This Was HARDER To Do Than We Thought
We Visited A Big Goat Farm & Discovered The Best Livestock Guardian Dog
#livestockguardiandog #guaarddog #goatdog
Keeping It Dutch
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  • Hidden Heights Farm
    Hidden Heights Farm

    Thanks for coming out and visiting again! Can't wait to get the sawmill fired up again! Lots of cool stuff coming soon!

    • Paulla Wells
      Paulla Wells

      @Mark Croucher - Thank you! Things have sure changed a bunch over the years and I've never kept up.

    • Mark Croucher
      Mark Croucher

      @Paulla Wells the radios they are using are not Ham or CB (Citizen Band). These are VHF radios. If they decide to get a license they will be issued a call sign. Example VBC101. They won't be able to use a handle.

    • Paulla Wells
      Paulla Wells

      Hey guys. I wish I could remember all that I saw when my parents did ham radio and CB radio. The only parts I can remember are what their handle was and the language that is used. Their handle was The Love Pups. I say get creative with your handle because that is how you will be known in the community of operators. Also, we were able to talk to truckers from long distances which was awesome!

    • Shanan Sadler
      Shanan Sadler

      Kevin, you do know that hickory bark tea is good congestion medicine. Plus that lightening strike is powerful Cherokee 😉medicine.

    • hotrodpc66

      Kevin, You need to have a talk with your boy Dutch. How come he's asking all those questions? If he had been watching your videos, he'd already know. Sup with that???

  • Janet Ruggles
    Janet Ruggles

    Y all are making me home sick! Miss Oklahoma and my kin so much.

  • Estella Knox
    Estella Knox

    The goats are beautiful your property is very nice

  • Shelli Haley
    Shelli Haley

    Beautiful land!

  • Donna Bowers
    Donna Bowers

    I said I would send you a link on here and the comments of what we use on Amazon, but better yet I’ll email you the information

  • Starlene Kalinski
    Starlene Kalinski

    My goats have knocked my legs out from under me so much that I won't go in the pen with a feed bucket. One time I fell against a galvanized gate and broke a rib. I don't let anyone in with my goats unless I'm in with them. I do go in and pet them, I also vaccinate and worm them. They are French Alpine and I have had females that were 150 pounds, I have had males that I could not measure them with a dairy goat weight tape.

  • Debra Beam
    Debra Beam

    I enjoyed seeing you guys together with your family's. You look a little alike. I appreciate your videos Ducth, and for being family oriented ❤❤🙏🙏

  • Dan Lara
    Dan Lara

    You can get a piece of ductwork called a square to round in different sizes to make it fit your application. Didn’t know if you knew about that.

  • Linda Hipp
    Linda Hipp

    Enjoyed your visit with Kevin and his family. I didn't know Y'all were just two miles apart. Love watching KEEPING IT DUTCH AND HIDDEN HEIGHTS FARM videos.

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee

    You’re going to have to learn the lingo for the radio, Dutch 😂

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee

    They are bred to be livestock guardians.

  • Dave Edson
    Dave Edson

    Dutch - I'm a ham radio operator. Careful, if those radios aren't approved for FRS or whatever service, you may be in violation. Either way, find a couple of magnetic mount antennas for the frequency and you will have all the range you need. A small outside antenna at Kevin's house just above the roof line will probably help a lot.

  • Sue Bowers
    Sue Bowers

    Have you used Citizen Band Radio?

