ banggz
    chiddy_ banggz

    She got a 50's superman chin

  • Daniella Nicole
    Daniella Nicole

    That 80% theory is that incorrect, any psyc student would know that. 20% of the brain are neurons that do the job of literally everything we do from breathing to creative activity. The other 80% are called glial cells! Once a neuron dies it is incapable of regeneration. Once it dies it dies. The 80% ... the glial cells... have the job of protecting, nourishing and over all looking out for our precious neurons 😊 our bodies are so amazing.

  • david gonzalez
    david gonzalez

    1:00:12 Bella talks about the abuse. In my opinion, she has to understand that, even without anything that can prove what she says, the police will help her, not the opposite. Of course it'll be tough all that process of remembering and sharing in an in depth interrogation something as horrible as she says, but if she is telling the truth, she should do it. And it really has to be an IN DEPTH interrogation, because they have to make sure what's true and what's not. Otherwise, anyone could make false claims and get money o whatever they want from an innocent person, like it happened one time with Michael Jackson, who was finally vindicated. I hope that, eventually, she feels strong enough to share it all and fight for justice. At the end of the day, there's only one truth. If you are being honest, go ahead and fight.

  • bart proxies
    bart proxies

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  • Catherine Yim
    Catherine Yim

    I respect Bella Thorne. Mad respect.

  • Harvey Taylor
    Harvey Taylor

    Bell is Beautiful ❤💙

  • Iker Castillo
    Iker Castillo

    This is one of the best episodes I’ve seen. Great guest and definitely enjoyed this phase of mike: Staying quite, letting everyone talk specially the guest and not trying to sell any of his projects

  • Kimberly Shannon
    Kimberly Shannon

    I have ADD and I have had it my whole life

  • Adam Bailey
    Adam Bailey

    Yeah yeahhh yeahhhhh

  • Harley Rockholt
    Harley Rockholt

    Candy land and shoots an ladders are TWO different games

  • Belen Marini
    Belen Marini

    Wow, she's truly amazing. So strong and inspiring. She's so vulnerable and real. Loved this episode.

    • Саша Быкова
      Саша Быкова

      This comment is so underrated 🥺😢


    Does anyone know who she was talking about in the end?

    • Celtic Barry
      Celtic Barry

      The abuse part? probably her moms boyfriend. If you notice she said that he also left once she moved out and she said he drove her to set etc so it was an older guy who could drive who lived with her and her mom.

  • Lindsay Lee
    Lindsay Lee

    Logan is in denial about the abuse.

    • Lindsay Lee
      Lindsay Lee

      He got super defensive & said he deserved it also. Bella is smart as fuck.

  • SSX CrYpTiCz
    SSX CrYpTiCz

    used to be with bella we had a good relationship but she sometimes done me head in

  • Duke C
    Duke C

    Disgusting ass lady

  • Dynamic Distraction
    Dynamic Distraction

    HIRE A NEW CAMERA MAN... my head hurts but i want to listen.

  • Zen Riou
    Zen Riou

    She’s actually really suprisingly boring as fuck

  • Alannah Sheppard
    Alannah Sheppard

    The only reason I came into the video is cuz I was hoping she talked ab peep

  • Robert Hunter Biden
    Robert Hunter Biden

    What was so traumatic? What happened?

  • Rickkk

    People l need to see on impaulsive: Ksi. I am sure if ksi comes the episode will go to the trending page

  • morlanton

    I feel like men often say they deserved the abuse they got from their parents. My dad says the same thing, but then he ended up abusing his three girls. Coincidence?

