Fans React to The Mandalorian Chapter 13: "The Jedi"
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  • Alastair Ohara
    Alastair Ohara

    still any of my stuff and its my stuff

  • Mr. Yepz
    Mr. Yepz

    You know what I learned watching you great people react to this? -any girl I choose to date must absolutely be a SW Nerd!!! Or a gamer!, this is realness - and it's not a statement of being turned on by a few of you cuties, it's a matter of interest, and sensing the joy you guys have for this, to use a line from Willy Wonka, 'in a weary world' to have something that brings real authentic joy to someone is a someone I'd like to spend time with that also shares a passion for good content!! I learned this, just now, so thank you!

  • Vegna Gun
    Vegna Gun

    The best live action female artist.

  • I am Jags
    I am Jags

    The evolution of Ahsoka's character from The Clone Wars, to Rebels, to The Mandalorian is just so epic to see. After witnessing the fall of Anakin to the dark side in s7 of The Clone Wars, then facing him in Rebels was just so much on her she ended up going rogue. This is on of those characters that the writers put so much effort into, and one with a truly good backstory. It reminds me of Jaesa Willsaam from SWTOR.

  • Zero Dragneel
    Zero Dragneel

    I really want to know where is Erza it's going to stuck in my head for a year? 😩

  • rossikc

    10:06 Did she say Arthas?

  • blues s
    blues s

    7:33 thats funny as shit. *is that his name* *thats his name*

  • james selig
    james selig

    Reports are that Ahsoka Tano fans will get a nice Christmas present this year on Disney Plus

  • Jesper Mayland
    Jesper Mayland

    Short haired lovely woman! Loose the neanderthal and come see about me! 😏

  • Larry Stehle
    Larry Stehle

    Hopefully Disney will work in the Star Wars: Rebels series with this.

  • bigorange2082

    See? We don’t hate women. We love well written female characters. Like Ashoka and Fennec.

  • Redss Skall
    Redss Skall

    son goku :D

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Fans are such nerds 😉

  • Axel Walker
    Axel Walker

    Loath cat? Is that a loath cat? Loath cat? Is that Rocket Raccoon?

  • Mike

    so much cussing why is this generation so vulgar anyway great episode thumbs down for all the cussing learn to express yourselves without looking like a total idiot ok

  • James Murison
    James Murison

    I love how this one everyone was like "This was the best episode" and then they were bawling when Luke appeared. The whole show just get better with every episode

  • Unknown Shadow
    Unknown Shadow

    14:23 "Do not pull a Miguel from Cobra Kai." I have N E V E R heard someone else on UZload make a referance to Cobra Kai! I'm so happy. COBRA KAI FOREVER!!!!! Ralph Macchio shoutout. William Zabka shoutout. Martin Kove shoutout. Pat Morita shoutout.

  • One Brown Monarch
    One Brown Monarch

    what ya'll think , ahsoka dont play with fools , baby

  • rjphilla

    Could really do without the The Nword from screamy mc screamy every fracking second.


    This just shows how much we love Ahsoka, and why she will be forever the best female character in the franchise.

  • Tiago D'Agostini
    Tiago D'Agostini

    Why people react like that when they KNEW asoka was going to be in that season?

  • nilselmeskov

    Ahso.. who??

  • LP JP
    LP JP

    Asoka is no Jedi.

  • james selig
    james selig

    And who they will cast to play Admiral Thrawn is the greatest mystery, and if Ahsoka is looking for Thrawn, does that involve Ezra and Sabine?


    No one: Literally no one: UZloadrs: 0:14

  • Chris Edmonds
    Chris Edmonds

    No tease, no buildup, went straight to the meat of it in the opening: Ahsoka going to town on some bad guys with her dualsabers. Filoni knew exactly what we wanted.

  • Bob Brown
    Bob Brown

    Ahsoka vs Luke - Who'd win?

  • William Hendrix
    William Hendrix

    No lives lol

  • Nico orbe
    Nico orbe

    Fan Service level: GOD MODE

  • Headles Norseman
    Headles Norseman

    Ahsoka was a pretty much fully trained jedi from the golden age of jedi training. who could go toe to toe with vader or pretty much anyone else at that time. in this time period she would be able to cut down anyone without even trying lol let alone get half disarmed by some rando

  • JAK- 1525
    JAK- 1525

    They messed up her voice tho

  • Patrick Hathaway
    Patrick Hathaway

    Matthew is my spirit animal

  • Fenrir8897


  • Jacob Rogers
    Jacob Rogers

    Every single last person who has watched this video must go to the war fans that say this what ever it is it's name is not baby yodu sorry if i spelled that wrong but i forgot how to spell it but it's name is grogoo!

