ape among us
there is an ape among us. also red sus oo oo
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  • Slmccl

    oo oo enjoy video oo oo also do not hate on anyone i play with they are all awesome and sometimes we all have off days oo oo

    • I Soupajack I
      I Soupajack I


    • gavin vanocker
      gavin vanocker

      @CaptainTypho b

    • Craig Brutus
      Craig Brutus

      It is a natural human thing to get mad but people take it too far. But then again you can not expect to do something everybody hates multiple times on the internet and people not to get mad. We all make mistakes but that one was preventable. You are playing with the loudest people on stream and you have anixety? WHY! I am not hating justsayin.

    • Craig Brutus
      Craig Brutus

      It is a natural human thing to get mad but people take it too far. But then again you can not expect to do something everybody hates multiple times on the internet and people not to get mad. We all make mistakes but that one was preventable. You are playing with the loudest people on stream and you have anixety? WHY! I am not hating justsayin.

    • Sloth Cannon
      Sloth Cannon

      Totally get that dude 👌 have a nice day oo

  • Le Doge
    Le Doge

    Did slime edit out the parts where typho threw those two games? I could've sworn it was in the video a few weeks back

  • Beta Art
    Beta Art

    I'm so happy when pokimane dies cause then I dont have to listen to her

  • Emma Raber
    Emma Raber

    Typho: throws a couple matches because she was stressed, frustrated, and having an anxiety episode, something that causes you to behave irrationally and makes you unable to properly communicate your needs out of fear Charlie’s fanbase: *omg this is actually the worst thing ever in the whole world you threw a couple matches in a game?? a video game?????? burn the witch. burn the witch even though Charlie told us not to send hate to her and she already apologized and already feels bad about it* Like damn, I thought we were better than this. I thought Charlie’s fanbase would treat his own friend with more respect.

  • Ryan Kimber
    Ryan Kimber

    51:43 when you are both caught cheating with the same person st the same time lol

  • Jumong Yang
    Jumong Yang

    Thst thumbnail gets me everytime


    Love the videos!

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    Slimecicle green B A D

  • Styx in The River
    Styx in The River

    1:03:32 this scared the crap outta me cause my name in among us, discord, and Jackbox is Rock Man

  • OttoisHalfasian


  • Elijah Cole
    Elijah Cole

    To say you are gods is blasphemy

  • Elijah Cole
    Elijah Cole

    you are not gods

  • GD DarrisC
    GD DarrisC

    not enough scribe so do

  • Chocolate Bonnie
    Chocolate Bonnie


  • FlameKing1

    macro sus oooooo ooo ooo oooooo

  • ultrafish

    Charlie is like the Pikmin 4 (altrive) of this among us group

  • Gavin Hutton
    Gavin Hutton

    46:53 what happened to the rest?

  • Jonny-Ray Belanger
    Jonny-Ray Belanger

    Slime, please, for the love of God, just stick to Typho, and Condi of course, as the only females, the rest you played with were getting annoying to listen too, oo oo ah ah, keep up the good work fellow ape 👍

  • Rhino Prime
    Rhino Prime

    I love ape mode more than regular among us

  • Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson

    “What a power play. Legendary gamer.”

  • Carter Stevenson
    Carter Stevenson

    “Someone left their #%&$ing juices on there.”

  • Dr.GreenHands

    I love how charlie eventually convinces himself that he was imposter when he was actually crewmate

  • Nerdly Reviews
    Nerdly Reviews

    *CONDI SUS* Group: *CONDI SUSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH* I just love this game so much 😂

  • Sharkuya

    gotta love this slimccl sus moment 39:17

  • Harrie Goston
    Harrie Goston

    “ *C I R C L E* ... *B E T R A Y* “

  • Bailey Ring
    Bailey Ring

    Condi sus 😂

  • Codename:Bones and________
    Codename:Bones and________

    "What's the deal wit--" "What's the--" "What's the deal with lava? AAAAA--" (Said all at the same time in the space of two seconds.)

