Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass Updates!
Get ready, Trainers: we’ve got updates for you about upcoming the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass!
📅 September 29
⏰ 6:00 a.m. PDT
Official site: www.pokemon.com/SwordShield
Shop: www.pokemoncenter.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Pokemon
Twitter: twitter.com/Pokemon
Instagram: instagram.com/pokemon

  • Davis Hedgehog
    Davis Hedgehog

    Japanese: 「ダイナマックスアドベンチャー」のビクティニ、シェイミ、マナフィ、ダークライ、アルセウス、そして来年の各世代の残りのスターターを表示するクラウンツンドラの無料アップデートをいつか教えてください! シェイミ、ダークライ、マナフィが必要です!!! English: Give us a free update for crown tundra that shows Victini, Shaymin, Manaphy, Darkrai, Arceus for "Dynamax Adventures", and also the rest of the starters for each generation next year at some point please! WE NEED SHAYMIN, DARKRAI, AND MANAPHY BACK!!!

  • Richie2007r 5
    Richie2007r 5

    They forgot to add Arecueus

  • Katya Rivas Army
    Katya Rivas Army

    Wish I could buy it :(

  • YumYum BluffyYomYom
    YumYum BluffyYomYom

    I need a gen 4 remake and giratina doesn't have to be evil

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      Just wait till pokemon day. Lol

  • LostDude

    So they just gonna tease us with that ending 😳

  • angie marie
    angie marie


  • PurP1e

    Garbage DLC

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      It's actually really good. The crown tundra was a lot better

    • Dankula Fan
      Dankula Fan


  • pokemoncity

    Pokémon swsh suck so much and I haste raikou my favorite Pokémon is in these games

    • pokemoncity

      Ok welp im about to go on a rant here

    • pokemoncity

      Nope they’re just worse

  • VictorGago


  • Vincent Ejby
    Vincent Ejby

    I have the pass bundle but i wont get the crown pass i have the armor pass but not the crown pass? Can anybody explain why

    • The Nameless One
      The Nameless One

      You've already paid for both when you purchased the Isle of Armor one. You just need to download the Crown Tundra.

    • Vincent Ejby
      Vincent Ejby

      Btw its pokemon shield

  • Hind Arzouni
    Hind Arzouni

    It’s out!

  • Clonimus

    7:47 There is a movie on TV. Four Boys are walking on railroad tracks.

  • Matthew 2
    Matthew 2

    Dat Moltres do sick

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    it says the 22nd but its the 22nd past all over the globe and some people are already on the 23rd!

  • ChillZ zz
    ChillZ zz

    I hope the next pokemon game is good. Cuz oof this gen was garboooo

    • Dankula Fan
      Dankula Fan


  • AtomicBlitz

    I like the song at the end. Maybe if they do it again in the future they should get the peggies.

  • 姚宇镰

    I’m watching this on October 22

  • 姚宇镰

    How get to crown tundra

  • Titus The Pixel Nerd
    Titus The Pixel Nerd

    Well?? It’s October 22 and the day is over half way over! The dlc still isn’t out

  • Eli

    I love how at the beginning of the song the 4 boys is a reference to stand by me

    • Foxes

      It's also a reference to Red/Blue as that was on the TV in the player's house

  • omar jimenez Beisa
    omar jimenez Beisa

    stand by me

  • F ZM
    F ZM

    I think im gonna get the crown tundra are you comment down below im like a UZloadr but say me

  • Anime Abe
    Anime Abe

    Bump of the chicken go hard

  • Blox928

    Me: Sees Urshifu and Calyrex in logos Also Me: lol nice symbols, not like they're R E A L P O K E M O N or anything

  • Furybanana

    they lying ... it not 22 it 23 ...

