Taking you all with me to experience my first award show!!! This was such a fun day and i’m glad I get to share it with each of you. I love y’all!
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    Addison is so Simple and Sweet

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    Omg when she said harry styles i was screaming ❤️😍😂

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    i don't speak english anymore i'm learning this is the translation

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    Her script “bad bleep yeah I’m a little shorty”

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    You are a queen

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    You are so strong 🏋️‍♀️

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    You shouldn't have presented at all lmao

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    omg imagine if she met harry styles.i would be dead

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    The sad thing is that she added a work out routine because they were making fun of her 😢

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    I'm not a big fan of addison but watching her I actually don't get why she gets so much hate? she looks like a normal sweet girl who just loves what she does

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    nails and then gloves bruh

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    I like your workout routine

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    Addison Randi are you real

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    I love you addison and Charlie you guys are like two twins

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    When you just realized that her and Bryce were dating during this.

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      @Natalie Johnston me on everything lol

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      Nobody fucking cares

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      not me going to this video to check the date to see if they were 😭

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    This is when they were about a week dating

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    You are the Queen in tick-tock

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    I love your videos can you please give me a shout out

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    me watching this now that Bryce and Addison are official and thinking wtf they were already dating in this video !!!

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    When she said Kim I thought she meant Kim Kardashian


    You are great but one thing drop Bryce for me

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    Addison you are beyond beautiful. You are going to make some man extremely lucky when you find the right one. All my best XOXO

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    Gianella Alejandra Rojas Cavero

    I love she is so grateful for what she has get and after all her fame, she's humble!

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    B R A D D I S I O N M O M E N T S 👌

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    you dace so bad charli is dances better than you

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      this was not cool you are over reacting

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    How the heck does she not break her nails when she goes to the gym like-

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    What is the song called at 4:59 ?

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    Wow Bryce

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    aww you're so sweet, keep being yourself

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    babe i love u but whats the point of doing ur nails when they get covered by your gloves ahahah but u stunning tho

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    Can someone tell me the name of the song in the begining? Common be nice😳

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    addison has more personality and more entertaining than the damelio sisters

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    Damn, she’s really humble....

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    I LOV EU

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