This is part 2 of Tim Allen's shares his garage tour. Tim shares his private garage containing a diverse car collection of muscle cars, customs, Porsche, and Jag! Some celebrity garages only have new cars, but Tim is a genuine hot rodder and enjoys building cars and driving fast. On this two-part tour, you'll see all of Tim's cars and including the 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement.
Tim is an American actor and comedian. He is known for playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on the Last Man Standing.
If you missed part 1, click here to watch it: uzload.info/fun/m3yKZHfMw2tr05c/video
0:00 - Intro
0:15 - Ford GT350H
1:47 - 1950 Caddy
3:02 - Cadillac Fleetwood BDE
4:23 - Jaguar E-type
5:44 - Ford Falcon CJ
7:46 - Nova Custom
9:40 - 46' Ford Custom
10:50 - 33' Ford Custom
11:19 - Camaro Restomod
12:45 - Porsche 911s SWB
14:40 - Porsche 356

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  • Christopher Lash
    Christopher Lash

    I have to agree with Tim. Technology companies are really trying to curtail certain practices. Like Wah-ze claiming you’re speeding when driving the posted limit.

  • dina srmek
    dina srmek

    no dodge charger. you no muscle cars.

  • simon says
    simon says

    you should help me fix my mazda b2200

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D

    I used to work in the service industry and we serviced Tim Allen’s place. I was surprised that I didn’t see a car collection or tools in his garage... I should have figured he had an entirely separate property for his collection..

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    GT-350H, H for Hertz. Not Hurst. It was a Hertz rental car when it was new.

  • Dj Project
    Dj Project

    Love Tim Allen. Period.

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    Disappointed in the type of cars he keeps. I was hoping to see his TV wife's Nomad for starters! Some Detroit Muscle would be cool.

  • T-Bone Steak
    T-Bone Steak

    What would you guys guess this collection is worth?

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      Hahaha, “TOOLMAN?!?!!”?

  • Jeff Van Dyke
    Jeff Van Dyke

    Was that 68 Camaro a real copo???? I didn’t know they had copo’s back then. Very Cool - and I don’t know anything about Tesla’s. But I wish he’d showed us the upgrades & how to make em faster & better ,0) Man o Man - I Love All those cars & trucks. Very Cool Mr Tim - Thanks for showing us your collection!!! I’m from Arkansas - so, I like all the trucks

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    That caddy looking like a chromed out gallon of milk. Thank you so much for this upload I've always wondered what his collection looked like

  • Todd Lester
    Todd Lester

    Tim Allen is a great American!

  • Dave Aver
    Dave Aver

    Really enjoyed I & II from Tim. Great collection.

  • Pete G
    Pete G

    Don't forget Tim's new triple motor tesla powered hotrod that almost finished called The Vik 👍

  • Vtinno Mrtnez
    Vtinno Mrtnez

    He seems tired..Hes done it all.

  • heavychevy383

    thank u for sharing this collection!

  • Donald Squires
    Donald Squires

    Which one of these bad boys holds the most cocaine Tim?

  • ronnie cardy
    ronnie cardy

    Love 💘 the old cars he has. Not saw all of Jay's. Think Tim's cars are the best

  • Dan Boone
    Dan Boone

    Would have thought he had an old Mustang Home Improvement race car.

  • samkachar

    Why did he never talk about the Tesla. I watched both videos waiting to hear about it.

  • Chet Myers
    Chet Myers

    9:20 The NOVA is just like the one your wife had so much fun in with her H.S. boyfriend Biff Thomas.

  • ShadeTree

    Thank you so much for sharing and giving us a peek at your collection.

  • Thom Hagan
    Thom Hagan

    I think he is going senile a bit, the way he talks reminds me of Joe Biden.

  • Allan Ros
    Allan Ros

    Hahaha, “TOOLMAN?!?!!”?

  • Allan Ros
    Allan Ros

    Woooow. Out of the whole collection my favorite is the 1950 Cadillac series 61. What a beautiful car! Wow!

  • manstersr

    Sounds like he should have blindfolded the crew and thrown them in the back of a windowless van and not taken the blindfolds off until they were in the building. Don't tell anybody where you are.

  • Rob R
    Rob R

    I miss the home improvement show, and how easy my life was back then....

  • Mr S
    Mr S

    The black Cadillac fleetwood looks so bad without whitewalls and the factory chrome 🥴🥴


    Tim is weird his personality is weak as he gets older theres something about him i dislike

  • Twizted Dreamz
    Twizted Dreamz

    Love the FALCON would be sweet next to the 1961 I'm building

  • jeffrey clayton
    jeffrey clayton

    Like the cars hate the owner.

  • Barrison _
    Barrison _

    Tim definitely had a few before this filming. I can tell because I am in that sweet spot on Friday night where I had a few and I can tell he's ahead of me. Very awesome collection!

