The Trippie Redd Interview
Trippie Redd is a rapper. I had him on the show along with his girlfriend and we asked him about everything from losing XXXtentacion to his beef with 6ix9ine. Water was splashed.
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  • No Jumper
    No Jumper

    subscribe to this channel we need 2 million or we switching to country interviews

    • lolmeshake

      @Justin Wil lmao

    • Kelsey Walker
      Kelsey Walker

      This is gold

    • KodeineJ


    • Hayley Strassel
      Hayley Strassel

      his girlfriend was so weird wtf

    • Amy Bondi
      Amy Bondi

      No Jumper thank god.

  • Asia Redmond
    Asia Redmond


  • Humbla

    This guy is and will be a legend. Long live king

  • I’m alive but I’m dead
    I’m alive but I’m dead

    Rick followed closely by morty

  • Fuck yooou
    Fuck yooou

    «Try me» as in «take my girl and i fuck you up» type shit

  • Dan Williamson
    Dan Williamson

    Adam 22 is such a jew in this interview. Smh

  • Bad Girl
    Bad Girl

    Trieppie redd you are so nice ♥️💯😍

  • Owl Boyz
    Owl Boyz

    When I picture a ‘white cool dude’ I picture Adam

  • Nadine Keating
    Nadine Keating

    Wtf! This girl looks like someone you would expect to see in the back window of the vehicle in front of you... Holding up a *"HELP ME"* sign! She honestly looks terrified. I'm not suggesting that he does this, but the look in her face, her body language, and the way she keeps looking down and seems to be very awkward, is how women in abusive relationships look/act. It's hard to explain what I'm trying to say (obviously lol), but basically... She just has that defeated look one gets when they come to the realization their reality.

  • Dane Carrothers
    Dane Carrothers

    Thats facts too when they're talkin about followers goin up after a rapper dies. I'm the same way I wish I'd known juice wrld other than for lucid dreams before he died

  • Thereisnohigherbeing

    she looked so bored

  • Edward Harvey
    Edward Harvey

    this guy sucks and always will.

  • Chucks Dinero
    Chucks Dinero

    Fame comes with Love&Hate, some even hate you cause they love you too much, but some cloud they mind up cause they scare they gone like your piece of mind. But give you credit when you pass away. XxXTentacion Much love there's a heaven for a G.

  • David Gould
    David Gould

    Is he smoking a black? Haha

  • Bobby Thrillz
    Bobby Thrillz

    bruh, Trippie’s girlfriend don’t look very satisfied

  • Shawn Wing
    Shawn Wing

    Never really like trippies music but the dude seams like he’s got a good fuckin head on his shoulders. Def seems like a good person

  • chason

    trippie always wear like eight houses on his neck every interview

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    He got his spot blowing up and continues to smoke a tobacco rolled blunt and hit it like it's weed what a clown you can tell he doesn't even enjoy smoking a cigar

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    For someone that total existence is based off social media he has the nerve to say fuck social media and then continue to mention different social media platforms a hundred times throughout the podcast

  • turd furguson
    turd furguson

    This is number 1 reason whats wrong with America.

  • xSoporific


  • Mackenzi Lowery
    Mackenzi Lowery

    Why is that girl sitting there so awkward and uncomfortable

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.

  • Spazz Out
    Spazz Out

    Look up Trippe red cousin humma truck blasten off

  • Driggy VEVO
    Driggy VEVO

    12:50 "xxx was my best was my best friend" LIES LIES LIES! yall gonna feel the lake of fire soon

  • jeebah jeebz
    jeebah jeebz

    What a fukin goof man. The way yous dress now is jist hilarious to us Scottish people.

  • Killadope Fire
    Killadope Fire

    Kinda get the feeling adam don't like that bee'yatch

  • Killadope Fire
    Killadope Fire

    She genuinely looks evil

  • Baby John
    Baby John


  • Tactical dude
    Tactical dude

    don’t say omg or oml

  • Tactical dude
    Tactical dude

    love Jesus Christ and God PLEASE!!!!!! Amen

  • Dylan Canepa
    Dylan Canepa

    Got the iq of an elephant


    None of what happened to trippie would’ve happened if she wasn’t in the picture....

  • MiMik •
    MiMik •

    "I don't read the shit online, but I do pay attention to it"....he, wait...he what?

  • King Of Kombat
    King Of Kombat

    Imma keep it a buck 30 witcha if this nigga trippie would’ve threw that water on me his face would’ve been matching his hair and that’s on god. Mad respect to Adam not losing his cool because I would’ve broke homie jaw on everything.

  • Man Dan
    Man Dan


  • Han Dolo
    Han Dolo

    Adam22: *asks question* Trippie Redd:.....(silence).....*drags black and mild*......*answers questions*

  • Unknown Woman Species
    Unknown Woman Species


  • Mober714

    They was connecting on a spiritual level 💯

  • Charles Schwartz
    Charles Schwartz

    trippie redd is a fake ass dude

  • Kitti Kótai
    Kitti Kótai

    10:10 is such a nice moment xnks

  • Swisha_sweet 213
    Swisha_sweet 213

    She’s on that heroin Fersure

  • Regi Darklanders
    Regi Darklanders

    Theyre realy look like best friends and they complement each others as well...trippy a fcking cool guys with a unic style he got to go on 😉😊😎

  • Jonah Brandwagt
    Jonah Brandwagt

    The dirty examination strangely colour because gondola reassuringly list underneath a nonstop iraq. worthless, slimy taiwan

