Best Among Us Moments Ever #5
These are the funniest and best Among Us moments/memes/clips I hope you have fun watching! #5
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    More Memes :D Thank you all so much for your support

    • sandra oderon
      sandra oderon

      Yes boss

    • Christopher Terzakos
      Christopher Terzakos

      Thank you for giving them cred

    • I PLAYS
      I PLAYS


    • Rafiqul islam
      Rafiqul islam

      :3 U ARE MY BIG FAN (= I LIKE U MY BIG FAN♡︎♡︎ʕ•ᴥ•ʔฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    • Aqua Brat123
      Aqua Brat123

      I want to be in one of these. How do i be in these

  • Edgar Ivan Saavedra Muñoz
    Edgar Ivan Saavedra Muñoz

    That slyker dude is dumb af

  • yrdy ekcy
    yrdy ekcy

    this is best? bunch of screamers? Cut in half actions? And here I though 6kk views means something.

  • oH mAn HoLy sHiT
    oH mAn HoLy sHiT

    I hate when I see someone kill infront of my face and I call emergency... and then they vote me out because "I was sus"💀

  • Neysloks

    3:20 what this discussion app ? pls

    • Neysloks

      I m not this interface

    • quieropito xd
      quieropito xd


  • Annie Whitemar
    Annie Whitemar

    Who is that guy who couldn’t make the last task?

  • andrew miller
    andrew miller

    This is just proof that streamers are some of the brightest minds in our world.

  • Ashwin Chalaka
    Ashwin Chalaka

    Best ever 6:18

  • Aaliyah Thompson
    Aaliyah Thompson

    omg this makes me feel in embarrassed for them

  • corpse wife
    corpse wife

    6:37 why didnt he report ?

  • Shantanu Telharkar
    Shantanu Telharkar

    Friggin’ best Avengers Assemble video ever!! Link :

  • Nevaeh Patterson
    Nevaeh Patterson

    bro when ur abt to finish that reactor and someone calls and emergency meeting...i felt that.

  • Gravinboginagis

    Who else keeps trying to press the buttons as if they’re playing?

  • aSour_spAce

    What happens to animal crossing... :(

  • Ya Gotta Seize The Opportunity
    Ya Gotta Seize The Opportunity

    Every one of them are so relatable it *hurts*

  • K V
    K V


  • Late Night Vibes
    Late Night Vibes

    3:17 this is just straight up pain

  • Liesa Laput
    Liesa Laput

    Sofie and you is funny sofie want to kill you but she cant because your running ahahahahahah i have that game and the impostor whant to kill me to but she cant because im running go to cafe to report the impostor and the last she kill me

  • BennKay

    How is that Slyker guy popular? Annoying af

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    I hate the reactor I wish t was shorter.

  • Amber Newell
    Amber Newell

    I got a trump 2020 ad in the middle of your video and I’m upset


    Can u ecplain ninja at 7:55


    Give credits bro😡


    4:55 whats that 2 girls name

  • Omar Ahmed Org 2020
    Omar Ahmed Org 2020

    6:20 WTF ?!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I will try it 😂

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    This shows how dumb people can be these r like the stupidest people I have ever seen.

  • Maria Pires
    Maria Pires

    4:34 "CoMe oN sPiCy wHat ArE YoU gONnA dO mUrDeR mEh?!" Spicy: *Murders him* 1:04 "rIgHt sTaNlY YoU woUlD nEvEr kIlL mE" Stanly: kills him

  • Elaxi エラチ
    Elaxi エラチ

    The last one is a french one, with french streamers, proud to see it here !

  • Stop motion Studio
    Stop motion Studio

    card swipe is so easy yall make it seem hard

  • Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts
    Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts

    *I have a video on my channel how to make Among Us*

  • Perplexity

    3:00 This guy is straight up trash failing the easiest task ever. A total wtf moment for sure..

  • The cool color blue
    The cool color blue

    These compilations just show that some of the best players aren’t the brightest tools in the shed

  • Sans mauvais jeux de mots
    Sans mauvais jeux de mots

    Last clip , alphacast and zerator (zevent)

  • MrStickman13579

    7:31 i dont know that killed me. That was so fucking funny

  • Allen Stalions
    Allen Stalions


  • hazyvibes seth
    hazyvibes seth

    Does any one ells realize they spelled hope wrong they spelled it hopy

  • Julian Ju
    Julian Ju

    1:37 does he really has a beard filter ?

  • Coala 190
    Coala 190

    3:20 newb.exe


    I play among us frst for time 😂😂😂

  • Jafrican Kween
    Jafrican Kween

    I played among us for the first time on my channel. it was funny, pls go check it out & help me get to 4k subs💕

  • Enviyz

    That thumbnail tho 😂

  • Phoebe Ballanger
    Phoebe Ballanger

    Roses are red Violets are blue I like among us You cleary do to

  • Rev Leons
    Rev Leons

    Are you stupid ?

  • ElChent

    LOL I never laughed a lot before

  • Otto Sievert
    Otto Sievert


  • imfate

    5:20 this is how the fnaf works

  • ProZ Gamer
    ProZ Gamer

    These guys are dying in pain but im dying of laughter

  • LC


  • Exorian

    Idiot CANCELS his own download TWICE IN A ROW and thinks it's the game glitching! It doesn't count as done until the "Task Completed" popup comes! Stop trying to make your tasks hurry up by force-quitting!

