Iamdices 'Inside the Cell' Tik Tok Compilation 4
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Iamdices tik tok compilation
Iamdices tik tok compilation
Iamdices Inside the cell
Iamdices Inside the cell
Cells at work tik tok
Cells at work tik tok

  • The Administrator
    The Administrator

    Start the body

  • NahwanRBLX Playz
    NahwanRBLX Playz

    can we have a playlist for this

  • XxDark wolfxX Alpha
    XxDark wolfxX Alpha

    I will start the body

  • Natalie Peaster
    Natalie Peaster

    Lucas be in here

  • SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries

    To everyone who see the message, you are beautiful just the way you look! You are important! You are valuable! You have worth and meaning! You are special! You do not need abs! You do not need to be skinny! you are beautiful just the way you look! Always find nice, kind hearted friends! Always be nice and kind towards everyone! Never forget that you are loved!

  • PedroGamerTv

    coffee: *start the body.* *NOW.* brain cell: no *BANG BANG* brain cell: OK ILL START THE BODY

  • Y r u So gae
    Y r u So gae

    Start the body

  • SavagexJayden

    "It's me virus" *Demogorgon* Me: Yeah you do have a point

  • Jojo the animator
    Jojo the animator

    “What’s this? I don’t even care it’s mine now!”

  • Roan Kurt Ortega
    Roan Kurt Ortega

    ttt hhk mj k.vi hi bk hm ho go Go hi no da end

  • keshad uzumaki
    keshad uzumaki

    Coffee Ninja

  • keshad uzumaki
    keshad uzumaki

    Start the body

  • keshad uzumaki
    keshad uzumaki

    We need more food

  • Sandpaper Undertable • 69 years ago
    Sandpaper Undertable • 69 years ago

    Start the body, now.

  • Undertale Sans
    Undertale Sans


  • Cade Done
    Cade Done

    What really happens when you die

  • Galo GameKid
    Galo GameKid

    Start the body

  • Sad Vader
    Sad Vader

    I believe iamdices is a med student.

  • Butterduf :3
    Butterduf :3

    This is the best tik toc ever! Subbed!

  • that NITRO gamer
    that NITRO gamer

    Nobody: Not a living soul: Subtitles: I wanna kiss mine now

    • Oofidy UMM
      Oofidy UMM

      Can i have a time stamp?

  • Enzo Prado
    Enzo Prado

    Plot twist: Coffee is saying something else,but his language is just start the body and now.

  • Kathaleen Wood
    Kathaleen Wood

    Honestly, you're brilliant. Adults as well as children would learn this type of information so much easier and retain it longer, if they had you teaching them in this fashion. I would patent these videos if I were you. By adapting these videos into learning tools you could reach other market's and gather even more profit.

  • Spikey Hedgehog
    Spikey Hedgehog


  • Shanika Jacobs
    Shanika Jacobs

    I like the way how he says "start the body" 😅😅

  • Vipul Dongre
    Vipul Dongre

    Cj :-1:04 lets get everything family

  • kc Salto
    kc Salto

    Can you make a cell because there's a cell called the hair cell

  • Taarika Sri KG
    Taarika Sri KG

    9:22 captions : *Jimin.* Yas the army autocorrect!!

  • Otniel Kenneth Wise
    Otniel Kenneth Wise

    good morning, start the body, now. BUT- start the body, now. OKAY I'LL START THE BODY

  • Bekir-Can 19
    Bekir-Can 19

    7:59 why is this looking so funny too me


    i love how he uses my cousins name for skits😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Beaks Bear
    Beaks Bear

    Fun fact: Apple gives more energy than coffee.

  • Mega Indo raptor
    Mega Indo raptor

    1:28 haha your not making any calls Captions: haha your not making any drugs

  • Celsius Dragon / ꧁GokuBagofBran꧂
    Celsius Dragon / ꧁GokuBagofBran꧂

    Start the body, *Now.*

  • Anne Boleyn
    Anne Boleyn

    Am I the only one who drinks coffee and doesn’t feel awake-

  • Verena Testi
    Verena Testi

    1:48 nobody gonna talk about the flipped t-shirt

  • Luis Fernando Alvarez
    Luis Fernando Alvarez

    1:26 i feel like that's an actual DEADLY desease that attack the white T cells but it calms them down and doesn't alarm the body it's getting effection

  • King Blue
    King Blue

    🔫🥷🏽start the body now

  • Freddie game boy
    Freddie game boy

    “Your not making any drugs” - captions (1:28)

  • Banana guard
    Banana guard

    Did I see a anthor youtuber oen if the ba tires

  • Miracle Bryant
    Miracle Bryant

    Lucus:what’s This? IDK ITS MINE NOW!!!

  • Adrian Medrano
    Adrian Medrano

    I love your vids dude . Keep up the great work !