  • Jeanette Frantz
    Jeanette Frantz

    Dutch, the "beginner's' license for Ham Radio is Technician. You need an FCC License. I am a licensed Ham operator, and have been for more than 20 years. I worked as a volunteer emergency communications backup at the storm centers here in North Central Florida. But, in 2009 I developed some pretty severe spinal issues so I'm not able to serve at the storm shelters. Ham operators at the shelters furnish their own equipment, and I just can't pack up all that stuff and take it to the shelter any more. There must be Ham Radio groups in Northeast Oklahoma. A Ham radio will, depending on local repeaters, reach quite a distance. There are a lot of factors that affect how far your radio will reach. It is hard to get young people involved with Ham Radio because there's so much going on with the internet and social media. It's a great hobby, and the existence of Ham Radio operators across this country and around the world have saved lots of lives. During the 2004 Hurricane Season, my son and I spent a total of about 10 days at a local shelter during two separate hurricanes/tropical storms. Still, Ham Radio can be a very expensive hobby. We had an experience at our shelter in 2004 where an elderly gentleman was having respiratory distress, the cell towers were down, as were the regular telephone lines. I like to think my radio made a difference because we were able to summon an ambulance/paramedics when there was no other way to contact them. The FCC does require testing for each license. The license categories begin with Technician, second level is General and the highest Ham Radio license is Extra. Sorry. it wasn't my intention to "write a book". You can probably look up the Ham Radio Groups/Clubs for your area online!

  • Barb Bonam
    Barb Bonam

    You two are such a pair! I love it when you guys get together!

  • Rebecca Plumlee
    Rebecca Plumlee

    Was a Luck Dragon not a dog on Neverending Story

  • Jay Ricks
    Jay Ricks

    Upgrade the antenna to match the freqs it will work better

  • jeanette c
    jeanette c

    Kevin and Rachel have beautiful land! I love their channel!

  • Wayne H
    Wayne H

    Thanks for being on the channel Keven, Duch & family are good folks ! Thanks for sharin another good video 👍👍

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    The cheap walkie-talkie style radios are FRS radios. Low power and their usage are line-of-sight. Your more expensive radios Handy Talkies are Amateur Radios. Yes depending on licensing and frequencies used you should have much greater range than two miles. I would suggest that keep your conversations at a minimum until you have received your correct license. The Amateur Radio operators frown on unlicensed users.

  • Linda Bradway
    Linda Bradway

    Ask Daniel from ARMS HOMESTEAD since he is an retired officer

  • STEVE Clark
    STEVE Clark

    Thank you for the update on how things are going there in Oklahoma ! Take care , stay safe and healthy with whatever you and your family maybe doing next ! Doing well here in Kansas .

  • STEVE Clark
    STEVE Clark

    Where can I find these radios ! I'm real interested in getting some for my neighbor and I so we can keep in touch better !

  • Wily Cat
    Wily Cat

    Just like little boys 😂

  • Wanda Morris
    Wanda Morris

    Two of my favorite Homesteaders. Love watching both of these families.

  • Robert Sabin
    Robert Sabin

    Those radios will do you well, using them in the car hinders the signal. You can make a simple antenna for a few $$ and easily communicate. As for licensing, your ham radio Technician license is what y’all need.

  • Rhonda Skipper
    Rhonda Skipper

    I enjoyed your video today very much thank you

  • Tina Mitchell
    Tina Mitchell

    Cedar would be a good Choi for siding, resistant to bugs and rot

  • Kathy Mallonee
    Kathy Mallonee

    My little seven year old brother was struck & killed by lightning in 1969 and that’s the same mark on the dead tree that was hit by lightning!

  • Tommy Duncan
    Tommy Duncan

    I would love to hear what yall find out about the radios

  • Tommy Duncan
    Tommy Duncan

    Mine get feed good and do the same thing

  • Tim Hood
    Tim Hood

    It is illegal to talk on Murs GMRS or FRS either one on that Baofeng HAM radio... but only if you get caught! Not sure what the fine is for that, but it is up to $10,000 for transmitting on HAM frequencies without a Amateur Radio license... just putting that out there because you said you didn't know, and I have been a HAM operator for several years now!

  • Tammy Sanchez
    Tammy Sanchez

    Hey you guys. Oh I bet y’all can’t wait to start milling y’all trees. Need to get Kevin to move in the woods by you. Thanks for sharing and y’all have a bless and safe day.