  • Be kind to One another
    Be kind to One another


  • la terreur de la mer
    la terreur de la mer

    7:40 was gold

  • Persephone

    8:16 im acc screaming

  • pee bird
    pee bird

    love the vids

  • sceenie screenie
    sceenie screenie

    8:15 If anyone's wondering why he wasn't calling an emergency meeting was because Reactor got sabotaged *and* he already used his emergency meeting and was trying to get someone else (Jay) to push the button :›

  • sceenie screenie
    sceenie screenie

    8:15 that clip is *still* so funny, poor Puffer lmao

    • sceenie screenie
      sceenie screenie

      @Jafrican Kween how about no :)

  • Marcos Brotto
    Marcos Brotto


  • Shamana

    no one will never know......6 mil views on video :D

  • aziz ghezal
    aziz ghezal

    4:53 streameer name?

  • Michiko Miniwa
    Michiko Miniwa

    İ felt so bad for the guy 1:47

  • Prachi A
    Prachi A

    Guess a huge miracle . My card swipe in admin went so smooth in first try 😂😁😂

    • Jafrican Kween
      Jafrican Kween

      I played among us for the first time on my channel. it was funny, pls go check it out & help me get to 4k subs💕!

  • Prachi A
    Prachi A

    The first literally happens with me always Even when I'm in electrical doing the most difficult tasks They call and emergency And I feel like smashing their face I get so angry 😤 And another thing is they never trust you Literally I scanned in medbay in front of all of them and they still suspected me Literally are these among us most players fucking stupid

  • kimi Doley
    kimi Doley

    The first one is same with me😂

  • daviddmedico 97
    daviddmedico 97

    Username APVC at 5:42 is super annoying

  • Red Sus
    Red Sus

    The first one had me dying

  • Wasion

    one thing i learned that sliker is bad at Among us

  • Matilde Méndez
    Matilde Méndez


  • Sapphire

    6:25 this is a move im gonna try

  • AziiGD

    The guy who kept closing the Upload task at the last task got me so triggered. Edit: IDK if it was a joke but the guy at 4:07 triggered me even more XD.

  • Sun

    8:25 I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • Among Us Roland
    Among Us Roland

    Haha funny vid

  • Kaushiki _
    Kaushiki _

    Idk y but i alwahs get the card swipe correct

  • suprised pikachu face
    suprised pikachu face

    2:59 This guy should get a award for worlds dumbest man He literally didn't even stop closing the task so early like if you know you didn't do a task you should know like wtf dude

  • noob TV
    noob TV

    Der letzte ist soo blind

  • Saadia Salman
    Saadia Salman

    love ur vids triko

  • Cyc3l

    2:42 biggest idiot ever

  • Kasádý

    Welcome to another episode of: “ Where Quarantine Has Taken Me Today ”

    • Jafrican Kween
      Jafrican Kween

      I played among us for the first time on my channel. it was funny, pls go check it out & help me get to 4k subs💕

  • memer man
    memer man

    This when u vent and abt to kill anyone but body got reported: :( But there were so many massages anyone didn't notice: I'm done This happened to me

  • ChrisTheGamer123YT

    3:57 I felt that

  • Juliet Lee
    Juliet Lee

    I started choking after the first one because it was so funny

  • mahikan

    damn.. even im better than shroud at card swipe lmaoo, always first try

  • Youtuber

    Am I the only one who hates it when the game says you can’t join for 5 minutes for higher for intentionally Disconnecting?

  • Fa Ba
    Fa Ba

    i don't understand, why only the impostor can go through the vent ? I don't get it. It's a rule game ? I don't get the point. It's just a way to go fast to a destination

  • Brianna Gibbons
    Brianna Gibbons

    Pokimaine was like: --

  • Mr.Seker

    I think you have to look Turkish Streamers. I think they re more ebjoyable

  • Luca Ahfa-Williams
    Luca Ahfa-Williams

    Fall guys right now: ............

  • Diyashree Bantawa
    Diyashree Bantawa

    What happened in 1:20?

  • Peter Hoood
    Peter Hoood

    *Blue* : its red I swear *Red* : its blue i saw he vent 💢👕 Plot Twist 👕💢 *Yellow* is not an imposter 😑

  • Darric Taylor
    Darric Taylor

    6:55 no onne will never know what?

  • Darshan Koumarya
    Darshan Koumarya

    I only liked the Sophie Sophie part🤣🤣🤣

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez


  • CutenessOverloaded

    sophie is a lad hahah

  • Anatole Leconte
    Anatole Leconte

    L empereur palpacast était la


    kkkkkk lol

  • TopMovies Torrent
    TopMovies Torrent

    It take a lot of time for collecting this videos you are so hard working keep it up.

  • Pranav Kashyap
    Pranav Kashyap

    5:06 Who is that cutie?

  • Albara Ousman
    Albara Ousman

    1:36 that guy has no beard acttually its a filter

  • Jin Nie
    Jin Nie

    2:05 лудшое

  • Ryan's Bakery
    Ryan's Bakery

    The true worst moment is when you have 4 tasks in electrical, you already know what will happen

  • YEETMAN5656

    Lmao that guy not reporting the body was stupid

  • YEETMAN5656

    2:36 lmao you have to hear the task complete sound or see task completed on the screen.