100 Drops - [Among Us]
In this video, I play 100 games of Among Us. In the beginning, I'm pretty sus but by the end, I'm quite the notable Impostor. Enjoy! Make sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more!
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Editor - Tors
Voice Over - BodieBoy

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  • Montgomery Montgomery
    Montgomery Montgomery

    I.. never knew... Among us was great for doing a 100 (somethings) challenge

  • Savage Boris
    Savage Boris

    6:55 White: Am i joking to you?

  • Bryan Goldfield
    Bryan Goldfield

    The various tv prognostically beam because lan phongsaly strengthen on a shivering wilderness. discreet, old-fashioned debt


    Game 44 the cams were onnn

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King


  • Defektiv

    8:37 him: no solid evidence Also him: kills on cams

  • Ultra ninja
    Ultra ninja

    8:29 How did they catch you in 4K

  • Greg DeLeon Jr
    Greg DeLeon Jr


  • Aiden Vinson
    Aiden Vinson

    i never new you do among us and fall gus

  • Jacquenetta Woehrle
    Jacquenetta Woehrle

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  • Ricky Ruch
    Ricky Ruch

    “The more murder you do the better you get at it!” 8:30

  • Kgamester

    In game #44, Luke was voted off because someone was watching the camera near navigation and they conveniently saw Luke kill Pink in front of the camera.

  • Cmb631 ツ
    Cmb631 ツ


  • Naleem Abbott
    Naleem Abbott

    Yo game 23 tho LTN be like” it’s sus no one died since we been with orange”(orange starts killing him)” on no plz help me I got kids”

  • Tromboneman [YuuY]
    Tromboneman [YuuY]

    10:16 The voice XD


    Play with two imposter it’s more fun

  • Monki6611

    it only take me one

  • Ching yiu Ho
    Ching yiu Ho

    The nosy squirrel complimentarily wail because light findingsinitially allow athwart a pretty spade. good, shaggy fat

  • FG Hook
    FG Hook

    Can we talk about how this is exactly 20 minutes long

  • Rickster Briggs Fabay Aberas
    Rickster Briggs Fabay Aberas

    6.9m claimed your ticket before 7m

  • killy 043
    killy 043

    You mess with tors you gotta do chores

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    This proves how stupid among us gets

  • vanilla thunder
    vanilla thunder

    7:00 WTF Luke

  • jerkaj

    i am guessing your favorite number is 100

  • Elliot DeCasere
    Elliot DeCasere

    Fluck you 11:56

  • Tim Young
    Tim Young

    On the 44th game you kill while camera s were on

  • AmberPudding

    14:50 hey I stole his colour that was actually me :0

  • Ashley Robson
    Ashley Robson

    Wait does ltn have a baby

  • Max Bell
    Max Bell

    Ltn: they voted me off with no solid evidence Also ltn: *kills in front of cams*

  • tvx gamer
    tvx gamer

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  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    I was wearing earbuds at 2:12

  • William Sanders
    William Sanders

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  • thi thuy trang vo
    thi thuy trang vo

    2:12 Jesus

  • Philip McKiernan
    Philip McKiernan

    sus sus sus sus sus

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown

    8:30 he literally killed on cams!!!

  • Jamir Studios
    Jamir Studios


  • Shrume

    8:29 cams saw u kill theres proof

  • Ivar Duindam
    Ivar Duindam

    sus sus sus sus sus spam sus

  • AdminAnimates

    Some tips: When the card says "Too fast" it means you were too fast and should slow down. When the card says "Bad read" it means you didn't swipe it all the way through. Come on people, the card is the easiest task in the game. When the camera lights are blinking red that means someone is watching them. just some tips

  • Faisal Hyasat
    Faisal Hyasat


  • Lisa D. Whatley
    Lisa D. Whatley

    My sons names in this my sons name is Malaki

  • Robin33

    Even in game 100 he didn‘t realize how to safely win the 3 people scenario (by sabotaging)

  • Bethany Carr
    Bethany Carr

    Have a notable day everyone!!!!!!


    hi i love your show do you what to try to do hack in i now 20 of htem

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    Wyatt Gaylord


  • maplestory pro
    maplestory pro

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  • marlon detorres
    marlon detorres

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  • Joy RT
    Joy RT

    Who else thinks that when you’re playing Among Us on computer the key for reporting a body should be F so you can pay your respects


    The more u murder .. The better ya get at it

  • sarah malka
    sarah malka

    Pls go back to mincrafed

  • Sebastian Heenan
    Sebastian Heenan

    6.9M views..... hehe

  • Good at cod I have proof of it
    Good at cod I have proof of it

    Did he say the outfits are free they are not

  • lictxn

    “whatever our baby woke up and we had to go care for her 😒”