  • Dorothy McKinney
    Dorothy McKinney

    Another good video of two good friends 💞

  • stephanie newton
    stephanie newton

    Goldshaw Farm has a dog, guardian dog just like this one called Toby.

    • Carol Edney
      Carol Edney

      @stephanie newton - Gold Shaw Farm is another great channel! BTW, Martin’s dog Toby is a Maremma. I agree they look like the GPs but there are some differences. Martin has done video on them but I don’t remember the details. Just in case anyone wanted to compare the two breeds. Love it when Dutch and Kevin get together!!

  • Jeffrey Locke
    Jeffrey Locke

    Hidden Heights Farm are good people working to better their lives. Awesome.

  • colin coleman
    colin coleman

    On the subject of your radio's, the vehicle you are sitting in is acting as faraday shield which reduces radio signals, try again outside and slightly away from the vehicle, should be a lot better, also moving away from dense vegetation and a little height will also help. Try using a longer aerial as well. Just a lot of random thoughts.

  • Troy Peach
    Troy Peach

    Here in Aus we have UHF and VHF Marine ... UHF no licence required and you can access repeater stations that give you up 30 to 40 miles distence

  • Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall

    FCC license and you won't have any problems guys. You'll have to learn ham radio codes but you guys can do. I have faith in yall. 👍💯👏🙏👌

  • Mark Marshall
    Mark Marshall

    Dutch, If I were you, then I would put an external antenna on my van or truck so that you could get Kevin more clearly and also if you would have gotten out of your vehicle and talked to her, then it probably would have been more clear. If you want to drive to Mississippi, then I have an A99 antenna in the top of an 80 ft oak tree where I could reach out and talk to anyone. 👍💯👏👏👏👏 Kevin, you have a nice place. Great video guys.

  • Christy Jurina-Jones
    Christy Jurina-Jones

    I am sure Daniel will know how to get the radios done the legal Kevin has some nice views...

  • Robin

    Try the motorola T-600

  • Randy Phelps
    Randy Phelps

    There is no way to get that range thru the trees without programming to a repeater which you can do after you get a license

  • Mike Eckardt
    Mike Eckardt

    You can replace the antenna on some of those little handhelds with longer ones... your range will increase, and the clarity of the reception will improve.

  • Randy Phelps
    Randy Phelps

    Dutch, you and Kevin CAN NOT talk on those HAM radios without an amateur radio license. You can get serious fines they are not your normal walkie talkies. Please do some research about that so you don’t get in trouble. Love the channel and love Kevin’s channel too.

  • Larry Parish
    Larry Parish

    Put a tarp down to catch the sawdust.

  • Edens Garden
    Edens Garden

    Beautiful scenery! I could watch the sunset every night there at Kevin's. I too love pine 🌲 trees. Kevin and Rachel have a beautiful variety of goats. Have a great weekend 👍 😀

  • Wolfpack

    Get your radeo etiquette! It's comms check and read you Lima Charlie. 😂

  • Vicky Johnson
    Vicky Johnson

    I remember we didn't have a phone, we used the cb to call our friends to come play. Boy now I feel old...😂😂

  • K A Johnson
    K A Johnson

    Don't get CB and Ham Radio confused. CB radio anyone can use. Ham Radios need to have a license. My dad had a Ham radio license. I tried to study to take the test so I could get my dads call sign after he passed, but got stuck on the electronic's part. Was very upsetting.

  • Chris Law
    Chris Law

    Dutch is like a kid in a toy store 😂 let's look at this let's go over here haha nowhere like this really in the uk

  • Bicycle Dad
    Bicycle Dad

    What about CB radios

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller

    I love watching your channel! Thank you for sharing your life and knowledge with us!