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    Hertz also realised a 2007 Mustang with Ford and Hurt's, packged. You need this for the 62 pair. And you need a 2007 GT40. A 67 Is too rare. The you would rock like the J. even thought your shops are only a mile apart

  • R P
    R P

    In reference to the stiff steering the previous owner replies “Ah yes, it’s a 66’ mustang.....” 😂

  • ernie letourneau
    ernie letourneau

    Where’s the 55 nomad

  • Larrbear H
    Larrbear H

    Thank you mr Allen the two first two cars I got to drive 1964 Ford galaxy 500 station wagon maroon we called it the tank the second was 1964 1/2 mustang coupe Ford green and automatic with a 200 in-line 6 we were hot snot I loved that car my uncle sold it for 200 dollars to a lady’s son who needed a car my cousin and got share a 1976 Ford maverick 4 door now looking back should have bought the mustang from my uncle my older cousin had a 400 GS fast car my oldest cousin husband would trade cars at drop of a hat so every month they would come up from south Alabama with something new one time he came up with a Lincoln continental that hood was so long I swear you could land aircraft on it lol thanks again for sharing your collection with us brought back a lot of memories

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor

    Where’s the Nomad?

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      Like the old saying goes Happy wife Happy Life. Thanks for the tour always wanted to see your car collection I would be a kid in a Candy store.

  • Nicholas Chriss
    Nicholas Chriss

    14:10 Just steer into the direction of the rear Tim.

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan

      Big fan of your choice of cars!! I really like that you drive them!!!

  • Greg Avila
    Greg Avila

    I couldn't tell when the jets would fly over.

  • Teammo's Garage
    Teammo's Garage

    Thanks for sharing! Love the fact that he drives them and not just sitting under roof collecting dust!

  • TURBOGS 11
    TURBOGS 11

    What a Racist collection of a car, piece of crap 💩...

  • waccotaco

    hey wait a minute, are you trying to tell me you have a LOT of money?

  • eb b
    eb b

    should have the nomad with the girder on display:oP

  • waccotaco

    which car has the cocaine?

  • vault boy gaming
    vault boy gaming

    Can somebody explain to me why there's extension cords coming out of some of the cars

    • ACP Telford
      ACP Telford

      Trickle charge for batteries

  • Greedom Worldwide
    Greedom Worldwide

    🐀 👃 ❄️

  • Hazwaste63

    The Hertz GT350 is sweet. Remember seeing ads in my car mags for this.

  • Ryan Brandt
    Ryan Brandt

    He asked for the home improvement sign and not the Nomad!?

  • packingten

    I Like Tim A but flaunting CARZZZZ.....Some wud give anything to have ONE of these cars just isn't right!.

  • foxtrot789

    omg... he called it a Hurst.

  • Gord Woods
    Gord Woods


  • Tim South
    Tim South

    Big fan of your choice of cars!! I really like that you drive them!!!

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman

    Like the old saying goes Happy wife Happy Life. Thanks for the tour always wanted to see your car collection I would be a kid in a Candy store.

  • MrVelocity111

    Tim u are by far my favorite actor and regular kind of guy , and u live CARs , Just want to say thank you

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    My dad had a 1983 Fleetwood Brougham as a company car. It was awesome.

  • Jack5718 Gaming
    Jack5718 Gaming

    it would be cool if he added the green truck from Last Man Standing to his collection

  • Daily Evolution
    Daily Evolution

    One of the main reasons why cars have become more prevalent and important is because it is an easy mode of transportation!

  • Brendan Belli
    Brendan Belli

    I called Tesla’s gutless wonders love your car collection

  • Hardesty Hardesty
    Hardesty Hardesty

    6:00 the coolest car in his collection 70 Torino cobra well 70 falcon but 429CJ 4 speed!!!! So cool!! I want to see and all those little rooms he's got the movie memorabilia and stuff on the walls

  • The Other EBike Guy
    The Other EBike Guy

    Did he say Jag-Wire?

  • Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn

    Sounds like he has a bad cold

  • Jeffrey Bentz
    Jeffrey Bentz


  • John Mccabe
    John Mccabe

    We had a 70 and a half falcon in 72 .

  • Daniel Luma
    Daniel Luma

    Can't wait for Tim Vik is on the road


    What about the impala96

  • notsosilentmajority1

    A lot of great cars but that Mustang is my favorite car of all time.

  • Lroy Shredding
    Lroy Shredding

    When a Porsche comes around on you you let off the gas pedal. Then you pray 👍😎

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    I watched this as if He's still Tim Taylor, i was waiting for Jill to walk out.

    • ACP Telford
      ACP Telford

      Mmmm, loved Jill

  • G B
    G B

    Who is the bigger car guy Jay or Tim?

  • G B
    G B

    Who is the bigger car guy Jay or Tim ? Both are awesome car guys!

