Daylyt On Being Rap's Biggest Troll & Why 6ix9ine Was Right To Snitch
Daylyt has made a name for himself off his insane antics, viral interviews and otherworldly rap skills. I got him in the studio and we discussed how he got here, when he realized he could troll his way into notoriety,

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    knewstatiøn /

    There’s only 3 races

  • imherfav

    dis nigga said he could battle a flower 😭😭😭😭

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    Nathan Boy


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    Luv Xai

    Didn’t he bang Crip? Didn’t he battle rap & talk gangsta shit? When did he turn to dis?😂🤒🥴

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    Brady's Beater

    brag much

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      Jendbff Lyndbdn

      Have you seen his bone x battle recently? He can brag

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    How have I not seen this?

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    Rappers Digest

    Art Of Trolling 🍿

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    Jayson Bevins

    Protect Daylyt

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    Kalz Uchiha

    Daylyt capped he hit a blunt wit snoop dogg an rum nitty his first time smoking 😂

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    DEL 4L

    My first no jumper interview ima randomly say exterminate throughout it😂 .... this is the document

  • Synthality

    Daylyt’s right.

  • ForeiignBoy

    When he said "okay I gotta be a fucking clown" I felt that💯


    Lol ru from grave st......long ass pause...ummmm....I have family there

  • Emanuel Garcia
    Emanuel Garcia

    He fr said some people wouldn’t know that he was black just cuz he put a little white make up on hisself he can’t be serious😂😭

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    Ur Boof

    Lyt puts aes at #1 too :)

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    Crumps M8

    Those dislikes have most definitely been nailed by a cuttlefish.

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    Covarsia Garner

    I fw No Jumper but don’t ever disrespect Pat stay bro!! Real talk that man is genuine & poetic !! Actually one of the fuckin best battle rappers go check his stats

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    Aman singh

    37:18 he talks about Canibus

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    Gilbert C

    Day right doe

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    Gilbert C

    Y’all stay forgetting the good artist in the west cost lmao of course y’all wouldn’t know 😂

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    Bradyn Spring

    Bro got hurt by other homie getting views and fell down the troll addiction

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    31:30 yo who tf is on khan academy????

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    Cutthroat Official

    When you do dirt you get to sing 🔥

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    Space case

    Adam interrupts too damn much, no one wants to hear his corny stories.

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    M Threewit

    Always respected this dude. But an hour and a half and he's my favorite battle rapper.

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    Mage 1

    That live chat is cringe.

  • Gggina G
    Gggina G

    His "disability " is absolutely what made him what he is. He probably has a genius or near genius IQ. I had this issue as a child, as an adult, when I was tested my IQ range was genius level. As a child you don't get it. You always feel less, when in reality we are more.

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    THC Positive

    daylyt is whack XD

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    Nola Rodgers

    Damn I didn't know the wrist hack and thats why sometimes off shots go in for me and sometimes they don't gotta remember that follow through.

  • Nola Rodgers
    Nola Rodgers

    Yea thats true once the sun hit G5 the sun will explode thats like 4.5 billion years from now tho so we got time to find another goldie locks planet.

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    Moor Dreamz

    Exterminate them all bro !

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    Damn now Casanova jammed

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    This nigga got water in a Starbucks cup.

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    I'm on a perk 30 Ⓜ️📉📉📉

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    Pedro Gonçalo

    Everybody have to see movie They live

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    Lofentsé James

    Why was this removed on Spotify?

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      Du du dunkems III

      They dont like what hes talking about

  • William Hollaway
    William Hollaway

    Man this low energy interviewer....geez DJ Vlad or Sway really give this guy unique questions to get really interesting perspectives and thoughts out of Daylyt......interviewer needs to quit getting high AF before doing his job....Daylyt had to carry the entire thing

    • The AngryHypebeast
      The AngryHypebeast


  • William Hollaway
    William Hollaway

    Finally a rapper with a unique perspective and something coherent and we'll thought out he has said

  • javy morales
    javy morales

    Daylyt is woke af he saying shit that this generation wouldn’t understand

  • Jack Ramos
    Jack Ramos

    Ms 13 isnt a Mexican gang adam...

  • Yvng J
    Yvng J

    Choppa & Pink Skirts was interesting...

  • Mulwa Kilonzo
    Mulwa Kilonzo

    The convo wit reg was funny af and underrated and yo I came back to watch this a year later now that I “know” day better did anyone else realize that he was wearing his a Daylyt t-shirt around his head? Talk about creative marketing cuz that shit do look fly.