  • Barbara H
    Barbara H

    Love you both! ♥️♥️

  • Bastiaan Borman
    Bastiaan Borman

    Thats jerky

  • buddy going RVing
    buddy going RVing

    Should have got you one of those satellite radios I don't thank you have to have a license for it had them on the Internet for $59

  • Bastiaan Borman
    Bastiaan Borman

    Drinking game every time the cat miauwt lol

  • Feltro 19
    Feltro 19

    you need an amateur radio license and you can talk on the higher frequencies with no problem i had radios years ago i was HFCharlie7116 had a lot of fun talking around the world

  • James 45
    James 45

    With all the garbage and stuff from the internet all the things happening on social media, perhaps that good ol’ 11 meter two way communication may just not be a bad idea.

  • Scott Holcombe
    Scott Holcombe

    Hey man we use those radio for hunting . you can by a long range antenna that will help you out a lot

  • Johnny G. McHaney
    Johnny G. McHaney

    Use the attachment for lawnmower grass catcher, but instead of the bag, attach a pvc sewer pipe to dump sawdust into a long feeding trough.

  • LLjean 2857
    LLjean 2857

    If you could find some fabric like they use for lawnmower bags, you could fasten it around the sawdust exhaust and collect it that way! Something for the wives to do!!Lol! Research! Kevin has working dogs and working "supervisor chickens"! That white little goat is built like a line backer around the neck! Love the big boys with their big toys! God Bless!

  • pam p
    pam p

    So Dutch are you going to roast a goat. Can't wait to watch.

    • pam p
      pam p

      Dutch you didn't put the link about the talkie on.

    • pam p
      pam p

      Oh and Dutch you're and Kevin's channels are my favorites.

  • Kriss Bartlett
    Kriss Bartlett

    You might need to put a repeater up or there could be a uhf repeater some where near you have to tried Cb radio use SSB side band radio you can get about 20 miles or more if there is skip you can even reach Australia i have talked to America alot in the 70's but acasionally i hear people transmitting from USA and even ehen in the Philippines i hear Australia and asia alot also America to so Side Band Radio cb band is probably the best those cheap radio hear us Uhf and are really line of sight transmission i have been using radio's since early 1970's and even make my own Arial's to

  • Debra Livingston
    Debra Livingston

    Like big kids, playing with their new toys.

  • liz

    Went to Hidden Heights Farm and watch a couple of their videos, now i'm hooked. Thank you giving us this tour. Love the goats.

    • Hidden Heights Farm
      Hidden Heights Farm

      Thank you for watching!

  • Lori Wheeler
    Lori Wheeler

    you can use that sawdust and of you shred the fallen leaves around your property you can use those also for your composting toilet.

  • Denise Rawls
    Denise Rawls

    Dutch surprised you didn't leave with a baby goat

  • Jeannie Wright
    Jeannie Wright

    Over and out Good Buddy!! Hahahahaha!!

  • Denise Rawls
    Denise Rawls

    UZload loves Mojo and Daisy!!

  • Chuck Banion
    Chuck Banion

    The antenna is everything on those. You may enjoy being a ham. I’ve enjoyed it since 1983. I still use the old fashion cb radios too.

  • Mary Jemison
    Mary Jemison

    Mojo is Beautiful 🥰Special Dog

  • Nick J
    Nick J

    That radio/ham is going to be a lot of fun :-)) Already sub Hidden Heights :-))

  • Helen Cline
    Helen Cline

    You need a CB RADIO. You do have to get licenses 1004 lol.

  • C. G
    C. G

    Suggestions , Dutch , use a tarp to catch as much saw dust as you can.

  • Rhonda Pierce
    Rhonda Pierce

    Keep us updated on the radio channel/walkie talkie stuff!! I’m curious and have the desire for a setup for my family and Myself

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones

    See if you can get a bigger antenna

  • Leah Leyah Wright
    Leah Leyah Wright

    This must be the year for males, we had 15 kids and most were males we have Nigerian dwarf

  • Helen Cline
    Helen Cline

    You could put a big drought bay on the end catch the sawdust 💙💚💜

  • true blue533
    true blue533

    It's so awesome to see you and Kevin together! I can't wait to see y'all milling some more wood! God bless!