  • Erik Paul
    Erik Paul

    bronco is the coolest rig he's got and he didn't even talk about it

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir

    I miss Tim Allen's 1993 Saleen RRR Mustang. He sold it in 1997. That was an interesting car - had the MN12 Thunderbird (1989 - 1997) headlights.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Things is great stuff, one of the best actor/comedian of my of Life, fun time listening to his thoughts and stories

  • Giorgio del Palatinato
    Giorgio del Palatinato

    Is Tim Allen the younger brother of Woody Allen? The older he gets, the more obvious the similarities are in looks and gestures 😉😊

  • Jimmy Forshee
    Jimmy Forshee

    I wut to met you tim

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Thanks Tool Dude !

  • Norman Plombe
    Norman Plombe

    Dear lord, you sound like a weenie....No power steering???! Clutch my pearls. The good life made you soft, Timbo. '68 zero-option Chevy II is my daily (and only)..and you've only got ten years on me....but you whine like my great granny! You should donate one of those cars each year to the valedictorian of an auto restoration college (they exist).

  • Johnny Turbo
    Johnny Turbo

    You know your car collection is STOUT, when there is a PART 2! LEGEND! LOVE IT

  • kenjiwenji

    The H on the GT350H stood for Hertz as in Hertz Rent-A-Car, not Hurst. C'mon, bro.

  • Mjr Burn
    Mjr Burn

    Thank you Tim for sharing your amazing collection and just tell Jay it isn't the quantity it's the quality but then again... Thank you to Peterson Automotive Museum for filing and sharing this with us, Tim is an absolute Legend...

  • Timothy Marx
    Timothy Marx

    What does it go like?

  • Jim Powell
    Jim Powell

    I loved his verbal explanation on his cars. I really enjoyed his cars.

  • Calverton Clarke
    Calverton Clarke

    Was it 3.0csi two door coupe.

  • Freedom Ring
    Freedom Ring

    Democraps must have down voted this because they hate anything MANLY , powered by fuel.

  • Madstoppie

    Too bad the collectibles in the glass displays weren't shown.....

  • David Lusk
    David Lusk

    Things is great stuff, one of the best actor/comedian of my of Life, fun time listening to his thoughts and stories

  • david james
    david james

    Your jaguar is a beautiful car. David James West, a Christian man

  • man0fst33l91

    I mean he told us where he was and the plane was a big clue. Tim should invest in the three car lifts so he could fit more cars inside

  • J A
    J A

    Thank you for sharing your collection. I really enjoyed watching you talk about why you liked each particular car. -Juan in Virginia

  • Tom Aldrich
    Tom Aldrich

    I need to learn more about the gm 427 small block

  • Bob Cunningham
    Bob Cunningham

    You dig it....... don't adore it.

  • Rob Woitowich
    Rob Woitowich

    It's great to know he is a real car guy

  • Justin Schooler
    Justin Schooler

    The tesla is the biggest pile of shit lol

  • d. cardillo
    d. cardillo

    Michigan's most celebrated DB

  • Lynchy Gt2
    Lynchy Gt2

    Lovely guy, great collection, but he doesn’t have any in depth knowledge on cars or mechanicals

  • Sterling Lyon
    Sterling Lyon

    Would love to see the gun collection

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson

    Just cars nothing special here. Can those cars cure cancer? Can they cure Covid-19 Virus ? Can they cure MS ? That's what I thought too, Nope

  • Josh Brinkin
    Josh Brinkin

    The GT350H was a “Hertz” addition and not a “Hearst”. Called Rent a Racer from Carroll Shelby. Correct me if I’m wrong

    • LT7 Automotive
      LT7 Automotive

      There were specially modified cars from that era like the "Hurst" Olds. George Hurst made aftermarket shifters and developed relationships with some of the manufacturers. I don't believe there was a Hurst Mustang at that time and I believe what Tim has is a Hertz, as you said. A GT350-H. A car that was made for Hertz Rental Cars and rented out to customers.

  • Gary Laaks
    Gary Laaks

    Lovely collection.

  • Thomas Troxel
    Thomas Troxel

    I don't think I ever wanna own a car ever again. I used to love them. But I'm pretty sure Tim just talked me out of my excitement. Thanks. It's kinda odd how he seems exactly like the same guy as on "Tooltime", but with no one hitting the "Laughter Button". I really don't wanna hurt his feelings, and I do hope he is ok, especially since his excitement from the cars seems to have seriously "Faded". Think Positive, most people simply burn in Hell later, having never even had the "Life" nor the "Cars". Possibly there is a message in there somewhere? ....God bless.

  • August Russo
    August Russo

    Very nice of Tim to share thank you !

  • Kevin Mo
    Kevin Mo

    Of all his cars I would take the Nova or the Camaro over any of them!