  • Jvcklive

    I think the weed hit about at 45 mins. And she got stoned best podcast episode tho

  • Ruokuo Solo
    Ruokuo Solo

    This podcast got my sleeping schedule f*cked up. Lovin'it

  • Alaris


  • Zach Gilbert
    Zach Gilbert

    Ik how much pain there is to have a family member who you are really close to have a heart attack while driving

  • Devin David
    Devin David

    Logan bru change the picture of ur Spotify Impaulsive pic

  • Inj amber
    Inj amber

    This Paul guy has one brain cell. He is so dumb and shallow

  • olivia s
    olivia s

    bella, wait until you have a three year old 🥴

  • olivia s
    olivia s

    i loved bella until the "child abuse" bs. spanking children is necessary???? children dont just listen and do whatever you say... they test you.

  • Abs Olute
    Abs Olute

    wait up wait up is that the girl from the babysitter right right i think..............

    • Robert Hunter Biden
      Robert Hunter Biden


  • Drew Roy
    Drew Roy

    ALWAYS JUST BE YOU! BE HUMAN! love all of the podcasts guys I binge everyday after work.

  • Javon Scott
    Javon Scott

    Omfg the podcast would br much better with out mike

  • Steve Paul
    Steve Paul

    does she mention lil peep?

  • Michael FOster
    Michael FOster

    Its the hairy armpit girl 👧

    • isar abd
      isar abd

      Every single human has armpit.

  • charliehockey78

    I always remember when my dad broke a plastic clothes hanger into a sharp object and held it to my throat and threatened to kill me when I was 12... that was confusing to deal with

  • Sam From Space
    Sam From Space

    Throwing your child down the fucking stairs is not fucking normal, Im fully 100% with Bella and Spencer on this one.

  • Arturo Sarabia
    Arturo Sarabia

    most hated podcast

  • the toon nation
    the toon nation

    How is she gonna talk about being token adavantage of when she keeps scamming?

  • Alex Florin
    Alex Florin

    More real.

  • Trey Davis
    Trey Davis

    Yo I understand how it feels me and my sister were temporarily adopted by force by our grandparents and they were abusive and when we were finally able to file a report they dismissed it because we were children even though my grandfather had a sexual assault report filed on him by my mom and little sis. I'm telling you they don't care. They don't look into it as hard as they should. I have dealt with so much more but there needs to be a change in this country but no one will listen.

    • Trey Davis
      Trey Davis

      They 100% make the victims feel like sh*t just because they can't see it happening because these people hold a facede almost perfectly so they can get away with these terrible, disgusting acts. How you guys say celebrities have a camera act and at home act. It's the same but it's to off put and make victims look stupid.

  • M. qazmi's
    M. qazmi's

    1:17:02 wth was that

  • M. qazmi's
    M. qazmi's

    i liked this girl from midnight sun but then i saw her insta and now her podcast in which she bring weed

  • mysti

    the ONLY reason ik who she is, is bc of lil peep

  • Mini Death
    Mini Death

    Is this smrtdeath

  • Christopher Seth
    Christopher Seth

    When will there be a black woman or girl on there!!!!###

    • Chloe

      They had Jena frumes about a year ago but that’s the only black girl they’ve had.

  • mrskyrimtroll fairclough
    mrskyrimtroll fairclough

    man, i shit you not, i know so many girls like bella, and at the end of the day they all go, wow you know what i would not change who i am but i wish i took shit a little more seriously and did shit properly. the message of this is, commit and dont fuck around, because at the end of it you will all wish you left something right in this world, not just good looks and fun times

  • bigtonutz


  • Lea Alexandra
    Lea Alexandra

    did bella talked about peep? its so long and i don‘t have so much time to watch. can someone tell me that?

    • Garica Shop
      Garica Shop

      she didnt :( came here for that

  • Dhruv Shah
    Dhruv Shah

    Get Micheal Francese on the PODCAST PLEADE

  • CUYxJrPlays

    the meme dyslexia

  • пит питбред
    пит питбред


  • Nailea Olivas
    Nailea Olivas

    Hmmm impressed

  • Hustle Hard
    Hustle Hard

    She's highly intelligent

  • Kayli Sousa
    Kayli Sousa