  • Debbie W.
    Debbie W.

    Great video guys!😊

  • Paul Hufstedler
    Paul Hufstedler

    Get bigger antennas first.

  • Anne-Marie Lamont
    Anne-Marie Lamont

    Ooops sorry the movie is called Odd Ball

  • Anne-Marie Lamont
    Anne-Marie Lamont

    Watch a Australian movie that is based on a true story about those dogs

  • Randy Wilt
    Randy Wilt

    Hey Dutch and Kevin. You can get a license for those which is a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) license. The cost is $70.00 for a 7 year license and it covers the whole family and it allows for more channel usage. Google GMRS and read up on it. I have a GMRS and a Ham radio license both.

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    A fun day with your best friends always great fun. Thanks. Chris from England.

  • Garry Latimer
    Garry Latimer

    If you want to collect your sawdust lay a tarp down

  • Nana Woolon
    Nana Woolon

    Damn I was hopping for some saw mill action.....I really do think you should be storing up wood and take it to your land...

  • MrAbro42

    great video thanks for sharing

  • Duck Landes
    Duck Landes

    I have several Baofeng radios. They are not FCC approved for FRS, GMRS, or MURS. But the chance of getting in trouble are slim unless you're interfering with "legal" users communications. The Baofeng radio will never be legal to use on FRS because 1. they put out too much power, and 2. they have detachable antenna. Maximum power output on FRS is 0.5 watts and 2 watts, depending on the channel. GMRS max output is 2 and 5 watts depending on the channel, and 50 watts on some channels on a base station. GMRS requires an FCC license which cost $75 for 5 years, no test. MURS max output is 2 watts. Google "militia patriot radio frequencies" and you will find lists of channels they use on FRS, GMRS, MURS, CD, and HAM. Many not legally of course. Be very careful with those Baofeng radios, they "can" transmit on police, fire, EMT, frequencies, and you will get in trouble for that. But, in an emergency you do what you gotta do. In the programming software you can tell certain channels to not be able to transmit, but you can still listen. When programming in FRS and GMRS should be set to "narrow band FM". MURS channels 1-3 are narrow band, channels 4 and 5 are wide band.

    • Hidden Heights Farm
      Hidden Heights Farm

      Thanks for the advice!

    • Duck Landes
      Duck Landes

      @Randy Wilt: Cool. Nice to know, thanks. I had thought of getting the license but in the two years I have been monitoring GMRS on my scanner I have "never" heard anyone on it. I hear people on FRS maybe once or twice a month, usually children singing or hunters. And have never heard anyone on MURS. I might hear someone on CB once or twice a month, usually speaking Spanish or Vietnamese. And HAM is mostly just a bunch of radio geeks asking each other for radio checks. I miss the 70s when CB radio was like the wild west and it was difficult to find a clear channel to use.

    • Randy Wilt
      Randy Wilt

      GMRS licenses are good for 10 years now

  • Brenda Orebaugh
    Brenda Orebaugh

    Your channel and Kevin’s channel are my 2 favorite ones to watch.

  • ken carr
    ken carr

    The pig one was awesome I watched it 3 times ! lol

  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith

    The boys got new toys. It's great to see your families together. I think Hadley needs that baby goat. The legend of Jerkface lives on. 🙂

  • ken carr
    ken carr

    Do a pit BQ with a goat ??

  • kathleen marquez
    kathleen marquez

    use a tarp bag like on a leaf blower

  • Deb Lamb
    Deb Lamb

    It was grrrreeeaaattt 💕👍

  • Deb Lamb
    Deb Lamb

    Two little boys talking at nite lol

  • Deb Lamb
    Deb Lamb

    Beautiful view 💘

  • Dyana Mullican
    Dyana Mullican

    Loved this. Thank you.

  • Deb Lamb
    Deb Lamb

    Belcore awesome 😍🙏

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