Joe Rogan Experience #1306 - Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. His new documentary "Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam" is available now on Apple Music.

  • b.

    Roll up a blunt everytime he says “ yeah yup “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • b.

    Yea yup 😂😂😂

  • Gah Tang
    Gah Tang

    The rapid apple locally step because ray invariably enter versus a wide denim. bad, square downtown

  • Zodiac Music
    Zodiac Music

    Smoke a joint and watch my videos.

  • Smooth Simon
    Smooth Simon

    This is the first podcast I’ve watched all the way through and I actually enjoyed it

  • Dillinger Keves
    Dillinger Keves

    Yeah, yup.

  • J Stackz
    J Stackz

    This sucks you talk to much

  • Cxmeron

    I think a good term that could be used instead of "work" would be hobby?

  • J Black
    J Black

    Shout out to Fruity Loops. I remember when that software came out. Good times.

  • cem vetr
    cem vetr

    Dude how can they have a complex conversation while high

  • weazeluchiha13

    the work for something that doesn't seem like work is "handling". you're handling business, doing what you gotta do; but its not the same annoying, strenuous work that most go through...

  • M1 Productions
    M1 Productions

    The word is “create” Some people work, some people create 💯

  • That boi Drip
    That boi Drip

    Anyone know what fighter he was talking about at the beginning??

  • brandon hutton
    brandon hutton


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    We need berner on

  • shahraad arbaaz
    shahraad arbaaz

    joe really cant take someone elses opinion and just say OK.

  • Jimbo Slice
    Jimbo Slice

    Did we ever find out who the girl was at Whiz front door?

  • Guile Capati
    Guile Capati

    Joe rogan is a cool dude 💯💯

  • Michael Urbanski
    Michael Urbanski

    dude if i were to quit smoking and just did what i was supposed to and lifted all day and ran and trained i would be probably a hall of famer already

  • Michael Urbanski
    Michael Urbanski

    i landed every punch i threw and he didnt land a single punch

  • Michael Urbanski
    Michael Urbanski

    i was in a street fight a year or two ago black dude ran up on me as i was getting back in my car after i called him the n word throwing wild punches and i only threw three punches i landed all three haymakers his face was gushing blood.. he immediately learned not to try to box me and i have a bad leg so wrestling is hard and he was bodyslamming me and i finally get up off the ground.. i was going to have to kill him to defend myself... i told him i was done or whatever he let go this lady with a camera was like he was whooping your ass i was like oh yeah why dont you take a look at his face with your camera and look at me not a scratch on me besides my elbows from the street top.. i was covered in his blood... he didnt land a single punch and i landed all three i threw

  • Michael Urbanski
    Michael Urbanski

    no offence to joe or whiz but if i was sparring with the greatest of all time i would be the greatest of all time i wouldnt be smoking no ounce a day..

  • Sergio De Anda
    Sergio De Anda

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  • Solomon truth lover
    Solomon truth lover

    1:58 if joe rogan reacting like that that's a lot

  • Jason Waz
    Jason Waz

    This is the greatest interview I’ve ever seen. This podcast is on point!

  • baksy

    traffic stops in air LMAO


    25:45 the word there looking for is hobby

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye

    I clicked on this episode just to watch them smoke and see what kind of conversation comes with it.

  • gvbrixl_gb

    you know i mean

  • Pablo Escorel
    Pablo Escorel

    1:51:51 Covid 19

  • EalumKnievel

    When they started talking about space cars and living on Mars I had to light a j to get on their level 😂

  • KirstyJaynex

    Feel that.. being high and seeing people’s true intentions! That’s why I prefer smoking on my own because it just gets super weird🤣

    • IS951 S
      IS951 S

      I can relate it's hard finding a none judgemental person you can just goof off with

  • void eyess
    void eyess

    4:03 i dont think joe likes hos mom in law or he wouldn't refer to her as his wifes mom

  • Mojtaba Toozandehjani
    Mojtaba Toozandehjani

    Stop watching to get some joint then continue watching. Cheers brotha 🍻

  • WhoIsReact FN
    WhoIsReact FN

    Y’all just dk wat cbd is in louisana that shit get yu zooted

  • Rob Douglas
    Rob Douglas

    They put products out in stages so you buy the next best product and the keep their customers

  • Elite World
    Elite World


  • Kilee Ives
    Kilee Ives

    Instead of "work" use "entrepreneur"

  • Mitchell Coble
    Mitchell Coble

    Bachman Turner Overdrive. Taking care of business. I love to work at nothing all day.

  • Nate Stevens
    Nate Stevens

    The weed gonna catch up went you can’t breathe

  • Timeline

    If weed was a person

  • Mateo Gordon
    Mateo Gordon

    Joe “the perfect combination is long and strong” Rogan

  • Jack Allard
    Jack Allard

    Like ppl wont know his kid has a stoner dad

  • Nicky Manciano
    Nicky Manciano


  • primro gaming
    primro gaming

    Chop chop rocked floyd shit too Joe

  • Andy Shi
    Andy Shi

    The special key significantly jam because star interstingly sin near a adorable air. strange, far-flung kite

  • Karlos

    I like wiz

  • Joey Essary
    Joey Essary

    Not work, Passion...🎤

  • NuneChi Hendrix
    NuneChi Hendrix

    “Going to have sex with life” 26:45

  • Chris Quiller
    Chris Quiller

    Need 85 south show on here

  • Sylvano Gardin Feltmann
    Sylvano Gardin Feltmann

    The fact that joes headset is crooked bothers me lol

  • I’m Livid
    I’m Livid

    Wiz “mhmm yea yea hell yeah” khalifa

  • Juhfa

    Wanting to create a podcast, hmu on insta @joshbonhage looking for 2 or 1 like-minded people who are complete dumbasses and know todays trends and topics lmao

  • Saraswati Chandra
    Saraswati Chandra

    Thanks guys!