  • Hexter Roblox
    Hexter Roblox


  • King C
    King C

    I got so invested that I have favorites(james and maurice)

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    I love how he say am Doing a ok

  • Dark jjo
    Dark jjo

    *start the body now*

  • Kiwii

    i like hardstop lucas

  • Rainbow Kitty
    Rainbow Kitty

    I cant really figure out why virus is dressed like the demogorgon

  • Dirt Gee
    Dirt Gee

    Coffee dont play lmao he talks by shooting

  • The true Dust
    The true Dust


  • Blake Dunkley
    Blake Dunkley

    This is the only way I see the body work

  • Jose Santillan
    Jose Santillan

    No shipment 5 years later *opens* box 📦 a ruffle oh no we have to do this goes to button oh that's not enough we need more more more more!!!

  • Mika-chan

    I like when the coffee says "start the body now " 😆😆

  • Xtreme Meriene Squad
    Xtreme Meriene Squad

    Yeah that make sence Coffee kills braincells

  • lazy scp
    lazy scp

    I literally had the same purple fan it blew up tho

  • Jose Luis Espinoza
    Jose Luis Espinoza

    Can you make a what happens when you smoke

  • Getrekt_peepz

    Start the body now

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya


  • ChalkyGonCrazy 127
    ChalkyGonCrazy 127

    He has a scooter in his body lol

  • Kageyama

    1:10 ayo that guy in the right looks familier

  • Daisy

    I totally agree We👏need👏more👏of👏these

  • Honesty Wilson
    Honesty Wilson

    Cells: shut it down and lock it up Coffee: yeah noooo start da body

  • Takunungsang ao Nungsangtu
    Takunungsang ao Nungsangtu

    That's what in life aa comeon let's do it right aa

  • Marli Lopez
    Marli Lopez

    Coffee be like: START THE BODY NOWWWW Nyquil be like: THIS DOCUMENT SAYS TO TURN IT OFF. I will turn it half way....

  • jataro namikaze
    jataro namikaze

    New cell "memory cell"

  • Maxabodi Games
    Maxabodi Games

    Coffee: start the body now ~kills other cell~ cell: ok

  • Brody Holland
    Brody Holland

    Happy birthday coffee start the body!!

  • Damien Decesare
    Damien Decesare

    Hard stop Lucas sounded like lil jon

  • Mason_Guffz


  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    Hmm. What about the butt department? Like if the body is constipated or something?🤔

  • The Bowrey Boys
    The Bowrey Boys

    7:53 why is the demagorgan a virus

  • A twin
    A twin

    Coffees first word Start the body

  • Tezexu -
    Tezexu -

    Start the body now

  • Sasa Fey
    Sasa Fey

    Haha it is i bacteria!

  • Sinay Regino
    Sinay Regino

    1:12 I saw hardstop Lucas

  • Truth Warriors
    Truth Warriors

    3:55 reminds me of a spongebob episode just can’t remember what it’s called...

  • I

    I like the guy with the long hair

  • I_Need_Sleep_Pls

    Me when i see this My cells:HOW DID THEY KNOW!!?!?

  • HkayakH

    You have a lot of buttons around your house

  • Raja Rauf
    Raja Rauf

    Ideas: When you use the weaker vaccine for kids When you use the strong vaccine For an people that have stronger T cell Write your ideas on the commentsacsion

  • Ashton Carney
    Ashton Carney

    3:39 when I go outside

  • Bad girl 2010
    Bad girl 2010

    I love how hardstop Lucas was there

  • Hannah Almog
    Hannah Almog


  • Kachan AnimEdits
    Kachan AnimEdits

    I feel like i saw hardstip lucas on the second one

  • LeviFangirl 308
    LeviFangirl 308

    1:10 OMG IT'S LUCAS!!!!

  • WhiteFang 0314
    WhiteFang 0314

    Mans really soaked his pants for this video now Now thats dedication

  • Wilson Animates
    Wilson Animates

    Their is a video about a white blood cell chasing the bacteria that will not happen if you have a weak immune system

  • Cash Williams
    Cash Williams

    5:04 omg is the NyQuil

  • batboythecool

    This is live action osmosis Jones frfr

  • Four Nebula7
    Four Nebula7

    1:31 my white blood cells attacked them before they even said anything

  • Gaviplier

    The coffee one would’ve been Not coffee caffeine and I thought the bacteria one where he turned off the heat I thought he would’ve like punched him

  • cherry_blossoms

    Is one of the other people called Lucas cause he look live some dude in vines

  • Ceecee

    I would enjoy this so much if he would stop using the Lords name all the time, in every video. He is a very gifted young man, but this would be perfect without the abuse of Gods name. ✝️🙏🏼❤️

  • Noob_ SaibotxX
    Noob_ SaibotxX

    Bruh my watch dinged the moment he pressed the start button for the body

  • Noob_ SaibotxX
    Noob_ SaibotxX

    Bruh my watch dinged the moment he pressed the start button for the body

  • ITSTHeBACONHairREAL2 Vlogs React & Shorts
    ITSTHeBACONHairREAL2 Vlogs React & Shorts

    1:08 HARDSTOP LACUS is on the right OMG

  • Jerry’s World
    Jerry’s World

    What is the name of the song at the end of the vid I want to listen to it

  • Gin given
    Gin given

    3:40 nyyooooe

  • Alicia Spence
    Alicia Spence

    I love the end song

  • Jason Lambertino
    Jason Lambertino

    I bet this guy's seen, Cells at Work.

  • Dream✓

    Cells at work