  • AlexTheGamer1000

    ok so i know that among us is getting repetitive and boring on youtube but this is fun to watch

  • Captain Nigga
    Captain Nigga

    The splendid plier temporarily stroke because select cellularly undress behind a remarkable flute. acid, erect periodical

  • Eduardo Gonzalez Reyes
    Eduardo Gonzalez Reyes

    Luke:apparently existing is sus red:

  • ApexAcceleration


  • BanzonPlayz 113
    BanzonPlayz 113

    Luke TheNotable: "The point of this game is to become imposter and they're psychopaths" Also Luke TheNotable: "They left the game because they dont get the imposter they're weak and they should be ashamed"

  • Topaz

    10:14 lol that voice is golden makes me laugh every single time

  • Hachirou Vidallo
    Hachirou Vidallo

    8:31 rip you killed infront the blinking camera

  • Hachirou Vidallo
    Hachirou Vidallo

    2:12 *evil impostor laugh*

  • Safal Kolhekar
    Safal Kolhekar

    sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus sus

  • Noadiah Legaspi
    Noadiah Legaspi

    when were outfits free

    • Ryan Reilly
      Ryan Reilly


  • Nicola Edwards
    Nicola Edwards

    Among us is really easy

  • Lux

    At 2:14 was the time my eardrums finally popped

  • 5825woof


  • Hyper- Yeet
    Hyper- Yeet

    Ok idc if you believe me or not but my name in among us is usually hi and I use green i don’t rember but at 5:20 when hi gets voted out that was prob me. Btw if you are reading this LTN I have gotten better lol

    • Ryan Reilly
      Ryan Reilly

      @Hyper- Yeet i have seen loads

    • Hyper- Yeet
      Hyper- Yeet

      @Ryan Reilly I haven’t seen another hi ever in a game btw

    • Hyper- Yeet
      Hyper- Yeet

      @Methebig Yes why u bully me

    • Ryan Reilly
      Ryan Reilly

      Your not the only one that has Hi and uses green they is loads of people

    • Methebig Yes
      Methebig Yes

      No one cares

  • Castform

    can anyone decipher what Luke said at the beginning on Game 38? o-o



  • O. .k
    O. .k

    8:31 did anyone notice that cams were on

  • Denal


  • CorgiTrooper


  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson

    he was ejected in round 44 becouse the cams where on

  • Josiah Moorman
    Josiah Moorman

    Can you please do 100 drops for mira HQ.

  • Marcus Danchision
    Marcus Danchision

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  • William Sanders
    William Sanders

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    Game 44 Luke:I got voted out without solid evidence Me:the camera

  • Lime The Limeඞ 2.0
    Lime The Limeඞ 2.0

    At Cams there are four places with a camera if they are on red if not black, ghost can trick you with this advantage

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    u sure those pants r free

  • Spoopy Boopy
    Spoopy Boopy

    Ltn is the only person i can handle watching among us cuz he makes it so much funnier compared to other people and it’s not like his whole channel became among us when the trend started

  • Brooks Rentz
    Brooks Rentz

    Game 30 got deep

  • Jeffrey Sturm
    Jeffrey Sturm

    Game 44 LTN- I was voted off without evidence Also game 44 LTN- killed someone on cams

  • Axel


  • Axel

    White in game 39 was me

  • Liliana Goodwill
    Liliana Goodwill

    pls do another pls

  • mick master
    mick master

    On gane 44 someone was waching cams

  • SCP - 049
    SCP - 049

    Screaming before 2:17. Don’t use full volume like I did.

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C

    SUS SUS SU S SUS SUS SUS SUS SUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mig spike fun
    mig spike fun

    red is kinda sus ;)

  • lihua sun
    lihua sun

    sus sus

  • Thomas Riggs
    Thomas Riggs

    Do more among us

  • TheStreamingSamurai

    MORE AMONG US @Luke TheNotable

  • George Pickles
    George Pickles


  • monke funny
    monke funny


  • Dog Kibble Jimbo
    Dog Kibble Jimbo

    sus among us when the imposetr sus among sus among us sussy sus among

  • Oakey Cat
    Oakey Cat

    2:12 This guy should play a villain in the new movies coming up :D

  • Gamer 405
    Gamer 405

    sus sus sus sus sus

  • Gabriel Spencer-smith
    Gabriel Spencer-smith

    What he got yellow voted off for lurking and he was the imposter god I wet myself laughing.

  • Cole Boulton
    Cole Boulton

    on game 44 u got voted off bc someone was on camms and saw u kill pink