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    daylyt a eternal river of knowledge you look forward you wont see an end to the river


    1:49:39 uh oh OVO team came through and cut that snippet

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    Bobby Bessette

    Clicked on to say 69 wasnt "right" to snitch...clicking on anothrr vid

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    Nigga be vibin tho

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    Ub Bujanda

    Listen to this nigga he knows his shit

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    2:14:29 💀💀💀

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    Daylyt lit we in here spawn is here hide ur girl

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    When do they talk about 6ix9ine ????

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    luv bre

    so we not gon talk about how they keep cutting eachother off

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    Young Davis 90

    When you’ve been watching this interview on and off all day and kinda get bummed out bc a 2+ hour interview with Daylyt has finally come to an end and you want more!!


    im lil eye im lil eye

  • Buckashi Sensei
    Buckashi Sensei

    1:54:39 daylyt was just talking about women evolving to grow dicks but thinks the idea that we evolved from another species is absurd

  • Buckashi Sensei
    Buckashi Sensei

    Niggas be sleeping the daylyt away

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    Freddy Garcia

    Adam 22 too slow for daylyt he don't understand when he started going in on the 69 shit

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    Benny Holloman

    Wonder how many times he says “like” in this video. Almost wanna count

    • carlos garcia
      carlos garcia

      Bro where I'm from people talk like this so much I didn't notice it till I saw people talking bout it in the comments lmao

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    Robert Wooten

    Says like a million times in this interview

  • KOA

    Gangbanger code : shoot that nigga ☝🏾 smoke that nigga.. but RUNNING from the cops... deep

  • KOA

    Adam reminds me of a tatted druggy version of Jim from the office

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    Edgar Veras

    The beastie boys ain’t white?

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    Sam Yurovski

    this might be the best interview ever

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    Stacy George

    Pro Snitch9 huh ..sigh

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    Flower Boi

    This guy is an idiot I’m sorry

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    Shaina Perez

    He is on some Jesus shit. Both brain hemispheres in full union. Amazing.

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    money bags


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    da wizard

    Adams face at 1:44 omg lmao

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    Keith Gomez

    This made me realize how much of a genius Daylyt is

  • jas25k

    lmao this nigga don’t give a fuck about his credit

  • Big Bishop T.G.E
    Big Bishop T.G.E

    The fact that Adam let the guess talk is why I watch 💯

  • David l Easterling jr
    David l Easterling jr

    You ain't listening to right hip hop bruh. You from the west. Check out murs homey. Been bumping him since 96

  • Nik Fury
    Nik Fury

    That disability into an ability is some real shit. Wow. That's why he flips shit the way he does. Rainman effect. Hope that's not a troll.

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    BikeLife POV

    Alex Jones needs to get daylyt on info wars

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    Fredy Torres

    Couple hundred grand for a piece of paper

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    LYNDP2100 #muzickevolution

    No matter what times are i love girls man keep liking man more girls for me.

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    Does anybody know what kind of shirt Daylyt has on??? i want it lol

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    mic quality as far as volume horrible cant hear them.

  • Jesus is God
    Jesus is God

    How about the story of OJ, it has good message

  • Marshal Berra
    Marshal Berra

    Did y’all notice when Adam tried to correct daylyt he said “the right word to use is stigma not stigmatism cuz a stigmatism is something you get in your eye” and daylyt said “it is because they can’t see with a stigmatism” THIS MAN IS CRAZY SMART WTF 💯 he’s saying they’re stigma is blinding them like a stigmatism n Adam didn’t even notice

  • Right Near The Beach
    Right Near The Beach

    I feel like Daylyt is autistic. No disrespect...I'm just learning about autism due to a child in my life and he seems to fit the bill. Idiot savant shade

  • Right Near The Beach
    Right Near The Beach

    Infinite was fire!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 One of 3 Eminem albums I like. Daylyt buggin

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    iiiiii’m little eye😭😭

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    Get Daylyt on again.

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    Shit was hella boring

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    Boob Docks

    why daylyt say he got a boy and a girl lol he got two sons

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    Jack Sadovnik

    This guy is a racist piece of shit.

  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness

    Future Wesley Snipes not paying his loans

  • Lightup Darkness
    Lightup Darkness

    Maybe have a heartfelt rap about your RIP friends Memorys so they will live Forever idk

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    Carmyn Black


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    Miami Baby

    Loved this

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    daylyt raps biggest nobody