1978 Millennium Falcon Restoration - Water Damage Restoration
Today I'm working on a 1978 Millennium Falcon that appears to have water damage. The shell had yellowed with age from UV light exposure. I reversed the yellowing with a process known as RetroBright. If you submerge the plastic parts in hydrogen peroxide and add powerful UV lights, it will reverse the yellowing.
May the force be with you!
Some of the items I used in the video:
New Stickers: ebay.us/XYfPAu
50W UV LED Lights: amzn.to/39ZjfE3
Hydrogen Peroxide: amzn.to/37HEn1K
Dremel Tool: amzn.to/2LRgkoV
- Buffing Wheels: amzn.to/2YbpgrO
Patreon: www.patreon.com/rescueandrestore
Merch: teespring.com/stores/rescue-restore
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  • Rescue & Restore
    Rescue & Restore

    Many have been asking about the replacement stickers. I purchased the new stickers here: ebay.us/XYfPAu (Affiliate link) May the force be with you!

    • jakkfrostt

      I have an original Imperial AT-AT I’ll send you.

    • Matthew Fitzpatrick
      Matthew Fitzpatrick

      @Alexis V. check out the channel odd tinkering it does lots of restoration with no narration

    • Wyrdean _
      Wyrdean _

      @Escott Amezcua Watch the bubbles, looks like seconds

    • Alexis V.
      Alexis V.

      I want to thank you, very much, because of not using music or talking. I like this very much.

    • SmokeBanshee

      @Jason Hunsaker Jr Exactly!


    Toys sure where different back then.

  • Brad Hotra
    Brad Hotra

    If you buy hair salon peroxide, it's like a gel and just paint it on, you can save yourself a LOT of time , money and clean-up.

  • Obi Wan kenobi
    Obi Wan kenobi

    As a star wars fan this made my day

  • Derek Hunter
    Derek Hunter

    I've watched a lot of other restore channels and yours is THEE best by far for so many reasons: - Your very deliberate and gentle movements as if you're defusing a bomb. LOL :-) - Your cleaning techniques. - You take apart EVERYTHING to sandblast and paint. (well, mostly) - The sandblasting is very gratifying to watch, but you know how long is too long...almost perfectly. - You didn't used to, but now include the paint heating process, which is also gratifying to watch. - You zoom in for close-up shots to show the detail - You reuse as much as you can of the original. - You don't restore items that are mostly ok. You only do basket cases that would have very little value otherwise. Bravo. - Your replacement part fabrication techniques are exceedingly clever. - the gloves are a nice professional touch. (no pun intended) And I just absolutely love your overly-dramatic flourishes and playful actions like hooking up your next project with a tow truck and driving into frame. Hysterically funny.

  • Box Of Madness
    Box Of Madness

    waht was the batteries for? it spins a motor but...for what


    Bravo dude 💯👍🏻

  • Scribble Bee
    Scribble Bee

    "WOO YEAH, that's one hell of a restoration!"

  • BASTET 1452
    BASTET 1452

    Guauuu 😮

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H

    I watches paint dry today too.

  • SonicUnderground316

    Not gonna lie, I really love your restoration job a lot but the stained/weathered plastic kind of gives it more character... in some weird way. I mean the Millenium Falcon is kind of supposed to be a "piece of junk", you know.

  • Krishay Jerrard
    Krishay Jerrard

    It's so SATISFYING!!!

  • Caleb Sutton
    Caleb Sutton

    Where do you get all the materials to replace the stickers and such

  • Greg Takacs
    Greg Takacs

    Thank You.

  • Gang Stalking Exposed
    Gang Stalking Exposed

    I found one of these in the trash last summer. It's sitting in a box somewhere. They aren't worth much.

  • coolawesomer30 Gamer
    coolawesomer30 Gamer

    You repaired this ship after being shot down from a Tie Fighter.

  • savagex466

    Id like to see you fight Mr.Clean ... I know hes tall and tuff ... but you could compet ! You stand a chnace !

  • Georgino Sylvester
    Georgino Sylvester

    where do you find these things man

  • vinedelux

    before: 1978 Millennium Falcon After: 2021 Millennium Falcon

  • master Pogi
    master Pogi

    saw it on strager things

  • Storm wulf
    Storm wulf

    Isn't the Millennium Falcon SUPPOSED to look grungy & grimy?

  • Mael_Str0M

    The beginning is basically when Han landed the Falcon on that beach and joined Enfys Nest.

  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore

    I really love your videos. They are so satisfying and peaceful to watch. Except when you use a bare razor blade for so many things. Why in the world do you do that?

  • Fiona Nadon
    Fiona Nadon

    I have one of these to this day, most of the parts are missing though. It's still really cool to have it instead of trashing it lol

  • TralfazConstruction

    It's gratifyingly detailed for a vintage model/toy. Well done and thank you for uploading this for everyone to appreciate.