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes

    Ape mode is the best thing ook ook

  • Francisco Romero
    Francisco Romero

    At 46:53 there was a segment that was taken out and it was my favorite part because typho threw the match and I came back to watch it and now it’s gone

    • TheFakeYesYes

      Yea I noticed that too I guess he did not want anymore hate towards typho. It was also my favorite part of the video :'(

  • Robert Meade
    Robert Meade

    Me leave comment, I like video, ohohohohohohoh

  • Rowdiken

    My three words:whose toes those

  • IceCreamChief 54
    IceCreamChief 54

    4:42 Slime: "This is going to be only 3 seconds of content." Also Slime: *Has a video that's over an hour long of this content*

  • Jasmine Bishop
    Jasmine Bishop

    does anyone know the video of slime where he’s ended his stream and offers lime to the people he’s playing with but once someone says yes he changes his mind? i can’t find it anywhere and can’t remember anything about it except i think travis was in it?

  • J. Mora
    J. Mora

    I don't know why but Condi screaming bloody murder and having Slime follow up by saying "Condi sus" hits me way harder than it should

  • Pixelmace

    Anum gooose

  • Ryujin Akuma
    Ryujin Akuma

    *Video starts* Slime and friends: Return to monke.

  • Dandiam

    "Ey yo what's up Macro. Oh yeah you're super dead, hang on I'm gonna skip vote cause I don't think we have enough evidence"

  • bloodsweatandjoji

    idgaf i hate how typho gets imposter then throws because she "doesn't want it with every fiber of her being" THEN DONT PLAY! its part of the game don't ruin it for everyone else.

    • Mach 21
      Mach 21

      @bloodsweatandjoji Everyone deals with stuff differently, man. Even if you don't like what happened, it was a mistake in a video game that she likely apologized to Charlie for.

    • bloodsweatandjoji

      Despairingly Editing so depending on who is viewing me my anxiety is invalidated? she is fine on stream otherwise, so she literally could've just left if it bothered her that much instead of throwing the games and ruining them for viewers and wasting the streamers' time.

    • Despairingly Editing
      Despairingly Editing

      @bloodsweatandjoji But are you playing on livestream in front of 80,000+ people?

    • Despairingly Editing
      Despairingly Editing

      @Shinobu She did leave. She didn't want to play in the first place, but they invited her because they thought it would make her feel didn't. It didn't work, she left, they weren't bothered by it, y'all need to get over it. It's just a game, seriously.

    • Shinobu

      @bloodsweatandjoji Oh yeah, that excuse really bothered me. If she really didn't like to play the game then she should've just left, instead she keeps throwing while also telling the others who the other imposter is. There is a difference between wanting to stop playing, and just straight up ruining the game

  • Michalina

    poor Poke

  • SadCatInATub

    Half of it isn’t even Slimes fault, it’s just people going along with his votes.

  • Jaystar _Cyber
    Jaystar _Cyber

    Charlie - i was doing wire's ...... Listen im sorry ..... The Bit Anyone els love that part

    • Jaystar _Cyber
      Jaystar _Cyber


    • MaRu WaPo
      MaRu WaPo

      @Jaystar _Cyber when in the video

    • Jaystar _Cyber
      Jaystar _Cyber


    • MaRu WaPo
      MaRu WaPo


  • This Guy
    This Guy

    2:01 "goddamit bobby"

  • Bilbury

    charlie and friends return to monke

  • Sir Pigwig
    Sir Pigwig

    did he remove the "I was just shocked" bit?

  • Sliderbros150

    Ape together strong

  • TheUnskilledShyGuy

    I fear no man, but that thing... All 4 tasks in electrical. it scares me.

  • Cortland Chatel
    Cortland Chatel

    When do they go ape mode

  • tom partridge
    tom partridge

    Rawr Xd

  • Dylan Norman
    Dylan Norman

    I'm glad to see more representation in 2020. Apes like me don't get enough representation in modern media.

  • Roman Posner
    Roman Posner

    i like how charlie went from being a wild card to becoming an even wilder card

  • Raxacoricofallapatorius

    Anyone else find the fast oo oo oo ape noises both one of the stupidest and funniest thing? XD

  • GrandMasterSalami 183
    GrandMasterSalami 183

    I've hit the play again button in the video so many times out of reflex

  • Kounna

    i was watching this in online class and got in trouble for laughing too much

  • Nam Anh Huỳnh
    Nam Anh Huỳnh

    Huh the Typho throws part got cut out

    • Optimal Leisure
      Optimal Leisure

      She was having an anxiety episode, any decent friend would want to avoid putting that in as much as possible.

    • LegoMan0930 YT
      LegoMan0930 YT

      Alright I just watched the original stream and I can understand why he removed it, Typho was getting a lot of hate for throwing the games and Rae got some hate too.