    • JimbobMcToilet

      No its 22, just later in the day

  • Mamadou D
    Mamadou D

    Really Pokémon you did not even say the time comn

  • Squiggle Line
    Squiggle Line

    And the raid music sucks. Its not good at all

  • Squiggle Line
    Squiggle Line

    They did Pearl Harbor we cant believe anything they say. Its later today. Around the time fortnite item shop updates. Pokemon will never make fast money like Fortnite

    • Squiggle Line
      Squiggle Line

      @Logan Girard and i agree fuck fortnite but they're doing that late evening update shit. I want crown tundra as bad as you do

    • Squiggle Line
      Squiggle Line

      @Logan Girard pokemon is worth more total but fortnite made more in a smaller time frame

    • Logan Girard
      Logan Girard

      Fortnite Will Never Be A Good Game Like Pokemon, Also Pokemon Is The Highest Grossing Media Franchise Of All Time, Get Your Facts Right, Pokemon Has Made WAY More Money Then Fortnite, Are You 5 Or Something?

  • King Primarina
    King Primarina

    So no one noticed that the Kyurem was shiny?

  • lad prime
    lad prime

    so, it's almost noon on octber 22 2020 and my crown tundra dlc package isn't here. it says it's purchased on my nintendo online account but the package is not available. i have checked my redownload page, i have checked my account and have the receipt for the purchase of the pass. i have yet to contact nintendo support in the hopes that i'm merely missing something here. can anyone help in the case that this isn't my own ignorance?

  • gay pancake
    gay pancake

    I love that Zamazenta plushie!!! Does anyone know where I can get it?

  • Fazril Abrar Purnomo
    Fazril Abrar Purnomo

    So Blue team is: 1. Venusaur 2. Arcanine 3. Gyarados 4. Pidgeot 5. Alakazam 6. Rhydon Leon is: 1. Charizard 2. Haxorus 3. Dragapult 4. Inteleon 5. Mr Rime 6. Aegislash And Hop is: 1. Rillaboom 2. Corviknight 3. Pinchurchin 4. Dubwool 5. Snorlax

  • Jayke Njunge
    Jayke Njunge

    I can't wait to play the crown tundra

  • Demon Kid828
    Demon Kid828

    They never said what time ;;-;;

    • Vortex Roblox Content
      Vortex Roblox Content

      It's out at 9 or 10 pm patience child

  • Nur e Kamor
    Nur e Kamor

    Satoshi tajiri

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    Holdup *Every legendary to appear in the main game* Does that mean? Second Zachian or Zamazenta????

  • Ghostly Gamer
    Ghostly Gamer

    I’m very late to this, but the music video brought tears to my eyes because of the nostalgia. Pokemon has been a massive part of my childhood, and a large part of my family and friends are Pokemon fans like me. Pokemon has gotten me through tough times in my life. Snivy from B&W was my first ever (and favorite) Pokemon. Thank you for the memories, and here’s to many more!!! ❤️

  • Blue_Lugia

    Why do we need these legendaries? I don't want them actually. They did the same with USUM. You could face legendaries in Ultraspace....

  • Woodman Velikan
    Woodman Velikan

    Please i need an Arceus for my pokemon shield...

  • Ho Lam
    Ho Lam


  • Portalcrafter Productions
    Portalcrafter Productions


  • Mega X Sonic 18
    Mega X Sonic 18

    7:41 The real beauty

  • Axcaliba Toriyah
    Axcaliba Toriyah

    Okay thats cool and all but can you fix the issues with home like the one thats made me physically unable to use pokemon home on any device since it's release almost a year ago.

  • Itsjuz_tendou


  • Random Person
    Random Person

    That was one nice song, also really liked the animation behind it, really good

  • Sajid and Rona Hasan
    Sajid and Rona Hasan

    2 days until it comes out gang

  • Lonk

    Pokemon Gen 9 leaked!! 1!1!1 A Pokémon Open World that allows you to travel to all regions, including a new 9th one.

  • WW2 Solitaire Board Game Channel
    WW2 Solitaire Board Game Channel

    I'll never grow too old for pokemon


    9:46 You ok there, professor? Lol


    Me: oh no I hope the legendary Pokémon won’t be hard to catch. My forgotten master balls: that’s a funny joke.

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer

    They are most likely shiny locked :(

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    So if I already paid and have the Isle of Armor I wont have to pay again for the Crown tundra?