  • Eamon Brennan
    Eamon Brennan

    Mando is his huckleberry

  • james selig
    james selig

    I love it: bye B>>>>! LOL

  • deepdragon2

    Asoka Tano probably one of the greatest female characters ever.... and no I did not band wagon I actually liked her from the start.

  • louis guerra
    louis guerra


  • louis guerra
    louis guerra


  • Kanga FN
    Kanga FN


  • electrical5 electrical
    electrical5 electrical

    It is great to watch people who know the subject matter explain what is going on. Had to look up Grand Admiral Thrawn. .... and the name is still baby Yoda. Grogu(sp) sounds like some kind of tropical fungal infection.

  • HookahSmokinCaterpillar

    This is what the Fandom is about. Pure joy and borderline madness over awesome characters and stories. You see that, KK?

  • Villainous ChrisK
    Villainous ChrisK

    does anyone know who it was that did the original fan art of Rosario as Ahsoka? when Dave Filoni saw it, that's when he cast her in the role.

  • Aesop De Moor
    Aesop De Moor

    anakin was never allowed to develop to control his emotions, jedi just pushed him in the deep end, then throw towels on him. really a basturd boy born a slave, stolen away from what little family and safe surroundings, trained to fight and have no attachments, were they trying to make a psychopath killer!, well job done!

  • Aesop De Moor
    Aesop De Moor

    gerber? goo goo?

  • Aesop De Moor
    Aesop De Moor

    like seeing an old friend

  • ImpishDCrealm

    Mando is just fan service with no story. Disney has screwed starwars big time

  • Nicole Parent
    Nicole Parent

    Im watching this solely to watch ep 13

  • Jared Gonzalez
    Jared Gonzalez

    The Padawan of Anikan........She isn't one to mess with

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones

    Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Rian Johnson should be ashamed. This is the stuff people wanted.

  • BigDog36

    so I don't know if it is canon or not, but supposedly the "white" saber can only be used by a jedi without an ounce of darkness in them. Not even Master Yoda could make that claim. Kind of cool if true.

  • Damien Dingus
    Damien Dingus

    Grow Goo 😂

  • User619 TLSDCA
    User619 TLSDCA

    Is Manderlorian s writers the same as the GOTs writers in the 2?? Reasons Im asking is because they already made a mistake of bringing on Bobba Fett which in Return of Jedi, he got ate up by the giant Dune Pit Monster. Knowing how those 2 writers are by trying to fix this mistake, Im seeing in Season 3 of Maderlorian, they will have Booba Fett explain how he managed to stay alive from Dunes as in the last Episode of Season 2, at end of credits we see a scene where Bobba Fett comes back to Jabba the Hut s Lair to claim for his own as we see Jabba s 2nd hand man sitting on throne of recently killed Jabba. That scene threw off ALL THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS FANS as we know the storyline much better then GOTs writers which Im questioning if they are doing Maderlorian...

  • DavidSixSixFive

    Mandalorians and Jedi have always been enemies from the early drafts of Star Wars. At one early point, the Mandalorian warriors were described as ''evil''.

  • romeedee

    "I got no quarrel with you, Mandalorian." - Lang "The fight's not with you, Holiday." - Johnny Ringo Nice one, Dave.

  • Mysterio


  • Rodrigo Skylopez
    Rodrigo Skylopez

    por gente así es que existe el covid y el porque Thanos tenía razón...lpm

  • reblchemst

    Wait...Ahsoka mentions Thrawn and everyone freaks and asks about Ezra. My question is, where is Sabine?

  • James R
    James R

    I very much enjoy watching the nerds catching all the little details

  • Darthrocker06

    Guess i need to get disney plus just so i can watch this show.

  • Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney
    Squarebody Case /Wade McKenney

    This is kinda weird but I had a crush on Asoka in the clone wars cartoons when I was younger...

  • CrampedStyle

    I love the father/daughter pair and how they're both totally into it.

  • parasite unit
    parasite unit

    I'm just here for genuine heartwarming reactions. These are the feelings we're looking for

  • Bob Reil
    Bob Reil

    Cancel Disney plus support Gina Carano join the rebellion don't take your kids to the plastic Park infested with mice this year take them camping give them a real life experience vote with your wallet.

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan

    Hats off to all the fans May the Force be with you

  • Bob From Iowa
    Bob From Iowa

    Reactors: We gonna get an Ahsoka series? Who wants an ahsoka spinoff show? *two weeks later* Ahsoka spinoff show announced along with a bunch of other shows

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris

    Just realized Michael Biehn played Johnny Ringo in Tombstone. Definitely see the nod to that role here in his duel.