  • MechaMobius

    The one time it looked more movie accurate before the restoration 😅

  • OvExX

    this is amazing... though i need to ask, what was the little motor suposed to be attached to?. i cant see it in the before nor after.

  • Dr. Doppeldecker
    Dr. Doppeldecker

    To be honest i really like the patina on the outside of the falcon. Dirty and weathered the falcon looks much better imho:)

  • Sweet Lou
    Sweet Lou

    Just curious, was I seeing things or did you put the 3 rocket engine stickers on upside down?

  • TheManWithManyNames

    My brother had the same version and I think it also had water damage but I have no idea what happened to it. Also this is the only version that matters because this is the canon design before the take over of Lucas Film. P.S Actually I think mine was a little bit later because ours you could turn on something in the back which made the engines turn on and when you moved it, it made flying sounds.

  • dark Phoenix101
    dark Phoenix101

    This is the guy that is putting the stickers on the legos in the commercials

  • Stickin Ass
    Stickin Ass

    In Memory of Children that never have had a Toy...🧸👶🏽

  • DonVictor69

    Unfortunately, the restoring process will have to be done again in about 50 years. See you then!

  • Jessica Gillespie
    Jessica Gillespie

    Honestly, as someone that genuinely treasures toys and media, this was such a beautiful thing to see. Your work is stunning, and I have much respect for you and your craft. Thank you for everything you do.

  • Ana Karla Aguilera
    Ana Karla Aguilera

    face reveaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

  • Mark Simm
    Mark Simm

    top video top arbeit ;) , wie kann man so was nur so hinhunzen, da sieht man gleich das es kein fan war, sonst wer der besser behandelt worden, selbst mein Tie fighter von 1996 ist im top zu stand schämen sollt man sich da als Besitzer

  • Karlo Gonzalez
    Karlo Gonzalez

    Sir,,, let me tell you that you are amazing,,, 😉👍👍👍✨🔥🔥🔥🚀🛸✨✨✨✨✨

  • Milo Wolf
    Milo Wolf

    I always wonder how much one of these restored goes for. It would make an amazing shelf piece for my husband who's a serious Star Wars fan. He probably could tell you exactly how the real Millennium Falcon worked, right down to it's landing struts. XD

  • Bradbo3

    Amazing....just amazing

  • korkeys world!
    korkeys world!

    I have one of these in my closet

  • Leah Yarnes
    Leah Yarnes

    Chewie, we’re home!

  • A drunk Crayfish
    A drunk Crayfish

    I’ve got one of those, it was my dads when he was a kid. And it’s missing nearly every detachable piece but it’s still neat.

  • Uncle Eazy
    Uncle Eazy

    I have one of these. In about the same shape.

  • phoenixman8569

    Thats the ship that made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs..

  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann

    Most amazing moment is when I realized you have all of the parts.

  • I E
    I E

    Наклеечки-огонь!!! 👍

  • Armada

    This may be the first time I've seen a pipecleaner used to actually clean a pipe.

  • Andy The Toymaker
    Andy The Toymaker

    Absolutely gorgeous repair! A lovely video to watch, thanks.

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer

    If there was water damage, I would've take apart the motor. There's probably some corrosion inside.

  • Dr. Jones the one and ONLY: _dr_jones
    Dr. Jones the one and ONLY: _dr_jones

    I really enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing

  • Alex CAxalin
    Alex CAxalin


  • Sam Damadá
    Sam Damadá

    it would look better, i think, if there was littles marks or dirt marks on the gaps. it would look more like the one in the movies. The cool fact about it, is because its old

  • KB 24
    KB 24

    Wonderful toy! Can't wait to get it!

  • Jean Jacobs
    Jean Jacobs

    Field stripping a millennium falcon

  • Iris Sampaio
    Iris Sampaio


  • GamermanEXE

    that retrobrighting process still blows my mind

  • Crossrider

    Can you do it with an old lego bionicle? They plastics so very cracking.

  • James M
    James M

    gonna be honest, it kinda looked better before... lol

  • Nick Christensen
    Nick Christensen

    I have that exact toy! Wanna clean mine?

  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez

    I bidded on ebay $128 for the complete millennium falcon and someone put 128.5 he beat me by 50 CENTS im so mad right now it hurts.

  • Guguzin_RB 64
    Guguzin_RB 64

    Uhm golden millenium falcom

  • Not You
    Not You

    honestly it looked cooler before you cleaned it

  • mike marin
    mike marin

    This was great, came across by accident, glad I did. Best looking original Falcon I have seen.................... Thanks for posting.

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales

    So you spent $500 on hydrogen peroxide to restore a toy that isn't worth close to $500? seems like a huge waste

  • Justin Herbutte
    Justin Herbutte

    They really made things to last back in the good days. Everything is disposable now, even people.

    • Justin Herbutte
      Justin Herbutte

      The toys made since the early 90s are just garbage. The plastic was better in the 70s.

    • Gang Stalking Exposed
      Gang Stalking Exposed

      I did grow up in the 70s. Saying the toys were better quality then is silly, they weren't. All plastic.