    • the fish people
      the fish people

      Yes you will not it comes free if you bought isle of armor

  • MiniSpecterXP

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who cried today after watching every memory from my first and last Pokemon game flash before my eyes

  • gamming with sarthak __
    gamming with sarthak __

    When will next episode of Pokemon journeys will come

  • Jonny

    I have a question about the expansion pass compatibility. If I have a physical cartridge copy of Pokemon Shield, and it's a European version copy, but my Switch is an American version Switch, will the Expansion Pass work if I buy it from the American eShop, or will I need to buy the expansion pass from the European eShop, for the expansion pass to work? I haven't bought the expansion pass yet, because of the confusion about whether or not it will be compatible or not, once I buy it. I don't want to buy it until I know for sure that the expansion pass will work on my European physical copy of the game, despite the expansion pass being an American copy of the expansion pass from the American eShop, or if I need to get a European copy of the expansion pass from the European eShop, for it to work.

  • Johann Jun
    Johann Jun


  • gary 520
    gary 520

    so does the part 1 and part 2 work together in one game?

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      That's the idea.

  • Usman Janjua
    Usman Janjua


  • aminat husen
    aminat husen

    what about greninja

  • 𒊹︎Blueberry Roman𒊹︎
    𒊹︎Blueberry Roman𒊹︎

    One thing you and I hate In the isle of armor..... SHARKY BOIS

  • MarkEthan

    I want to know if Darkrai made it 😩😭

  • Erick Reyes
    Erick Reyes

    1:17 landorus: "it's show time"

  • Chandan kumar
    Chandan kumar


    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      She's gone.

  • Chandan kumar
    Chandan kumar


    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      Shes not returning

  • Chandan kumar
    Chandan kumar


    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      She's moved on.

  • Chandan kumar
    Chandan kumar


  • Jawad Almubarak
    Jawad Almubarak

    Make the crown tundra free

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      It's 30 bucks compared to 120+

  • Joshua Whiting
    Joshua Whiting

    It's still annoying how all large pokemon are still small in battles

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      It's not that annoying. A lot of gaming companies do it. :)

    • Foxes

      @Bolthound's New Age The game can handle two dynamax Pokemon on the field but can't have Onix or Wailord be closer to it's actual size?

    • Foxes

      @Gandalf 1098 He deletes his comment and sometimes changes it to go against your point without actually responding so that he can pretend he's right and continue to act like he isn't trying to argue with people.

    • Gandalf 1098
      Gandalf 1098

      @Bolthound's New Age Dude wtf. Did you delete your original comment and then post it again just to have the last say in this :D? You do know that it can be seen that I've replied to your comment ^^.

    • Gandalf 1098
      Gandalf 1098

      @Bolthound's New Age Do you know Pokemon Battle Revolution? On the Wii, from 2007? Yeah, that game managed to get the sizes right in a way it could be handled. Wailord doesn't need to have his exact original height as it's stated in the Pokedex; it just needs to be bigger compared to other Pokemon. If Sword and Shield can't even come close to competing with a 13 year old game, even if that one solely focused on battles, that's still pretty disappointing.

  • Leslie Mark Tan
    Leslie Mark Tan

    Bro that opening gives me goosebumps and i felt a sudden sadness since i played pokemon from 10 years of age until today which is i'm 25 already damn! POKEMON FOREVER!

  • AngelT thepro
    AngelT thepro

    23 not 22

  • Junomaster

    It's sad of the like, dislike ratio. No one should support this lazy garbage of the game and expansion Pack.

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      the lazy thing was debunked last June. So come up with a new excuse.

    • MEME

      Hotel Mario>>>Sword and Shield

  • PikaReeka

    "Avengers endgame is the most ambitious crossover in history" The people who made that anime: Hold my PokeBall But seriously, the anime was so amazing I cried

  • Joe Fuller
    Joe Fuller

    when is the tundra expaction droping roughly i knkw its supose to be in octover this months but like a day ?