  • Jazlyn Otero
    Jazlyn Otero

    she give me a vibe I can’t explain but that shit loud asf and it’s just silent to anyone acting normal I feel it

  • Devin Banks
    Devin Banks

    She's got 20 niggaz lined up @ all timez and proud of it and you guys love her and girls wannabe her.smh

  • Devin Banks
    Devin Banks

    She's his witch babysitter

  • Syrah Rain
    Syrah Rain

    Why she just chillin like that😭awkward asf

  • DeTeCtIvE BB
    DeTeCtIvE BB

    i love how they both said type sh*t 😂🤣

  • Orrie Canning
    Orrie Canning

    I wish I had someone that close

  • Gabi H
    Gabi H

    big 14

  • Your Dad Landen
    Your Dad Landen

    yall need to stop with tripp, dont you realize this was like a month after x died


    shes high af





  • MarahWrld

    All that money for the gucci bag you shoulda paid for a decent frontal install

  • Dank of Canada
    Dank of Canada

    Alright sexy he says to lil boat lmfao even she was like wtf 😳😂👍😎

  • Skator boy Devin
    Skator boy Devin

    Bro she weird

  • day

    Don’t get fucked up bro

  • The Forgotten
    The Forgotten

    Trippie Redd soooo GAY

  • 한국어 Glizzy.
    한국어 Glizzy.

    Adam changed his name to Trippie Redd? Also why are there rats next to him

  • prod.JJules

    1:09 trippie acting gay with the boys 😂😂

  • The Anonymous_RAY_thats_kinda_sus _OOF
    The Anonymous_RAY_thats_kinda_sus _OOF

    Ayleks just like eh wtf and why tf am I here

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis

    Trippe redd reminds me of a young gargoyle 😂

  • Chayse Jordan
    Chayse Jordan

    Trippie redd is soooo humble

  • Nour Roushdi
    Nour Roushdi

    He seems so sad talking bout xxxtencation that’s how you know he’s hurt.Bro I felt his pain that how you know there were close.Who agrees??

  • Devilfish303

    Such an arrogant lil punk. If he poured water on me I would’ve knocked him out.

  • Jireeh Turner
    Jireeh Turner

    What anime was he talkin abt???

  • Eli Downs
    Eli Downs


  • wag 1
    wag 1

    ayleks is to sexi

  • Blarg

    I'm 5% gay for Trippie

  • SirDeon

    Knowing they broke up, this shii is wild.

  • Ausar Bast Ptah
    Ausar Bast Ptah

    It's kinda sad 😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😭. Lmao.

  • Dante_plays_games_1000


  • Mark Canali
    Mark Canali

    Its like a bad Raggedy Andy cos play person fucked a cave man and dipshit red was the result. This generation looks like they are signed up for a permanent Halloween costume party competition. Forget a newspaper, next time you're taking a dump, just pull up a picture of one of these two's faces, plenty of reading material. And again with the sunglasses inside, they could build monuments to this generations pretentiousness.

  • Justin gray
    Justin gray

    I wanted to hate this dude, cuz I thought him and 69 wer the same. Anyone feel the same, go watch his rap symphony! That shit was awesome. Dude has talent!

  • Tyshell Cortier
    Tyshell Cortier

    bruh ayleks needa learn to handle them drugs lmfaoo

  • Trippie

    Who here after the bad interview with Dixie

  • D D
    D D

    trippie never even inhale that smoke. DA FUQ.

  • Genevieve Salinas
    Genevieve Salinas

    I love Trippies laugh🥺

  • Tomer Haik
    Tomer Haik

    Damn tell me she doesnt look like this kid you dont want to mess with at the corner of the class

  • Brayden Stamps
    Brayden Stamps

    why she glarrin at ya haga

  • Juleon_ 999
    Juleon_ 999


  • aileen

    she borin

  • anony mous
    anony mous

    Trippie Redd fucking sucks 😂😂😂

  • Moonz? Lunaz?
    Moonz? Lunaz?

    *who's that girl-*

  • Yolanda Sirri
    Yolanda Sirri

    wtf is wrong with that bitch

  • 360 Fov
    360 Fov

    bitch trying her hardest to look deep and serious, moody but just annoying as fuck

  • Oleander Lavey
    Oleander Lavey

    They are so boring


    Lol just cause im watching this late

  • Kenric Horton
    Kenric Horton

    Damn he jus poured water on dude several times that he drank out of, threw water on him...and he sat there, and did shit. Trippie, would have gotten punched in his fuking mouth. Crazy nigga ain’t that hot

    • JayShotz


  • Doll Lies
    Doll Lies

    WHAT HER FACE SAY.••••++++••••++++••••++++••••++++••••++++.

  • Dutty Bass
    Dutty Bass

    I know it’s old but still, she’s a little junkie

  • The Mexican Mac
    The Mexican Mac

    This chick weird af . She be looking down and all sudden she got a drug mug

  • kaitlyn Mote
    kaitlyn Mote

    He really cares about her

  • dongman420

    Bruh, he so made her give him a blumpkin lol

  • djinn sura
    djinn sura

    Lil' cadaver

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    She deff off a flat she beaming

  • Cindy Aguilera
    Cindy Aguilera

    Can’t stand his ass 🙄

  • Miked Up
    Miked Up

    Doesn’t she feel dumb just sitting there during his interview? She got her 2mins now get up and get out of the shot.