    • Justin Herbutte
      Justin Herbutte

      I take it you didn't grow up in the 70s, if you did you'd know your statement isn't true. The crap they make now isn't in the same league as stuff made in the 70s-80s things started to take a quality dive in the early 90s. I'm a collector these things I know.

    • Gang Stalking Exposed
      Gang Stalking Exposed

      Toys were crap in the 70s, flimsier than now.

  • SmoKeYJoE024

    1st off, nice job, especially getting the nicotine out of the plastic. 2nd where do the contaminants go in the cleaning process?

  • Vincent Bellamy
    Vincent Bellamy

    Sublime restoration in addition the Millenium was entitled to a hot tub the great class bravo

  • Nicolai Brandstrup
    Nicolai Brandstrup

    Question is: The stickers on the end "exhaust" are put on upside down compared to the original. Which way is the correct?

  • minopausa Ulisse Nobody
    minopausa Ulisse Nobody

    Folks set x1,25 or more if you don't want to spend your life to see rallenty video on UZload.

  • david chofflet
    david chofflet

    Restauré quoi ? Il est déjà dans un état excellent pour son âge.🙄

  • n-dog hansenmand
    n-dog hansenmand

    Really great Work, love watching your videos. Have one of these old Falcons at home

  • Kiwi

    the budget is rising...

  • Jia Jun
    Jia Jun

    I was really amazed by how u got the og stickers back

  • rexyluigi

    I have one of these still new in the box didnt know it was so old


    Han Solo would be very proud of you. Well done! May the force be with you...👍

  • Mac Kiri
    Mac Kiri

    I love magnetised screwdrivers

  • Handlampe 83
    Handlampe 83

    Ich fand die Patina passender (realistischer) trotzdem 👍 hoch für die gute Arbeit. ps ich habe genau den gleichen auf den Dachboden liegen...

  • Ray Stevens
    Ray Stevens

    Only 24 restore videos made & already 1.2M subscribers. That's more incredible then his restores are.

  • Zane

    Should have sprayed it with some UV clearcoat first

  • Not Nubilous
    Not Nubilous


  • Milamasylum

    I honestly loved the weathered version but great job with the restoration.

  • Anh Nhong
    Anh Nhong

    Thật chi tiết

  • Anand Upadhyaya
    Anand Upadhyaya

    Beautiful work! And sort of soothing to watch. I appreciate the care and expertise that went into this.

  • Thomas Tuchalski
    Thomas Tuchalski

    How did you replace the cardboard insert?

  • Nutella Biscuit
    Nutella Biscuit

    I have that exact Sam writ and it’s not even a bit damaged

  • Criticalma55

    If anything, the “before” pic is more authentic than the “after” pic.

    • lincolnlobster

      @Avy Lynn The aesthetic of Star Wars’ spaceships are grungy, beat up and used, not clean and pristine.

    • Gang Stalking Exposed
      Gang Stalking Exposed

      I agree, after "restoring", it doesn't look like an old toy. Kind of ruins it.

    • Richard Sanders
      Richard Sanders

      Indeed! I liked that weather's look

    • Avy Lynn
      Avy Lynn

      Wait so you guys LIKE the poop and trash on it? Even if we have the cleaning supplies to restore it just sitting there?


      That's true xD

  • notgonnasay09

    Seeing something like this puts a smile on my face. My favorite bit was with the scratch removal on the clear canopy piece. That it what I call going the extra mile. Glad I followed Nash from Radio Dead Air down this rabbit hole.

  • D Cambel
    D Cambel

    Great video. How long do you keep the plastic in the h2o2 bath?

  • B B1
    B B1

    Trying to put it back together: "Horizontal boosters? Alluvial dampers? Ow. That's not it, bring me the Hydrospanner!"

  • Joshua Seagondollar
    Joshua Seagondollar

    My dad actually had this toy. Still does in fact, as well as a lot of other original Star Wars toys. Nostalgia man.

  • General Kael
    General Kael

    But will she make the jump to light speed?

  • Cpt Spaulding
    Cpt Spaulding

    Great work and satisfying to watch, but from the outside it looked a lot cooler before the resoration :P

  • Yes, I have Ramen as my girlfriend
    Yes, I have Ramen as my girlfriend

    I dunno why, but when I saw this, the cafeteria song came automatically

  • Amper Gaming
    Amper Gaming

    In my opinion millennium falcon looks more authentic with yellowing

  • Julian Kędzierski
    Julian Kędzierski

    I want to buy it, I offer $ 340

  • KikoFJGS

    The color was more accurate before, 😞

  • Drew Paschal
    Drew Paschal

    Easily $1000 or more on eBay in this condition I am betting.

  • Anonymous

    i am glad that you restore this piece of gem.

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay

    It's not just what he's doing but how he's doing it. The video is filmed like art. Other youtubers take note. This is how it's done.

  • freemansfocus

    Entirely AWESOME! Makes me miss the one I had as a kid.