    • Just A guy
      Just A guy

      The 22nd

  • Diamond Assassin129
    Diamond Assassin129

    The music video/song begins at 7:41

  • Gavin Robbins
    Gavin Robbins


  • Niko Pogo
    Niko Pogo

    Comment section 90%:the music video 10%:the actual main topic

  • The flappy Birds
    The flappy Birds

    Yoooo that song is my fav song ev

  • Trickster Tech
    Trickster Tech

    My name is kerchup and my partner Will be Musterd

  • Nathan K-O Master 224
    Nathan K-O Master 224

    The name of the big guy name peony also why there is another moltres,zapdos and articuno

  • EthanRuSSell Xxvlogs
    EthanRuSSell Xxvlogs


  • Pizza Boi
    Pizza Boi

    The graphics were bad but idc

  • Sinat Lim
    Sinat Lim

    I will get this chapter 1 now I’m but I did not come out yet

  • Star Wars the Rosa of Pokémon
    Star Wars the Rosa of Pokémon

    What is this song coming on English

  • your average Mii
    your average Mii

    Lmao, imagine buying half a game at full price, then buying the other 2 fourths of it separately, just to find out that they're selling the actual FULL game after they've already got ur money. Gamefreaks a pack of assholes and I'm so glad I skipped this shitty gen.

    • your average Mii
      your average Mii

      @Bolthound's New Age dude, it's clearly not a full experience without the dlc. The older games from 1-5 were full experiences with exploration beyond the main story and a full roster of pokemon, there sister games (the updated versions) usually updated the quality of there gens gameplay story and experience, and in gen 5s case being a completely new game taking place in the same gen. Gen 8 is a hallway with all it's exploration being ripped out of it's world and slapped into a single unorganized clump that is the wild arena, and it's dlc is literally just the post game broken off into 2 buyable chunks. Them selling the game at full price with the dlc u just bought shouldn't be defended, unless u like getting ripped off.

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      it's not half a game. If you wanna use that logic then you have to go back and call every first version half a game since we'd need the third version aka your "Complete" version.


    Suicune ftw!

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips

    It made me cry because I started when I was 4

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips

    I am Japanese my reaction OMG this is beautiful

  • Collin Riviello
    Collin Riviello

    Bro, I saw the two train masters from Ynova at the end card for the first time in years, and that really hit me with some nostalgia. The sudden remembrance of the existence of those two guys with the chanedlure really made me realize how much time has passed.

  • THE Berrby berryw/ab
    THE Berrby berryw/ab

    Ahahaha That mv was AMAZING! And here I thought the *trailer* was great! It's beautiful all around!!! I bet the band members love it so much too! ^u^

  • THE Berrby berryw/ab
    THE Berrby berryw/ab

    Peony is daddy.

  • sabway rohan
    sabway rohan

    this was meh m e h meah

  • robojnmasterhand X
    robojnmasterhand X

    New Generations EP‘s pls that opening would be perfect for that and I rewatched the old ones like 5 times each

  • spicy chips
    spicy chips

    melmetal’s feet look like onigiri

  • Dov Candi
    Dov Candi

    the crown tundraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • uhh idk
    uhh idk

    3:35 Silvally is a legend? It has 570 BST. It's shouldn't even be considered a pseudo.

  • xX_JustinT_Xx

    In my opinion, crown tundra is better than the isle of armor. It looks better and and the Pokémon are better too! I’m getting the crown tundra but I’m waiting for the bundle for Pokémon shield. It’s true that zamazenta attacks and stats aren’t the best but in my opinion Pokémon shield is better! No offense to anyone that owns Pokémon sword!

  • chinadoll chen
    chinadoll chen

    I was rang

  • chinadoll chen
    chinadoll chen

    I am trying to do the password but it's not workering I think it's not working for me

    • ٰ

      Password? You mean in the Eshop?

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker

    Worst Pokémon game ever

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      It's actually not.

  • Lionel Begay
    Lionel Begay

    On the Pokémon crown tundra says it is going to be here on November

    • Bolthound's New Age
      Bolthound's New Age

      It's in 9 to 10 days.