    • LegoMan0930 YT
      LegoMan0930 YT

      I noticed that too. I was really confused why we didn't see the rest of that round

  • Comrade Blue
    Comrade Blue

    among ape. imposter green. green sus.

  • SuperGhast1

    (body found) Slime: i didn't do it everyone: understandable, have a great day

  • Captain Breadhead
    Captain Breadhead

    Ooo oooo oooo Ooo wagwan piftin

  • Milo Batista
    Milo Batista

    at 5:47 the pure amount of joy on his face made me so happy

  • Bryce - Gaming
    Bryce - Gaming

    Imagine what his gf is thinking

  • YustInTime

    Ape Moment

  • Jetstream Attano
    Jetstream Attano

    Here is the time for the emotional slime scream 3:24

  • Lance Broce
    Lance Broce

    Oooh ooh ah ah ah eee eee ooh

  • Ryan Gomez
    Ryan Gomez


  • Splate gettie
    Splate gettie


  • Nyloaf

    "Three seconds of content." * makes 1 hour video *

  • Green0Photon

    "Room temperature IQ" Fahrenheit or Celsius?

  • Spruce Benton
    Spruce Benton

    The Planet of the Apes series has found it's new voice actors.

  • Conner Ertel
    Conner Ertel


  • A.S.A.P

    dont tell me its just this for an hour

  • Louis Alexander
    Louis Alexander

    Didn't know you upload vods here

  • doyouknowcable

    condi sus

  • Leo Bernasconi
    Leo Bernasconi

    Me being so proud of Charlie by watching every single one of his

    • Leo Bernasconi
      Leo Bernasconi


  • Cohdayy

    That last group you played with was awesome. Would love to see more!

  • Landon Harrison
    Landon Harrison


  • The Guy
    The Guy

    Was the bleeping over Charlie's cussing always there?

    • Stacy Hyde
      Stacy Hyde

      No, but I believe it's because this is his monetized channel so he has to tiptoe around the UZload gestapo.

  • A Bag Of Souls
    A Bag Of Souls

    ape among us

  • Heck Yeck
    Heck Yeck

    This entire video sounds exactly like the 2020 Presidential Debates


    "thats a werid thing to lie about" in all honesty, this ruins the games. even if your innocent, how are you supposed to respond to someone calling you a liar? people will litteraly do that shit like "do you know your mom is gay?" but replace it with something about venting somewhere and will legit think that hes the imposter for saying that. like you confused him, that doesnt count as someone confessing in the slightest

  • Yurany Andrea Perez
    Yurany Andrea Perez

    I was not prepared for this not when I'm sober

  • Ryan Bellmaine
    Ryan Bellmaine

    imagine playing the game

  • Nelly Walker
    Nelly Walker

    wh,,,,,whos the guy who said "captain beaunr what you doing huh." I really like his voice

  • Da Flying Seal
    Da Flying Seal

    Inside the mind of steve

  • harperlou ;-;
    harperlou ;-;


  • Alex DaSpudKing
    Alex DaSpudKing

    Nobody: Me and the boys when we find beans at 3 am: 1:58

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong

    They have finally reached their true form, ape form.

  • The Mysterious Stranger
    The Mysterious Stranger

    At the beginning when the all go uuuuuuuh got me so good

  • Fight me Peasent
    Fight me Peasent

    I'm now watching this for the third night in a row

  • bonehead

    this is how it feels to play with the chat feature

  • Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog
    Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog

    poke: *doesnt speak* everyone: so you have chosen.......Death

    • Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog
      Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog

      im going to reply to my own comment cause why not

  • Peter Schultz
    Peter Schultz

    this is what a dk main hears

  • Infinity

    i hope someone animates this

  • monke

    next time do baby among us

  • Jonathan Kreitler
    Jonathan Kreitler

    “this is going to be 3 seconds of content”

  • Adrian Simonsen
    Adrian Simonsen

    The new Planet of the Apes reboot looks pretty sus ngl.

  • the yusane
    the yusane

    i hate how he censors now, it feels weird

  • PlutoIsn'tReal

    Later I think Slime decided to just play like DorkShadow and be sus all the time

  • The Devs
    The Devs

    Ooo ooo When typho leave game become better ooh oo

  • Max Hilton
    Max Hilton

    "What if I just lied and said Poke vented," *Poke vents* "Oh"

  • Jarred the Gamer
    Jarred the Gamer

    *a p e*

  • Juan Arreguin
    Juan Arreguin

    4:00 “circle bye” fucking killed me😂