  • Bob From Iowa
    Bob From Iowa

    “Gasp a loth cat” “Oohh a loth cat” “Rocket Raccoon???!!?!!???” Rocket raccoon had me dead 😂

  • Stefano de Palo
    Stefano de Palo

    This is why star wars isn't going anywhere, we keep going back to old stuff instead of moving forward.

  • Anthony Thanghe
    Anthony Thanghe

    I love the parallel duels. Asoka’s duel being in the style of old samurai movies, and Mando’s duel being in the style of the spaghetti western that was based on the old samurai movies.

  • Eddie Artist
    Eddie Artist

    13:32 "Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave."

  • Wyatt Frederick
    Wyatt Frederick

    Is there something wrong with me? I was very apathetic when I saw Ahsoka on the show. And she was the main reason I decided to watch it.

  • collyQually

    I kinda wanna hear all their "Grogu??"s in unison

  • Soehnlen Bro’s
    Soehnlen Bro’s

    I never understood why it was called “The Jedi” she’s not a Jedi anymore

  • Ahmad Afyouni
    Ahmad Afyouni

    hold on a force owl???

  • Giovanni Jaramillo
    Giovanni Jaramillo

    Rosario Dawson was an unexpected choice and she NAILED it playing Ashoka Tano!

  • Steve Going
    Steve Going

    Asoka series has been announced

  • Sam Luna
    Sam Luna

    “I think there was a bush fire.” Bruh I’ve never laughed harder

  • Wednesday April
    Wednesday April

    everyone: grougo? 7:32 Her: *GROUGO!!!!!!*

  • Thomas Greyson
    Thomas Greyson

    How do these guys know so much?! These guys even know the little themes in the background, and all the other stuff in the background. I feel so lost.

  • andrew Denham
    andrew Denham

    It surprised me soo much that the people in this didn’t know the history of the Jedi and the mandolins. Do none of these people play the old games of knights of the old republic. They should they are are great games and the law is awesome

  • shizukagozen777

    That editing is AWESOME ! Thank you so much. 💖

  • gasaholic47

    “I’m gonna cry, I hope you know that...”. Well, yeah....😁

  • Callum Brachtvogel
    Callum Brachtvogel

    Some of these reactions are put on i mean I like ahsoka and I was like cool not screaming

  • John Bilski
    John Bilski

    greatest episode, i love Ahsoka Tano

  • lee gibson
    lee gibson

    and to think, Kathleen Kennedy and cancel culture are trying to stop this. People cant just enjoy a good show. No, they have to inject their politics into entertainment.

  • Paul Wassom
    Paul Wassom

    “I’m rollin’ w Grogu, y’all can stay in the past...’

  • Miguel Osorio
    Miguel Osorio

    Ashoka show will fix the timeline and get rid of Disney Star wars crap movies.

  • RangerXXT

    kinda wish they hadn't spoiled who it was going to be....imagine the freakouts when double white light sabers popped out if you hadn't known

  • bayushizero

    Really good editing, Gamma Ray. Just wish that the cursing wasn't so cringey.

  • Dakota Woloschuk
    Dakota Woloschuk

    5:42 We're not gonna kill Ahsoka- ooh look, an owl!

  • Dimetime35c

    Hey star wars fans. Remember how much you loved asoka? Now they want to cancel the actress for idk what??? Opinions you dont like??? Either demand the rehire Gina!!!!!! Or stay the course and remove asoka.

  • troyjhinkle


  • Darth Gonk Droid
    Darth Gonk Droid

    The Jedi? You mean the citizen

  • AndRyu_07

    "This show is making me fall back in love with Star Wars." Yeah, then Kathleen Kennedy had to start doing her best to friggin' tank it. PLEASE DISNEY, GET RID OF HER AND PUT FAVREAU IN CHARGE!!!

  • Franz Galahad
    Franz Galahad

    Jaws dropped... Are you kidding me?! Already! Woah! Straight into it!

  • InformationIsTheEdge

    When I was a kid, I wasted too much time watching TV. Now I waste time watching other people watch TV! I suppose next I'll have to video myself watching reaction videos so I can close the circle. Me, watching myself, watching others, watching TV. GAAAAAA!

  • Harold Godwinson
    Harold Godwinson

    Out of all the reaction videos for this series, this would have to be my favourite one and the reason why is this 'Gasp!' 'Gasp!' 'Gasp!' "WHAT!!!"

  • byron gustafson
    byron gustafson

    no one: 7:21 : "Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu Grogu"

  • Alchemistic Academician
    Alchemistic Academician

    Star Wars honestly doesn't get better than this. What a beautiful episode.