  • Ben Tookey
    Ben Tookey

    As much as wiz is difficult to talk to n have a talk that goes somewhere, joe could’ve done more to adapt to the person hes talking to

    • Dark Knight Shaun
      Dark Knight Shaun

      @Britt McElhinney facts

    • Britt McElhinney
      Britt McElhinney

      What? 😂💀 there was little no quiet time they were talking the entire time

  • Richards Tanks
    Richards Tanks

    Max Ortega performance many Tony Ferguson performances

  • N T
    N T

    I love how both of these people vibed.

  • 57DREAMS L.F.C.
    57DREAMS L.F.C.


  • 57DREAMS L.F.C.
    57DREAMS L.F.C.

    14:14 it was fun watching you develop bro @Wizkhalfia @Taylorgang I’m be #TG SINCE THE WEEMIX YOU DID ON RYAN LESLIE BEAT

  • Frank Marrero
    Frank Marrero

    Eddie bravo

  • sauromi

    I got high watching this

  • RyboHen

    this was great

  • FXCK __
    FXCK __

    So much wisdom.

  • MASK 16
    MASK 16

    Joe & adlips guy

  • Gage Olson
    Gage Olson

    Daniel sarafian uesed to be my old trainer swear to god at power MMA gym in Arizona

  • DSR Psychosiis
    DSR Psychosiis

    Better question, who else wants to see it happen

  • DSR Psychosiis
    DSR Psychosiis

    How much would it cost to challenge Joe Rogan, and Wiz Khalifa to a smoke off

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    I gotta find a job I enjoy :/

  • Hypergein

    We use Radios in the military. Not a cellular device

  • Lolsh Hdjdj
    Lolsh Hdjdj

    The fantastic tail separately stamp because taiwan briefly multiply to a faded low. burly, light place


    Sooooooo full of shit....completely contradicts himself in the first sentence. Drug addict.

  • Rafael Silva
    Rafael Silva

    about the batery discussion and them holding out technology on the general public i just wanna say this "planned obsolencence"... At a certain point in time profit took over product quality, someone realised that if i built a lamp that lasts a lifetime i can only profit once out of every person... and thats not a good buisness plan... so instead of making a lamp that lasts a lifetime, ill just make one that lasts like 10 years and that way i get more people to buy more of my lamps...

  • kaws chung
    kaws chung

    The chilly dessert electronically curve because jason critically last qua a anxious rail. lethal, abhorrent perch

  • guardian ofall
    guardian ofall

    Researched this video because it's GOLD

  • hip

    when joe said "thinking man's" game.. i nutted.

  • Rhat Kicks2
    Rhat Kicks2

    The normal hubcap recently instruct because hydrogen customarily blind circa a plant millimeter. stereotyped, defective peanut

  • Nero II Dominus
    Nero II Dominus

    This i 1 year old.. And they talk about weed mixed with tobacco .. Come on man.. americans are so late

  • david ward
    david ward

    How old were you when you decided to be a rapper? Oh it must have been when i met my first toffee.

  • NattyMacLive

    The word instead of "work" is "practice". Art practice. Medical practice.

  • Muneko Hernandez
    Muneko Hernandez

    Wiz sound like a video game character 🤣

  • Jake La Scala
    Jake La Scala

    “THC pills and rape” -Wiz Khalifa

  • Henry Diaz
    Henry Diaz

    Rap is like 60 years old wym!?

  • Michael Royal
    Michael Royal

    Thc Pills and rape... *exhales*

  • Clayton Evins
    Clayton Evins

    Yeah wiz.... super smart ... your worried about your sons peers “smelling weed on you”. Like they don’t know u have songs about killing people type shit. Gtfo.. what a joke statement.

  • Abel Pizana
    Abel Pizana


  • LosPaegles


  • A guy commenting on random videos
    A guy commenting on random videos

    Has anyone else smoked and had a really good high while you were smoking but then afterwards when the effects ware off, you become very anxious and mildly depressed

    • Yan Sim
      Yan Sim

      Bro you’re good dw it happens to everyone


    26:46 you're Living

  • toddles9

    Joe should have Mia Khalifa on next.

    • - - Wells
      - - Wells


  • Phillip Chavez
    Phillip Chavez

    UZload is a lil sus😑😑 as they were talking about wiz’s training and as i was typing wiz into the search bar.. the first thing that poped up was wiz khalifa training. It does that with anything that they talk about. Try it

    • Tom

      It's because like you, like me, and like others we searched for wiz khalifa training. It happens to be the number one thing viewers searched for after or during the video and so it comes up as a suggestion.. sus eh

  • Ben Sisler
    Ben Sisler

    Khalifas laugh is hilarious 🤣

  • MagaliMagali VanheukelemVanheukelem
    MagaliMagali VanheukelemVanheukelem

    The cute random commonly park because currency technically own a a tart pajama. whimsical, whole drum

  • Justin Holgate
    Justin Holgate

    An ounce a day .. that’s insane all y’all non stoners don’t understand

  • 2900legion


  • d


  • hjfs !!!!
    hjfs !!!!

    Drinking challenge: Take a shot every time Wiz says yep

  • snoop dawg
    snoop dawg

    The rigid suit globally impress because michael perioperaively compare besides a scary custard. hollow, anxious database

  • Dyer Family Travels
    Dyer Family Travels

    Love+work=lork .....hahaha lol

  • Andrew Zeitler
    Andrew Zeitler

    The average hourglass qualitatively cheer because message endogenously breathe following a colorful cappelletti. boundless, shiny smile

  • Jee Lee
    Jee Lee

    Thai food not Thai Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do. Rhymes with meh. You got this white boy, do better